Ukraine Import Data of Ceramic Mugs | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Mugs

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ceramic mugs collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ceramic mugs imports.

Ceramic Mugs Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Mugs

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ceramic mugs. Get Ukraine trade data of Ceramic Mugs imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20176912005000"1. Dishes and utensils kitchen or dining faience / fine ceramics, salad vupakovtsi 5" "2880 pcs-v20up salad in packaging: 6 ', 16,224 pcs-v169upSalatnyky in the package: 7', 46,152 pcs-packaged salad v641up 8 "", 10080pcs-v210up salad in the package: 7 "," 7848 pcs-packaged v109up Mugs: 1440pcs-v30upKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - SLTVyrobnyk - SHENZHEN LEXIN TRADING CO., L TD.. "CHINA0UA1000502288821791.16704 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/20176912003000"1. Production of rock ceramics: mugs. Packed in 1995 boxes. Manufacturer: LILING JINGTAO CERAMIC CORPORATION LTD., Trademark" "S & T" ". Country of origin CN.."CHINA0UA50007019455.530681.37871
12/Apr/20176912005000"1.KRUZHKA DLA BATHROOM keramikaart.18083 thin-BEZ-KUBL-4 pieces, Soap keramikaart.18083 thin-BEZ-MYDEL-4 pieces, mugs DLA BATHROOM KIMNATYtonka ceramics art.18083-BIA-KUBL-4 pieces, Soap tonkakeramika art.18083 -BIA-MYDEL-4 pieces, mugs DLA VANNOYIKIMNATY keramikaart.18083 thin-CZA-KUBL-4 pieces, Soap keramikaart.18083 thin-CZA-MYDEL-4 pieces, vessels for bathroom ceramics KIMNATYtonka art.18083-CZA-POJEM-4 pieces, mugs tonkakeramika art.26893-BIA-KUBL-8 pieces; dispensers for fine ceramics MYLANASTILNYY art.18083-BEZ-DOZ-4 pieces; art.18083-BIA-DOZ-4 pieces; art.18083-CZA-DOZ-4 pieces; FILLER FOR SOAP IN TABLE complete with mesh and brush for washing Blame fine ceramics art.24676-BIA-DOZ-2 pcs; FILLER FOR SOAP TABLE stoneware art.33989-SRE-DOZ-4 pieces; ".TAIWAN0UA10001012.66190.4328454
12/Apr/20176912009000"1.CHASHKA saucers dolomitic keramikaart.30908-MIX-FIL-6 pieces, mugs dolomitic keramikaart.30908-MIX-KUBEK-6 pieces, a set of Sugar dolomitovakeramika art.30909-MIX-CUK-2 pcs, a set of cans SPETsIYdolomitova ceramics art.30910 -MIX-PRZ-6 pieces; FOOD BANK DLYASYPUCHYH dolomitic keramikaart.30911-MIX-POJEM-2 pcs; decorative dish dolomitovakeramika art.30912-MIX-PATER-8 pieces, Buttermilk dolomitovakeramika art.30915-MIX-MAS-2 pcs; ZAVAROCHNYY ChAYNYKdolomitova pottery art .30916-MIX-CZAJ-2 pcs; DEKORATYVNEBLYUDO dolomite ceramics art.30917-MIX-PATER-4 pieces; art.31324-ZIE1-PATER-WN-4 pieces, pottery bowl dolomitic art.33257-MIX-MISA-2 pcs; BOTTLE DL I dolomite ceramics art.33259 OIL-MIX-POJO-2 pcs; ZAVAROCHNYY KETTLE dolomite ceramics art.33264-MIX-DZBAN-2 pcs; Cups and saucers dolomite ceramics art.34540-ZOL-FIL-6 pieces, ceramic mugs, dolomitic art.34540- ZOL-KUBEK-6 pieces, pottery bowl dolomitic art.34540-ZOL-MISKA-6 pieces, ornamental pottery dishes dolomitic art.34540-ZOL-PATER-2 pcs, dolomite earthenware dessert plates art.34540- ZOL-TALD-6 pieces, Buttermilk dolomite ceramics art.34543-ZOL-MAS-1pc, a set of cans of spices dolomite ceramics art.34544-ZOL-PRZ-6 pieces, mugs reinforced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38537-SZA1-KUBEK-WN-12p; enhanced decorative dish / Ukrainian iplena dolomite ceramics art.38539-SZA1-PATER-WN-2 pcs; banks