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Chance Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chance

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178544300098"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting parts, not for industrial assembly of vehicles: 2170-3724527 tow (udlynitel) for datchykukysnya -6sht. 402-3707244 CARGEN harness high conductivity (with tip) vupakovke-30sht. 4091- 3707244 CARGEN, high-voltage wires harness (with tip) vupakovke -24sht. AX-102 high-voltage wires wiring Aveo 1.4 Lanos 1.6 16vKalos 1.4 16v Lacetti (KLAN) Nexia 1.5 DOHC Rezzo 1.6 Cruze 1.6-in packages 10pc. AH-101 tow wires high Aveo 1.4; Lanos 1.4,1.5; Kalos 1.4, Nexia 1.5 in packages -10sht. AH-107 (307-3707080-10 MeM3,96305387GM) dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires Lanos1.3 (Sens + Chance) 1.3 (MeM3) Lanos 1.5 up.-in 10pcs. 2123-3707080-10 harness wires high in the pack. -60sht.21214-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires high in the pack. -30sht. 5102091-10CARGEN harness high wires -5sht in packages. 2111-3707080 CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages -300sht. 82000506297 AH-CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages, 30sht. 21073-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 21213-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-90sht. 2111-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-180sht. 4216.3707080-23 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-120sht. 4216.3707090-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 2101-3707080 CARGEN harness wires high in packages -300sht.1118-3724148 tow-ignition coils 15sht. 21104-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 40sht. 21073-3724037 wiring connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 21082-3724037dzhhut connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 2110-3724155 tow pidklyuchennyaelektrousylitelya -15sht helm. 2110-3724234 tow wires, heaters (carburetor) -3sht. 2105-3724026-20 tow-16sht ignition system. 2108-3724026-11 tow-ignition system 3pc. 2111-3724036 tow -20sht nozzles. 2112-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.11186-3724036 -10sht nozzles. 21214-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.2123-3724036-10 -10sht nozzles. 4216.3707070-00 injectors wiring harness -20sht.4216.3707070-10 -10sht nozzles. AH-366-1 Rem set-Block for peremykachuvent 1117.1118.1119 heater, with wires -45sht. AH-366-3 Rem set-Block kperemykachu 2123.2170 Vent heater, with wires, 30sht. AX-366 set-Ram Block 4-pin contact (responsible part AH-308) zprovodamy -30sht. AX-470 Rem. set-Block for block switches to drive. dveri1117,1118,1119 -10sht with wires. AX-436 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 2170, zprovodamy -20sht. AX-471 Rem. set-Block for prikurit-lu VAZ-2110-2115, 2123,1117-1119, 2170, 2190 -20sht with wires. AX-431 Rem. set-Block for email. pryvodui DPDZ d / e with engin. pedalyu accelerate (8 piano fall board) with wires -20sht. AX-432 Rem.nabor-Block for el.pryvodu and DPDZ d / engin with el.pedalyu accelerate (piano fall board 16) zprovodamy -20sht. AX-430 Rem. set-Block for elektronnoy pedal akseleratoraVAZ, with wires, 10pc. AH-502-K Rem.nabor kt pads for zad.lihtaryam board for Gazelle., Zprovodamy -20sht. AX-323 Rem.nabo "RUSSIA0UA807170850.8849921.578057 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201785365011901.ELEKTROOBLADNANNYA voltage 12 / 24V MTZ. SWITCHES button. NOT industrial assembly of motor vehicles. MC-12-21 switches 8 pieces., MC-12-51 switches 5sht.Torhovelna mark DANYHVyrobnyk NO SHANGHAI EAST BEST FOREIGN TRADE CO LTD, China, SPSUN GROUP ZHEJIANG CHANCE IMP & EXP TRADING CO.LTD, KytayKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA9020300.7311.18933275
20/Apr/20174010310000"1.PASY drive Vulcanite with Z'YEDNANYMYKINTSYAMY (infinite) TRAPETSIYE- shaped cross section, ribbed, ZDOVZHYNOYU outer circle more than 60 cm but not exceeding 180 cm, for car-Liv: art. 10.7H8-1018R Fan Belts wedge NO OBERTKY lateral side (Volga) 101,8SM -150sht. art. 10.7H8-1030R Fan Belts wedge NO OBERTKY BOKOVYHHRANEY (Volga) 103SM -200sht. art. 10.7H8-1030RU Fan Belts wedge BEZOBERTKY lateral side (Volga) 103SM -100sht. art. 10.7H8-900RU belt KLYNOVOYVENTYLYAT NO OBERTKY lateral side (GAZELLE) 90cm -50sht. art. 1118-1041020-02RUR Emena DRIVE spring agregatov 88,2SM -100sht. Art. 2107-1308020R REMENPRYVODA water pump 94,4SM -1500sht. Art. 2107-1308020RU belt PRYVODAVODYANOHO PUMP 94,4SM -400sht. Art. 2108-3701720-01R Belts HENERATORA71,5SM -500sht. art. 2108-3701720-01RU Belts of generator 71,5SM 2110-1041020R belt POLIKLINOVOY 111,5SM -50sht. art. 2110-1041020RU REMENPOLIKLINOVOY 111,5SM -50sht. Art. 2110-3701720R Belts of generator-74,2SM 100 pieces. Art. 21214-3407042RU pump drive belt to collect Defense 83,8SM 2123-1041020-30R Belts of generator 178,8SM -50sht. art.2123-1041020-30RU 178,8SM belt, 35 pcs. Art. 406.1308020-14R Belts agregatov (Volga) 122cm -100sht. art.6K1370RU belt POLYKLYNOVOY PRYVODNOY With HUROM (Volga) 137SM -40sht. Art. 6RK950RUREMEN generator drive LANOS, CHANCE 95cm -50sht. Art. 96144 932RU belt BEZHUR-87SM 50sht. Art. 96144 933RU belts with GUR-97SM 50sht. Art. 96144 934RU belts with 100,8SM GUR-brand 10sht.Torhovelna: OAO "" Balakovorezynotehnyka "" Country of origin: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Balakovorezynotehnyka "" "RUSSIA0UA807170309.897530.670097
11/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura attachment to a / m general purpose. With base metals indus nedlya Volyn NGO assembly of motor vehicles: door handles vnutrishnya452-6105182-20sht (manufacturer: OHUP" "UPRZ '') window 3741-6104020-01-120sht (manufacturer, company "" Chance + ""); zovn.dveri handle backward 3160-6305150-10-15sht (manufacturer: OHUP "" UPRZ '') bracket prom.vazheliv "" big chicken "" (mehanizmperemykannya gear) 451 -1703103-31-33sht (manufacturer: OHUP "" UPRZ ""); kronshteynprom.vazheliv "" hen had "" (transfer case) 452-1804100-4sht (manufacturer: OHUP "" UPRZ '') Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - not given x. "RUSSIA0UA80720089.94779.8055199
07/Apr/20174010390000"1. Feed the driving wedge to cars VAZ: strap DAEWOO NEXIA LANOS without HPR 87SM art. 932RU 96 144 - 220 pcs., Belt DAEWOO NEXIA LANOS 100,8 cm Art. 96144 934RU - 100 pcs., Belt DAEWOO NEXIA LANOS with HPR 97SM art. 933RU 96 144 - 220 pcs., generator belt CHEVROLET LACETTI C KONDYTS.1,4L 187,3SM art. 6RK1873RU - 220 pcs., belt drive generator 178,8sm art. 2123-1041020-30R - 50 pieces ., belt drive generator 69,8sm art. 21082-3701720R - 50 pcs., belt drive generator 74,2sm art. 2110-3701720R - 50 pcs., generator drive belt CHEVROLET LANOS, CHANCE 95cm art. 6RK950RU - 280 pcs .; belt drive units mounted 88.2 cm art. 1118-1041020-02RU - 60 pcs., O Producer O "" BalakovoRezynoTehnyka ""; trademark BalakovoRezynoTehnyka, Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA100080172.92800.468895
07/Apr/20174010350000"1 Infinite Drive toothed belt with a length of 60-150 cm outer circumference. Vulcanite for cars VAZ, DAEWOO: gear belt 128sm art. 2112-1006040-02RU - 150 pcs., Notched timing belt (Tavriya) 90cm art. 245.1006040R - 1250 pcs., notched timing belt 104sm art. 2108-1006040-10R - 550 pcs., notched timing belt 104sm art. 2108-1006040-10RU - 200 pcs., notched timing belt 116sm art. 2105-1006040R - 20 pcs., notched timing belt 104sm art. 2105-1006040RU - 60 pcs., drive belt ploskozubchastyy distributor 90 cm. art. 245.1006040RU - 400 pcs., Remыn of generator CHEVROLET LANOS, CHANCE 104,5SM art. 6RK1045RU - 220 pcs., Fan belt drive water pump 94.4 cm Art. 2101-1308020R - 900 pcs., Water pump drive belt 94.4 cm Art. 2107-1308020R - 1200 pcs., Belt drive generator 71.5 cm Art. 2108-3701720-01R - 450 pcs., manufacturer OAO "" BalakovoRezynoTehnyka ""; trademark BalakovoRezynoTehnyka, Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA100080472.1411576.81719
03/Apr/20174010310000"1.Pasy driving of the" "United ends (endless) trapezoidal cross-section (V-belts are visible), with ribbed outer circle to vzhynoyu more yak60sm, Al is not more than 180 cm. To l / well of volcanism of Old rubber : 10.7H8-1030R, Fan Belts wedge NO OBERTKY BOKOVЫH faces (Volga) 103SM 400 SHT.10.7H8-900R, Fan Belts wedge NO OBERTKY BOKOVЫH faces (GAZELLE) 90SM100 pieces. 1118-1041020-02RU, Belts H 88 AVESNЫH agregatov , 2cm 100SHT.2107-1308020RU, water pump drive belt 94,4SM SHT.2108-3701720-01RU 2000, Belts G ENERATORA 71,5SM 1600 pcs. 21082-3701720RU, Belts G ENERATORA 69,8SM 100 pieces. 2110-3701720RU, belts PRYVODAHENERATOR A 74,2SM 100 pieces. 2123-1041020-30RU, belts 178,8SM 70 pcs. 6RK1045RU, Belts of generator A LANOS, CHANCE 104,5SM 100 ShT.Vyrobnyk: OAO "" Balakovorezynotehnyka. ' "Trademark -" "Rook". "Country of-RU.."RUSSIA0UA807170328.387474.388215
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Chance Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Chance Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Авто Тренд"""
Importer Address
61052,Харківська обл,м.Харків,пров. Сімферопольський,б.6 Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""АвтоДеВиЗ"""
Product Description
"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting pa.........
HS Code 8544300098Value 9921.578057
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 850.884
Origin Country RUSSIA

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