Ukraine Import Data of Ceramic Floor | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Floor

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ceramic floor collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ceramic floor imports.

Ceramic Floor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ceramic Floor

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ceramic floor. Get Ukraine trade data of Ceramic Floor imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, ceramic tile Whitehall 15H40 15H40 TILE -KERAMICHNA WHITE BLACK Whitehall -KERAMICHNA 15H40 TILE TILE Coventry lace -KERAMICHNA MOZAYCHNAYA 29,8H29,8 Temari PINK matt ceramic tiles 20x20 White -KERAMICHNA Surrey Surrey -KERAMICHNA 20x20 TILE TILE Darlington 25H40 25H40 beige -KERAMICHNA TILE TILE Darlington stripes -KERAMICHNA 25H40 Darlington ornament -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x30 T GR WHITE TILE -KERAMICHNA TRADITION beige 20x30 20x30 TILE -KERAMICHNA traditions cells 15H60 TIK -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE GRAY GRANITE boards -KERAMICHNYY Malabar beige 60x60 LAPPATOVANYY. "RUSSIA1399656UA40815019466.845912.529533 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, borders, inserts, decor, panels, baseboards, degree PIDSTUPENOKPLYTKA CERAMIC coated, 1 Quality: -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL boards; -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte boards, -KERAMICHNA GRAY TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23, 1 beige Vicenza, Vicenza -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23,1 brown Tions; -KERAMICHNA TILE 40,2H40,2 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope brilliant white; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H50 SAIL brilliant white; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 40,2H40,2 dark marble DVORETS LAPPATOVANYY; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 30H60 Foods beige BRIGHT boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 50,2H50,2 Trivandrum beige, -KERAMICHNYY GRAY GRANITE VIKING 60x60 boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 25H8 Deir flowers; -KERAMICHNA BOX 9,9H9 9 PYATSETTA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 30X89,5 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H7, 2 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb mosaic mosaic 30H4,8 Alexandria GRAY ; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Golden Beach structured light beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 RESIDENCE beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE WHITE structured; -KERAMICHNYY curbs 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE BLACK structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 BRIGHT structured Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GRAY structured; -KERAMICHNA BOX BHILAYI 10x10, 10x10 CHESTNUT BOX -KERAMICHNA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 ENGLISH Delft fortress - Kera Nomic curb 20H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 30H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 20H5,7 Alexandria GRAY; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 GRAY Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNE panels 40X60 light, a panel of 4 parts 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI PART) - Alexandria ceramic panels 40X60 gray panels IZ 4 of 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI parts; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 phone booth, guard -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20, 20x20 -KERAMICHNYY DECOR suite; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20H50 Lazio, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 15X40 Whitehall ; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 