Ukraine Import Data of Card Printer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Card Printer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of card printer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of card printer imports.

Card Printer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Card Printer

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of card printer. Get Ukraine trade data of Card Printer imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Purchase parts for printers: TONER CARD-C-C831 / 841 / C831DM-10K -7pcs; TONER CARD-M-C831 / 841 / C831DM-10K -7pcs; TONER CARTAGE-Y-C831 / 841 / C831DM-10K-7; TONER-CARD-K-C831 / 841 / C831DM-10K -9pcs; TONER-CARTAGE-K-C310-331 / 510-531 / MC351-562-3.5-NEU - 45pcs. ; TONER CARD-Y-C310-331 / 510-531 / MC351-562-2K-NEU - 63pcs; TONER CARD-M-C310-331 / 510-531 / MC351-562-2K-NEU - 50pcs. ; TONER CARTAGE-C-C310-331 / 510-531 / MC351-562-2K-NEU - 63pcs; TONER CARD-B412 / 32/512 / MB472 / 92 / 562-7K-NEU - 248pcs; Toner T-CARD-M-C711 / C711DM-NEU - 5 pcs; TONER CARTAGE-C-C711 / C711DM-NEU - 5 pcs; TONER CARD-MAGNIFIED-K- C711 / C711DM-NEU - 5pcs; Toner Cards-Y-MC770 / 80-11.5K - 5pcs; Toner Cards-C-MC770 / 80-11.5K - 5pcs; Toner Cards-K-MC770 / 80 -15K -5 TONER CARD-C-C301 / 321 / MC332 / 342- 1.5K-NEU - 5 pcs .; TONER CARD-M-C301 / 321 / MC332 / 342- 1.5K-NEU - 5 pcs .; TONER CARD -Y-C301 / 321 / MC332 / 342- 1.5K-NEU - 5pcs; TONER CARD-K-C301 / 321 / MC332 / 342- 2.2K-NEU - 5pcs; TONER-CARD-B411 / B431 / MB461 / 79 / 91- 3K-NEU - 64pcs; Toner Cards-MB461 / 47/49 / B431-7K-NEU - 42pcs; Toner Cards-B412 / 32/512 / MB472 / 92 / 562-3K-NEU TUNER-CARTAGE-B401 / MB441 / 451-1.5K-NEU - 38pcs; TONER CARD-K-C58 / 5900-NEU - 9pcs; Toner CARTAGE-C-C58 / 5900-NEU - 9pcs TONER CARTRIDGE-M-C58 / 5900-NEU - 9 pcs; TONER-CARTAGE-Y-C58 / 5900-NEU - 9 pcs .; TONER CARTRIDGE-M-MC770 / 80-11.5K - 5 pcs; TONER- CARTRIDGE-B401 / MB441 / 451-2.5K-NEU - 11pcs; TONER CARD-B411 / 431 / MB461 / 71 / 91-3K-NEU - 6pcs; Toner CARD-B431 / MB491-12K-NEU - 1pc .; TONER CARD-K-C301 / 321 / MC3 TUNER CARD-C-C3450N-2.5K-NEU - 1pc; Toner-CARD-C-C3450N-1.5K-NEU - 1pc; Toner-CARD-M-M- C3450-2.5NEU - 1pc; Toner CARD-M-C3450-1.5NEU - 1pc; Toner CARTAGE-C-C510-531 / MC561 / 62-5K-NEU - 2pcs; Toner CARD-C801 / C821 T-CARD-C801 / C821-M-NEU - 1pc; Toner CARTAGES-K-C822-7K-NEU - 3pcs; Toner Cards-K-C831 / 841 / C831DM- TONER CARD-K-C86 / 88-NEU - 1 pc. TONER CARD-M-MC350 / MC360-NEU - 1 pc. TONER CARD-Y-MC350 / MC360-NEU - 1 pc .; TONER CARD-K-C301 / 321 / MC332 / 342- 2.2K-NEU-6. Manufacturer: OKI (UK) Ltd, UK; Brand: OKI; Country of production: GB;UNITED KINGDOM0UA1001201149.54171841.6472 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179030310000"1. Profibus module Ultra Plus 37021 - 1 pc. Universal Module is a diagnostic device for controlling and measuring signals parmetriv PROFIBUS network. It is also possible diagnose industrial or other device of the network - with or without PLC. The module consists of a diagnostic and measurement, which measures the electrical parameters of the network and compares them with reference values. The measurement results are displayed on the screen. it is also possible to connect the printer module for printing scorecards measurement. This module has n recording ystroyiv. To store the measurement results is possible to connect the module for module PK.Osnovni tasks: • Universal testing: -Poyednannya signal tester, oscilloscope, the protocol analyzer in a single diagnostic tools, together with the offline diagnostics on a PC; -pidhodyt to install, configure and commissioning, network optimization, troubleshooting and also suitable for laboratory testing. • Compact mo dul test network without using a laptop; -complex network without the use of tests I have a laptop; -Easy-to-understand test results • Enhanced diagnostics using software-generation of test reports, describing the actual state of the network PROFIBUS.Haluz application: - troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks: - commissioning networks PROFIBUS- testing and verification PROFIBUS products - passive test kabelivKomplekt delivery: 1. USB kabel2. module PROFIBUS3. connector to PK4. Blue chohol5. vykorystannya6 instruction. installation disk (if any) .Krayina production - Netherlands. Trade mark - Procentec. Vyrobnyk- Procentec BV. "NETHERLANDS0UA1120801.72992.275037
