Ukraine Import Data of Chain Cutting Machine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chain Cutting Machine

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of chain cutting machine collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of chain cutting machine imports.

Chain Cutting Machine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Chain Cutting Machine

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20178460390000"1. Tool grinding machines (for cutting tools), portable machine for sharpening chain 220, 85Vt - 500 pcs .;."CHINA500UA5000309802449.999963 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178207301090"1.Instrumenty removable for machine tools, and videogram prize for cutting holes vzahotovkah metal. The matrix assembly drawings 14-300SB -2sht. It is a stamp robochichastyny ​​intended for direct formation vkuznechno details and pressing vyrobnytstvi.Torhovelna mark - no dannyhVyrobnyk: OOO" "FACTORY PRYVODNЫH chains. '" Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA0UA80719067.26392.2995751
25/Apr/2017304870000"1. Tool grinding machines (for cutting tools), portable machine for sharpening chain 220, 85Vt - 500 pcs .;."VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA100080100012659.99985
19/Apr/20178433900000"1.Vazhil disc coulter drills art.AA35145-3sht.Vazhil iron natyazhnohoprystroyu about Reaper art.AH201133-2sht.Komplekt fingers cast iron rotorakombayna (3pc mount) art.AH209123-16sht.Napryamna pohyloyikamery combine bottom-seam lantsyuhatransportera art.H145462 -4sht.Plastynabitera John Deere combine, stalevashtampovana art.H165407-25sht.Plastyna bitters combine John Deere, stalevashtampovana art.H165407-75sht.Ekstsentryk reshitnoho state zernozbyralnohokombayna art.H234549-1sht.Ekstsentryk reshitnoho state grain kombaynaart.H234550-1sht.Napravlyayucha plastic, chain transfer art.H234587-10sht.pryvid combine cutting apparatus of combine harvester machine art.AE41481-4sht.pryvidrizalnoho art.AE41481-3sht.Shneky moving grain combines, steel art.AH162153-5sht.Shnek unloading grain harvester art.AH171557- 1sht.Shnekvyvantazhennya grain harvester unloading grain art.AH171557-1sht.Shnek kombaynaart.AH171557-1sht.Shneky movement of grain in bunker combine harvesters aart.AH202881-1sht.Shneky movement of grain in bunker kombaynaart.AH202881-2sht.Shneky combine harvester grain moving art .AH203021-1sht.Reshetosys EMI cleaning grain processor art.AH217044-1sht.Shnek zavantazhennyazerna steel hopper combine harvester John Deere Model 9770 art.AH230013-1sht.Resheto lower grain cleaning system adjustable steel welded combine harvester John Deere Model 9870STS art.AXE20456-1sht. By s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John Deere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US "UNITED STATES0UA1001201033.02516925.27822
18/Apr/20178433900000"1.Vazhil reshitnoho state combine harvesters art.AH138230-5sht.Holovkanozha aluminum welded steel fixing art.AH143575-2sht.Suport paltsyashneka art.AH171884-20sht.Paltsiseparuyuchi harvester, a combine rotor (in kompl.3sht.) Art.AH208554- 16sht.Paltsi rotorakombayna separating, steel, stamped (in the complex. 3 thumb) screw combine art.AH214869-24sht. art.AH214869-8sht. art.AH214869-8sht.Bychi threshing combine drum (in the complex. 3pc.) art.AH216677-10sht.Zubets harvester thresher art.AH228817-1sht. art.AH228817-1sht.Vazhil pendulum-cutting machine harvesters combine iron art .H136757-1sht.Pidbarabannya combine art.H159065-2sht.Plastyna friction chain inclined kamerykombayna plastics art.H171960-100sht.Vazhil steel rocking inclined kameryzernozbyralnoho combine art.H172476-1sht.Vazhil fur th knife drive DzhonDir Header 200 Series, without counterweights made of cast iron (cast) art.H86911-1sht.Pryzhym finger knife heads combine harvesters lever mechanism to drive chavunnyylytyy art.H98780-5sht.Komplekt reshitnoho combine state (in the complex. 2 metalevischoky, 36 bolts, 28 nuts) art.KXE10094-1sht.klavisha straw walker combine grain harvester moving art.AH209840-1sht.Shneky art.AH162153-2sht.Shneky peremischennyazerna combines, grain, steel art.AH162154-1sht.Shneky moving art. AH112435-1sht. By s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John Deere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US "UNITED STATES0UA100120662.89511967.16641
