Ukraine Import Data of Chili | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chili

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of chili collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of chili imports.

Chili Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chili

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of chili. Get Ukraine trade data of Chili imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172103909000"1. Ready sauces: - garlic chili sauce (Chilli Garlic Sauce), 368 gx12- 350 yasch.Data production: 08-15.02.2017Strok life: 08-15.2020- sauce Hoysyn (Hoisin sause), 2.27 KGh 6- box 100; Date of manufacture: 21.02.2017Strok life: 21.12.2020Torhovelna brand: LEE KUM KEEVyrobnyk: LEE KUM KEE (XIN XUI) FOOD CO., Country of origin: HK. "HONG KONG0UA1000102907.67674.68206 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179701100000"1.Kartyny made by hand, not antiques, have no artistic value: Canvas ALU Abstract 3 / 70x100 art.969-0356-070100-1sht black frame, ALU Abstract Canvas 2 / 70x100 black frame art.969-0355- 070100-1sht, ALU Abstract canvas 1 / 70x100 art.969-0354-070100-1sht black frame, canvas Freja / Inside Out 3/195 x 195 art.450615195195DB DB-2 pcs; Cloth Freja / New wave 3/90 X 120 DB -Chorna frame art.450590090120db-1pc, canvas Freja / New wave 2/90 X 120 DB-black frame art.450589090120DB-1pc, canvas Freja / New wave 1/90 X 120 DB-black frame art.450588090120DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche / 90 X 120 DB-black frame art.450561090120DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Mingle 1/118 x 150 Black DB-frame art.450599118150DB-2 pcs; Cloth Freja / Mingl e 3/70 x 70 DB-black frame art.450609070070DB-1pc, Canvas Freja / Mingle 4/70 x 70 DB-black frame art.450610070070DB-1pc, Canvas Freja / Mingle 2/140 x DB-70 Black frame art. 450598140070DB-1pc, canvas Peter / Trinidad 1/150 X 118 DB-frame black-1pc art.455 054150118DB, canvas Peter / Trinidad 3/70 x 70 DB-black frame art.455056070070DB-1pc, canvas Peter / Trinidad 2/70 x DB-70 Black frame art.455055070070DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Inside out 2/100 X 100 DB-black frame art.450605100100DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Inside out 1/100 X 100 DB-black frame art.450606100100DB- 1pc, canvas Peter / Ignition 1/100 X 100 DB-black frame art.455051100100DB-1pc, canvas Peter / Unique 1/100 X 100 DB-black frame, 2 pcs art.455047100100DB, blade Julie / Golden madonna / 100 x 150 DB art.3801291001 50DB-1pc, Canvas Chili / Flora 1/80 x 100 art.210522080100DB DB-1pc, Canvas Peter / District 1/100 X 100 DB-black frame art.455057100100DB-1pc, Canvas Peter / District 2/100 X 100 DB- Black frame art.455058100100DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Mirror 4/60 X 80 DB-black frame art.450611060080DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Mirror 5/60 X 80 DB-black frame art.450612060080DB-1am; Cloth Martin / Blue space / 100 x 100 Black DB-frame art.370057100100DB-1am; Cloth Martin / Blue space / 100 x 100 Black DB-frame art.370057100100DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche 4/60 X 80 DB-black frame art.450614060080DB -1sht, canvas Freja / Blanche 3/60 X 80 DB-black frame art.450613060080DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche 3/60 X 80 DB-black frame art.450613060080DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche 4/60 X 80 DB-Black art.450614060080DB ama-1pc, Canvas Freja / Blanche 2/150 x 100 Black DB-frame art.450607150100DB-1pc, Canvas Peter / Divided 2/70 x 70 DB-silver-frame art.455039070070DB 1pc, Canvas Peter / Divided 3 / 70 x 70 DB- silver frame art.455040070070DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche / 150 X 118 DB-black frame art.450561150118DB-2 pcs; Cloth Gade / Elephant dreams / 150 x 100 art.111040150100DB DB-1pc, canvas Freja / Blanche 3/60 X 80 DB-2 pcs art.450613060080DB, canvas Oline / Marshes / 90 X 120 DB-black frame art.130133090120db-1pc, Country of DK "DENMARK0UA1000102176702.943526
