Ukraine Import Data of Cache | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cache

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Cache Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cache

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201718069019001. Chocolates in assortment (from mono, black and white chocolate) significant, in original packages of 200g, Metro-art. 369271-20kor (12p / cor), expiration date 02/2018. Net weight is not that 48kg. Vir-k Kim's Chocolates NV. Cachet Brand. Made in BE. .BELGIUM0UA10012048800.3185242 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20171806310000"1. Chocolate in the form of tiles and baguettes with fillings, without alcohol: Batonchykmolochnoho chocolate stuffed with nut cream first, the primary upak.po 75g, Metro art.369267-19kor. (24up / corr) during the term datnosti 03 / 2018 .; molochnohoshokoladu bars filled with horihovohokremu in original packing. to 75g, Metro art.369268-38kor. (24up / corr) shelf life of 03 / 2018r .; znachynkoyu bars of milk chocolate caramel and sea salt in primary packing. to 70g, Metro art.369269-38kor. (24up / corr) shelf life of 03 / 2018r. net net weight 166.44kh.Vyr-to Kim's Chocolates brand NV.Torhivelna Cachet.Krayina production BE.. "BELGIUM0UA100120166.441558.506648
27/Apr/20178542319000"1.Electronic integrated circuits, not containing the contents of the wireless transmitter and receiver.Cell processor: CPU Intel 1151 Celeron G3900 Box (2.80G) 2MB Cache art.BX80662G3900 -300 pcs CPU Intel 1151 Pentium G4560 3.50GKaby 3MB Cache Art. BX80677G4560 -490pcs. CPU Intel 1150 Celeron G1840 BOX 2.8Ghz2 Core Haswell 2MB art.BX80646G1840 -400pcs. Trademark - "Intel" Country of production - VN. Producer - "Intel". "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA100130358.1645600.21943
26/Apr/201785423190001. Electronic integrated circuits, CPUs of computers (servers): - Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v4 10C 2.2GHz 25MB Cache 2133MHz 85W / processor -00YD965 art, Nb-3pc., Trademark LenovoVyrobnyk Lenovo PC HK LimitedKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001301.532384.099975
26/Apr/20178471500000"1.Mashyny automatic obroblennyainformatsiyi servers: -server Server Dell PE R730XD (2U 12 + 4 + 2 3.5 2.5 FB 2xE5-2650v4 24x32GB DDR4 10x2TB 7.2KNLSAS 6x4TB 7.2K NLSAS 2x200GB SSDSATA Mix Use PERCH730 1G 1 + 1 PSU1100W noDVD iDRAC8Ent 4xGLAN Rails noCMA Bezel 3YBW-NBDoS), art.DPER730XD-STQ1-08-1sht; -server DELL PowerEdge R730 Server (2U 1xE5-2609v4 4x16GB DDR4 RDIMM2400 DR 4x600GB 10K RPM SAS 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive H730P RAID 1 + 1 PSU 495W iDRAC8Ent Rails Bezel 3YNBD, art. DPER730_210-ACXU 4-08-2sht; -server DELL PowerEdge R730 Server (2U 2xE5-2680v4 16x16GB DDR4 RDIMM2400 DR 2x1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive 13G H730 RAID 1+ 1 PSU 750W iDRAC8Ent Rails Bezel 3YPS-NBDoS, art. DPER730_210-ACXU # 5-08-1sht; -server DELL PowerEdge R730 XD Server (2U 2xE5-2643v4 3.4GHz 16x32GB DDR4RDIMM2400 DR 2x960GB SSD MLC 6Gbps in HP 3.5 2x6TB 7.2K RPM NLSAS 3.5 in HP 4x1TB 7.2K RPM NLSAS 3.5 in HP H730 RAID 1 + 1 PSU 1100W iDRAC8Ent Rails CMA Bezel 3YPS-NBDoS, ar t. 210-ACXU 7-08-1sht; -server DELL PowerEdge T430 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 12x16GB RDIMM 4X2TB 7.2KRPM NLSAS 512n 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive PERC H730 Controller 1GB NV Cache Dual Red. HP PS 750W iDRAC8 Ent. 3y NBD, art. DPET430-PQ1-08-5sht; Trademark: Dell EMC; Manufacturer: Dell EMC Corporation, PL. "POLAND10UA205090306.491566727.92002
26/Apr/20178542319000"1. Electronic integrated circuits: processors and controllers dlyaelektronno computers: CPU Server -Protsesor 10-Core Xeon E5-2640V4 (2.4 GHz 25M Cache LGA2011-3) box, art.BX80660E52640V4SR2NZ-2 pcs; -Protsesor Intel CPU Atom Processor E660T (512K Cache 1.30 GHz) tray, art.CT80618003201ABSLJ38-190sht; Trademark: Intel; Manufacturer: Intel Corporation, MY.. "MALAYSIA0UA2050902.113015.80017
26/Apr/20178471709800"Memories 1. Solid-state prystroyidlya Machines obroblennyainformatsiyi: -Tverdotilnyy drive SanDisk CloudSpeed ​​Ultra Gen. II 1.6TB SSD SATA 6Gb / s Read / Write: 530/460 MB / s IOPS: 76K / 32K 15nm MLC FRAME SMART Write cache immunity Endurance 1.8 DWPDfor 5 years, art. SDLF1CRM-016T-1HA2-6sht; -Tverdotilnyy drive SanDisk CloudSpeed ​​Ultra Gen. II 800GB SSD SATA 6Gb / s Read / Write: 530/460 MB / s IOPS: 76K / 32K 15nm MLC FRAME SMART Writecache immunity Endurance 1.8 DWPD for 5 years, art. SDLF1DAM-800G-1HA2-20sht; Trademark: SanDisk; Producer: SanDisk Corporation, MY.. "MALAYSIA26UA2050901.314236.20018