18/Apr/20178456100000"1-machines for sheet material removal with a laser beam -system laser cutting CNC TRULASER 3030 (L20) = 1 SHT.SERIYNYY NUMBER A1220A2288TRULASER 3030 - Mark; -type L20 2017. ISSUE. NOVA.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled. COMPOSITION: MACHINE bed, automatic shuttle desktop, PORTAL LM, exhaust fans, cooling devices; high-frequency electrical, control cabinet (CNC) hydraulic device, LASER DEVICE, a set of adaptations to change PALET.TRANSPORTER Cleaning Milk FRAGMENTS AND WASTE In the bunker. SYSTEM laser cutting CNC Series TRULASER 3030 (L20) does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless Machine for ELECTRO-spark TREATMENT BECAUSE intended for thermal sharply with a laser beam of sheet metal billets and pipes. SPEED AND ACCURACY PROCESSING achieved by rolling IS THE PORTAL LMYAKYY multi-welded construction that moves on direction VLYAYUCHYM roller and ball bearings and has BEZZAZORNYY DRIVE "" Reiki-pinion "" On both BOKIV.POTUZHNIST LASER - 3200 Vt., Network - 400 V / 50 Hz., Installed capacity - 73.0 kVA., The control voltage - 24 volts, AIR inlet pressure (MAX.) -12 BAR.; NITROGEN inlet pressure (MAX.) -33 BAR .; inlet pressure of oxygen (MAX.) -21 BAR.; NUMBER gas used l / hour (CO2 / N2 / HE): 1/6 / 13TOCHNIST positioning LASER + _ 0.05 mm Maximum speed positioning (PO axes X; Y) (mm / min.): 140MAKSYMALNA manufacturing WEIGHT LETTER - 900 kg .; The maximum thickness of the workpiece of carbon steel (MM) - 20MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS workpiece NERZHAVIBCHOYI STEEL (MM) - 12MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS billet aluminum alloy (MM) - 8MAKSYMALNYY diameter of the machined tube (mm) - 370 minimum diameter of the treated tube (mm) - 15 markings on A PRODUCT: TRUMPF; TRULASER 3030; TYPE L20; Serial number, year; Laser power; CHAIN; Inlet pressure; TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; SHVEYTSARIYABUDE used for cutting (cutting out) the details to the C / D technicians with metal sheets with thickness up to 20 MM.VYROBNYK - firm TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; Country of origin - SHVEYTSARIYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - TRUMPF "SWITZERLAND1UA90101012767683413.3381
14/Apr/20177315900000"Transporter 1.Skoshena link plate chain feeder machine for cutting tobacco tobacco CBS-80 black metal, chain link TA0590-00010173-000-03 4222369-000-03 - 100 pcs .;."SWITZERLAND0UA102180145.56188.693663
11/Apr/20178433900000"1.Spare parts for combines: parts to machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing of agricultural crops: CUTTING METALWEE (Moloty chamber) art.0000763943-1; WHITE METALWEE (body of the unloading pipe combine) art.0000786603-2; the DRAFT SHEET ( Cereal combine harvester) art.00009090740-1, piece 0000905740-1; BITTER SET (Hammer drum), art. 0001747660-4; BITEERI L / P (Moloty chamber), art. 0001775320-3; Biter CPL. (Element of combine chamber torch) ART 0001775330-3ST; BITTER SET (Element of the threshing drum) LINKS art.0001817430-4pcs; BITERIAL SET ( Shaft drum) RECHTS art.0001817440-4p; DOUBLE BARABANA (Hammer drum), art 0004958321-1; PROTECTION FROM LIGHTING (Grain reaper element), art 0005201670-3ST; PROTECTION FROM LIGHTING (Grain reaper element), art 0005201690-6pcs; SHIELD VIBRATION (Element of a grain screw) арт.0005415854-2шт; ЩИКО (Element of a threshing chamber of combine) арт.0005481891-1шт; PROFILE TRANSMITTING (Element of a threshing machine combine) арт.0005535081-1шт; ПОЛ СТУПЕНЧАТИЙ (Молотильная камера) арт.0005548262 -12pcs; SET OF BITERS (Moloty chamber), art 0005557070-5; CHRISTMAS (element of a combine chamber chamber) andРт,0005564451-1; CHAIN ​​OF THE ELEVATOR (Element of the combine chopper chamber) KORNELEVATOR 1580 Арт.0005570930-1ST; LEFT CONCEPT (Corn header) 2,5X235X638 Арт 0006149023-1шт; CONCEPT OF RIGHTS.(Grain reaper) 2,5X235X638 арт.0006149053-1ST; BOX OF A / BETTLE (element of a threshing chamber of a combine) арт.0006476404-2ST; LOWER STEPS (Moloty chamber) арт.0006626640-1; PALETS (Dual element of a grain harvester) art. 0006660011-155pcs; FALSE (grainheader element), art 0006669701-124pcs; GRABLINES (Moloty chamber), art 0007398051-3pcs; WINGS (grain header element), art 0007513571-1; PIPE SHEET (Sloping camera), art 0009843395-1; ; PLAIN OF PRIZHMMNA (Knife drum), art 0009846722-36pcs; PLAIN OF CUTTING (Planck presser of a knife), art 0009846752-24s; VALETS PRESSING (Moloty chamber), art 0009863261-1; NEC LIVER (Grain elevators) GESCHW art 0009906305-1; SCRAP (element of combine threshing chamber) 3X 45X 92ART 0009919822-30; DOWNLOAD SEGMENT (element of combine threshing chamber) 15X 455X 881ART 0009921782-3ST; RIGHT SHEET (Cereal header) Art. 0009966282-1; LENGTH (Grain Harvester), art 0009966292-1; PLAN OF ZUBACHSTA (Element of the combine harvester chamber), art. 0013125901-52; Manufacturer: CLAAS Trademark: CLAAS Production line: DE "GERMANY0UA125180827.19814561.85462
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Chain Cutting Machine Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Chain Cutting Machine Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""САКРАН"""
Importer Address
Product Description
"1. Tool grinding machines (for cutting tools), po.........
HS Code 8460390000Value 2449.999963
Quantity 500Unit UA500030
Net Weight 980
Origin Country CHINA

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