tradition -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 TR ADYTSIYA; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 tradition -KERAMICHNYY TRADITION DECOR 20x30 cells; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNE panels 60x50 Lignano FLOWERS, PART 3 20H50 (SIZE OF KAZHDNOYI) - ceramic curb 50H6,3 Lignano, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 beige dark golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 Golden Beach Light beige; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 25H40 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNYY curb 60H7,2 VIRDZHYLIANO boards; -KE AMICHNYY curbs 30X12 DANIEL BLACK boards; -KERAMI "RUSSIA11274031UA40815018850.77613328.25477
29/Apr/20176907908000Unglazed ceramic 1.Plytka from rough first (ordinary ceramics) for oblytsyuvannyastin and floors in stock: CLOUD ROS A KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2, CLOUD ROSASTOPNICA PROSTA 30X30 G1 -2,7m2, CLOUD R OSA KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2 , SEMIRBEI GE PODSTOPNICA 14,8X30 G1 -89m2, CLOUD B ROWN KLINKIER DURO 30X30 G1-3,96m2, SEM IR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -8sht, SEMIR BROWNKAPINOS STOPNICA PR OSTA 30X33 G1 -88sht, CLOUD BROWN PARAPET 30X14,8 G1 -198sht, NATURAL BROWN PODSTOP NICA DURO 14,8X30 G1 -3,56m2, NATURAL BR OWN KLINKIER DURO30X30 G1 -31,68m2, NAT URAL BROWN STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1-3,6m2, CLOUD ROSA STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1 - 8,1m2, SEMIR BEIGE KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -10sht, SEMIR BEIG E KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1-90sht.POLAND18286UA2091804616.422226.106044
29/Apr/201769089091001.Komplekt models Ceramic Chapter azurovanoyi with coarse (ordinary ceramics) for internal walls and floors - 3,24m2. .POLAND324UA2091807820.27986943
29/Apr/201769081000001.Plytka ceramic glazed with coarse (ordinary ceramics) -mozayika dlyavnutrish his walls and floors with nayb ilshoyu side less than 7cm: ALTEA BIA NCO MOZAIKA PRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 29,8X29, 8 G1 -30sht, ALTEA ROSAMOZAIKA PRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 29,8X29,8 G1 -30sht, PENELOPA B EIGE / BROWN MOZAIKAPRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 2 9,8X29,8 G1 -50sht, SEGURA BEIGE MOZAIKA PRASOWANAK.2,3X2,3 29,8X29,8 G1 -16sht, ATTIYA BEIGE MOZAIKA PRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 MIX29,8X29,8 G1 -7sht, LATERIZIO MOZAIKA CIETA MIX K.2,3X2,3 29,8X29,8 G1 -13sht, AGAT ROSSO MOZAIKA CIETA K.4,8X4,8 LAPPA TO 29,8X29,8 G1 -44sht, ESTENSILVER / GRAF IT MOZAIKA CIETA K.4,8X4,8 29,8X29,8 G1-4sht, ANTONELLA BROWN MOZAIKA PRASOWANA K.2 , 3X2,3 29,8X29,8 G1 -3sht, PENELOPA BEIGE / BROWN MOZAIKA PRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 29, 8X29,8 G1 -50sht, MATALA GRAFIT MOZAIKAPRASOWANA K.2,3X2,3 29,8X29,8 G1 -8sht. .POLAND2264UA209180315.93691.2416432
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors. Ceramic Glazed, 1 grade: 15H40 Coventry -KERAMICHNA TILE FLOWERS ; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope bright yellow, -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 20,1H50 Acacia beige, -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE BROWN 20,1H50 Acacia, Acacia 20,1H50 -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE GRAY light; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 20,1H50 gray dark acacia; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 20,1H50 Acacia light; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE GRAY 60x60 loft boards; -KERAM Cal GRANITE 30H60 LEGION dark gray boards.. "RUSSIA94618UA40815019650.0114412.711165
