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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/201783089000001.Furnitura sew sewing bags: a chain of clips (metal, shkirzam) -63sht, string with a carabiner (metal) -15sht, Country of origin - EU.N/A0.00UA10012012.6024.19 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201773269096001.Vyroby of stainless steel A4- brand-metal carabiner straps for vertlyuhom.Obrotowy karab. L90 mm A4 stainless metal stamps A4- left threaded plug zvnutrishnoyu Widelec z zawlecz. M10 A4 Stainless metalumarky A4- plug an external thread left Widelec z zawlecz.gwint. M10 A4Vyroby brand of stainless steel A4- Talrep closed with plug -sharnyr obzhymomna rope Zawleczka obrot. A4 D4 / M8 stainless metal stamps A4 with ring-norseman Napinacze D 4 mm A4.CHINA0.00UA2091406.53159.39 *****
25/Apr/201756090000001.Sharnaks from synthetic yarns with a carabiner: black BM.5425-01 -12000 pieces, blue BM.5425-02 -40000 pieces., Synthetic thread laces with clip: blue BM.5426-02 -44000 pieces., Trading Brand - BUROMAX. Manufacturer Company - SHAAN XI SUCCEED TRADING CO., LTD. To order ZONING STATIONERY CO., LTD. The production line is CN. .CHINA0.00UA100040655.74944.27 *****
24/Apr/201739042100001.Shnurky of synthetic fibers with a carabiner, black BM.5425-01 -12000 pcs., Blue BM.5425-02 -40000 pcs., Laces of synthetic fibers with clip: Blue BM.5426-02 -44000 pcs., Trading mark - BUROMAX. Producer firm - SHAAN XI SUCCEED TRADING CO., LTD. Custom ZONING STATIONERY CO., LTD.Krayina production - CN. .POLAND0.00UA12511021,000.0020,755.13 *****
21/Apr/201783024190001. Mounting accessories designed for use in buildings made of precious metals, art. 514787 steel rope with a carabiner adjusting suspension for decorative plates SAE-GHD-1 - 2 pair. .N/A0.00UA2091400.202.12 *****
19/Apr/20179303300010"1.Karabiny single shot hunting rifle, Art. 70 650 19 Carbine 60SN 22LR" "SYN-BLACK, ser№ MM95376K, MM95380K, MM95381K, MM95390K, MM95392K, MM95312K, MM95324K, MM95326K, MM95333K, MM95367K, MM95412K, MM95419K, MM95426K, MM95428K , MM95429K, MM95252K, MM95254K, MM95306K, MM95315K, MM95322K, MM95407K, MM95424K, MM95425K, MM95433K, MM95435K, MM95475K, MM95476K, MM95477K, MM95484K, MM95485K, MM95313K, MM95360K, MM95362K, MM95363K, MM95366K, MM95430K, MM95436K, MM95445K, MM95446K , MM95447K, MM95354K, MM95355K, MM95359K, MM95361K, MM95396K, MM95483K, MM95486K, MM95492K, MM95493K, MM95496K, -50 pcs .; art. 70759 XT-22 rifle 22LR 22 "" HDWD, serial MM60091D, MM60107D, MM60109D, MM60110D, MM60154D, MM60101D, MM60113D, MM60139D, MM60148D, MM60157D -10 pcs .; art. 70779 XT22R 22LR 22 Carbine "" SYN-BL ACK, serial MM65930D, MM66107D, MM66124D, MM66131D, MM66135D, MM65872D, MM66055D, MM66069D , MM66109D, MM66115D, MM65866D, MM6 5909D, MM66061D, MM66130D, MM66141D, MM66223D, MM66239D, MM66257D, MM66258D, MM66283D, MM6 