Ukraine Import Data of Cement Powder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cement Powder

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cement powder collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cement powder imports.

Cement Powder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cement Powder

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cement powder. Get Ukraine trade data of Cement Powder imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214109090"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" "Premix" "intended for the final leveling of concrete and cement-lime surfaces, filling cracks, grout-tile tiled seams, holes and pores poverhon.Upakovano 12 bihbehiv.."ITALY0UA305060120006609.065425 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packaging in plast.vidra on 23kh = 88sht content filler-sand (granulated) 62-54% water-solvent 26-28% acrylic latex (binder liquid) 9.9 -10.2% scope - for bonding insulating polystyrene panels to mineral bases and create a basic layer of plaster in buildings, mold manufacturing - pasty composition; - PRIMAX, primer, packing in 14 kg plast.vidra = 13sht based on water 65-52% acrylic latex (called "" liquid adhesion agent) 25-15% pigment 5-0,15% to 10% modifiers, applicabl uyetsya to improve traction in buildings (including painted and glazed polystyrene plates and fasteners), form vyhotolennya - opaque liquid mixture; PRM LYMESTONE PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 for packaging in plast.vidra 24.72kh = 60sht based on sand capsulated 63-67% akrilovyy latex (binder liquid) 8,5-10,2% titanium dioxide 1-4%, 12-15% water (solvent) form you hotolennya-pasty composition, scope-for creating external and internal base layer of plaster in buildings. - COLOR PRIME S PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 primer for packaging in plast.vidrah 17.36kh = 10pcs content: water 40-41% 17-18% acrylic polymer, propylene glycol 1.4-1.5% titanium dioxide 0 5-9,9% calcium carbonate filler 16-23% production form - opaque liquid mixture used for coating surfaces in buildings under acrylic and hranitopodobni shtukaturky.Z filler content, Portland cement 20-30% quartz sand 50-60 % 0-14% lime and polymer binder rechovyna- 1-2%: DRYCOAT rozfas.v bags of 25kg = 48sht, form-making powdered mixture scope - for cos Rennes base layer of plaster in buildings, not refractory, not in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091805062.84652.799604
28/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.2451 Dental Material" "Medicem" "15 g powder, 7 ml liquid 110 pcs., Art.2438 Dental Material" "Medicem "" 35 g powder, 15 ml liquid, 70 pcs.,. "GERMANY0UA125100133259.576039
27/Apr/20173214900090"1.Shtukaturka mineral rents baranek transpo-TV15 1.5 mm 42sht in mishkahpo 25kg paper, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% derivatives and to voice applications (plasticizers) -30 .Shtukaturka% mineral kornik transparent 2,0mm-TK20 42sht in paper bags po25 kg, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% and required applications (plasticizers) -30%. Plasterer ka mineral kornik color TK20 E50 2.0 mm, 10 pieces in paper bags po25kh, which is a powder mixture with us tupnymy components: cement to fill 30% of vachamy (sand) and 40% should be added kami (plasticizers) -29% 1% dye. Plastering acrylic baranek: base, 20pcs TAV1.5mm C; A base TAB 2.0mm, 100 pieces in plastic buckets 25kg which is a pasty mixture of the following composition nicks: sand-filling 40% pisokmarmu ditches 10% Supplement ((in, plasticizers) - 50%. Shtukaturkasylikono wa ba ranek base C TXB-20pcs 1.5mm in reservoir mass 25kg buckets, whichrepresents the pasty mixture with the following complex kami, fillers (sand, 40% resin Seeley and Konova 25%), acrylic copolymer dispersion of new 15% Silicon applications vodovidshtov huyuchi 5% modifying applications ( 0.5%) - 15%. Powdered mixture while adding water is used for setting yakkleyucha substance to hone us and ceilings of buildings to vaty.Kley mineral wool KW-84sht in Pape rovyh bags of 25kg has nastupnisklad nicks: filler (cement 50% pisok- 30%) modifying applications (plasticizers) -20% Scope defined vyrobnykom- andconstruction repair. "POLAND0UA20920079504090.234954
