Ukraine Import Data of Centering | Ukraine Import Statistics of Centering

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of centering collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of centering imports.

Centering Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Centering

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of centering. Get Ukraine trade data of Centering imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784313100001.Chastyny ​​assigned exclusively to the elevators: Rollers with ball and the axis of vyhlyadiboltu coated with plastics: Roller JT-154 -2500sht. Roller JT-176 -3500sht. RolykJT-177 -3500sht. Roller JT-178 -2500sht. Roller JT-179 -2500sht. Dvereynyzhniy plastic insert JT-906-5000sht. In the form of a butterfly bolt filled plastics. Used nyzhniychastyni elevator doors for them centering direction along lifta.Lubrikator threshold (LUBRICATORS) ARS-2000-600sht. In a container with metal fasteners used for dozovanoyipodachi lubricant on rails lifta.Torhovelna Brand: TPM ASANSOR MAKINAKrayina production: TRVyrobnyk: TPM ASANSOR MAK.OTO ITH.IHR.SAN.VE TIC. LTD STI.TURKEY0UA1001101606.4728807.52326 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178207509000"1.Nabir drills for wood / metal / concrete, bits and socket head to drill, 41 pcs. In a box of durable plastic PWRBOX, art.109104 - 12 sets, a set of drills to drill wood, 5 pcs. - 4, 5 6, 8, 10 mm, in boxes of durable plastic PWRBOX, art.109135 - 18 sets, set to hammer drills for concrete, masonry, natural and artificial stone, 5 pcs. - 4, 5, 6, 8 10 mm, in boxes of durable plastic PWRBOX, art.109140 - 6 sets, a set of drills and drills in wood / masonry / concrete, 9 pcs. - 4, 6, 8 mm, durable plastic box with PWRBOX, art.109154 - 18 sets, set of drills HSS / HM for metal 6 pcs. / w Wu 6 pcs. / concrete 6 pcs., diameter 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm, 18 pcs. in a set in a box made of durable plastic, art.429690 - 6 sets, a set of bits of dusty centering drill diameter 6.3 mm depth of cut 18 mm, 7 pcs. in package diameter of 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 58 mm, 63 mm, art.599000 - 80 sets; Forstnera Drill on wood, diameter 16 mm, art.706016 - 20 pcs .; C verdlo Forstnera wood, diameter 26 mm, art.706026 - 30 pcs .; Drill Forstnera wood, diameter 40 mm, art.706040 - 30 pcs., Trademark: KWBKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG "CHINA0UA12513040.596518.1164405
26/Apr/20178482400000"1.Pidshypnyky rolykoviholchasti: centering bearing rolikovyyholchastyy art.410000910-6sht., Krayinavyrobnytstva DE; Manufacturer" "Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket GmbH & Co.KG" "; trademark" "LUK" ";."GERMANY0UA1101900.0820.57500213
26/Apr/201773182200901.Vyroby without a thread of carbon steel to agricultural equipment: Other washers: Ring art.5175415-2 pieces, rings, art.5175412-4 pieces, centering ring art.5118568-1 units, washers, art.5111573-10 units, washer 4,05mm, art.5134804-1 units, bearing washer 1.5mm, art.5148939-2 units, bearing washer 1.6mm, art.5148936-2 units, bearing washer 1.8mm, art.5148937-2 units, washers supporting 1.9mm, art.5167387-2 units, bearing washer 2.1mm, art.5181356-2 units, bearing washer 2.2mm, art.5181357-2 units, adjusting washer M55.2 x 62 pieces art.5179147-1 , adjusting washer M55.2 x 63 art.5179149-1 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169316-1 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169325-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5129155-2 units, washer tovsh NPA, art.5129152-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5129151-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169319-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169318-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169317-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169315-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169314-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169334-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169333-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169332-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169331-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169330-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169329-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169327-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169326-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169323-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169321-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169324-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169328-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5101236-2 