Ukraine Import Data of Carabiner | Ukraine Import Statistics of Carabiner

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of carabiner collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of carabiner imports.

Carabiner Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Carabiner

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of carabiner. Get Ukraine trade data of Carabiner imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201773269096001.Vyroby of stainless steel A4- brand-metal carabiner straps for vertlyuhom.Obrotowy karab. L90 mm A4 stainless metal stamps A4- left threaded plug zvnutrishnoyu Widelec z zawlecz. M10 A4 Stainless metalumarky A4- plug an external thread left Widelec z zawlecz.gwint. M10 A4Vyroby brand of stainless steel A4- Talrep closed with plug -sharnyr obzhymomna rope Zawleczka obrot. A4 D4 / M8 stainless metal stamps A4 with ring-norseman Napinacze D 4 mm A4.CHINA0UA2091406.525159.3862035 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201773269098901. Production of ferrous metals: carabiner for bags (metal) 50000 sht.Vyrobnyk - no danyh.Torhivelna mark - Not available. Country of origin - CN. .CHINA0UA500010273.5361.020066
25/Apr/201756090000001.Sharnaks from synthetic yarns with a carabiner: black BM.5425-01 -12000 pieces, blue BM.5425-02 -40000 pieces., Synthetic thread laces with clip: blue BM.5426-02 -44000 pieces., Trading Brand - BUROMAX. Manufacturer Company - SHAAN XI SUCCEED TRADING CO., LTD. To order ZONING STATIONERY CO., LTD. The production line is CN. .CHINA0UA100040655.74944.2654312
24/Apr/201785129090901. Production of ferrous metals: carabiner for bags (metal) 50000 sht.Vyrobnyk - no danyh.Torhivelna mark - Not available. Country of origin - CN. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1251100.2146.309856289
24/Apr/201739042100001.Shnurky of synthetic fibers with a carabiner, black BM.5425-01 -12000 pcs., Blue BM.5425-02 -40000 pcs., Laces of synthetic fibers with clip: Blue BM.5426-02 -44000 pcs., Trading mark - BUROMAX. Producer firm - SHAAN XI SUCCEED TRADING CO., LTD. Custom ZONING STATIONERY CO., LTD.Krayina production - CN. .POLAND0UA1251102100020755.13289
19/Apr/201762149000001.Strichka Badge of metal and plastic carabiner clip art.2560745 -15sht. - Ribbons for Badges with a metal carabiner clip and a plastic art.2561123 -2sht., Country of origin - SETorhovelna mark - ScaniaVyrobnyk - Scania CV AB.SWEDEN17UA1251200.24532.03320221
11/Apr/20178308100000"1.Spare parts for combines: Hooks of non-precious metals: GAGHOCK (Carabiner hook) C 60арт.0002331320-5шт; арт.0002331320-5шт; Manufacturer: CLAASТорговый бренд: CLAASКраина изготовления: CN."CHINA0UA1251800.2718.98768886
03/Apr/201783024900901.STANDERS clamp 14mm 1pc. art.11556692-10sht, STANDERS Carbine 10mm chain 550 kg. 1 pc. art.11556895-15sht, STANDERS clamp Type-P 8X43MM 1pc art.11600603-12sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 3mm. 6 pieces art.11600400-12sht, STANDERSKARABIN chain 7mm 275 kg. 1 pc. art.11556916-28sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 5mm 25kg. 1pc. art.11556671-8sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556650-18sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X34MM, 1pc art.11556335-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X42MM, 1pc art.11556321-12sht, STANDERS clamp Type-P 6X31MM 1pc art.11600610-12sht , STANDERS ZAPYSKACH PRUZHUNNYY 6 / 8MM 6 pcs. art.11600582-12sht, STANDERS ZAPYSKACH PRUZHUNNYY 12 / 16MM 2pcs art.11600575-16sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U NAV.400KH 20X10MM 1pc art.11600505-45sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 25X12MM NAVANT.630KH. 1pc art.11600491-16sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 28X14MM NAVANT.750KH. 1pc art.11600484-6sht, STANDERS clamp Type-U 28X13MM 1pc NAVANT.750KH art.11600470-6sht, STANDERS clamp Type NAV-U 31X16MM .1T.1SHT art.11600463-20sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 2mm. 8 pieces art.11600421-48sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 2.5 mm. 8 pieces art.11600414-24sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 3mm. 6 pieces art.11600400-48sht, crimp clamp ALUMINUM 4mm. 4pcs art.11600393-24sht, STANDERS carbine chain 3.5mm 100 kg. 2 pcs. art.11556951-30sht, STANDERS carbine chain 4mm 125 kg. 2 pcs. art.11556944-30sht, STANDERS carbine chain 5mm 140 kg. 1 pc. art.11556930-60sht, STANDERS carbine chain 6mm 200 kg. 1 pc. art.11556923-90sht, STANDERSKARABIN chain 7mm 275 kg. 1 pc. art.11556916-56sht, STANDERS carbine chain 8mm 350 kg. 1 pc. art.11556902-50sht, STANDERS Carbine 10mm chain 550 kg. 1 pc. art.11556895-60sht, STANDERS Carbine 12mm chain 500 PCS kg.1 art.11556874-32sht, STANDERS connector 3.5mm chain 4pcs 3mm art.11556860-12sht, STANDERS Connectors 4,5MM chain 4mm 4sht art.11556853-4sht, STANDERS shotgun with swivel 15X67MM.1SHT art.11556755-8sht, STANDERS alu carabiner. 8X80MM. 1pc art.11556741-180sht, STANDERS alu carabiner. 8X80MM. 1pc art.11556734-45sht, STANDERS clamp 12mm 1pc. art.11556706-30sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 5mm 25kg. 1pc. art.11556671-4sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 6mm 60kg. 1pc. art.11556664-4sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556650-6sht, STANDERS carbine ALYUM.ANOT.11X15MM 250KH.1SHT art.11556643-10sht, STANDERS TARLEP HOOK-HOOK 10mm 180kg. 1pc. art.11556524-12sht, STANDERS TARLEP Ring RING 12mm 200kg. 1pc. art.11556510-8sht, STANDERS TARLEP RING RING-6mm 150kg. 1pc. art.11556496-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 6X21MM, 2 pcs art.11556356-8sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X34MM, 1pc art.11556335-4sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 8X42MM, 1pc art. 11556321-16sht, STANDERS MOUNTING TYPE-U with bolts 10X54MM, 1pc art.11556300-4sht, STANDERS tensioner for cable 3.5X95MM green. 1pc art.11556286-16sht, STANDERS BLOCK 25MM 6MM 10kg for cable, 1pc. art.11556244-20sht, STANDERS BLOCK 40MM 7MM 20kg for cable, 1pc. art.11556230-12sht, STANDERS Block 6CHINA0UA12513096.44128699.3530581
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Carabiner Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Carabiner Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""КАРАВЕЛЛА ГРУП"""
Importer Address
79037,Львівська обл.,м.Львів вул.Б.Хмельницького,212 офіс 205
Exporter Name RIVETTA Sp.zo.o
Product Description
1.Vyroby of stainless steel A4- brand-metal carabi.........
HS Code 7326909600Value 159.3862035
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 6.525
Origin Country CHINA

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