27/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.870014 paste opaque, 3 g O-D2GC Initial MC-1 pcs. Art.870031 Opakdentyn, 20 g OD-A1 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870045 opaque dentin, 20 g OD-D3 GCInitial MC-3 pcs. art.870055 dentin, 20 g of D-A4 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870068Emal, 20 g E- 58 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870070 Enamel, 20 g of E-60 GC Initial MC-10 pcs. art.870081 enamel intensive, 20 g EI-11 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870082 Emalintensyvna 20 g EI-12 GC Initial MC-4 pieces. art.870084 enamel intensive, 20 g EI-14 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870085 occlusal enamel, 20g EO-15 GC InitialMC-3 pcs. , art.870122 Transparent cervical, 20 g CT-22 GC Initial MC-2 pcs., and t.870160 Universal ash, 20 g GU GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870176 powdered opaque, 20 g O-B1 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870182 powdered opaque, 20 g O-C3 GC Initial MC -5 pieces. art.870564 Dentin, 50 g of D-D2 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870565 Dentin, 50 g DD 3 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870568 Enamel, 50 g of E-58 GC Initial MC-3 pcs. art.870569 Enamel, 50 g of E-59 GCInitial MC-3 pcs. art.870570 Enamel, 50 g of E-60 GC Initial MC-4 pieces. art.870642 Inside, 50 g IN-42 Terracotta GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870644 Inside, 50g IN-44 Sand GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870701 opakova Liquid, 25 ml GC InitialMC-5 pcs. art.870703 Liquid shoulder 25 ml GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870711 Ridynaopakova 50 ml GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870712 for modeling fluid 50 ml GCInitial MC-10 pcs. Art.870713 shoulder Liquid, 50 ml GC Initial MC-2 pcs. Art.870722 for modeling fluid, 250 ml GC Initial MC-10 pcs. Art.870732 fluid dlyamodelyuvannya 1000 ml GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.871002 powdered opaque, 20 g O-A2 GC Initial LF-2 pcs. art.871051 Dentin, 20 g of D-A1 GC Initial LF-2 pcs. art.871053 Dentin, 20 g D-A3 GC Initial LF-1 pcs. art.871055 Dentin, 20 g of D-A4 GCInitial LF-1 pcs. art.871069 Enamel, 20 g of E-59 GC Initial LF-1 pc., Dentin art.875054 20 g D-A3.5 GC Initial Zr-FS-6 pieces. art.875056 Dentin, 20 g of D-B1 GC InitialZr-FS-1 pcs. art.875068 Enamel, 20 g of E-58 GC Initial Zr -FS-1 pcs. art.875078 Prozoryymodyfikator, 20 g TM-05 GC Initial Zr-FS-3 pcs. art.875085 occlusal enamel, 20g EO-15 GC Initial Zr-FS-2 pcs., art. 875093 Flyuo-Dent district, 20 g FD-93 GC InitialZr-FS-8 pieces. art.875142 Inside, 20 g IN-42 Terracotta GC Initial Zr-FS-3 pcs. art.875145 Inside, 20 g IN-45 GC Initial Havana Zr-FS-2 pcs. art.876000 Glaze poroshokGL, 10 g GC Initial MC, LF - INvivo / INsitu-5 pcs. art.876100 Glaze powder GL, 10g GC Initial AL, Zr, Ti - INvivo / INsitu- 10 pcs. art.877050 Bond 2x4 g GC InitialINMetalbond-15 units. "AUSTRIA0UA1251008.582750.87484