6165D, MM66230D, MM66231D, MM66241D, MM66270D, MM66161D, MM66166D, MM66233D, MM66277D, MM66286D, MM66222D, MM66227D, MM66228D, MM66234D, MM66235D, MM66180D , MM66185D, MM66195D, MM66263D, MM66264D - 40 pcs .; Art. 70783Karabin XT22MR 22WMR 22 "" SYN-BLACK, serial MM37277E, MM37955E, MM38155E, MM38177E, MM38359E, MM38243E, MM38245E, MM38253E, MM38378E, MM38440E, MM38233E, MM38285E, MM38292E, MM38298E, MM38485E, MM38258E, MM38313E, MM38412E, MM38495E , MM38504E - 20 pcs .; Art. 70791 Carabiner 22 XT22M 22WMR "" HDWD, serial MM52480E, MM52481E, MM52482E, MM52491E, MM52560E, MM52753E, MM52768E, MM52770E, MM52790E, MM52801E - 10 pcs .; Art. 70620 60 rifle 22LR 19 "" HDWD, serial MM28888M, MM29091M, MM29103M, MM29124M, MM29219M, MM28886M, MM28893M, MM28904M, MM28905M, MM28912M, MM28740M, MM28802M, MM28873M, MM28897M, MM28898M, MM28737M, MM28738M, MM28779M, MM28903M, MM28906M, MM2873SM, MM28739M, MM29082M, MM29084M, MM29109M, MM28875M, MM28876M, MM29070M, MM29081M, MM29085M, MM24997Q, MM25016Q, MM45100M, MM45117M, MM45323M, - 35 pcs .; Art. 70650 Carabiner 19 60SN 22LR "" SYN-BLACK, serial MM95460K, MM95519K, MM95533K, MM95534K, MM95S36K, MM95351K, MM95494K, MM95497K, MM95537K, MM95588K, MM95590K, MM95633K, MM95634K, MM95635K, MM95638K, MM95452K, MM95459K, MM95462K, MM95636K, MM95639K, MM95348K, MM95374K, MM95482K, MM95640K, MM95641K, MM95349K, MM95350K, MM95550K, MM95560K, MM95561K, MM95578K, MM95586K, MM95591K, MM95596K, MM95597K, MM96377K, MM96512K, MM96515K, MM96525K, MM96526K - 40 pcs .; Art. 70769Karabin XT22RZE 22LR 22 "" SYN-BLACK (EXPORT), serial MM60520D, MM60522D, MM60530D, MM60532D, MM60540D, MM60314D, MM60521D, MM60523D, MM60525D, MM60537D, MM60533D, MM60567D, MM60568D, MM60569D, MM60572D, MM60544D, MM60554D, MM60555D, MM60556D, MM60575D - 20 pcs .; Art. 70759 XT-22 rifle 22LR 22 "" HDWD, ser.№MM60066D, MM60090D, MM60135D, MM60144D, MM60150D, MM60093D, MM60096D, MM60103D, MM60108D, MM60142D, MM60114D, MM60118D, MM60121D, MM60126D, MM60130D, MM60116D, MM60136D, MM60146D, MM60149D, MM60151D - 20 pcs .; Art. 70779 "N/A305.00UA1252201,067.0044,540.76 *****
19/Apr/20179303300010"1.Karabiny single shot hunting rifle and, art. 27 313 700 Carbine SENDERO SF II300 WIN MAG 26" "ser№ RR13246J - 1pc .; art. Carbine 700 25 739 308 POL LTR WIN20" "P HBFL NS HS3 B, serial RR28589J, RR28598J, RR28603J, RR28614J, RR28618J, RR09082J, RR28587J, RR28590J, RR30158J, RR30191J - 10 pcs .; art. 27351 Karabin700 SPS 223 REM 24 "" ser№RR37555G, RR37582G, RR37585G, RR37617G, RR37664G -5sht .; art. 27363 Carbine 700 SPS 30-06 SPRG 24 "," serial RR97486H, RR97495H, RR97498H, RR97504H, RR99770H - 5 pcs .; art. 84 203 700 shotgun SPS TACT ODW / THR.MZ 308 WIN 20 " 'August .№ RR58578J, RR58846J, RR59338J, RR59340J, RR59346J, RR58567J, RR58835J, RR58869J, RR59317J, RR59348J, RR58575J, RR58856J, RR58871J, RR59335J, RR59345J, RR58555J, RR58557J, RR58565J, RR58590J, RR59325J, RR58563J, RR58566J, RR58572J, RR58583J, RR58591J, RR58834J, RR58854J, RR58863J, RR58874J, RR58903J, RR58862J, RR58864J, R R59321J, RR59333J, RR59344J, RR12895J, RR13015J, RR60616J, RR60624J, RR70341H - 40sht .; art. Carbine 700 84 159 308 SPS THMZ WIN 20 "" ser.