Ukraine Import Data of Catfish | Ukraine Import Statistics of Catfish

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of catfish collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of catfish imports.

Catfish Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Catfish

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of catfish. Get Ukraine trade data of Catfish imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173038990001. Frozen Saltwater catfish b / d b / n (3kg +) - 36478kh / 28 trees. pallets / 743paperov. bags ind. weight. (Anarhichas Denticulatus) (food seasonings and additives absent, manufacture - September-October 2016 period zberihannya- 24 mis.z date of manufacture.). Markings on the packaging, country of origin, manufacturer, Anarhichas Denticulatus, catfish b / d b / c frozen, net weight, date of manufacture, date and storage conditions, does not contain GMOs, food and energy value, the party number, area of ​​catch should be cooked before eating importer. .NORWAY0UA1120803647824278.31991 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20179401690000"1.Mebli sitting on a wooden karka- catfish: Stool Ototnik Hoker, W 35 cm, U45 cm color - natural, white, black Art. 26913 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: McollectionsKrayina production: IDVyrobnyk: Mega Ceramics BV. "INDONESIA0UA1000101778.94181298
24/Apr/20178483908990"1.Mebli sitting on a wooden karka- catfish: Stool Ototnik Hoker, W 35 cm, U45 cm color - natural, white, black Art. 26913 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: McollectionsKrayina production: IDVyrobnyk: Mega Ceramics BV. "GERMANY0UA2040400.35723.56470221
19/Apr/20176402993900"1.Vzuttya summer shoes on polyurethane soles and uppers of polimernohosyntetychnoho material, open toe, no backdrop, soyuzka yakohoskladayetsya with straps or cut a few holes with a heel height zpidoshvoyu is less than 3cm: -SLCQOO05 thongs female type" " Vietnamese "" soyuzka consisting of remintsivz inscription "" Inblu '' on the insole and on soyuztsi height heel with sole 2.5 cm, green color - 234pary, denim color - 234pary; -BMAWOO05 thongs women make up soyuzka with strap and has perforations of Napa catfish "" Inblu "" on the insole, heel height 2.5 cm with the sole, bilohokolru - 90par; -MEABOO14 thongs for women, soyuzka which consists of a strap, with the inscription "" Inblu "" on the insole, heel height with the sole 2, 5cm, denim color - 594pary; -MEABOO13 thongs for women, soyuzka which consists of a strap, with the inscription "" Inblu "" on the insole, heel height 2.5 cm with the sole, fuchsia - 1800par; -FO02JDB4 thongs for men, soyuzka I cal consisting of straps, with the inscription "" Inblu "" on the insole and the decor, the height of the heel with the sole 2,8sm, lodyanohokoloru - 270par; -FN624FB3 thongs Men's soyuzka consisting of straps, with the words "" Inblu '' on the insole and decoration, height heel with sole 2.5 cm, dark brown - 108par; -FN684FB4 sandals for men, soyuzka consisting of straps, labeled " "Inblu '' on the insole and decoration, height heel with sole 2.5 cm, dark brown - 108par.Torhovelna mark -" "INBLU" ". Vyrobnyk-" "ARCOBALENO" "Sp.zoo, Poland."POLAND3438UA101090117313692.16619
17/Apr/2017304320000"1. chilled fish fillets, catfish (Clarias gariepinus), size 300/500 kg / pc: -a skin-net 3 kg without skin, cleansing, net 9 kg does not contain food additives, spices, preservatives, and without heat treatment individual packaging perekladenolodom without primary packaging. Date of manufacture: 13/04/2017 g., terminrealizatsiyi 14 days (at t 0- + 2) .Torhivelna mark: Koelewijn-Seafood.Vyrobnyk: (NL6719EG) "" Koelewijn-Seafood "" Packaging: Box with foam.. "NETHERLANDS0UA1250101283.26431647
12/Apr/2017301190000"1.Ryba live tropical marine aquarium (not suitable for food): - art.SD70 Acanthurus leucosternon / surgeon fish (roz.XL) -3sht; -art.SD73 Acanthurus lineatus / surgeon fish (roz.XL) -1sht - art.SD77 Acanthurus pyroferus / surgeon fish (roz.L) -2sht; -art.SD97 zebrasoma veliferum / fish zebrasoma (roz.XL) -2sht; -art.SD100 Platax orbicularis / fish plataks (roz.M) -2sht; -art.SD137 Arothron melagris / dog fish (roz.L) -2sht; -art.SD147 Diodon histrix / fish PE (roz.L) -3sht; -art.SD151 Ostracion cubicus / fish cubes (roz.L) -1sht ; -art.SD153 Ostracion lentiginosus / fish cubes (roses. L) - 1 pc; -art.SD159 Anthias squamipinnis (female) / fish antyas (roz.M) -50sht; -art.SD175 Anthias kashiwa / fish antyas (roses. L) -30sht; -art.SD328 abudef saxatilis / fish abudef (roz.L) -80sht; -a t.SD338 Amiphiprion xanthurus / clarkii / clown fish (roz.M) -20sht; -art.SD363 Ptereleotris tricoloar / fish n teleotrys (roz.L) -40sht; -art.SD369 Plotoscus anguillaris / mustache Catfish (roz.M) -60 pieces; -art.SD374 Echidna nebulosa / fish moray (roz.L) -15sht, cargo and fish samye zhyvamorska as well znah odytsya kamatoznomu in a state packed in cardboard boxes, foam and Thermoboxes, double politylenovi packages from which niyeyi storonyzapayani, on the other head related to the node or sealed, containing 30% of the marine drive 70% oxygen. Pressure in the sulfur melons package meets or atmospheric nyzhche.Vyrobnyk: SILVER DOLLAR AQUARIUM (PVT) LTD. "SRI LANKA0UA1251001.2371539.290955
