Ukraine Import Data of Cam Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cam Plate

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cam plate collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cam plate imports.

Cam Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cam Plate

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cam plate. Get Ukraine trade data of Cam Plate imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739269092901. Plastic Parts made zlystovoho material for tsyvilnohopryznachennya :, to silskohospodarskoyitehniky: 84454026 inclined plate camera 15sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production BE.BELGIUM0UA5041705.01251.6702193 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784223000991.OBLADNANNYA Restaurant: Vacuum packaging machine 20 m2 / h. Case: stainless steel, electronically controlled, 2 plates that junction, External dimensions: 490 x T 540 x 530 mm Dimensions Camera: 440 x T 420 x 75 mm, length of plates for soldering: 400 mm, total power: 750 W 230, power pump, 20 m. cu. / h. art.- VTK400 -1sht., Vacuum Packing Machine 8 m3 / h. External dimensions: W 380 x D 480 x 400 mm. Dimensions Camera: W 320 x D 380 x 55 mm. Welding plate: 300 mm. Pump capacity: 8 m3 / h. Total capacity: 750 W / 230 V / 50 Hz. Housing: stainless steel AISI 304. Digital display. Simple operation. Transparent cover with seal. 1 welded plate. art.- VTK300 -2sht. .CHINA0UA2060101311558.247679
28/Apr/20173705909000"Camera Roll 1 exhibited and manifested used to project images on a template using UV light in the production of skis, in rolls, cut off: -type DIGIDOT HND, width - 30 cm, thickness - 0,10mm, article 70 002 - 12,29m.Torhovelna mark - "" AGFA "" company maker - "" Agfa-Gevaert NV "" origin - Belgium, (BE) .Krayina production - Belgium, (BE).. "BELGIUM0UA3051600.76249.74793658
26/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of ferrous metals: PROTECTION coil (Molotylnohobarabanu) art.0005179330-1sht; TIRE (Planck metal molotylnoyikamery) 4X47X1445 art.0006262373-3sht; plate (Item grain harvesters) art.0006264140-2sht; Plugs (Item grain harvesters) art.0006444850-1sht, bushing (Item threshing combine camera) 6KT19X35 art.0006458730-12sht; plate (Item grain harvesters) 1X37X247 art.0006668770-1sht; lever potentiometer (threshing chamber) 2X42X68 art.0007668160- 5pcs, wear-resistant PLATE (threshing chamber) 490X120X6 art.0007825100-12sht, wear-resistant PLATE (Item threshing cameras combine) 490X120X6art.0007825310-6sht, PROFILE (element grain harvesters) art.0013138591-10sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna Brand: CLAASKrayina production: HU. "HUNGARY0UA12518038.495931.4526316
26/Apr/20173926909790"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Products from plastic: Sheets Casing (Plastic elementmolotylnoyi cameras combine) art.0001427882-2sht, shield (plastic element zernovoyizhatky) art.0005171723-1sht, sealing PLATE (Plastmasovyyelement grain harvesters) art.0006049814-2sht , bushing (grain harvesters) 16 X 19 X25art.0006233350-10sht, PROTECTION (item grain harvesters) art.0006305720-1sht, seal (threshing camera) 2431X 60X3art.0007356850-2sht, protection inlet (plastic element grain harvesters) art.0007841770 -2sht, tips (Item kukuruznoyi harvesters) A.RE. 70/75 / 80CMart.0009957960-1sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna ma pKa: CLAASKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA12518019.414503.1313655
