Ukraine Import Data of Casting Alloy | Ukraine Import Statistics of Casting Alloy

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Casting Alloy Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Casting Alloy

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177201109000"1.Chavun processing alloyed GOST 805-95, grade PL2 - 79700kh, containing an average of: C = 4,5-4,6%; Si = 0,65%; Mn = 0,067- 0,074%; P = 0,062- 0,064%; S = 0,013-0,016%; hrupa1, class a, category 2, 52873 number melting, batch number 21,32.Maye form ingots. It is used in foundries. Designed to further melting in the Ironworks plant in the production of castings. Trademark - no danyh.Vyrobnyk PJSC "" Tulachermet. ' "Country of RU (Russia).".RUSSIA0UA1101207970036932.23983 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201738249065001. Auxiliary products for foundry production, which serve as non-stick coating for coating cores and molds in casting ingots, steel, cast iron or non-ferrous alloys, non-stick paint from magnesite, is a liquid consisting of emulsion (without the addition of emulsifiers) magnesite in an organic environment from isopropyl alcohol containing mineral component of at least 60 wt.%, not containing ethyl ether (precursors) Thermocoat. Thermocoat AMG (based on magnesite mineral component content 65-73mas.%) To 200 gallons 25kg-5000kg. .SLOVENIA0UA11011050008704.800073
28/Apr/201738220000001. Certified standard test specimens are intended for tuning the analytical device: NCS HC25651 (etalon carbon 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14612 (tantaloneferex silicon 60gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC37603 (tantalum of pheromolybdenum 50gr) - 1 pc, NCSHC19604 (etalon of ferrotitanum 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC15601 (etalon ferrotitanum 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC18606 (etalon feroniiobium 50gr) 1pc, NCS HC93607 (etalon feroniotyyu 50gr) -1 str, NCS HC91017 (titalal boksita 100gr) -1 str, NCS HC91018 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC91019 (etalon boxida 100gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14807 (etalon mullite 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC14808 (multin etalon 60gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26801 (etalon powder non-continuous casting form 50gr) -1 pieces, NCS HC26802 (Etalon of powder non-direct casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26803 (etalon of powder non-refractory molds of 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC26804 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC26805 (etalon of powder of non-continuous casting molds 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14014a NCS DS14022 (tantalum of float spatula 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14023 (titalal flame spar 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS DS14022 (tallon spatula 65gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC11001 (titanium of high purity iron100gr) -30šts, NCS HC26611b (etalon of manganese alloy flour 50gr) -1st, NCSHC28628 (titalal medium carbon ferment Manganese 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC14606 (italongone silicon silicon 60g) -1 pcs, NCS HC14604 (titanium ferroalloys 50gr) -1 pcs, NCSHC93611 (titanium of high-carbon ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs, NCS HC25635 (titanolnizecarbonaceous ferrochromium 50gr) -1 pcs. Manufacturer: NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Production Zone: CN.CHINA0UA1120804.677902.5001