for bulk products increased / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38541-SZA1-POJEM-WN-2 pcs, reinforced toe / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38545-SZA1-MISA- WN-2 pcs, a set of cans of spices enhanced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38546-SZA1-PRZ-WN-6 pieces, reinforced toe / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38548-SZA1-MISA-WN-2 pcs, Napkin enhanced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art .38549-SZA1-SERW-WN-4 pieces, Sugar reinforced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38551-SZA1-CUK-WN-4 pieces; ZAVAROCHNYY KETTLE enhanced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38553-SZA1 -CZAJ-WN-2 pcs, mugs reinforced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38555-SZA1-KUBEK-WN-12p; Decorative dish enhanced / strengthened dolomite ceramics art.38557-SZA1-PATER-WN-2 pcs, mugs DLA BATHROOM pottery art .33970-SZA-KUBL-4 pieces; art.33970-CZA-KUBL-4 pieces; art.33970-CZE-KUBL-4 pieces; art.33970-FIO-KUBL-4 pieces; "CHINA0UA10001047.84535.8293747
06/Apr/20176912003000"1. Production of rock ceramics: mugs. Packed in 1995 boxes. Manufacturer: LILING JINGTAO CERAMIC CORPORATION LTD., Trademark" "S & T" "Country of CN.."CHINA0UA50007019455.530350.57984
04/Apr/20176911100000"1. Other ceramic products, tableware and kitchenware: MUG 310CC NEW BONE 4ASS CLRS porcelain cups 310 ml KOLIRNEW BONE art.DN1800100-64sht; MUG 310CC NEW BONE 4ASSCLRS porcelain cups 310 ml Color NEW BONE art.DN1800100-32sht; CUP AND SAUCER 150CC 4ASS CLRFarfor cup 150 ml BLYuDTsEMart.DN1800120-64sht; cUP AND SAUCER 150CC 4ASS CLR porcelain cups 150 ml BLYuDTsEMart.DN1800120-32sht; cUP AND SAUCER 200CC 4ASS CLRFarfor cup 200 ml BLYuDTsEMart.DN1800130-48sht; cUP AND SAUCER 200CC 4ASS CLR porcelain cups and saucers 200 ml art.DN1800130-24sht; bOWL 135X70MM 4ASS CLRS porcelain bowl 135X70MM art.DN1800140-48sht; bOWL 135X70MM 4ASS CLRS porcelain bowl 135X70MM art.DN1800140-24sht; MUG 340CC pORCELAIN 3ASS WHITE porcelain cups 340 ML PORCELAIN. WHITE, relief Wieser UNOK art.DN1900000-48sht; BOWL PORCELAIN 3ASS WHITE PORCELAIN porcelain bowl. White embossed pattern art.DN1900010-48sht; PLATE 20CM PORCELAIN 3ASS WHIT PLATE 20CM PORCELAIN Porcelain. White embossed pattern art.DN1900020-72sht; PLATE PORCELAIN 3ASS WHITE porcelain PORCELAIN PLATE. White embossed pattern art.DN1900030-48sht; PLATE 270 MM NEW BONE WHITE porcelain PLATE 270 MM COLOR NEW BONE WHITE art.Q75100580-54sht; SOUP PLATE 21 CM WHITE BONE porcelain soup PLATE 21 CM COLOR NEW BONE WHITE art.Q75100590-72sht ; cUP AND sAUCER CAPPUCCINO porcelain cups and saucers, color CAPPUCCINO art.Q75100610-36sht; cUP AND sAUCER NEW BONE porcelain cups and saucers cOLOR NEW BONE art.Q75700120-36sht; DINNER PLATE pORCELAIN 27CM 27CM LUNCH PLATE porcelain art.Q75700150-36sht; SIDE PLATE pORCELAIN 22CM porcelain snack Milk PLATE 22CM art.Q75700160-36sht; MUG WHITE 500CC porcelain mugs WHITE 500 ML art.628110400-72sht; PLATE pORCELAIN 24CM WHITE PLATE 24CM WHITE porcelain art.628110510-120sht; PLATE 27CM WHITE porcelain PLATE 27CM WHITE art.6281 10530-120sht; COUPE CAKE SET 3 TIER porcelain fruits, 3 tier art.628900050-20sht; EGGCUPS PORCELAIN W SPOON 8PCS Stand porcelain egg with a spoon (KIT 4 + 4 items) art.795800030-36sht; 1. Other ceramic products, tableware and kitchenware: CUP AND SAUCER 200CC PORCELAIN porcelain cups and saucers 200 ml art.628000830-96sht; "CHINA0UA1000105661764.759559
