Ukraine Import Data of Case Lids | Ukraine Import Statistics of Case Lids

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of case lids collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of case lids imports.

Case Lids Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Case Lids

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of case lids. Get Ukraine trade data of Case Lids imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20178716310000"1 Semitrailer-tank FELDBINDER brand, model KIP 42.3, for the transport of solids weight in the case of maximum load 34 tons load capacity 28.4 tonnes category TK-04 that was used the calendar year 1999, the first date registration 27.05.1999, chassis number: W09334B1JX0F07381. 3 osnyy for use on public roads. The manufacturer: "" FELDBINDER "", DE. Country of origin: DE. Trademark: FELDBINDER.. "GERMANY1UA40101056007129.305698 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20177605110000"1.Products for pets: Plastic products for the transport and packing of goods; stoppers, lids, caps and other plastic products for sealing, sealing: - Resins, bottles, flasks and the like: --with a content of not more than 2 liters Art. 85505899 - PA 5505 Drink-bottle with lid-case layer low 19x6,5x6,5cm 0,25l -12 pc Trademark Ferplast Producer Ferplast SpA, manufactured by CN. "RUSSIA0UA4000101960443000.16347
19/Apr/20174016930090"1.PROKLADKY, NEPORYSTOYIVULKANIZOVANOYI seals with rubber DYZELNYHDVYHUNIV for career Technique: Lining CONNECTION 363637300-1SHT; 363774500-1SHT bushings, gaskets 410047400-1SHT, gaskets Cases THERMOSTAT 406682700-3SHT, LIDS 400120000-1SHT gaskets, sealing ring 375194800-1SHT;. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1100800.224151.9119474
18/Apr/20174823908500"1.Zapchastyny ​​to motorcycles of cardboard: Laying ELEKTROMAHNITNOHOKLAPANA AKZSH art.28252-RPC-000-1sht .; art.28252-RPC-000-1sht .; art.28252-RPC-000-1sht., Solenoid valve gaskets AKZShart. 28262-PRP-000-1sht .; art.28262-PRP-000-1sht .; art.28262-PRP-000-1sht., gaskets Carter art.11381-ZV7-020-1sht., gaskets Cases AKZSH art.21811 -RXH-000-1sht .; art.21811-RXH-000-2sht., gaskets LIDS Carter art.11381-ZH7-800-1sht .; art.11381-ZH7-800-1sht., manufacturer Honda Europe Honda brand NVTorhovelna ".THAILAND0UA2050904.32485.78416472
18/Apr/20174823908500"1.Zapchastyny ​​to motorcycles of cardboard: Laying Carter art.11381-ZV4-610-1sht .; art.11381-ZV4-610-1sht., Gaskets LIDS Carter art.11416-ZV4-610-1sht., Air filter gaskets art.17228-ZL8-000-2sht .; art.17228-ZL8-000-2sht., sealers COVERS OF crankcase ventilation art.12373-ZV1-000-1sht., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "JAPAN0UA2050900.0169.620298449
15/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber z'yednandetaley compaction vehicles., Art.14183-52D00-000 - RING - ring sealing-4 pieces. art.14183-52D00-000 - KILTSEUSCHILNENNYA-1am. art.14183-65D00-000 - ring sealing, 6 pcs. art.14183-76A00-000--RING SEALS 1am. art.15710-09300-000 - ring - ring sealing-1am. art.09280-72001-000 - KILTSEUSCHILNYUVALNE-3pc. art.09280-15007-000 - ring - Gaskets, 2 pcs. art.13122-67D00-000 - - laying light sensor, 3pc. art.16559-69GE0-000 -PROKLADKA oil channels, 6 pcs. art.24782-57B00-000 - laying trays A / T - laying Holder Oil filters, - laying HLYPAKOVOYI lid 1pc. art.11189-54GE0-000 -PROKLADKA HLYPAKOVOYI lid 10pc. art.11189-54GE0-000 - laying HLYPAKOVOYIKRYSHKY-10pc. art.11189-78K10-000 - About Laying-5pcs. art.11186-85FA0-000 -PROKLADKA HLYPAKOVOYI LIDS (L) -1sht. art.09283-40039-000 - SALNYKDYFERENTSIALA-10pc. art.09283-40039-000 - Differential - Differential oil seals, 20pcs. art.27612-78M10-000 - SALNYKDYFERENTSIALA-1am. art.09283-40029-000 - Gaskets Differential (R) - Gaskets Differential (R) -10sht. art.09283-40029-000 -SALNYK differentials (R) -5sht. art.09283-35057-000 - Gaskets DYFERENTSIALAZADNOHO-2 pcs. art.09283-35060-000 - Gaskets Differential - Gaskets VALVE EX-4 pieces. art.09283-98003-000 - SALNYKKOLINCHASTOHO shaft rear-5pcs. art.09283-35052-000 - Gaskets-axis - Gaskets hub bearings, 2 pcs. art.09283-48015-000 -SALNYK transfer case, 2 pcs. art.09283-48015-000 - Gaskets ROZDAVALNOYIKOROBKY-2 pcs. art.09283-48015-000 - transfer case oil seals, - Gaskets-distributing box 20pcs. art.29283-66J00-000 -SALNYK ROZDOVALNOYI box-1am. art.29283-66J30-000 - Gaskets ROZDOVALNOYIKOROBKY-5pcs. art.09283-35037-000 - Gaskets-shaft 2sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - SUZUKIVyrobnyk - Suzuki Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050205.85855.9373552
