Ukraine Import Data of Cast Iron Kit | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cast Iron Kit

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cast iron kit collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cast iron kit imports.

Cast Iron Kit Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cast Iron Kit

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201783024900901. armature mounting base metal to the cast iron flanged valves: 111O4040Z25346N13 SZ mounting kit to art.111, DN40-65, during power-10pc. 111O4080Z25346N13 SZ mounting kit to art.111, DN 80, pidelektropryvid-3pc. 111O4100Z25346N13 SZ mounting kit to art.111, DN 100, pidelektropryvid-5pcs. 111O4250Z25346N13 SZ mounting kit to art.111, DN 250-300, pidelektropryvid-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: ZETKAMAKrayina production: PLVyrobnyk: ZETKAMA SA.POLAND0UA10011037700.3819943 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178483908100"1.Chastyny ​​industrial reducers, gear toothed elements are made of cast iron and steel, Pinions first degree, Steel C402-17 / 56 art.KC402-17 / 56 -5komplektiv, Pinions first degree, Steel C502-11 / 58 art.KC502 -5komplektiv -11/58, Pinion first stage, steel C502-8 / 61 art.KC502-8 / 61 -5komplektiv, Pinions first degree, steel C402-13 / 60 art.KC402-13 / 60 -5komplektiv, cover three stepped reducer (iron) in the engine, 90C-F80, composition kit (hood, boltyky, paronytova pad shtifty) art.KF809051 -2sht, Paws for industrial gear (iron) S6 SEW 67 art.KC709024 -2sht, Paws to claim omyslovoho reducer (iron) S7 SEW art.KC809024 -2sht 77, the first stage of gears, steel C503-13 / 56 art.KC503-13 / 56 -5komplektiv, Brand HYDRO-MEC SpA, Italy. Trademark HYDRO-MEC. Country of origin IT.Pryznacheni for transmitting rotational motion, and industrial equipment used in civil industry. ".ITALY0UA12502050.1836.4285451
18/Apr/201773239400001. Products table, kitchen or other household articles and parts thereof, of iron or steel (other than cast iron), enamelled: black bowl BOWLS BLACK - 1 pc., A small cup of gray and gray rim MINI TUMBLER GREY & GREY RIM - 1 pc. , a small cup of red and a red rim MINI TUMBLER rED & rED RIM - 1 pc., Mug black MUG bLACK - 1 pc., Chaynychok black TEEPOT bLACK - 1 pcs. Tray black TRAY bLACK - 1 pcs. Tray enameled red PALCON ENAMELWARE TRAY rED - 1 pcs., black glass TUMBLER bLACK - 1 pc., a glass of red TUMBLER rED - 1 sht.Torhovelna mark FALCONVyrobnyk Falcon EnamelwareKrayina production GB.UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002003274.1565008
18/Apr/201773043180901.Truby, pipes and hollow profiles, seamless chornyhmetaliv (other than cast iron): - other circular cross-section of iron or steel: Tube ID 7511-1104308 -150 units, drainage tube 240-1104370 -60 units, drainage tube 240 EURO -1104370-01 -100 units, drainage tube (6x6) 7511-1104370- 50 pcs, Tube 64221-5009055 -100 pieces, 7511-1104384 -30 handset unit, handset units -30 240-1104422, 240-1104346 tube -10 pieces, 7511-1104346 -20 handset unit, Tube 240-1104422-01 EUR -20 pieces, 10 pieces 245-1104180- Tube, Tube 245-1104180-01-15 pieces, Tube 245-1104180-02 EUR -20 units, 50. 6422-3509262- tube, tube 533630-3509278 -100 pcs, 80 pcs 5336-3509278- Tube, Tube 642208-3509262 -10 pcs, Tube 642207-350 9262- 10 pieces, 7511-1111558 -20 handset unit, Tube ID 240-1104308 -50 pieces, 5336-1104492 tube -10 pc tubes checkpoint EUR 239-1723080-01 / 81-01 / 82-01 -15 k -t tubes checkpoint 239-1723080 / 81/82 -10 KT, tubing set ID 240- 2-t, Kit tubes VD 7511-6 to-t.Vyrobnyk: Pipe-metiznaya company.RUSSIA0UA110190173.851554.696771
14/Apr/201773239100001. Household items for dining, kitchen with steel, with cast iron, non-enameled: -art.CI-02 FORESTER seat-iron pan (1) -26sht., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - FORESTERVyrobnyk - CX-OUTDOOR PRODUCTS CO . LTD.CHINA0UA100050159613.7400137
13/Apr/20177323910000"1. kitchen utensils household of cast iron: - art. YT-072A - iron pan with a diameter of 24 cm - 6208 pieces; Torhivlena mark: SHIJIAZHUANG AODEJIA. Manufacturer: SHIJIAZHUANG AODEJIA IMP. & EXP. TRADE CO., LTD Origin: CN.. "CHINA0UA11015012664.3226721.71534