units, Washer tovshynna, art.5141470-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5169322-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5142031-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5179165-1 units, washer tovshynna, art.5178422-1 units, Washer tovshynna, art.5169320-2 units, washer tovshynna, art.5148559-2 units, washer tovshynna 1,15mm, art.5124478-1 units, washer tovshynna 3,90mm, art.5134801-2 units, washer tovshynna 4, 45mm, art.5129641-2 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International.ITALY0UA1101901.95404.2970082
25/Apr/20178309909000"1. centering bearing system coupling the car - ball, needle, articles, 4005350-6sht; 1315955-4sht. Packaged for wholesale and rozdribnoyitorhivli.Krayina production - EU.Torhovelna mark - SASIC. The company manufacturer - SASIC SA SANTUCCI SICFA REUNIS.Krayina origin - EU.. "JAPAN0UA1251900.08221.3599937
24/Apr/20173920108990"1.Zahlushka 50h30 6205030 black art. 18010032 - 12p.; O 70 plastic wheel system measuring art. 15030005 - 3pc., Plastic wheel 40 o to the system cut art. 15030004 - 6 pcs., Aluminum bushing to the wheel to art demo. 15030001 - 6 pcs., plug to wheel aluminum for demo art. 15030002 - 6 pcs., plug to wheel aluminum for demo art. 15030001 and plug to wheel aluminum for demo art. 15030002, are part of special furniture for trading halls - Paternoster. Made of plastic. Installed on axis for mounting upper and lower toothed wheels alu iyevyh.Torhovelna Brand: No data Manufacturer: ARBITECH, Country of origin: PL, Black Cap 50h30 6,205,030 art.18010032 is a product made of plastic, designed for installation in end sections of pipes of the system of fences paternostera.Torhovelna Brand: No Information ; Producer: TECHMED; Country of origin: PL; plastic wheel o 70 system measuring art. 15030005, is the composition of OVU special furniture for trading halls - Paternoster. Wheel plastic (polyamide). Mounted on the clamping arm measuring systems. Designed for tight pressing roll material to the wheel on the axle counter footage. Without bearing. Plastic wheel 40 o to the system cut art. 15030004 is a component of special furniture for trading halls - Paternoster. Wheel plastic (polyamide). "Dressed" in the centering shaft axis cutting system and inserted into a special frame system guides the cut. Without pidshypnyka.Torhovelna Brand: No data Manufacturer: RASEC RETAIL; Country of origin: FR; "AUSTRIA0UA30520018944.8474869
24/Apr/20178409910000"1. Parts of mechanical gears, reduktorivvyrobnytstva" "SEW" ", from ferrous metals (iron / steel) mechanically processed, housings and covers korpusureduktoriv iron cast, mechanically treated (prykladpoznachen: R67, where R - type gear, 67 - habarytreduktora ): -mod.R67; -mod.SF57 / SA57 / HS50; -mod.SA47 / SF47; -mod.K / S87; -mod.RF47 / output flange, centering flange flantsivyhidni of iron, mehanichnoobrobleni - part of the gearbox housing, for yohokriplennya to the actuator, -art.KAZ97 / FAZ97; -art.RF47 / RXF57 D = 140 steel toothed gears, worms and worm for gear Olesya not mounted on shafts (example notation - 2 MN1.00 Z45 L8 D16 A41, where 2 - the drawing room; MN1.00 - tooth module; Z45 and L8 number of teeth and the length of the ring gear): -art.S47 / SF47 / SA47 i = 14,5; -art.MX3.55 Z29 SA57; -art.MN2.50 Z25 L33 D22; -art.2 MN1.75 Z93 D35 A116; -art.MN1.00 Z19 L20 D14; -art .6 MN1.25 Z93 L32 D35 R57; -art.MX1.29 Z39 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.MX1.29 Z39 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.M X1.48 Z41 L9.5 D32 W20; -art.MX1.34 Z41 L19.04 D32 W20; -art.4 MN1.25 Z66 L10 D20 R67. "UNITED STATES0UA1251900.0530.52132999