26/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals, metal panel Kolosov combine art. 84181472 - 1 pc., A metal plate is inclined chamber combine art. 100274A1 - 8 pcs., Metal bracket cultivator art. 06401190 - 10 pcs. , Beach rotor combine art. 87602594 - 13 pcs., Finger metal art. 21.25299 - 1 pc., casing metallic art. 84144028 - 1 pc., Bracket metal cultivator art. 06401100 - 1 pc., Bracket metal cultivator art. 06401100 - 1 pc., differential housing Overlay art. 87371409 - 1 pc., Lever reshitnoho state combine art. 84075741 - 1 pc., a metal clamp Art. 87521190 - 1 pc., metal plate obpyrskuvacha art. 21.44768 - 1 pc., metal plate prostavochna art. 90-8099T1 - 6 pcs., Overlay steel rotor combine art. 84162516 - 4 pcs., Overlay metal rotor combine art. 1308829C2 - 12 pcs., metal clamp flange 2 "" art. 400502A1 - 60 pcs., metal rocker plug cultivator art. 47571830 - 24 pcs., axis hollow wings spray art. BN306646 - 12 pcs., Beach rotor combine art. 87602594 - 8 pcs., About Cam reshitnoho state combine art. 1322573C1 - 3 pcs., Plate metal silo grain combine art. 87675649 - 4 pcs., Overlay Side elevator housing art. 87675650 - 4 pcs., Nave inclined pulley cameras combine art. 398526A1 - 2 pcs., Beach rotor combine art. 1318976C2 - 15 pcs., Corner protection steel rotor combine art. 87107892 - 6 pcs., Rip rotor combine art. 87717924 - 10 pcs., Rip rotor combine art. 87053359 - 10 pcs., Lever roller bitters combine metal art. 87397837 - 4 pcs., Metal clamp Art. 406041A1 - 60 pcs., Rocker axis cultivator art. 47571831 - 4 pcs., Drive pulley axis purification art. 84405034 - 4 pcs., Beam spreader fingers kreplinnya art. 103170A2 - 8 pcs., Metal clamp Art. BN313773 - 22 pcs., Metal spray cover art. 87577690 - 3 pcs., Stopper hydraulic cylinder art. 350702A1 - 5 pcs., Limiter pace hydraulic cylinder metal art. 350704A1 - 4 pcs., Metal clamp Art. BN321074 - 4 pcs., Steel toe Art. 195439C2 - 2 pcs., Overlay metal rotor combine art. 1308829C2 - 42 pcs., Metal clamp Art. 352198A1 - 6 pcs., Metal clamp Art. A75815 - 1 pc., Metal Drill Bushing art. 86523224 - 50 pcs., Steel clamp art. 21.47261 - 8 pcs., Shkvoren spray art. 21.44854 - 2 pcs .; "UNITED STATES0UA110160752.83715772.82066
25/Apr/20178302490090Metal fasteners 1.Armatura: / Cat. Number / name / number / KL-393 670201 Pipe anchor \ Bearing tube -10sht.JD 413-Z10418 Overlay \ Quill -6sht.KL-tooth plate 178 603 022 \ Cam section 116 -12sht.JD-Z25258 sealing plate \ Guide-50sht . (of grain for use in agricultural combines).TURKEY0UA20401039.8335.2516151
25/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to agricultural equipment: sloping plate camera art.47710820-4 units, inclined plate camera art.47710820-16 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- BE.Vyrobnyk- CNHI International. .BELGIUM0UA1101904169.1681509
25/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to combine harvesters, bushings, art.N302269-12 unit, plug pulley drive, art.H133489-4 unit, Cutter left arm, art.AH165094-1 units, mounting plate Strengthening receiving corps camera art.Z102365-1 pieces, clamps, art.AL80154-2 pieces, clamps, art.AN209544-1 units, pneumatic bitters hub shaft is not in collecting, art.Z13040-1 pieces, cover pryymalnoy camera art. Z102366-1 units, trademark-John Deere .Krayina vyrobnytstva- DE.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH. .GERMANY0UA11019011.587663.2927562
25/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to combine harvesters, bushings, art.AN205961-1 pieces, bushings, art.N311182-2 pieces, bushings, art.N109904-4 pieces, bushing for sliding finger art. 28H3496-1 units, bushing frame art.N219989-2 pieces, thrust bushing, art.M78494-4 pcs Set Brake sleeves, art.AN306082-1 ​​units, bearing plate, art.N317279-1 units, inclined plate frame camera , art.H240213-1 pieces, clamps, art.AN209543-2 pieces, clamps, art.A53746-6 pieces, clamps, art.AN205155-5 units, exhaust pipe clamp, art.RE540348-1 units, defense left shoe, art.N283789-1 units, trademark-John Deere .Krayina pro ytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA1101904.547392.05364
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Cam Plate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cam Plate Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name CNHI AMERICA
Product Description
1. Plastic Parts made zlystovoho material for tsyv.........
HS Code 3926909290Value 251.6702193
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 5.01
Origin Country BELGIUM

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