Ukraine Import Data of Ceramic Insulator | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Insulator

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ceramic insulator collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ceramic insulator imports.

Ceramic Insulator Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Insulator

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ceramic insulator. Get Ukraine trade data of Ceramic Insulator imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178546200090"1. Electrical Insulators ceramic dlyaizolyatsiyi strumoprovidnyhchastyn and fixing electrical appliances and tires, insulators, pin-OSHN 6-80UHL 1-70sht.Vyrobnyk: OOO" "Kamыshlovskyy plant" "Uralyzolyator. '" Brand: Kamыshlovskyy plant "" Uralyzolyator " ".Krayina production: RU.."RUSSIA0UA1001103361187.683401 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201785462000901.Izolyatory electric, ceramic, art ceramic insulator. TGR01001-20sht. Insulators ceramic art. TFZ00002-20sht.Torhovelna Brand: PanasonicKrayina production: JPVyrobnyk: Panasonic Welding Systems CO., Ltd.JAPAN0UA1001101.056246.1273654
25/Apr/20178482109000"1.Val-insulator 111kV-DC400 ALSTOM V3503280- 3pc. (Art.K90012 50 is a transmission shaft that has two clutches pid'yednyuvalnyh metal and ceramic core, used in electrostatic filters shaking mechanism rigidly secured to the motor coupling and shaking shaft, transmits rotary motion to the hammer shaft, shakes corona electrodes and insulates the motor-reducer of voltage) .Vyrobnyk: "" NTP Products aS "", Norveґiya country of production.. "CHINA0UA10011017.99215.8737126
25/Apr/201738249064001.Izolyatory electric, ceramic, art ceramic insulator. TGR01001-20sht. Insulators ceramic art. TFZ00002-20sht.Torhovelna Brand: PanasonicKrayina production: JPVyrobnyk: Panasonic Welding Systems CO., Ltd.UNITED STATES0UA1001105572.2951303.83988
19/Apr/201785462000901.Izolyatory elektrichni: Insulator BYLT.757513.009 - 150sht. IzolyatorBYLT.757513.003 - 3500sht. Electrical insulators are made of steatite C-220 -steatytovoyi ceramics (based on talc, clay, potassium carbonate and barium andorganic plasticizers) .Bez metal insulator CP 238/63 -UHL2 (4690) - 200sht. HOST13871-78. Electrical insulators are made of kordyyerytu C-410 -kordyyerytovoyi ceramics (based malozalizystoho talc, technical and okysyalyuminiyu vysokoplastychnoyi ▪ fire-resistant clay). Without chastyn.Pryznacheni metal for use in electrical apparatus to mark teplovoziv.Torhovelna not danyh.Vyrobnyk: STEATIT sroKrayina production: CZ. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA807170206.2652042.398351
19/Apr/20178532240000"1.Kondensatory a fixed capacitance, keramichni by several layers of insulator for use in radio. Capacitor: Cap Ceramic 0.22uF6.3V X5R 10% art.C0603X5R0J224K030BB -2500sht. CAP FEEDTHRU IUF 20% 10V 0805art.YFF21PC1A105M -2500sht.Torhovelna mark - "" TDK "" Country of origin - JP.Vyrobnyk - "" TDK Corporation "". "JAPAN0UA1001303.751050.000114
18/Apr/20178546200090"1. Insulators power-holders tires, ceramic to metal parts. BUS-BARINCULATOR WITH BOLT; SM-25 7000sht, SM-30 3000sht, SM-35 2100sht, SM-40 3000sht, SM-45 400sht, SM-51 2200sht; SM-60 400sht, SM-76 1200sht, Prospect: NINGBO BONDINDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC CO., LTDKrayina production: CNTorhivelna brand: ASKO-UkrEm. "CHINA0UA10011015834798.784189