28/Apr/20177201103000"1. alloyed iron recycling VCH50 class, with a mass fraction of phosphorus, 0.019%, 0.021%, 0.023%, 0.024%, 0.028; 0.029% by mass of manganese, 0.17%, 0.19% -0.21% in pigs, obtained by continuous casting, size: 130h120h3150mm (rectangle) -7sht, 110h85h3100mm (rectangle) -3sht, 120h100h3150mm (rectangle) -3sht, 95h75h3150mm (rectangle) -29sht, 165h120h3150mm (rectangle) -3sht, diam.115h3100mm (circle) -3sht, diam.85h3100mm (circle) -5sht, 110h85h3100mm (rectangle) -6sht, 170h130h3150mm (rectangle) -18sht.Vyrobnyk ACO EUROBAR GmbHKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: no data intended for domestic production hidrokerma dlyabudivel on-road vehicles. For civilian use. ".GERMANY0UA5000602186627426.84327
28/Apr/20177902000000"1.Tsynk and articles thereof: zinc waste and scrap, slag casting zinc alloy (zinc scrap) - 2084,713kh.Krayina production: UA. Trademark: no danyh.Vyrobnyk LLC" "AKSOR INDASTRI". "."UKRAINE0UA1101902084.7131013.967861
27/Apr/201773251099001.Chavunni casting (alloyed cast iron GGG 40) for the production of glass molds for casting: napisfera diam.100h210 - 80 sht.napivsfera PV finishing 25-15 - 60 25-15 sht.napivsfera PV Chernov - 80 sht.kruh 300 x dia 70 - 30 sht.kruh diameter 300 x 110 - 20 pcs. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA10107019154000.541429
27/Apr/201776169910001.Vyroby aluminum alloy made by casting - special protective frame for chips, no electrical layout is designed to protect circuit boards in the production of electronics provided for their own production needs, not for sale: Product WB84686150 model ABPH 1680-0150 ALUBUS PROFILE- 6 pcs., article WB84168100 model ABD 1680 ALUBUS DECKEL-20sht.Krayina origin: Hungary.HUNGARY0UA3051808.62412.0098947
26/Apr/20178207199000"1.Zminnyy burin.skelnyhporid tool, for drilling machines that are used in JSC" "Poltava GOK" ": Cone bits made in accordance with GOST 20692-2003, TU 3664-034-00187300-02: -III 250,8 K -PHV SH2.117BNU-24 - 30 pcs. (401,757, 401,758, 401,759, 401,760, 401764.401765, 401,766, 401,767, 401768.401769, 401,770, 401,771, 401,772, 401,778, 401779.401780, 401781, 401782, 401783, 401,784.401785, 401,786, 401,787, 401,788, 401,789, 401,790, 401,791, 401,792, 401,793, 401,795) are the three drill bits (made by steel by casting and consistent machining) diameter 250.8 mm, carbide zubyamy (such as VC ) GOST 4411-79 and TU 48-19-281-90 (composition: korpussharoshky and legs - Article l 1 - carbide teeth (type VC) GOST 4411-79 and TU 48-19-281-90, other parts of alloy structural steel to GOST 4543-71. Natural and artificial diamonds and metal part are not included.. "RUSSIA0UA806060135027397.35291
19/Apr/201768069000001.Exothermal (heat-insulating) non-refractory membranes (for casting additives used for production of castings from iron-gypsum alloys): ECD100 / 50 / 130-3666 units .FT400 B1100 * 300 * 50-108 pieces (Warehouse composition: AL2O3, AL metal, SIO2, Fe2O3, Na2O + K2O, CaOMgO, MnO2) obtained by mixing crushed ceramic fiber, quartz sand, iron oxide with the addition of the binding component and water with subsequent formation, vacuum removal of moisture and drying at a temperature of 200 +/- 5 град.С. Trade mark-SQ.Care of production-CN.Producer-Jinan Shengquan Group Share-Holding Co., LTD.CHINA0UA8071701900.82832.960184
18/Apr/20177605110000"Rod brand 1.Alyuminiyeva AKLP-SD 12d, manufactured from unalloyed aluminum by continuous casting and rolling mill in coils. Content: Al - 99.7%; Si + Fe - min 0.25%, max 0.28%; Cu <0.01%; Ti <0.01%; Zn - 0.02%, 0.01%; other impurities - each no more than 0.10% .Diametr cross section - 12 mm.TS 445-09-13.Vyrobnyk: Filial "" RUSAL Bratsk "" G. Shelekhov, RF.Torhovelna mark: RUSAL I.. "RUSSIA0UA70006063890134353.6401
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Casting Alloy Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Casting Alloy Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""ДНІПРОВАЖМАШ"""
Importer Address
Україна, 49000,м.Дніпропетровськ, вул. Сухий Острів,3
Exporter Name "ПАТ ""Тулачермет"","
Product Description
"1.Chavun processing alloyed GOST 805-95, grade PL.........
HS Code 7201109000Value 36932.23983
Quantity 0Unit UA110120
Net Weight 79700
Origin Country RUSSIA

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