28/Apr/20172103909000"1. flavors for production of sausage products (contain no animal products): - art. 6755.1UA EM Doctoral Combi additive for varenyhkovbas containing incorporates di- and tryfosfatnatriya, potassium polyphosphate stabilizer (E450, E451, E452) spices: nutmeg, matsys, cardamom, mono- and dihlitserydyharchovyh acids emulsifier (E471), izoaskorbinovakyslota, sodium izoaskorbat antioxidant (E315, E316), sodium glutamate flavor enhancer (E575) .- 100kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. inplastic packaged packages of 1kg. -art. 10951.1UA White Aroma flavor addition to cooked sausages containing some kind of monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -26.07% broth hydrolyzed protein plants, Maltodextrin, Salt food, dridzhiv extract, flavor natural " "milk," ".- 160kh; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. 8695.1UA EM Zhenevskaya combo that includes svoyem consisting of di- and polyphosphates stabilizers (E 450, E 452) , salt food, lactose, MSG flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621), izoaskorba Sodium antioxidant (E 316), extracts of spices: nutmeg, pepper, chilli, pepper, paprika, koriand, imbir, tmin, pepper white, kardamon.-180kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. Combi G395.1UA sausages cooked sausages supplement that contains in its composition piro- and polyphosphates (in pererahuku on P2O5) stabilizers (E 450, E 452) -21.45% monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid), flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621) -8.69% antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), salt food, dextrose, spices, garlic, spice extracts, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, flavor natural koptylnyy.-300kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. G223.1UA Salami Paperoni ingredient for maturing summer sausages containing incorporates spices: paprika, koriand, cayenne pepper, dextrose, Salt food, glucose syrup, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621 ) -6.32% antioxidant sodium ascorbate (E 301), antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), extracts of spices: paprika, chili-54kh; Shelf life - 04.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. F512.1UA Salami Milano flavor containing incorporates spices: pepper, paprika, nutmeg, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -6.31% natural flavors and flavorings, izoaskorbat sodium antioxidant (E 316) .- 200kg; Shelf life - 12.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. Manufacturer: Pacovis AG; Trademark: Pacovis; Country of origin: CH; "SWITZERLAND0UA1002809946909.923536
28/Apr/2017904219000"1.Perets genus Pimenta, dried in shushyltsi, whole, dried chili - 1500 kh.Vyrobnyk:" "SHANGHAI PECENP INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD" "Kytay.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Krayina production: CN.."CHINA0UA80717015002745.000057
27/Apr/20179042200001. Fruits kind Capsicum.- CHILI PEPPER POWDER HEAT TREATAED / chili powder chili (Capsicum) termichnoobroblenyy pair - 635kh. (25 paper bags of 25kg and 10kg in paperovyymishok 1). Applications: food processing and cooking. Notcontains konservantiv.Ne razfasovannyy for retail trade. Not pervynniyupakovtsi.Torhovelna Brand: Sabater.Vyrobnyk: Ramon Sabater, SAUKrayina production: ES. .SPAIN0UA8071906352597.71342
26/Apr/201719059090001.Hotovi products from flour, maize -Chipsy 'Nachoc Tortilla', 10h185h, 7up - 12,95kh, -Chipsy corn with chili, 15h185h, 3yasch - 8,33kh, -Chipsy Tortilla with cheese, 15h185h, 4yasch - 11,10kh , -Chipsy Corn Sour BBQ, 15h185h, 1yasch - 2,78kh, -Chipsy corn with chili, 12h475h, 6yasch - 34,20kh, -Chipsy Tortilla with cheese, 12h475h, 4yasch - 22,80kh, trade mark 'Santa Maria' packed in primary packaging to take 11 / 2017r.Vyrobnyk: 'Santa Maria AB' (Plant Snack Food Poco Loko Nv.) Country of-BE. .BELGIUM0UA12520092.16473.4912716