10/Apr/201773239100001. Products for dining, kitchen with cast iron, Pans neemalovani chavunna12h12h5sm, Kamado Joe. Material: cast iron Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 20 pcs. Vokchavunnyy 17,75x5,5x17,75sm, Kamado Joe. Material: cast iron Cast Iron Wok - 10 sht.Krayina origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Kamado JoeVyrobnyk - Premier Specialty Brands, LLC.CHINA0UA125110198.5866.8222857
07/Apr/20178481801100"1.Krany mixing water plumbing pobutovidlya base metal with elements vkomplekti mount: Faucet ASTER hromovanni for myykystoyachyy of iron, tilting art., In the amount BCA_061M 10.00 pcs. Mixer ASTER hromovanni for myykyz spout" "U" "Art ., BCA_062M innumber 10.00 pcs. hromovanni dlyamyyky MASALA mixer with spout "" F "" art., in the amount BCS_066M 20.00 pcs. mixer NEMEZJA graphite for granite sinks Casting "" U "" art., BEN_262M in an amount of 10.00 pc., Mixer NEMEZJA graphite for granite sinks spout "" F "" art., in the amount of 10.00 BEN_266M pieces. piece Mixer NEMEZJA cal granite for sinks Casting "" U "" Art., in the amount BEN_762M 10.00 pcs. mixer NEMEZJA sand granite for sinks spout "" F "" Art., in the amount BEN_766M 20.00 pcs. mixer TENO hromovanni washing standing art., in an amount of 24.00 BON_060D pieces. TENO hromovanni faucet for sink drain standing without overlapping art., in the amount of 24.00 BON_020D pieces. JASKIER hromovanni Mixer for sinks spout "" U "" II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 1.00 BCJ2062K pieces. NEMEZJA graphite Mixer for granite sinks Casting "" U "" II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 3.00 BEN2262M pieces. ROSEMARY Mixer for hromovanni tion without shower kit II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 1.00 BER2010M pieces. hromovanni ROSEMARY faucet basin mixer with drain overlap II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 3.00 BER2021M pieces. hromovanni ROSEMARY mixer faucet Wall II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 1.00 BER2050M pieces. hromovanni ROSEMARY faucet for sink Wall II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 1.00 BER2080M pieces. hromovanni MASALA faucet for sink mixer with spout "" U "" Art., in the amount BCS_062M 14.00 pcs. mixer for JASKIER hromovanni washed. Standing on higher. body of the stopper click-clack II Ghats. Art., in an amount of 3.00 BCJ2020K pcs. mixer ASTER hromovanni exhaust from Sink Art Casting., in an amount of 2.00 BCA_071M pieces. JASKIER hromovanni Mixer for sinks spout "" U "" Art., in the amount BCJ_062M 5.00 pcs. mixer ASTER graphite granite washing with rectangular art Casting., in an amount of 2.00 BCA_272M pcs., trademark TAIZHOU SHENHU SANITARY CO., LTD. Manufacturer TAIZHOU SHENHU SANITARY CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA400030231.892861.813544
06/Apr/20177323920000"1.Vyroby kitchens with cast iron, emaliyovaniSkovoridka dish GOURMET BBQ SYSTEM FRY PAN art.7421-20shtReshitka grill GOURMET BBQ SYSTEM art.8856-20shtReshitka dish GOURMET BBQ SYSTEM, SEAR GRATE art.8834-20shtReshitka grill GOURMET BBQ SYSTEM art.8835-10shtTorhovelna mark "" WEBER "" Country of CNVyrobnyk "" WEBER-STEPHEN DEUTSCHLAND GMBH "" Total: 70sht.. "CHINA0UA500060303.52240.234556
04/Apr/20177323920000"1.Vyroby dining, kitchen or inshipobutovi ferrous metals zlyvarnoho iron, enameled, cast iron pan with Lamart LT1061 art.LT1061 - 12p; pan-grill iron Lamart LT106523,5 x 23,5 art. LT1065 - 36sht , Producer - Senkor Europe sro; trade mark - LAMART; Country of origin - CN;. "CHINA0UA100020146.48501.4605829
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Cast Iron Kit Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cast Iron Kit Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМПАНІЯ ""ЕТНА-ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
04107 Київ,вул.Печенізька,8
Exporter Name """ZETKAMA"" S.A."
Product Description
1. armature mounting base metal to the cast iron f.........
HS Code 8302490090Value 700.3819943
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 37
Origin Country POLAND

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