Ukraine Import Data of Cartridge | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cartridge

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cartridge collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cartridge imports.

Cartridge Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cartridge

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cartridge. Get Ukraine trade data of Cartridge imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739269092901. Production of plastic made from sheets, plastic Cartridges for vyroschuvannyarozsady in stock. .CHINA0UA50003034003399.999992 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201784219900001. Replacement filter cartridges consist of a filter materialivta combination of metal and plastic, mounted in the filter housing, dlyatsyvilnoho purpose :, dosilskohospodarskoyi engineering: 87565152 2sht.87037984 screen filters, air filter element, 6sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA5041704.96235.4164949
30/Apr/201784212300901.Filtry liquids (fuel, olive) are not intended for use in tavstanovlennya devices which operate on gas fuel. To install vyklyuchnona and units motor transp ortnyh means new art.SH3N13ZA5 - FILTRPALYVNYY cartridge-25sht., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA20502012.3751046.845158
29/Apr/20178421210000"1.Prystriy Water treatment, coarse filter household refining made of plastics, water treatment is based on activated carbon and ion exchange resins without ultrafialetu: Filters for water treatment" "Grand barrier" "grenades -500 sht.Filtr Cleaner water "," barrier Grand "" Indigo -700 sht.Filtr for water treatment "" Grand barrier "" malachite -500 sht.Filtr for water treatment "" barrier Norma "" Indigo -1200 sht.Filtr for water treatment "" Norma barrier "" malachite -1000 sht.Filtr for water treatment "" Norma barrier "" ruby ​​for at -1000 sht.Filtr clean water, "" barrier TWIST "" Purple -700 pc. Replacement filter cartridge "" barrier Standard "" -9000 units. Replacement filter cartridge "" barrier Zhestkost "" -4788 units. Replacement filter cartridge "" barrier Classic Hard "" ( Ukraine) -2376 units. Set Replacement filter cartridges "" barrier Zhestkost "" (packing. 3 pcs.) -2,400 complex. Set Replacement filter cartridges "" barrier Standard "" (packing. 3 pcs.) -2,400 complex. The set of variables filter cartridges "" barrier Standard "" (packing. 2 pcs.) -1800 complex. Set variable filter cartridges "" iron barrier "" (packing. 2 pcs.) -702 complex. Trademark barrier manufacturer AO "" BVT barrier RUS "" Country of RU "RUSSIA0UA10012010875.956302.03962
29/Apr/201729419000001.Antybiotyky on impregnated paper discs and vials dlyamikrobiolohichnyh studies: (SD003) Bacitracin (10 units) Bacitracin (10odynyts) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD003-10VL -4sht. (SD017) Kanamycin (30 mcg) kanamycin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD017-10VL -2sht. (SD018) Lincomycin (2 mcg) Lincomycin (2 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD018-10VL -2sht. (SD021) Nalidixic Acid (30 mcg) nalidixic acid (30 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD021-10VL -2sht. (SD022) Neomycin (30 mcg) Neomycin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD022-10VL -2sht. (SD024) Nitrofurazone (100 mcg) Nitrofurazon (100 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD024-10VL -1sht. (SD027) Oxytetracycline (30 mcg) Oksitetratsyklin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD027-10VL -1sht. (SD029) Polymyxin-B (300 units) Polymyxin Beta (300 units) packing 10 flakonov art.SD029-10VL -2sht. (SD041) Cephoxitin (30 mcg) Tsefoksitin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD041-10VL -2sht. (SD056) Sulfasomidine (300 mcg) Sulfasomidin (300 mg) woo forging 10 flakonov art. SD056-10VL -1sht. (SD110) Ceftizoxime (30mcg) Ceftizoxime (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD110-10VL -1sht. (SD116) Cephadroxil (30 mcg) Tsefadroksil (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD116-10VL-2 pcs. (SD121) Novobiocin (5 mcg) Novobiotsyn (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD121-10VL -1sht. (SD206) Lomefloxacin (10 