29/Apr/201769089091001.PLYTKA WITH stoneware (ceramic granite) for facing, HLAZUROVANA.DLYA floor, 1 grade, coated on the front surface, -KERAMICHNA TILE 'ceramic granite' Royal Road 30h60 BLACK boards. .RUSSIA8064UA40815019839.8595355.495234
29/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka ceramic glazed ceramics with a stone first floor for vnutrishnohooblytsyuvannya: COUNTRY WOOD ALMOND Gres szkliw iony 31X62 GI -160,8m2, COUNTRY WOODBRO WN (63,6) Gres szkliwiony 15,5X62 GI -63, 6m2, NICEA BEIGE ( 63,6) GRES SZKLIWIONY 15,5X62 GI -127,2m2, NICEA BROWN (63,6) GRES SZKLIWIONY15,5X62 GI -63,6m2, NIC EA GREY (63,6) GRES SZKLIWIONY 15,5X62 G .I -127 , 2m2, TIMBER (63,6) Gres szkl.15, 5X62 GI -318m2, SIENA GRIGIA (53,6) GR ESSZKLIWIONY 31X62 GI -53,6m2, SIENA B EIGE (53,60) Gres szkliwiony 31X62 GI -107, 2m2, SIENA MARRONE (53,60) Gres szk liwiony 31X62 GI -107,2m2, COUNTRYWOOD ALMOND Gres szkliwiony 15,5X62 GI -50,8 8m2, SIENA MARRONE Gres szkl.21,5X85 GI-34,1m2. .POLAND121338UA20918021277.077475.921186
29/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka ceramic glazed ceramics from kam'ya term for inner lining floors: INTERO BROWN GRES REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 -40,04m2, EXPLORER GRAFIT GRES SZKL. STRUKTURA REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 -27,17m2, PAGO LIGHT GRES SZKL.REKT. MAT. 21,5X98,5 G1 -15,9m2, TUANA GRES SZ KL. REKT. LAPPATO 59,8X59,8 G1-68,64m2, TUANA GRES SZKL. REKT. LAPPATO 59,8X59,8 G1 -1,43m2, SCRATCH GRYS GRESSZKL. REKT. MAT. 24,7X75 G1 -11,16m2, TROPHY BROWN GRES SZKL. REKT. MAT.21,5X98,5 G1 -6,36 m2, TECNIQ BIANCO GRES SZKL. REKT. POLPO LER 29,8X59,8 G1-15,73m2, PAGO NATURAL GRES SZKL. REKT. MAT. 21,5X98,5 G1 -7,42 m2, REFLEX BEIGEPODLOGA 40X40 G1 -8m2, TRAVERTINO SILVER LISTWA MEANDER LAPPATO 9,8X59,8 G1-1sht. INTERO SILVER GRES REK T. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1 -3,58m2, RAGGIO BEI GE GRESSZKL. MAT. 45X45 G1 -11,34m2, ER MO GRYS PODLOGA 40X40 G1 -6,4m2, ERMO BI ANCOPODLOGA 40X40 G1 -3,2m2, AGAT ROSSO GRES SZKL. REKT. LAPPATO 44,8X89,8 G1 -2,42m2, HERRERA NERO GRES SZKL. REKT. MAT. 14,8X89,8 G1 -5,3m2, HASEL BRO WN GRESSZKL. REKT. MAT. 21,5X98,5 G1 -4,24m2, A GAT ROSSO GRES SZKL. REKT. LAPPATO59,8X 59,8 G1 -68,64m2, AGAT ROSSO GRES SZKL. REKT. LAPPATO 59,8X59,8 G1-21,45m2, FLA SH GRAFIT GRES SZKL. POLPOLER 60X60 G1 - 1,8m2, TARANTO GRAFITGRES SZKL. REKT. M AT. 59,8X59,8 G1 -5,72m2, INTERO BROWN G RES REKT. MAT.59,8X59,8 G1 -25,06m2, DO BLO NERO GRES REKT. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1 -2 6,85m2, CALACATTA GRES SZKL. REKT. LAPPA TO 59,8X59,8 G1 -7,15m2, MATALO GRAFIT P ODLOGAREKT. 50X50 G1 -10m2, PAGO DARK G RES SZKL. REKT. MAT. 16X98,5 G1 -22m2, E DENOBIANCO PODLOGA REKT. 39,5X39,5 G1 - 18,72m2, PAGO LIGHT GRES SZKL. REKT. MAT .16X98,5 G1 -1,1m2, PAGO LIGHT GRES SZK L. REKT. MAT. 21,5X98,5 G1 -1,06m2.POLAND44794UA20918010513.035293.615005
28/Apr/20176908903100"1.Plytka Facing ceramic glazed, double tiles of" "shpaltplatten '' for pokrytttya floor decors: 9240.841 ROCCIA ROSSO (24h34sm) -0,33m2.9240.215 TERRA PATRIZIERROT (24h34sm) -0,98m2.9430.640 ASAR MARO (29 4h34sm) -1,60m2.9430.717 AERA T ANTHRA (29,4h34sm) -9,60m2.9441.705 AERA T ANTHRA (34h34sm) -0,69m2.9331.215 TERRA PATRIZIERROT (34,5h34,5sm) -0,24m2.Torhovelna mark StroherVyrobnyk STROHER GmbHKrayina made in Germany. "GERMANY1344UA100040282219.3608764
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Ceramic Floor Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне акціонерне товариство ""Край Керама"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "ООО ""Керама Экспорт"""
Product Description
"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on t.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 5912.529533
Quantity 1399656Unit UA408150
Net Weight 19466.84
Origin Country RUSSIA

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