13/Apr/201785462000901. Electrical Insulators ceramic to metal parts: Ok Complete type 30NF / 250A standard / COMPLETE PORCELAIN BUSHING HV 30 NF 250A CD: 1320mm W / O OPTIONAL ITEMS- 9sht. Ok antique type 10NF / 250A standard / BUSHING PORCELAIN 10 NF 250A CD: 300mm W / O Optional Items COMPLETE SET- 120sht. Ok antique type 10NF / 630A standard / BUSHING PORCELAIN 10 NF 630A CD: 300mm W / O Optional Items COMPLETE SET- 12p. Ok antique type 1kV / 250A standard / BUSHING PORCELAIN 1 KV 250A CD: 55mm EN COMPLETE SET -65sht. Ok antique type 1kV / 3150A standard / BUSHING PORCELAIN 1 KV 3150A CD: 75mm WITH FLAG COMPLETE SET- 20pcs. Ok antique type 20NF / 250A standard / BUSHING PORCELAIN 20 NF 250A CD: 440mm W / O Optional Items COMPLETE SET- 6 pcs. Ok antique type 1kV / 2000A / BUSHING PORCELAIN 1 KV 2000A CD: 75mm WITH FLAG COMPLETE SET - 28sht.Postavlyayutsya in a partially disassembled state (ceramic parts are separated and packaged separately from the metal). Input electrodes des Annie complete for installation on live parts in oil transformer at nyzkovoltniy side. Manufacturer - ANKARA SERAMIK PORCELEN TIC ASKrayina production - TR.Torhovelna mark: ANKARA SERAMIKTURKEY0UA1120801340.969037.033903
12/Apr/201785322400001.Kondensatory constant ceramic containers, vyvodni Multi insulator (0.1 uF 50 V): art. CM-100N-X7R - 2500sht. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - SR PASSIVES, trademark - SR PASSIVES. .CHINA0UA1002000.22520.45863013
12/Apr/20178546200010"Electrical Insulators ceramic with metal parts (high voltage bushings for transformers) .- Input capacitor-type internal RIP izolyatsiyeydlya transformers for voltage 110kV, model: -YVUE.686352.103 HKTIII-60-126 / 800 O1 - 3sht.Tehnichni characteristics: the largest voltage working 50 Hz, -126 kV; maximum operating voltage phase, -73 kV, rated current A -800, the maximum current A -800, bit length, mm ... 1200 -1000, the length of the path utikannya, min -3150 mm. ..3900, ambient temperature, -60 ° C ... + 55; transformer oil temperature, maximum serenosutochna , -90 ° C and the angle setting, ... 60 ° -0 length bottom, mm -660 ... 1070, the size during installation of current transformers mm -200 ... 700 Input capacitor-type internal RIP izolyatsiyey transformers for voltage 150KV, model: -YVUE.686352.109 HKTIII-60-172 / 800 O1 - 9sht.Tehnichni characteristics: Maximum operating voltage of 50 Hz, -172 kV; Maximum operating voltage phase, -100 kV, rated current, A -80 0; maximum current A -800; bit distance -1363 mm; utikannya path length, min -3900 mm; ambient temperature -60 ° C ... + 55; transformer oil temperature, maximum serenosutochna, -90 ° C; angle setting, -60 degrees; length bottom, -850 mm; size during installation of current transformers mm -300.Pakuvannya: trees "" yanyy frame rigidity of the beam along the length, height and width, trimmed 7-layer plywood with pressed ribs and channels of trees "" yanoho beam for mounting equipment. Trademark - "" isolator "" Country of origin - RUVyrobnyk - the company "" Massa "" "RUSSIA0UA100110197772871.25074
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Ceramic Insulator Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ceramic Insulator Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне Підприємство ""Електрофарфор 2000"""
Importer Address
01103, м. Київ, Залізничне шосе, буд.47, оф.18
Exporter Name "ООО ""Урал-ЭнергоКом"""
Product Description
"1. Electrical Insulators ceramic dlyaizolyatsiyi .........
HS Code 8546200090Value 1187.683401
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 336
Origin Country RUSSIA

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