Ukraine Import Data of Casting Powder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Casting Powder

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Casting Powder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Casting Powder

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173824906500"1 - Auxiliary products for foundry production: foundry exothermic powder brand" "FERRUX 707/5 6 / PT + PE" ", for profit ingot region that is filled at the end of the casting process and is the protective layer which does not transmit oxygen from the air . Defaults: Al -27,0%.. "GERMANY0UA70001020103081.289751 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201738220000001. Certified standard test specimens are intended for tuning the analytical device: NCS HC25651 (etalon carbon 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14612 (tantaloneferex silicon 60gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC37603 (tantalum of pheromolybdenum 50gr) - 1 pc, NCSHC19604 (etalon of ferrotitanum 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC15601 (etalon ferrotitanum 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC18606 (etalon feroniiobium 50gr) 1pc, NCS HC93607 (etalon feroniotyyu 50gr) -1 str, NCS HC91017 (titalal boksita 100gr) -1 str, NCS HC91018 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC91019 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14807 (etalon mullite 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14808 (multin etalon 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26801 (etalon powder non-continuous casting form 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26802 (Etalon of powder non-direct casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26803 (etalon of powder non-refractory molds of 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26804 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC26805 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14014a NCS DS14022 (tantalum of float spatula 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14023 (titalal flame spar 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14022 (tallon spatula 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC11001 (titanium of high purity iron100gr) -30šts, NCS HC26611b (etalon of manganese alloy flour 50gr) -1st, NCSHC28628 (titalal medium carbon ferment Manganese 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14606 (italongone silicon silicon 60g) -1 pcs, NCS HC14604 (titanium ferroalloys 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC93611 (titanium of high-carbon ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC25635 (titanolnizecarbonaceous ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs. Manufacturer: NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Production Zone: CN.CHINA0UA1120804.677902.5001
24/Apr/20178307100090"1 auxiliary products for foundry production: exothermic mixture FERRUX 1608A 8 / PB + PC (art.№ 012570), is a flux powder, used in foundries to cover the surface of the molten steel bars, filled up the end of the casting process and forms a protective layer that does not transmit oxygen from the air. Characteristics and chemical. composition: bulk density 0,55-0,65 g / cm3, humidity <= 3.5%, a melting 315-435s, expansion> = 100%; AL> = 27,0%, Cl <= 1,9%, silicon, sulfur, potassium, calcium, titanium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, strontium, zirconium, lead.. "FRANCE0UA1001100.19237.55987967
12/Apr/201738029000901. The activated bentonite foundry - BFA containing Na2CO3 - 2,34%, pH - 10,1%, in powder form. It is used in foundries in casting. Net weight 22000kh 22 p / big bags on 1m each. .BULGARIA0UA204010220004558.240872
10/Apr/20173812308000"1. Stabilizers for Plastics in powder form, consisting of a mixture of calcium and zinc on based on the components used for pressure casting fitynhivpid: -EuroStab 5160 C2, kilkist- 2505.50kh, packaged in mishky.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - EuroStabVyrobnyk - Innovative Kunststoffaufberei tung. "GERMANY0UA1001102505.56939.768099