№RR17231J, RR19175J, RR22858J, RR22862J, RR22873J, RR21795J, RR21825J, RR21850J , RR22863J, RR22881J, RR16663J, RR21831J, RR21841J, RR21861J, RR22094J, RR21799J, RR21805J, RR21817J, RR22062J RR22068J - 20 pcs .; Art. 85549 Carabiner 700SPS TACT THMZ 223 REM 16- 1/2 "", ser.№RR21993J, RR22008J, RR22011J, RR22014J, RR22044J, RR22019J, RR22031J, RR22033J, RR22039J, RR22043J- 10 pcs .; Art. Carbine 700 85 538 SPS TACT THMZ 308 WIN 16-1 / 2 "," serial RR29202J, RR29205J, RR29436J, RR29458J, RR29467J, RR28791J, RR28806J, RR29196J, RR29215J, RR29451J, RR29209J, RR29212J, RR29222J, RR29454J, RR29459J, RR45260J , RR45263J, RR45282J, RR45367J, RR45648J, RR44237J, RR44279J, RR45344J, RR45358J, RR45377J -25 pcs .; Art. Carbine 700 84 203 SPS TACT OD W / THR.MZ 308 WIN 20 "" ser.№RR58132J, RR58137J, RR59137J, RR59315J, RR59327J, RR58130J, RR58147J, RR58149J, RR58150J, RR58837J, RR58569J, RR58858J, RR58860J, RR58872J, RR59350J, RR58568J, RR58855J, RR58870J, RR58876J, RR59326J, RR58579J, RR58840J, RR58841J, RR58848J, RR58850J, RR58877J, RR58885J, RR58894J, RR58899J, RR58906J, RR58573J, RR58584J, RR58838J, RR58879J, RR59339J, RR58888J, RR58901J, RR58907J, RR59312J, RR59349J, RR58116J, RR58152J, RR58843J, RR58878J, RR59347J, RR58139J, RR58562J, RR58866J, RR58880J, RR59319J - 50 pcs .; Art. Carbine 700 84 215 223 SPS VARMINT REM 26 "" ser.№RR21314J, RR40389J, RR4040 5J, RR40415J, RR40416J, RR53607J, RR5361 9J, RR53625J, RR53633J, RR53640J -10sht .; Art. Carbine 700 84 218 308 SPS VARMINT WIN26 "", serial RR28561J, RR28581J, RR28781J, RR31540J, RR31568J, RR31564J, RR31573J, RR31785J, RR31803J, RR31805J, RR31552J, RR31555J, RR31559J, RR31571J, RR31806J, RR28551J, RR28564J, RR28680J, RR28684J , RR28717J, RR28575J, RR28695J, RR31781J, RR31787J, RR31809J, RR31562J, RR31774J, RR31798J, RR31801J, RR31808J, RR31775J, RR31795J, RR31802J, RR31807J, RR31813J, RR30366J, RR30388J, RR31780J, RR31783J, RR31804J, RR48864J, RR48872J, RR55605J, RR55620J , RR55639J, RR55611J, RR55614J, RR55619J, RR55635J, RR55640J- 50 sht.Torhovelna mark: Remin "N/A226.00UA125220836.00121,189.09 *****
03/Apr/201783024900901.STANDERS clamp 14mm 1pc. art.11556692-10sht, STANDERS Carbine 10mm chain 550 kg. 1 pc. art.11556895-15sht, STANDERS clamp Type-P 8X43MM 1pc art.11600603-12sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 3mm. 6 pieces art.11600400-12sht, STANDERSKARABIN chain 7mm 275 kg. 1 pc. art.11556916-28sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 5mm 25kg. 1pc. art.11556671-8sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556650-18sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X34MM, 1pc art.11556335-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X42MM, 1pc