Ukraine Import Data of China Mug | Ukraine Import Statistics of China Mug

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China Mug Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of China Mug

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20176912001000"1 of coarse tableware ceramics containing the surface coating, ceramic cups, decorated not intended for further application sets (Figure): UGM14008 Ceramic cup white decal 400ml without." "Udobnoe storage" "- 35520sht, Ceramic UGM14009 mug without chocolate color decal 400ml. "" Udobnoe storage "" - 35520sht. Manufacturer: "" JINAN UNIGLORY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED "" China.. "CHINA0UA1101202264420605.53556 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/201739241000001.Posud electrical table, kitchen, household goods made of plastics, kettle 3 items (mug, plate, pialka) - 6 sht.Torhovelna Brand: ChurchillFirma Manufacturer: Churchill China (UK) LimitedKrayina production: TH.THAILAND0UA5000608.2831.62944254
24/Apr/201795030049001.Posud electrical table, kitchen, household goods made of plastics, kettle 3 items (mug, plate, pialka) - 6 sht.Torhovelna Brand: ChurchillFirma Manufacturer: Churchill China (UK) LimitedKrayina production: TH.CHINA0UA1101501051.243714.96006
21/Apr/20177323930000"1.Vyroby dining, kitchen or other household articles made of stainless steel, not electrical: Mug - 4800sht, Stand cups - 6000sht, Tea Strainer - 15000sht.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhVyrobnyk: NINGBO DUNHUANG IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production: China / CN. "CHINA0UA50006011623602.200104
12/Apr/20176911100000"1.CHASHKA saucer bone china FINE BONE CHINAart.29753-BIA-FIL-12p, bone china mugs FINE BONECHINA art.29753-BIA-KUBEK-12p; farforNEW mug bone BONE CHINA art.32419-MIX-KUBEK-12p; Durable porcelain ZAVAROCHNYYCHAYNYK art.32452-BIA-CZAJN-2 pcs; KRUZhKAkistyanyy porcelain NEW BONE cHINA art.33561-ROZ-KUBEK-24sht; art.33561-ZIE-KUBEK-24sht; art.34837-MIX-KUBEK-24sht, art. 34838-BIA-KUBEK-12p; art.34850-BIA-KUBEK-12p; art.34853-MIX-KUBEK-24sht; art.35922-CZA-KUBEK-18sht and banks for loose PRODUKTIVkeramika, wood-BIA- art.25619 POJEM-L-3pc, LUNCH PLATE bone china FINE bONE cHINA art.29753-BIA-TAL-12p, bone china dessert plates FINE bONE cHINA art.29753-BIA-TALD-12p, bowl cyst tion china FINE BONE CHINA art.29753-BIA-TALG-12p, bone china mugs NEW BONE CHINA art.31786-CZE-KUBEK-24sht; art.31787-CZA-KUBEK-24sht; art.37486-FIO-KUBEK-12p ; art.18308-CZE-KUBEK-12p; art.31185-CZA-KUBEK-24sht; art.31186-BIA-KUBEK-24sht; art.32079-SZA-KUBEK-18sht; art.32351-BIA-KUBEK-20pcs ; art.32352-SZA-KUBEK-18sht; art.33431-BIA-KUBEK-12p; "CHINA0UA100010133.26718.3812171
11/Apr/20176912003000"1.Posud made of stoneware: Mug DOTS 16446 - 4968sht, 16154 HEART - 3960sht, 16510 HOT - 2718komp, set of dishes HEART 16 473 - 3000komp, OWL 16,542 - 2496komp; ROMB 16441 - 2076komp, salad HEART 16 073 - 3960sht; Trademark: LIMITED EDITIONVyrobnyk: Henghui Porcelain plant LilingHunan ChinaNa plant: Henghui Porcelain plant Liling Hunan ChinaKrayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA10001012309.718565.15746
07/Apr/201769139010001. Decorative ceramic household articles (of coarse ceramics) for finishing premises and saduVaza room decorative composition: keramikaart.4944900-FRIDOLIN-12sht.Horschyk flower composition: keramikaart.4945700-ODDMUND, diameter size 13 * 13cm, 6 pcs. Mug room decorative composition: keramikaart.4945500-HALGRIM-mark 6sht.Torhovelna JyskKrayina CN China production.CHINA0UA20914012.59634.80548537
05/Apr/201739241000001.Posud electrical table, kitchen, household items from plastics venchyk- 12 pcs. Accessory holder for 6 pieces. Obrobna- board 12 pieces. Mlyntsiv- shoulder for 18 pcs., 36 pcs kuhonna- shoulder. , palm nozhiv- 4 pcs., stand haryache- 4 pcs. opolonyk- 6 sht.Torhovelna mark: The manufacturer Brabantia: Brabantia S & Lplyashka oliyi- for 48 pieces. kukurudzy- holder for 14 pcs., oil tank - 24 pcs. making salad, 2 avenue 36 pcs., dryer zeleni- 124 sht.Torhovelna brand: ZylissFirma manufacturer: DKB Household UK Limited Bridge Housekoshyk- 36 sht.Torhovelna brand: SaleenFirma manufacturer: Saleennabir hundred ovyy, 4, etc. (bowls, plate, mug, pashotnitsa) - 2 sht.Torhovelna Brand: ChurchillFirma Manufacturer: Churchill China (UK) Limitedshpatel- 1 sht.Torhovelna brand: Kaiser BackformFirma Manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.Gmbhderzhatel for green - 24 pcs., capacity for oil / otstu- 12 sht.Torhovelna brand: Cole & MasonFirma manufacturer: Cole & Masonkoshyk for hliba- 2 sht.Torhovelna brand: APSFirma manufacturer: Assheuer + Pott GmbH & Co.Krayina production: CNCHINA0UA500060281.621013.831859