mcg) lomefloxacin (10 mg) upakovka10 flakonov art. SD206-10VL -2sht. (SD221) Itraconazole (10 mcg) Itrokonazol (10 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD221-10VL -2sht. (SD225) Mezlocillin (75 mcg) Mezlotsyllin (75 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD225-10VL -2sht. (SD232) Fluconazole (25 mcg) fluconazole (25 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD232-10VL-3pc. (SD249) Cefotetan CTN 30 mcg Tsefotenan packaging flakonov art.SD249-10VL 10, 2 pcs. (SD724) Cephotaxime / Clavulanic acid (30/10 mcg) Cefotaximum / Klavulanovakyslota (30/10 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD724-10VL -2sht. (SD725) Cefpodoxime (10 mcg) cefpodoxime (10 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD725-10VL-3pc. (SD727) Meropenem MRP 10 mcg Meropenem 10 cartridges art. SD727-10CT -6sht. (SD737) Gatifloxacin (5 mcg) gatifloxacin (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD737-10VL -2sht. (SD738) Cefpirome (30 mcg) Tsefprinom (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD738-10VL -2sht. (SD006) Chloramphenicol (30 mcg) Chloramphenicol (30mkg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD006-10CT -10sht. (SD012) DoxycyclineHydrochloride (30 mcg) Doxycycline (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art.SD012-10CT -6sht. (SD023) Nitrofurantoin (300 mcg) nitrofurantoin (300 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD023-10CT -12sht. (SD030) Rifampicin (5 mcg) Rifampicin (5 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD030-10CT -6sht. (SD035) Amikacin (30 mcg) of amikacin (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD035-10CT -6sht. (SD040) Cephotaxime (30 mcg) Cefotaximum (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD040-10CT-8 pieces. (SD044) Tobramycin (10 mcg) tobramycin (10 mg) 10 kartrydzheyart packaging. SD044-10CT -6sht. (SD045) Vancomycin (30 mcg) Vancomycin (10 mg) upakovka10 cartridges art. SD045-10CT -6shINDIA0UA1251003.5242915.44007
29/Apr/20178481801100"1.Armatura for pipelines. Mixing taps for baths, sinks and analohichnyhprystroyiv, manufacture of composite materials (metal, ceramic cartridge, plastic) for civil use complete with shower set (dushovoyuliykoyu, cranes and steady): 582kompl.Torhivelna brand" "GLOBUS LUX" ". Manufacturer: not zaznachenyy.Krayina production CN.."CHINA0UA10001019793581.990033
29/Apr/20178481801100"1.Armatura for pipelines. Mixing taps for baths, sinks and analohichnyhprystroyiv, manufacture of composite materials (metal, ceramic cartridge, plastic) for civil use, 7044sht.Torhivelna mark:" "GLOBUS LUX / DOMINO" ". Manufacturer: N .Krayina production of CN.. "CHINA0UA100010809114644.71003
28/Apr/20178536611090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining electrical circuits for a voltage not exceeding yak1000 A: 21050371610400 cartridge contacts, 400sht. 21050371610500 cartridge contacts, 300sht.Torhovelna Brand: OATKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO" "za" "."RUSSIA0UA8071707283.7202488
28/Apr/20173006400000"1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.2740 Dental Material" "Success CD A1" "ukartrydzhi 50 ml, 80 pcs., Art.2741 Materialstomatolohichnyy" "Success CD A2" "50-mist cartridges 150 pcs., art.2742 Materialstomatolohichnyy" "Success CD A3" "50-mist cartridges 80 pcs.,."GERMANY0UA1251005714085.49958
28/Apr/201784219900001.Chastyna equipment for filtering and cleaning fluid (the main element for water faucets): Details -AA NOT -BF7362 Q-1 grease box brass valve tap for 7362 (doyyunya 2012) -10sht., Parts-and the body atoll N6010EWW white-04N (for series atollA-STD and D-STD) -10sht. without cartridge for domestic pryznachennya.Vyrobnyk: ORGANIC FILTER COTorhivelna brand: atollKrayina production: TW.TAIWAN0UA8071909.652.12445436
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МІРАТОН ГРУП"""
Importer Address
65012, Одеська обл., м. Одеса, вул. Лейтенанта Шмідта , будинок 19
Product Description
1. Production of plastic made from sheets, plastic.........
HS Code 3926909290Value 3399.999992
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 3400
Origin Country CHINA

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