art.11556321-12sht, STANDERS clamp Type-P 6X31MM 1pc art.11600610-12sht , STANDERS ZAPYSKACH PRUZHUNNYY 6 / 8MM 6 pcs. art.11600582-12sht, STANDERS ZAPYSKACH PRUZHUNNYY 12 / 16MM 2pcs art.11600575-16sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U NAV.400KH 20X10MM 1pc art.11600505-45sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 25X12MM NAVANT.630KH. 1pc art.11600491-16sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 28X14MM NAVANT.750KH. 1pc art.11600484-6sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 28X13MM 1pc NAVANT.750KH art.11600470-6sht, STANDERS clamp Type NAV-U 31X16MM .1T.1SHT art.11600463-20sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 2mm. 8 pieces art.11600421-48sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 2.5 mm. 8 pieces art.11600414-24sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 3mm. 6 pieces art.11600400-48sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 4mm. 4pcs art.11600393-24sht, STANDERS carbine chain 3.5mm 100 kg. 2 pcs. art.11556951-30sht, STANDERS carbine chain 4mm 125 kg. 2 pcs. art.11556944-30sht, STANDERS carbine chain 5mm 140 kg. 1 pc. art.11556930-60sht, STANDERS carbine chain 6mm 200 kg. 1 pc. art.11556923-90sht, STANDERSKARABIN chain 7mm 275 kg. 1 pc. art.11556916-56sht, STANDERS carbine chain 8mm 350 kg. 1 pc. art.11556902-50sht, STANDERS Carbine 10mm chain 550 kg. 1 pc. art.11556895-60sht, STANDERS Carbine 12mm chain 500 PCS kg.1 art.11556874-32sht, STANDERS connector 3.5mm chain 4pcs 3mm art.11556860-12sht, STANDERS Connectors 4,5MM chain 4mm 4sht art.11556853-4sht, STANDERS shotgun with swivel 15X67MM.1SHT art.11556755-8sht, STANDERS alu carabiner. 8X80MM. 1pc art.11556741-180sht, STANDERS alu carabiner. 8X80MM. 1pc art.11556734-45sht, STANDERS clamp 12mm 1pc. art.11556706-30sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 5mm 25kg. 1pc. art.11556671-4sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 6mm 60kg. 1pc. art.11556664-4sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556650-6sht, STANDERS carbine ALYUM.ANOT.11X15MM 250KH.1SHT art.11556643-10sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556524-12sht, STANDERS TARLEP Ring RING 12mm 200kg. 1pc. art.11556510-8sht, STANDERS TARLEP RING RING-6mm 150kg. 1pc. art.11556496-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 6X21MM, 2 pcs art.11556356-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X34MM, 1pc art.11556335-4sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X42MM, 1pc art. 11556321-16sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 10X54MM, 1pc art.11556300-4sht, STANDERS tensioner for cable 3.5X95MM green. 1pc art.11556286-16sht, STANDERS BLOCK 25MM 6MM 10kg for cable, 1pc. art.11556244-20sht, STANDERS BLOCK 40MM 7MM 20kg for cable, 1pc. art.11556230-12sht, STANDERS Block 6CHINA0.00UA12513096.44699.35 *****
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