26/Apr/201721039090001.Smakovi additives and seasonings mixed: -Hostra seasoning for meat 6h40h, 2up - 0,48kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 6h36h, 2up - 0,43kh, -Pryprava to grill 12h30h, 34up - 12,24kh , -Pryprava to chicken 18h25h, 13up - 5,85kh, -Pryprava seafood, 12h25h, 26up - 7,80kh, -Travy Provence (French spicy greens) 6h150h, 11up - 9,90kh, -Pryprava to chicken 6h700h , 10up - 42kh, -Pryprava hunting, 6h500h, 6up - 18kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 6h580h, 3up - 10,44kh, -Pryprava to potato 6h850h, 12up - 61,20kh, -Chasnykova seasoning 6h1100h, 6up - 39,60kh, -Pryprava to grill 6h710h, 28up - 119,28kh, -Pertseva mixture 6h550h, 2up - 6,60kh, -Pe rets with lemon flavor 6x720h, 3up - 12,96kh, -Pryprava to grill 8kg, 6up - 48kh, -Unyversalnyy marinade for meat, chicken and fish, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Marynad for chicken, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Marynad Teriyaki, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Chasnykova seasoning 18h35h, 6up - 3,78kh, -Hostra seasoning for meat 18h20h, 27up - 9,72kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 18h23h, 26up - 10 76kh, -Perets with lemon flavor 14x25h, 29up - 10,15kh, -Pryprava to meatballs and cabbage, 14h30h, 5up - 2,10kh, -Pertseva mixture 18h20h, 11up - 3,96kh, -Pryprava for fried and baked karopli, 20h30h, 4up - 2,40kh, -Universalna seasoning 8h160h, 4up - 5,12kh, -Pryprav and hunting, 8h40h, 15up - 4,80kh, -Marynad sweet chili, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Pryprava Taco 35h28h, 2up - 1,96kh, -Pryprava Fahyta 20h28h, 3up - 1,68kh, -Papryka smoked 6h230h, 9up - 12,42kh, trade mark 'Santa Maria' packed in the original packaging, take 12 / 2018r. Producer: 'AT Santa Mariya'.Krayina production-EE.ESTONIA0UA125200643.635116.091525
26/Apr/20179042200001. capsicum genus Capsicum pepper, but without any further processing, for vykorystuvannya promyslovoti in the food, not for retail sale: red chili powder, 1 st grade - 16500,00kh.Upakovan 660 sacks of 25 kg kozhen.Data production - 05/02/2017 roku.Termin sberihannya - 05.02.2019 year. Without HMO.Krayina production: IN Manufacturer: Wincom Trading (India) Pvt. Ltd. .INDIA0UA1100401650022275.00008
26/Apr/20172103909000"1.Smakovi additives and seasonings mixed and prepared sauces: oyster -Sous, 12h200ml, 21up - 50,40kh, -Sous sweet chili, 12h500ml, 25up - 184,50kh, -Sous sweet chili, 10h200ml, 23up - 55,20kh , -Sous sweet chili, 6h1950ml, 12up - 165,60kh, trade mark 'Santa Maria' packed in the original packaging, take 12/2017. brand: 'Santa Maria AV. "(Works," "Instant Nr Prodyus" " ) .Krayina production-TH.. "THAILAND0UA125200455.71689.234522
26/Apr/2017806101000"1. Grapes (Vitis vinifera) stolovyysvizhyy, raw storage facilities suitable for bezposerednohospozhyvannya food in kind kh.Urozhayu 2017 -1345 roku.Ne containing ice and containers (bottles) of coolant, nezapovnennyyhazovym production environment or atmosfernympovitryam.Krayina -Chili, CL.Torhivelna mark dannyh.Vyrobnyk there is no data. Supplier: "" VITA FRUIT SP. Z OO "". "CHILE0UA10011013452232.699951
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Chili Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Chili Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МД Євротрейд"""
Importer Address
Київ, Повітрофлотський проспект, буд.66
Product Description
"1. Ready sauces: - garlic chili sauce (Chilli Gar.........
HS Code 2103909000Value 7674.68206
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2907.6
Origin Country HONG KONG

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