27/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.000026 Dental Material" "Fuji Varnish" "10.4 ml (10 g) -10 pieces. Art.000027 Dental Material" "Fuji Ortho LC "" in the initial package 4 pcs. art.003201 dental Material "" Fuji I "" packaged 1-1, SYEU -80 pieces. art.003208 dental Material "" FujiCEM PastePak "" 2 katridzhej, SYEU -4 pieces. art.003210 dental Material "" Fuji Plus A3 "" 50kapsul pack, SYEU-6 pieces. art.003215 dental Material "" Fuji Plus "" 7 ml (8 g) liquid SYEU 15 pc ., dental Material art.003235 "" Fuji II LC A3 "", 50kapsul, SYEU-6 pieces. Art.003246 Dental Material "" Fuji VIII GP A3 "" in upakovtsi1-1, SYEU 15 pcs. Art.003253 Dental Material "" Fuji II LC A2 "" improved, 15 grams of powder , SYEU-6 pieces. art.003263 dental Material "" Fuji II LC "" improved, 6.8 ml (8 g) liquid SYEU 3 pcs. art.003264 dental Material "" Fuji IX GP A3 "" packaged 1-1, SYEU 50 pcs. art.003275 dental mate rials "" Fuji IX GP A3.5 "" 50 capsules per pack, SYEU 4 pcs. art.003290 Materialstomatolohichnyy "" Fuji IX GP Fast A3 "" 50 capsules per pack, SYEU-6 pieces. art.003295 dental Material "" Fuji Triage "" Pink, pack 1-1, SYEU -2 pieces. art.003298 Material tomatolohichnyy "" Fuji Triage "" White, 50 capsules per pack, SYEU -6 pieces. art.005076 Dental Material "" Fuji IX GP-EXTRA A2 "" in upakovtsi1-1, SYEU 2 pcs. art.900469 Material dental "" Fuji II LC "" improved vupakovtsi 3-2 SYEU 2 pieces. "JAPAN0UA12510031.710148.45268
27/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.000363 Dental Material" "Unifast LC A2" "50 g powder 1 pc.."JAPAN0UA1251000.0722.65759561
27/Apr/201729151200001.Orhanichni chemicals. The salts of formic acid. CALCIUM FORMATE. Calcium formate as a white powder or crystals. The content of the basic substance of at least 98%. Containing water (including crystalline) and impurities, whose presence is a result of production. The chemical registry CAS № 544-17-2. Used in the preparation of cement mixtures and building materials. Packaged in 6,000 bags of 25 kg. The overall weight of 150 000 kg. Manufacturer: Chems CO., Ltd. Trademark: Chems. Country of origin: CN. .CHINA0UA10011015000095250.00004
27/Apr/20173912398500"1. Product" "MC X40 Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose" ", isa metilhidroksietiltselyulozu with a slow solubility as white powder. The content of active substance (metilhidroksietiltselyulozy) of 93.0%, viscosity 30000-50000 MPa. The universal tool designed for use putty, cement plasters and tiling formulations economic kleyiv.Torhivelna mark: "" Walocel "" Manufacturer: "" Dow Wolff Cellulosics GMBH "" Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA1001102160069410.19696
26/Apr/20173214900090"1.Kley for polystyrene foam and mesh (klej do styr / siatki (K) (paper bags up.po25 kg) -294 pc. Adhesive pinopol istyrolu (klej do styropianu (KS) (paper vimishky up.po 25 kg) - 294 pcs. The form of production - powdered mixture on based on cement, which when added to water used as adhesive substances and dlyavstanovlennyana walls and ceilings of build Vel pinopolisterolnyh plates and mesh, ceramic, terracotta, stone "," wooden boards talk. The content of fillers, cement 50% sand, 35%, modifying applications 15% ZAPRAWA (ZK) KLINKIER (SZARA) - Mulyars kyyrozchyn for clinker ZK (paper bags pack. 25 kg) gray y- 210 pieces. This is a dry mixture of cement, 60%, 25% mineral filler, pihmetivneorhanichnyh 1% hydrophobic applications 4% mo dyfikuyuchyh application settings to work iprychepnist b mineral basis - 10%. It is used for the construction of internal izovnish nih walls with clinker bricks and t.zv.lytso ing a single ibahatopoverhovyh wake nkah.. "POLAND0UA209110199503211.147096
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Cement Powder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cement Powder Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРТО ФРАНКО."""
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл. м.Ужгород, вул. 8-го Березня буд. 23 кв. 10
Exporter Name Vencolor S.A.S. di Huchela Nataliya & C.
Product Description
"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" .........
HS Code 3214109090Value 6609.065425
Quantity 0Unit UA305060
Net Weight 12000
Origin Country ITALY

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