10/Apr/201738249065001 auxiliary products for foundry production: exothermic filling ALURIT NP12CB3, is a loose mass of reddish-brown color, which by visual inspection consists of a powdery mass of reddish-brown, small vegetable chips, small metal particles, without a specific smell. The chemical composition and physical properties: SiO2 - 16-22%, Al2O3 - 14-20%, Fe2O3 - 5%, MgO - 3%, Na2O + K2O - 5%, Al - 24,6%, Pb - 0,052%, C (ges./tot.) - 5-8%, H2O (105hrad.S) - 1.86%, bulk density - 0.76 kg / dm.kub, the degree of swelling - 2. Suitable for protyvodiyi occurrence of shrinkage cavities when casting ingots of various types and sizes (blooms, slabs, ingots Kowalski) .Rozlyvochna mixture Termolux K30, is a lot of loose dust dark gray, without a specific smell. The chemical composition and physical properties: SiO2 - 32,6%, CaO - 4,32%, MgO - 1,35%, Al2O3 - 13,3%, Na2O - 6,98%, K2O - 1,00%, Fe2O3 - 3,80%, TiO2 - 0,65%, P2O5 - 0,40%, C tot. - 29.5% Grand cal oxygen index (LOI) - 33,6%, H2O (105hrad.S) - 0.33%, bulk density - 0.64 kg / dm.kub, softening temperature - 1087 ° C, melting point - 1249 ° C, the temperature tyahuchesti - 1296hrad.S crystallization (zernuvannya) <1.00mm. Suitable for casting ingots and serednolehovanyh carbon steels in ingots> 1000 kg.GERMANY0UA7000102000017326.90022
06/Apr/20173212900011"1. The drug-based INA aluminum powder dispersed in a polymer material barvnykovyy whichused as: -" "ME90064 SILVER MB / Super Silver", "in an amount of 482.60 kg. Mayevyhlyad silver granules. Chemical composition: polimernosiy - neliniynyypolietylen low density (43 wt.%), filler - calcium carbonate (25 wt.%) active substance - aluminum silicate (5 wt.%), titanium dioxide (2 wt.%), aluminum powder and solvent (25 wt.%). - "" ME50314R gREEN / gREEN Super "" in an amount of 197.30 kg. Has vyhlyadhranul green. Chemical composition: poly rnosiy - linear polietylennyzkoyi density (56 wt.%), filler - calcium carbonate (15 wt.%) aktyvnirechovyny - titanium dioxide (7 wt.%) complex chromate lead sulfide (19 wt.%) phthalocyanine pigments (3 wt .%) .- "" ME96157D SILVER / Super Silver "," in an amount of 289.80 kg. vyhlyadhranul has a silver color. Chemical composition: polimernosiy - polietylennyzkoyi linear density (35 wt.%), filler - for arbonat calcium (45 wt.% ) aktyvnarechovyna - aluminum powder and solvent (20 wt.%) dlyafarbuvannya used in casting and extrusion products of various types of polyethylene tapolipropilenu.Torhivelna mark: "" TOSAF "". The manufacturer: "" TOSAF COMPOUNDS LTD. "" Country of origin: IL (Israel). "ISRAEL0UA100110969.73980.95534
04/Apr/201725051000001. Quartz sand for foundry molds AND RODS: - SAND CASTING GL30 (big bag 5 x 1000 kg) = 5000 kg. Material number 31003738FIZYCHNYY STATE - powder beige. FRACTION:> 0,63-0,7%> 0,40-14,6%> 0,315-25,1%> 0,20-51,3%> 0,16-5,9% > 0,10-2,4%. Fields of application - Metallurgical VYROBNYTSTVO.VYROBNYK: ASK Chemicals Polska Sp.zooTORHOVELNA MARK: ASKCHEMICALS.POLAND0UA9010105000761.0521643
03/Apr/20173904100000"1. PVC in primary forms are not mixed with other materials made suspension method, brand PVC-C-5868 RV, GOST 14332-78, packaged in bags 30kh- 666sht- 19980 kg. №996 Party. Appearance-uniform powder white koloru.Znachennya K-59 Bulk plotnist- 0,59h / cm3.Zalyshok after sifting on a sieve with a mesh №0063-100%. Weight pohlynannyaplasyfikatora g per 100g PVH- 18.4. moisture and volatile rechovyn- 0 3% .Masova proportion of vinyl chloride, 0.16 million-1. used in vyrobnytstviprofiliv, letters, while tyskom.Krayina die casting production - RU.Torhov Elnya mark - no danyh.Vyrobnyk - OAO "" caustic "." "RUSSIA0UA2091401998019825.63863
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Casting Powder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Casting Powder Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
84306, м. Краматорськ, Донецька область, Україна
Exporter Name """Vesuvius GmbH"""
Product Description
"1 - Auxiliary products for foundry production: fo.........
HS Code 3824906500Value 3081.289751
Quantity 0Unit UA700010
Net Weight 2010
Origin Country GERMANY

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