Ukraine Import Data of Cable Lug | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cable Lug

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cable lug collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cable lug imports.

Cable Lug Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cable Lug

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of cable lug. Get Ukraine trade data of Cable Lug imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178544429098"1.Conector plug with cable, 8m / socket connector with cable sensor ABS, 8m art.449 711 080 0 - 2 pcs; Conector plug with cable, 12m / socket connector with cable sensor ABS, 12m art.449 711 120 0 - 2 pcs; Cable / Cable sensor ECAS, 10m art.449 742 100 0 - 1 pc; Cable with socket, DIN72585 / cable with sensor ECAS, 15m art.449 742 150 0 - 2 pcs; Cable with socket / cable with block valves 5m art.449 420 050 0 - 1 pc; art.449 422 050 0 - 2 pcs; trademark WABCOVyrobnyk WABCO Austria GesmbHKrayina production CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1002804.978173.1027677 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785444290981.Providnyky electric, electric wires insulated with connecting prystroyemdlya voltage not exceeding 1000V, power cord with plug (voltage 240V, dovzhyna1m) art. L07G Power cable 1m -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: ERVANKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Shenzhen Ruizi Light Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. Use-vtsyvilniy ARE electrical engineering. .CHINA0UA1002000.26.363870181
28/Apr/201785443000981.Komlekty wires for spark plugs used in motor vehicles: IGNITION CABLE SET / wires Party Set number: 505976593 -1,00sht.IGNITION CABLE / Central Party ignition wire number: 580046994 -1,00sht.Vykorystovuetsya in avtonavanazhuvachah forklifts. Trademark YALEVyrobnyk YALEKrayina production MX.MEXICO0UA1250200.3219.52925137
28/Apr/201785444290981. Cable connections with plugs for valves control the voltage 220-250VAC. VAVE-L1-1VK7-LP 2sht.NEBV-Z4WA2L-RE-2.5-N-LE2-S1 2sht.NEBU-M8G3-K-5-LE3 11sht. .BULGARIA0UA1251001.58230.79153521
28/Apr/201785444290981. Network cable 220V: Power cable assembly arts. 37722 - 2pcs The cable consists of a power cable, a plug of plastic three-contact collapsible. Designed for connecting an alternating voltage voltage of 220V, 50Hz, to 2A. Used in Domino printers when marking products moving in the production line.For civil use. It does not contain radio transmitting and radio receiver devices. Producer Domino UK Ltd. Trademark Domino. The manufacturer of CN. .CHINA0UA1250200.543.26957173
27/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 1118.8403512 apron (Mudguards) krylapravyy -1sht. Art. 1118.8403513 apron (Mudguards) -1sht left wing. Screen art.1118.1203104 floor protection -2sht body. Art. 1118.3403065 Kozhuhoblitsovochnyy top -2sht. Art. 1118.3403072 lower casing oblitsovochnyy 1118.5007250 Obivka shumoyzol. Agriculture floors. Front -2sht. art.1118.8101010 Otpalyuvach control assembly -1sht. Art. 1118.8104030 Soploventylyatsiyi body -2sht center. Art. 1118.8104040 ventilation nozzle body-side 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8104041 ventilation nozzle body -2sht side. Art. 1118.8104049Povitryaprovod side nozzle -2sht. Art. 1118.8108032 Povitryapr.paneli pryladivpravyy -2sht. Art. 1118.8108033 Povitryapr.paneli left -2sht devices. art.1118.8109170 cable vpusknoy flaps, 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8401076 beyond the lower horizontal bar-1am. Art. 1118.8401290 frame radiator rack -2sht law. Art. 1118.8401291Ramka radiator Stoica left -1sht. Art. 1118.8403394 Usylitel Mudguards verhniypravyy -1sht. Art. 1 118.8403395 Usylitel Mudguards top left -1sht. art.1118.8403400-frame platform battery 1pc. Art. 1118.8403410 battery support frame -1sht. Art. 1118.8404066 Z'yednuvachzadnoho right wing and floor -1sht. Art. 1118.8404067 connector rear wing left -1sht floor. Art. 111836102012 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. art.111836102012-10 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. Art. 111836102013-10 Obivkadveri peredn.liva -2sht. Art. 1119.6302012 Obivka door backward buffer 1119.6302014 Obivka door backward-1am. Art. 2102.5004170 Obivka -23sht right wheel arch. Art. 2103.5325232-02Oblitsovka -383sht radio panel. Art. 2105.3403072-01 oblitsovochn.vala booster housing bottom -11sht. Art. 2105.5004061 Obivka rack windows Wind (left) -175sht. Art. 2105.8101012 heater assembly -2sht. Art. 2108.5602010-10 Obivkabahazhnyka-3pc. Art. 2108.5607010 -1sht luggage shelf. Art. 2108.5607010-10 Polkabahazhnyka-4 pieces. Art. 2108.8109164-01 Pull-168sht flaps. Art. 2108.8109170-01 cable-heater 100 pieces. Art. 2108.8406156 cable opening hood -71sht. Art. 2110.5101040Panel floor rear right -14sht. Art. Support springs 2110.5101211 left-5pcs. Art. 2110.5101331 right-rear spars 10pc. Art. 2110.5101332 rear spar left-10pc. Art. 2110.5101372 spar average -10sht right. Art. 2110.5109076 threshold (inside front) right -49sht. Art. 2110.5109078 porog rear (internal) right -29sht. Art. 2110.5109155 Oblitsovka lower tunnel floors -2sht. art.2110.5601012 panel vuhlova right-38sht. Art. 2110.5602012-10 Obivka -3sht backward. Art. 2110.6205082-10 Tyahazapyrannya right rear door -60sht. Art. 2110.6205083-10 Pull locking zadnoyidvery left -60sht. Art. 2110.6812610 Obivka spinky -2sht. Art. 2110.6820172 Oporapidlokotnyka-5pcs. Art. 2110.8101020-20 radiator guard-1am. Art. 2110.8101340 Povitryaprovod heating noh -5sht. Art. 2110.8119078Horlovina foster povitryazabornyka -5sht. Art. 2110.8204010-01 Kozyrokprotyvosonyachnyy right -37sht. Art. 2110.8204011-01 Kozyrok protyvosonyachnyylivyy -44sht.RUSSIA0UA807170644.0221964.291007
27/Apr/201787089997981.Zapasni parts for trucks, taprystroyi of motor vehicles tovarnyhpozytsiy 8701-8705: other parts and accessories: art. 14-04-99-0069 thrust valve Cab OF SC.4, R 96r- przod L-160mm = 1 14-04-99-0073 thrust valve Cab OF SC.4, R 96r- tyl L-80mm = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark MEGAVyrobnyk Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowo Uslugowo ProdukcyjneOpoltrans Janusz Wiszczukart. 15-02-02-0007 rope door locks RVI Pre, Kerax, Midl. Dxi, pionowa = 1 pc. Art. 15-02-99-0152 cable lock door MAN TGA-LMS L = 697mm L = P = 1 pc. Trademark Brand WOSM WOSM JINGKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001200.788.313251
27/Apr/20178544429091"1.Kabeli with the" "yednuvalnymy devices for voltages less than 80V for electronic devices: 125-11-243 Cable USB 2.0 USB Typ 50V A-Plug USB Typ B-Plug 3 m, AA-8002-10- 4 pieces, Producer Maxxtro; trademark Elfa; Country of HK;. "HONG KONG0UA1002000.344.53159434
27/Apr/20178544300098"1.Completets of wires for use in vehicles insulated with rubber material, with and without connecting parts, for voltage 24V multi-core, copper: - Spiral cable WITH N plug-in connector (item number PEL006) -10pcs .HICO Brand Manufacturer HICO GROUP sp.z oo. "POLAND0UA4000308.395.86038913
27/Apr/201785366990901. Electrical equipment, art. COS_UTG62028PN Souriau Cable plug, 28 contact groups, nested contacts for -1sht.Shteker cable that consists of 28 contact holes for contact (no contact made) .Vykorystovuyetsya in the industrial field sprayers are equipped with a ahropromyslovosti.Torhivelna Brand: TeeJet.Vyrobnyk: TeeJet Technologies . .DENMARK0UA4000300.00316.07664799
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НЕСТ-АВТО"""
Importer Address
04210, м.Київ, пр-т ГЕРОЇВ СТАЛІНГРАДА, буд. 10-А, корп. 2, кв. 35
Exporter Name WABCO Austria GesmbH
Product Description
"1.Conector plug with cable, 8m / socket connector.........
HS Code 8544429098Value 173.1027677
Quantity 0Unit UA100280
Net Weight 4.978

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