05/Apr/201739241000001. Dishes and appliances for dining, kitchen, household utensils from plastic: ice cream set, 4 pr (2 teaspoons, 2 spoons) - 4 pcs., Dinner set, 3 pr (mug, plate, pial) - 2 pcs. Trading Brand: ChurchillPrice: Churchill China (UK) LimitedPrice of production: TH.THAILAND0UA5000605.5821.31573339
03/Apr/20176911100000"1.Posud electrical or dining kitchen with porcelain, China ware, art.WL-991020 / A deep round dish d = 23cm - 2208sht; art.WL-991023 / A deep round dish d = 25,5sm - 360sht; art.WL-992003 / A salad bowl round d = 11,5sm - 1440sht; art.WL-992010 / A dish-shell d = 13cm - 480sht; art.WL-992026 / A dish 36cm oval with fields - 120sht, art. WL-992 391 / A salad bowl d = 20,5sm - 960sht; art.WL-992599 / A menazhnytsya triple d = 13cm - 72sht; art.WL-992667 / A container for food 10,5x5,5sm - 576sht; art.WL -992674 / A rectangular dish 41,5h15,5sm - 108sht; art.WL-993004 / AB tea cup and saucer 180ml - 2784nabir, 5568sht; art.WL-993008 / AB tea cup and saucer 220ml - 2844nabir, 5688sht, art. WL-993 010 / A uhol 310ml - 4800sht; art.WL-993039 / AB coffee cup and saucer 140ml - 2160nabir, 4320sht; art.WL-993054 / AB coffee cup and saucer 110ml - 3024nabir, 6048sht; art.WL-993066 / 2C mugs set 2 items (470ml mug -2sht) - 936nabir, 1872sht; art.WL-993086 / A 400 ml cup - 1440sht; art.WL-995003 / A milkman 100ml - 2880sht; art.WL 02-9960 / A ashtray d = 10cm - 3240sht; art.WL-996045 / A sauce container for d = 7,5sm - 1008sht; art.WL-996050 / A sauce container for d = 11cm - 720sht; art.WL-996,054 / A food container for d = 9cm - 1440sht; art.WL-996093 / A Napkin 11h8sm - 5952sht; art.WL-996095 / A capacity for dessert 10x5sm - 1008sht, a series Julia Vysotskaya decorated with embossed: art.WL-880100-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya collection container dessert ca d = 20cm (for 6 pieces) - 414nabir, 2484sht; art.WL-880101-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya set lunch plates d = 25,5sm (for 6 pieces) - 444nabir, 2664sht; art.WL-880102-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya deep set of plates d = 22,5sm (for 6 pieces) - 460nabir, 2760sht; art.WL-880103-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya oval dish 35x25sm - 1278sht; art.WL-880104-JV / 7C Julia Vysotskaya set of salad bowls 7 subjects (12 cm, 6 pcs, 20cm, 1pc) - 200nabir, 1400sht; art.WL-880107-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya coffee set 12 pieces (90 ml, 6 pcs cup, saucer-6 pieces) - 360nabir, 4320sht; art.WL- 880108-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya mugs set 2 items (350ml mug, 2 pcs) - 1368nabir, 2736sht; art.WL-880109-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya tea set jumbo 2 items (500ml cup 2 t) - 2430nabir, 4860sht; art.WL-880110-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya tea brewing 900ml - 450sht; art.WL-880111-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya 750ml pot - 408sht; art.WL-880112-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya set 2 items (340ml sugar bowl, milk jug 280ml) - 72nabir, 144sht, Country of origin: BD; trademark - TM Wilmax England; Producer: MONNO CERAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD "BANGLADESH0UA11015019813.0340418.58104
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China Mug Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

China Mug Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Галерея скла та порцеляни"""
Importer Address
49000, м. Дніпропетровськ, вул. Пресова, 65
Product Description
"1 of coarse tableware ceramics containing the sur.........
HS Code 6912001000Value 20605.53556
Quantity 0Unit UA110120
Net Weight 22644
Origin Country CHINA

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