25/Apr/201784678900001. Chocolates in stock (with lochnoho mo, black and white chocolate) znachynkoyu in original packs of 200g, Metro art. 369271-20kor. (12up / corr) ter mine life of 02 / 2018r. Net weight is no 48kh. Prospect for Kim's Chocolates NV.Torhivelna mark Cachet.Krayina production BE. .CHINA0UA100020295032044.45038
25/Apr/201785423190001.Elektronni interhovani schemes, processors, equipment for Cisco servisnoyizaminy not to implement: art. UCS-CPU-E52650E =, processor Intel Xeon E5, 2.20GHz E5-2650 v4 / 105W 12C / 30MB Cache / DDR4 2400MHz, service processor dlyaserveriv Cisco UCS -1sht. Not zakomuflovani not masked not include itsof wireless receiver or transmitter does not contain encryption tapryymachiv global satellite navigation systems. He is chastynoyuobladnannya Cisco.Torhova brand Intel Intel Xeon.Vyrobnyk Xeon.Krayina production CR. .COSTA RICA0UA1002300.31029.810378
25/Apr/20179503007000"1.Dytyachi toys in sets: Game set" "Pirate Bay" "art.4796 -50 pcs., Game set" "Pirate Cave" "art.4797 -38 pcs., Set Game" "Nursery with cradle '' art.5304 -56 pcs., set Game "" Nursery "" art.5306 -50 pcs., set Game "," Bathroom "" art.5307 -30 pcs., set Game "," Kitchen "" art.5336 -12 pcs., set Game "" Pyramid of Pharaoh "" art.5386 -10 pcs., set Game "" Camp looting tombs "" art.5387 -16 pcs., set Game "" Roman chariot "" art.5391 - 30 pcs., set Game "" tree House "" art.5557 -32 pcs., set Game "" boat poachers "" art.5559 -10 pcs., Game and set "" Playground "" art.5568 -14 pcs., set Game "" Artillery Knight Hawk "" art.6038 -6 pcs., set Game "" Knights of the Lion catapult "" art.6039 -6 pieces. , Game set "" Knights of the Wolf catapult "" art.6041 -6 pcs., set Game "" large farms "" art.6120 -4 pcs., set Game "" Farmer's market "" art.6121 -10 pc. , Game set "" Pirate Fort "" art.6146 -8 pcs., set Game "" horse detachment "" art.6147 -4 pcs., set Game "" My secret treasure room "" art.6156 -12 pc ., set Game "" My secret beach bungalows "" art.6159 -12 pcs., set Game "" Portable garden unicorns "" art.6179 -16 pcs., Game set "" Space rocket base station "" (with batteries) art.6195 -42 pcs., Game set "" Space Shuttle "" (with batteries) art.6196 -46 pcs., set Game "" Satellite laser meteor "" art.6197 -28 pcs., set Game "" Great Zoo "" art.6634 -18 pcs., Game set "" Children's Zoo "" art.6635 -15 pcs., Game set "" Child Hospital "" art.6657 -12 pcs., set Game "," water park, with slides Tower "" art.6669 -12 pcs., set Game "," Water Park: Playground "" art.6670 -20 pcs., set Game "" Children's pool slide "" art.6673 -35 pcs., set Game "" treasure Island "" art.6679 -33 pcs., Ihro second set "" Military tower with a beacon to protect "" (battery) art.6680 -36 pcs., Game set "" Pirate Raft "" art.6682 -45 pcs., Game set "" Pirate treasure cache "" art.6683 -48 pcs., set Game "" Music atrial flower tower "" art.6688 -4 pcs., set Game "" Safari truck with lions "" art.6798 -6 pcs., Game set "" House forester "" art.6811 -4 pcs., set Game "" sawmill tractor "" art.6814 -4 pcs., set Game "," Forest grove "" art.6815 -8 pcs., set Game "," bid fishing "" art.6816 -40 pcs., set Game "" Dressing room "" art.6850 -16 pcs., set Game "" GCO chyvalnya princess from the cradle "" art.6851 -30 pcs., set Game "" Royal kennel "" art.6852 -40 pcs., set Game "" Ball Masquerade "" art.6853 -25 pcs., set Game "" Royal birthday "" art.6854 -20 pcs., set Game "" Royal stables "" art.6855 -12 pcs., set Game "" The Royal couple the carriages '' art.6856 -20 pcs., set Game " "Pick of the boat and surf" "art.6864 -21 pcs., set Game" "gladiator Arena (starter set)" "art.6868 -12 pcs., set Game" "Maps garage (starter set)" "art .6869 -18 pcs., set Game "" Wedding ceremony (starter set) "" art.6871 -18 pcs .; Grove set "" Camp "" art.6887 -30 pcs., set Game "GERMANY0UA500010817.38918284.63411
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Cache Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cache Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02140 Київ пр.Григоренко 43 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name Kim's Chocolates NV
Product Description
1. Chocolates in assortment (from mono, black and .........
HS Code 1806901900Value 800.3185242
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 48
Origin Country BELGIUM

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