27/Apr/20178442400000"1.Chastyny ​​machinery for printing: S10000 print head for a thermal printer Evolis Quantum 2 (metallic print head is designed for application personalization elements (bar codes, numbers, etc.) on plastic cards in printers Evolis Quantum 2. Open can be used for Orel offset printing, Intaglio printing, printing and numbering stamps for the national currency) -3sht., Country of USTorhovelna mark EvolisVyrobnyk Evolis SA. "UNITED STATES0UA1002001.41431.556941
27/Apr/20173405909090"1.Vyroby cleaning, not aerosol packaging: A5002 ChChystyachyy set for the printer to set 50sht. (Cleaning cards with cotton soaked cleaning substance 50sht kit. Used for cleaning gear rollers in printers Evolis Quantum) -2sht. / Kopml ., Country of USTorhovelna mark SystemsVyrobnyk Data Data Systems Company, Inc.. "UNITED STATES0UA1002000.944.10829551
27/Apr/20178442400000"1.Chastyny ​​machinery for printing: CP010352 load carriage Box cards (plastic carriage, which is part of the thermal printer unit, which supplies the card into the printer) -6sht., Country of USTorhovelna mark EvolisVyrobnyk Evolis SA."UNITED STATES0UA1002000.955.00834259
27/Apr/20179612108000"1.Strichky designed to obtain fingerprint information from the printer, R2121 Black ribbon for printing monochrome (black tape for monochrome printing 5000 Evolis card printer, made of synthetic fiber in a roll. Number of prints 1 roll: 5000sht., Max. Diameter winding roll: 65mm. Width of a roll: 60 +/- 1 mm. Material sleeve - plastic. Suitable for use printer Evolis Quantum) -200sht. / rul.; R2018a Skreytch Feed R2018 for monochrome printing 1000 cards for printers Evolis (Skreytch Feed for monochrome printing 1000 cards printer Evoli s, made of synthetic fiber in a roll. Number of prints 1 roll: 1000pcs., max. diameter of winding roll: 65mm. Width of a roll: 60 +/- 1 mm. Material sleeve - plastic. Suitable for use printer Evolis Quantum ) -2sht. / rul., Country of USTorhovelna mark SystemsVyrobnyk Data Data Systems Company, Inc.. "UNITED STATES0UA10020044.33895.8657
20/Apr/201785235290001. Semiconductor vehicle category Smart-standard CompactFlash cards and preservation of electronic information, 1GB Volume: CF-Card Memory BCP7 I-TECHart.L015351 - 1pc. Placed in a clear plastic case. At stake zapysanoobraz Software QS2 for labeling printer Domino, prymarkuvanni products moving on production liniyiyi. For tsyvilnohovykorystannya.Krayina production - DE.Torhivelna mark - Swissbit.Vyrobnyk - Swissbit Gemany AG. .GERMANY1UA1250200.1126.2330108
18/Apr/20178443991000"1.Elektronne layout prepress equipment (not mistyatradioobladnannya): Interface card printer CANONDEVELOPING SLEEVE UNIT art.FM3-3676-000000 - 2 pcs; Producer - Canon Inc; trade mark - Canon, Country of origin - CN;."CHINA0UA1000200.5754.14914439
18/Apr/20174911990000"1.Drukovana paper products, Warranty card to a laser printer (002X570) CANON WARRANTY CARD RU art.0020X57001 - 24sht, Brand - Canon Inc; trade mark - Canon, Country of origin - RU;."RUSSIA0UA1000200.012.551091005
14/Apr/20179612101000"1.Strichka polymer (Ribbon) impregnated with ink for printing cards. Chystyachymyrolykamy with ribbon impregnated with blue, pink, yellow, black, colors, and transparent. Designed for printers vykorystannyau" "CP 500 Card printer" ". The film postachaetsyana roller / bobinah.Dlya making 350 kartok.Vsho: 571sht.. "JAPAN0UA125100115.2235252.0002
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Card Printer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Card Printer Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""В.М."""
Importer Address
01010, м. Київ, вул. Івана Мазепи, буд. 4/6
Exporter Name OKI Europe Limited
Product Description
"1.Purchase parts for printers: TONER CARD-C-C831 .........
HS Code 8443999090Value 171841.6472
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 1149.54

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