Ukraine Import Data of Chees | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chees

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of chees collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of chees imports.

Chees Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chees

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173923301000"1.Vyroby plastic for packaging and transporting food: CGRD922474D0402 plastic cup decorated with a design cardboard" "DANONE CHEESE" "(without the lid) capacity 130g. (72 cardboard boxes on 1200sht. Glass ducts) -86400sht .; CGSD37721474- 06 plastic cup with the design "" Prostokvashino 15% V2 "" (without the lid) capacity 355h. (150 cardboard boxes on 896sht. glass ducts) -134400sht .; CGSD39626474-11 plastic cup with the design "" Prostokvashino 15% "" ( no cover) yemnistyu 205h. (280 cardboard boxes on 1664sht. glass ducts) -465920sht .. Total 686720sht cup .. Manufacturer: "" Coveris Rigid Polska "". T orhivelna mark: Coveris. Country of origin: PL. "POLAND686720UA100120591715502.08947 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173002905000"1.Kultury lactic acid microorganisms frozen and lyophilized dry thatwhen values ​​for use as zakvas ing in the production of cheese and a kyslomolochnyhprodukti: 705,345 F-DVS XPL-30 \ 10X500U-3kor; 100,127 FD-DVSCHN-19 \ 25X200U-6kor; 706,146 FD-DVS nu-trish® BB-12® \ 20X25g-op 3k; 698,305 FD-DVSXMT-2 \ 25X250U-8kor; 706,168 F-DVS YoFlex® Creamy 1.0 \ 10X500U- 4kor; 708,597 F-ESC502 \ 10X500U-3kor ; 713,391 F-DVS FRESCO® 1000NG-20 \ 5X1000U-1 Cor; 704,754 F-DVSYY-88 \ 10X500U-2 Cor; 704,697 F-DVS CHN-12 \ 10X500U-1kor.Torhivelna brand: CHR.HANSEN.Vyrobnyk: CHR. HANSEN A / S.. "DENMARK0UA12510099.82710165.68321
28/Apr/20171905401000"1. Preparations of flour: - art. 6605 - Baked bread crumbs flavored" "Vegetable mix" "- 21 384 packs - art. 6601 - Baked bread crumbs tasteful" "A mixture of cheeses '' - 7776 packs - Art . 6602 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" mushrooms with sour cream '' - 11,664 packs - art. 6604 - Baked bread crumbs flavored "" Pizza "" - 23,328 packs; Torhivlena mark: Maretti; Producer: ITALFOOD, SA / Bulgaria , origin: BG.. "BULGARIA0UA1101504490.6413861.71182
28/Apr/20173002905000"1. Dry fermentizing culture of microorganisms for the production of dairy products, the activity of more than 10 degrees in 10 live cells / g. Do not have the presence of pathogens and heavy elements do not contain chemicals. Production date 19.04.2017r. According to the certificate of quality. Use for food, dairy products, including baby food, food industry, in domestic terms. It is not a drug zasobom.Ayran LAT BY (5g) -30sht. dosage (liters) 500; Ira LAT BY (10g) -30sht. dosage (liters) 100, for cheese LAT BY (5g) - 300sht, protective culture LAT BY (4 g) -2000sht. Dosage (liters) 5000, for yogurt LAT BY (5g) -50sht. Dosage (liters) 500; for yoghurt LAT BY (10g) -330sht. Dosage (liters) 1000; for ryazhenky LAT BY (10g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 1000, for crude LAT BY (5g) -900sht .; cream for LAT CW (15g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 500; for cream LAT CW (28 g) -1300sht. dosage (liters) 1000; I f LAT CW cottage cheese (20g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 2500; for cottage cheese LAT CW (40g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 5000; for Chephirah LAT LC (6 g) -100sht. dosage (liters) 500; for Chephirah LAT LC (12g) -600sht. dosage (liters) 1000; for bifidum LAT PB (5g) -300sht. dosage (liters) 500; Total -6340.00 packages. Net weight of packaging pr -110,14kh. Net weight fermentizing Cultures -72,20kh. Country of BG. Trade mark "" Lactina "". Brand "" Laktyna "" ood. "BULGARIA0UA110030110.1415712.16385