12/Apr/201784219900001.Zapasni of equipment for filtering or purifying ridyn.Filtroelement membrane type (as metal / plastic case and climbed appropriate size in which the filter membrane) for installation in industrial filter body intended for water purification from a wide range of organic / inorganic dissolved impurities , organochlorine contaminants, solids, solid, suspended and colloidal particles and harmful compounds, which after some time of use according to TU needs zaminy.Typ: Emflon PFR al .AB05PFR2PVH4-2sht, Type: Ultipor GF Plus art.AB1U2-20Z7PH4-3sht, Type: Emflon PFR art.C3PFRP1-3sht, Type: Emflon PFR art.CNF1104USG4-2sht, Type: Emflon art.KA1V002PV3-8sht II, Type: art.KA2DBLP1-6sht Fluorodyne II, Type: art.KA2DFLP1-12sht Fluorodyne II, Type: art.KA2DFLP1S Fluorodyne II-2 pcs, Type: Emflon PFR art.KA2PFRP1-6sht, Type: art.KA3DFLP1S Fluorodyne II-2 pcs, Type: art.KA3J045P1-2sht HDC II, Type: Emflon PFR art.KA3PFRP1-5sht, Country of USTorhovelna mark PallVyrobny for PallUNITED STATES0UA10008011.97283.355615
11/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m products zvulkanizovanoyi nonporous rubber krimtverdoyi: Bushing front stabilizer, art.06510 KIT-SMT-305-3sht., GASKETS calipers, KOMPLEKTart.01463-TL0-G51-6sht art.01463 .; -TL0-G51-4sht., sealers art.48143-R7L-000-1sht .; art.48143-R7L-000-1sht., MECHANICAL Condensation water pump art.78130-YB4-901-1sht., Gaskets 51X70X7.5 art.91207-RT4-003-5sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-RTA-003-10sht., Gaskets 13MM art.91252-ZV1-003-8sht .; art.91252-ZV1-003-2sht., sealing RING art.91302-PA9-003-10sht., sealing RING, 23X2.6 art.91303-P4T-003-1sht., sealing RING, 15X1.9 art.91333 003-5sht-PNA-PNA-art.91333 .; -003-8sht .; art.91333-PNA-003-1sht., PROK Ladko ENGINE, SET-art.06111 ZF6-R81-2sht., Sealers LIDS cylinder head art.12341-R70-A00-19sht .; art.12391-KV0-720-2sht., Sealers BASIS oil filter art.15313- RZA-003-2sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-2sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-1sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-1sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-10sht. ; Sealant carburetor, Kit and rt.16010-KCR-900-2sht., sealers GLASS CASE SWITCHES (campaign 5WN) art.35752-S9A-305-1sht., sealers valve VTEC art.36172-P8A-A01-8sht .; anther guides calipers art.45132-166-016-2sht., bushings SUSPENSION art.51306-T2B-R02-9sht., stabilizer bushings art.51307-TL0-G01-20sht., sealers rod dampers, utility CT art.51490-MCA-S41-1sht .; art.51490-MFR-671-1sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-TL2-A02-15sht .; art.52306-TL2-A02-35sht., gasket (A) front right door handle art.72143-T2A-A21-1sht., sealing RING, 71X5.7 art.78118-YB4-004-1sht., oil seals, 34X62 .2X7 art.90753-MG5-670-1sht., Gaskets 51X70X7.5 art.91207-RT4-003-3sht., oil seals, 12X24X5 art.91211-Z0H-003-1sht., Gaskets 41X56X7 art.91212-R70- A02-10sht., oil seals, 10X20X5 art.91212-Z0H-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-5A2-A01-4sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-6sht., Gaskets 39X53X8 art.91213-RKG-003-10sht., Gaskets 22X35X7 art.91252-ZW4-003-10sht., sealing RING, 54X2.4 art.91302-KF0-003 -1sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.8 art.91307-RCA-A01-20sht., sealing RING, 13X1.5 art.91319-PR3-003-6sht .; art.91319-PR3-003-1sht., RING sealing art.91346-R40-A01-1sht .; art.91346-R40-A01-1sht .; art.91346-R40-A01-1sht., RING sealing, 20.6X2.4 art.91351-MG7-003-1sht., sealing RING, 69X3.1 art.91351-ZZ5-003-1sht., RING sealing art. 63702-ZV5-000-1sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.9 art.91319-R70-A01-1sht., steering rack repair kits art.06531-SEA-E03-3sht .; art.06531-SEA-E03-2sht., sealers LIDS cylinder head, sets