21/Apr/20178302200090"1. Support roller NNTR50X13065-2ZL # E (2 pcs) Material: structural steel used in axle bogie drive unit staffs continuous etching metal, designed for fixing to the axis of the two sides to the impeller centering trolley and prevent it from axial displacement line guide rail on which the carriage moves diameter 130mm. Trademark: INA. brand "" Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG "", DE.. "GERMANY0UA112070101380.087719
20/Apr/20178205909000"1.Nabory tools: -nabir special tools for removal / installation of the engine timing, Art. 9780 W6 - 1 pc. - a set of tools to repair the engine, art. 80 16072750 - 1 pc. - a set of tools for installing engine seals , art. 80 16072749 - 1 pc. - centering device for coupling, art. 9780 V3 - 1 pc., trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA1001108.211414.3299371
20/Apr/201782075090001.ZMINNYY Tools for drilling BEZVMISTU natural and SHTUCHNYHALMAZIV: STEEL SET drill PODEREVU (7SHT) from 30 to 75mm drill art.2607017034-24sht.STALEVI ZSTALEVOYU working part ZBITAMY IN BOX, screwdriver, magnetic handles a plastic suitcase SET V-Line .2607017195-6sht.STALEVI crown DLYASVERDLINNYA HOLES 19H155 UNIVERSAL art.2608584615-1sht.STALEVI DLYASVERDLINNYA HOLES Bore 22mm UNIVERSAL art.2608584618-7sht.STALEVI crown DLYASVERDLINNYA HOLES 35H155 UNIVERSAL BC art.2608584626-2sht. art.2608584626-1sht.STALEVI crown for drilling holes UNIVERSAL 40mm art.2608584629-3sht.STALEVI crown for drilling holes UNIVERSAL 44MM art.2608584632-2sht.STALEVI crown for drilling holes UNIVERSAL 60mm art.2608584641-4sht.STALEVI crowns for drilling UNIVERSAL AC TO art.2608584674-30sht.STALEVE centering drill drilling crown with STALEVOYUROBOCHOYU PART TO art.2608584676-24sht.STELEVE Drill centering SVERDLYLNOYIKORONKY tion of steel working parts art.2608584677-10sht.STALEVI crown DLYASVERDLINNYA HOLES Universal steel P BOCHOYU PART 20MM SM art.2608584781-5sht.STALEVI crown for drilling holes UNIVERSAL 51MM SM art.2608584796-7sht.STALEVI crown for drilling holes UNIVERSAL 76mm art.2608584806-1sht. art.2608584806-1sht.STALEVI drill with carbide NAPAYKAMYPO CONCRETE SET 19SHT. art.2608587012-16sht.STALEVI drills with TVERDOSPLAVNYMYNAPAYKAMY Concrete 6h100 / 150 mm flat art.2608588145-5sht.STALEVI Drill Drill PODEREVU 10X152SC art.2608595483-8sht.STALEVI flat 14X152SCart.2608595486-5sht trees. art.2608595486-5sht.STALEVI drills Flat drills on a tree 17X152SCart.2608595488-5sht.STALEVI flat trees 18X152SC art.2608595489-10sht.STALEVI flat drill on wood flat drill 19X152SC art.2608595490-2sht.STALEVI trees 24X152SC art.2608595493 -5sht.STALEVI SVERDLAPLOSKI trees 26X152SC art.2608595495-5sht.STALEVI flat Drill Drill IN DEREVU28X152SC art.2608595496-5sht.STALEVI flat trees 30X152SC art.2608595497-5sht.STALEVI carbide tipped drill bits for concrete 8X90 / 150art.2608597898- 5sht.STALEVI drill with carbide tipped IN BETONU10X90 / 15 art.2608597899-5sht.STALEVI drills with carbide THEM tipped POBETONU SDS-plus 10X150 / 210mm art.2608680274-50sht.STALEVI ZTVERDOSPLAVNYMY tipped drill bits for concrete SDS-plus 12X200 / 260mm art.2608680279-240sht.STALEVI carbide tipped drill bits for concrete SDS-plus-January 12 x 400 x 460mm art.2608680280-60sht.STALEVI drill with carbide tipped BETONUSDS software-plus-January 20 x 400 x 460 mm art.2608680291-24sht.STALEVI ZTVERDOSPLAVNYMY tipped drill bits for concrete SDS-MAX 20X200 / 320 drill with art.2608685864-1sht.STALEVI Carbide tipped for concrete SDS-MAX 22X200 / 320 art.2608685866-2sht.STALEVI carbide tipped drill bits for concrete SDS-MAX30X200X320 art.2608685872-1sht.STALEVI CBE RDLA carbide tipped POBETONU SDS-MAX 30X400 / 520 art.2608685873-1sht.STALEVI drills with TVECHINA0UA125110128.2081925.244788
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Centering Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Centering Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТДВ ""Укрліфтсервіс"""
Importer Address
02093 м.Київ,вул.Бориспільська 24-А
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​assigned exclusively to the eleva.........
HS Code 8431310000Value 28807.52326
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 1606.47
Origin Country TURKEY

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