10/Apr/20179401710000. Furniture for seating, with a metal karka- catfish covered with a cloth: 813114799 KrisloSIDIZ FHT501TEC001 (646B) - negotiation, black, chrome frame 6sht.Krayina production: KR.Torhivelna Brand: TECHOVyrobnyk: TECHO, as.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100210108610.8791078
10/Apr/2017304320000"1. chilled fish fillets, catfish (Clarias gariepinus): - on the skin, the size of 300/500 kg / unit, net 3 kg B / skin cleansing, size 300/500 kg / unit, net 18 kg Does not contain food additives , spices, preservatives, without heat treatment and individual packaging, ice translated without primary packaging. Date of manufacture: 06/04/2017 g., deadline: 14 days (at t 0- + 2) .Torhivelna mark: Koelewijn-Seafood.Vyrobnyk : (NL6719EG) "" Koelewijn-Seafood "" Packaging: Box with foam.. "NETHERLANDS0UA12501021147.5739875
10/Apr/20178483109590"1.Valy transmission for a / m Lada: Val distribution inlet, art.211201006 01500- 7sht. Distribution of the shaft body and bearing, art.21010100600800 - 32sht.Valrozpodilchyy with the body and turned up ypnykom, art.21010100600800 - 100 pieces. Valrozpodilchyy of body and bearing, art.21010100600800 - 21sht.Val distribution of body and bearing, art.212131 00600800 - 33sht.Val distribution zkorpu catfish bearing, art.21213100600800 - 22sht.Krayina production - RU trade mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" AVTOVAZ " "PAO g Tolyatti."RUSSIA0UA125180740.5034455.517249
07/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): SPAOliya for cosmetic care of the Moroccan argan oil" "Treasures of the Desert" "series AVON Planet Spa, 150 ml art.F0127700-48 items (1 Cor) Kids Lotion dlyatila "" Sweet dreams "" with the scent of lavender series Naturals Kids, 150 mlart.F0396200-390 unit (6 corr), body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series Avon Naturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-165 pieces ( 3 g co) two-phase withdrawal means for makiyazhuz eye series AVON Nutra Effects, 200 ml and rt.F1345300-520 unit (13 corr) Systema2-in-1 eye "" Perfect ynhi elevator, cream and gel Series AnewClinical, 20 ml art.F1445500 -7560 units (120 corr) Pom 'yakshuvalnyy zvolozhuvalnyykrem for hands, nails and cuticles, "" Tenderness Aloe "," August uu AVON Care, 100 mlart.F1584200-3600 w t (40 corr), Body Lotion, "" exotic coconut and carambola "" series AVON Naturals, 200 ml art.F1661000-1140 unit (20 corr); Zech ysnyyzvolozhuvalnyy hand cream, a nail and cuticles with glycerin, calcium and vitamin E series AVON C are, 100ml art.F 1767000 -2790 units (31 Kor); Intensyvnozvol ozhuvalnyy Cream for hands, nails and corner of Lee from bee royal molochkomseriyi A VON Care, 100 ml art.F1767500-810 unit (9 op k); Cream for hands and nails ikutykuly "" Intensive Care "" series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-1080 units (12kor); Loson- body spray "" Karam and exotic coconut Bola '' series AVONNaturals, 100 ml art.F2 549200-4620 unit (60 Kor); Mask for face-film zekstraktom caviar "" Luxury does not update "" series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F3157300-2100 unit (35 Kor); Nyy softened cream stop series AVON FootWorks, 150 ml art.F3253500-2795 unit (43 Kor); At holodzhuyuchyy Lotion Spray Foot "" ychnyy exotic paradise "" series AVON Foot Works, 100 ml art.F3290200-847 unit (11 corr) Scrub IG n "" exotic paradise "" cepii AVON Foot Work s, 75ml art. F3412000-560sht (4 Kor); Ohol odzhuyuchyy Lotion Spray Foot "" Exotic second paradise "" series AVON FootWorks, 75 ml .F3481200-1820 art items (13 Kor); SPA Zvolozhuva Flax Mask "" Treasures of Brazil "" extract of acai, a series of Planet Spa, art.F4558500-700sht 75 ml (5 Kor); Lotion-with Prey Body "" Sweet plum and vanilla "," series Naturals, 100ml art.F4814000-3388 unit (44 Kor); Moisturizing Lotion Spray Face "" Aloe Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F5385800-770 unit (10 corr) Soothing and refreshing cream for hands, nails and kutykulы "" Green Tea "" Green zekstraktom tea series AVON Ca re, 100ml art.F5409800-1440 unit (16 corr) Perfumed body lotion series AVON Little Black Dress, mlart.F5450000- 1300 150 units (20 Kor); SPA Cooling Mask etc. A person with эkstraktomsemyan moringa seed Ki malayskoyi "" Toning Harmony '' s eriyi AVON Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F6060000-420 unit (3 Kor); Mask "" Shypshy on and Aloe "," series Naturals, 50 6577700-43 mlart.F items (1 Cor); Cream for the face "" Echinacea and white tea "," seriyiNaturals 50 ml art.F6678300-600 unit (10 Kor); Dohlya dovyy hand cream, nail ikutykuly "" Soft moisturizing "" for the whole family with catfish and led ekstraktomromashky series AVON Car e, and 100ml "RUSSIA0UA1002105604.4825235.08499
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Catfish Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Catfish Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Кліон"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "ЗАО ""ГРИИН ТРАНСПОРТ"""
Product Description
1. Frozen Saltwater catfish b / d b / n (3kg +) - .........
HS Code 303899000Value 24278.31991
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 36478
Origin Country NORWAY

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