03/Apr/20176911100000"1.Posud electrical or dining kitchen with porcelain, China ware, art.WL-991020 / A deep round dish d = 23cm - 2208sht; art.WL-991023 / A deep round dish d = 25,5sm - 360sht; art.WL-992003 / A salad bowl round d = 11,5sm - 1440sht; art.WL-992010 / A dish-shell d = 13cm - 480sht; art.WL-992026 / A dish 36cm oval with fields - 120sht, art. WL-992 391 / A salad bowl d = 20,5sm - 960sht; art.WL-992599 / A menazhnytsya triple d = 13cm - 72sht; art.WL-992667 / A container for food 10,5x5,5sm - 576sht; art.WL -992674 / A rectangular dish 41,5h15,5sm - 108sht; art.WL-993004 / AB tea cup and saucer 180ml - 2784nabir, 5568sht; art.WL-993008 / AB tea cup and saucer 220ml - 2844nabir, 5688sht, art. WL-993 010 / A uhol 310ml - 4800sht; art.WL-993039 / AB coffee cup and saucer 140ml - 2160nabir, 4320sht; art.WL-993054 / AB coffee cup and saucer 110ml - 3024nabir, 6048sht; art.WL-993066 / 2C mugs set 2 items (470ml mug -2sht) - 936nabir, 1872sht; art.WL-993086 / A 400 ml cup - 1440sht; art.WL-995003 / A milkman 100ml - 2880sht; art.WL 02-9960 / A ashtray d = 10cm - 3240sht; art.WL-996045 / A sauce container for d = 7,5sm - 1008sht; art.WL-996050 / A sauce container for d = 11cm - 720sht; art.WL-996,054 / A food container for d = 9cm - 1440sht; art.WL-996093 / A Napkin 11h8sm - 5952sht; art.WL-996095 / A capacity for dessert 10x5sm - 1008sht, a series Julia Vysotskaya decorated with embossed: art.WL-880100-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya collection container dessert ca d = 20cm (for 6 pieces) - 414nabir, 2484sht; art.WL-880101-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya set lunch plates d = 25,5sm (for 6 pieces) - 444nabir, 2664sht; art.WL-880102-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya deep set of plates d = 22,5sm (for 6 pieces) - 460nabir, 2760sht; art.WL-880103-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya oval dish 35x25sm - 1278sht; art.WL-880104-JV / 7C Julia Vysotskaya set of salad bowls 7 subjects (12 cm, 6 pcs, 20cm, 1pc) - 200nabir, 1400sht; art.WL-880107-JV / 6C Julia Vysotskaya coffee set 12 pieces (90 ml, 6 pcs cup, saucer-6 pieces) - 360nabir, 4320sht; art.WL- 880108-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya mugs set 2 items (350ml mug, 2 pcs) - 1368nabir, 2736sht; art.WL-880109-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya tea set jumbo 2 items (500ml cup 2 t) - 2430nabir, 4860sht; art.WL-880110-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya tea brewing 900ml - 450sht; art.WL-880111-JV / 1C Julia Vysotskaya 750ml pot - 408sht; art.WL-880112-JV / 2C Julia Vysotskaya set 2 items (340ml sugar bowl, milk jug 280ml) - 72nabir, 144sht, Country of origin: BD; trademark - TM Wilmax England; Producer: MONNO CERAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD "BANGLADESH0UA11015019813.0340418.58104
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Ceramic Mugs Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ceramic Mugs Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПРАЙД ІНДАСТРІ"""
Importer Address
04209, м. Київ, вул. Лебединська буд.4
Product Description
"1. Dishes and utensils kitchen or dining faience .........
HS Code 6912005000Value 21791.16704
Quantity 0Unit UA100050
Net Weight 22888
Origin Country CHINA

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