28/Apr/201720052020001. Natural potato chips, cut into thin slices, roasted, salted, flavored, in airtight packaging for retail, suitable for consumption: Name - Leyz Bacon 133h x 20pcs. Name - Leyz Cheese 71h x 20pcs. Name - Leyz cheese 133h x 20pcs. Name - Leyz Sour cream and green 20pcs x 133h. Name - Leyz Cheese 30g x 36sht. Name - Leyz Sour cream and green 30g x 36sht. Name - Max Leyz Cheese and Onion 120g x 20pcs. Packaged in cardboard boxes in 1290, located at 22 cardboard pallets. .POLAND0UA5041903030.166878.843995
28/Apr/2017406908600"1. Cheese with fat content of not more than 40 wt.% And water content in terms of substance over naznezhyrenu 47mas.% But not more than 52 wt.%: Soft cheese" "Mozzarella" "in the pack. 2kg by Metro -art. 364281-480 kg. expiration date 27/06 / 2017r.Vyr-ik Spoldzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita PL12171601WETorhivelna mark MlekovitaKrayina production PL.. "POLAND0UA1252004801859.838706
28/Apr/20173507100000"1.Bilkovi substances dry enzyme, renin koahulyuvannya for milk. Production date 19.04.2017 p. Renin (cheese, cottage cheese, cheese) (100g) -30sht. Total -30 packaging. Net weight of packaging pr - 4.20 kg. Net weight -3.000 kg. Country of BG. Trade mark "" Lactina "". brand "" Laktyna "" OOD.. "BULGARIA0UA1100304.2424.3590737
28/Apr/2017406908700"1. Cheese with fat content of not more than 40 wt.% And water content in terms of substance skim over 52mas.% But not more than 62mas.%: Cheese" "Mazdamer" "in the pack. 3,2kh on Subway art. 364271-530kh, expiry date 14/08/2017 .; Cheese "" Falcon eye "" in the pack. 3,2kh on, Metro- art. 364274-531.72kh. prydatnosti09 term / 09/2017. B- k Spoldzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita PL 20131601WETorhivelna mark MlekovitaKrayina production PL.. "POLAND0UA1252001061.724259.259183
28/Apr/20173917320090"1.Polimerni rukavniplivkovi multilayer membrane for cheese (1.zovnishniyshar -polietylen-10 microns, 2.adhezyv -etylenvinilatsetat copolymer -7mkm, 3.baryer- polivinilidenhloryd (PVDC) -6mkm, 4.adhezyv -etylenvinilatsetat copolymer -12mkm, 5.vnutrishniy layer polyethylene 13mkm): 3 film-DMKLX 48, Yellow Orange, Tube, 425mm width, tovschinoyu 48mkmart.CL-00422-11710m, film DMKLX 3-48, Yellow Orange, Tube, 425mm width, tovschinoyu 48mkmart.CL-00422 -11720m, trade mark: Schur; Producer: Schur Flexibles Dixie Gmb Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA12523010776154.805163
28/Apr/20171702190000"Lactose 1.Produkt" "Sugar Dairy Food in Small bags of 18kh" ", which is the lactose in the form of crystalline powder of white color without adding flavorings and colorings. Lactose content in terms of dry matter is: min. Max 97.81% . 98.34%. Vsho 2016kh.Krayina production: RU. Brand: Federal state Unitary enterprise Experimental plant Cheese Russian Academy of agricultural Sciences.. "RUSSIA0UA100110201618431.90992
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Коверіс Рігід Пекеджинг Україна"""
Importer Address
03038, м.Київвул. Миколи Грінченка, 4, поверх 2
Exporter Name Coveris Rigid Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Vyroby plastic for packaging and transporting f.........
HS Code 3923301000Value 15502.08947
Quantity 686720Unit UA100120
Net Weight 5917
Origin Country POLAND

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