art.12030-PNC-000-1sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-TL2-A02-4sht., oil seals 80X98X10 art.91214-PWA- 003-10sht., RING USCHILNYUCHE, 19.1X2.4 art.91303-R7L-003-6sht .; art.91303-R7L-003-4sht., stabilizer bushings art.51306-TL0-G01-6sht .; art.51306-TL0-G01-24sht .; art.51306-TL0-G01-20sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-12sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-26sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-2sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.8 art.91307-RCA-A01-15sht .; art.91307-RCA-A01-5sht., RING sealing, 18.3X3.5 art.91308-P8A-A01-10sht., RING sealing, 14.8X1.8 and "JAPAN0UA20509023.1291852.366375
08/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber z'yednandetaley compaction vehicles., Art.38453-65J00-000 - ring - ring sealing, 2 pcs. art.09280-22020-000 - KILTSEUSCHILNYUYUCHE-1am. art.17889-77EA1-000 - ring sealing-1am. art.09280-54001-000- RING-sealing 1am. art.09280-17002-000 - ring - Rings, sealing, 2 pcs. art.09280-17002-000 - KILTSEUSCHILNYUVALNE-10pc. art.16147-78G70-000 - ring sealing MASTYLNOYITRUBKY-4 pieces. art.09280-34005-000 - ring sealing, 2 pcs. art.11179-81402-000 -KILTSE-sealing 20pcs. art.11179-81402-000 - ring - ring sealing-10pc. art.09320-08062-000 - KILTSEUSCHILNYUVALNE-4 pieces. art.26545-54J10-000 - RING Automatic - Automatic FILTER RING-1am. art.14140-78K00-000 -PROKLADKA-2 pcs. art.14140-78K00-000 - laying-1am. art.51543-65J01-000 -PROKLADKA-2 pcs. art.14184-65J00-000 - PROK Ladko-1am. art.37324-57L00-000 -PROKLADKA light sensor, 2 pcs. art.17933-60B00-000 - laying KRYSHKYROZSHYRYUVALNOHO tank-4 pieces. art.17933-60B00-000 - laying KRYSHKYROZSHYRYUVALNOHO tank, 2 pcs. art.16559-69GE0-000 - laying oil channels, - laying oil channels, 3pc. art.12835-77E00-000 -PROKLADKA-2 pcs. art.12835-77E00-000 - laying-1am. art.24782-57B00-000 -PROKLADKA trays A / T 7sht. art.24784-66H10-000 - laying trays - laying-1am. art.11189-54GE0-000 - laying HLYPAKOVOYIKRYSHKY-10pc. art.11189-65J00-000 - laying HLYPAKOVOYI lid - laying HLYPAKOVOYI LIDS (L) -1sht. art.11186-66J00-000 -PROKLADKA HLYPAKOVOYI LIDS (L) -1sht. art.11176-66J00-000 - laying HLYPAKOVOYIKRYSHKY (R) -1sht. art.11176-85FA0-000 - laying HLYPAKOVOYI LIDS (R) - laying HLYPAKOVOYI LIDS (R) -1sht. art.55840-65J01-000 -REMONTNYY caliper SET-1am. art.09283-30074-000 - - Gaskets-4 pieces. art.27612-62JE0-000 - - Gaskets-5pcs. art.27612-62JE0-000 - - Gaskets cylinder head, 4 pieces. art.11139-86500-000 - SALNYKHOLOVKY Block 6 pcs. art.27431-54LS0-000 - Differential - Differential oil seals, 6 pcs. art.09283-35060-000 - SALNYKDYFERENTSIALA rear-4pcs. art.09283-35060-000 - Gaskets DYFERENTSIALAZADNOHO-2 pcs. art.11389-54L00-000 - Gaskets K / B - Gaskets valve-48sht. art.09289-05012-000 - SALNYKKLAPANA-48sht. art.09283-45012-000 - crankshaft oil seals - crankshaft oil seals - Gaskets Lubrication pump 1pc. art.09283-35052-000 -SALNYK-axis 10pc. art.09283-40037-000 - transfer case oil seals, - transfer case oil seals, 10pc. art.09283-40042-000 -SALNYK transfer case, 2 pcs. art.29283-66J30-000 - Gaskets ROZDOVALNOYIKORJAPAN0UA2050204.76856.6782555
03/Apr/20176812999090"1.Zapasni parts for diesel dvyhunivkolisnyh s / d tractors. New. Uschylnyuyuchi linings, asbestos. Gasket Set art.245-1000001-40sht universal receivers, gaskets art.240-1022075-A1-50sht, art.240-1117108-80sht, art.240-3509037-A-80sht, gaskets art.260-1003109-40sht caps, gaskets Cases art.50-1307048-B-100 pieces, gaskets LIDS RASPODILENNYA art.240-1002064-A-100 pieces, Brand: OAO "" FM "" Minsk Plant MOTORNЫY "" brand MMZKrayina production-BY. "BELARUS0UA12513042.881088.515934
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Case Lids Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Case Lids Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Address
21000 м.Вінниця, вулиця ВасиляСтуса, будинок 8, кімната 35. Україна.
Exporter Name "Фірма ""FAGOT LP"""
Product Description
"1 Semitrailer-tank FELDBINDER brand, model KIP 42.........
HS Code 8716310000Value 7129.305698
Quantity 1Unit UA401010
Net Weight 5600
Origin Country GERMANY

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