Ukraine Import Data of Cable Ladder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cable Ladder

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cable ladder collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cable ladder imports.

Cable Ladder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cable Ladder

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
12/Apr/20173922900000"1. Sanitary-technical plastic: HL9 / 50 - Adapter PP / PVC DN50 to iron / steel - 20pcs; HL310N - vertical ladder DN 50/75/110, with a lattice of stainless steel. Steel - 20pcs; HL310NPr - Gangway vertical DN 50/75/110, the "" dry "" siphon - 20pcs; HL317 - trap DN 50/75/110, with brudoulovlyuvachem, VERTIC. issue - 10pc; HL510NPr-3020 - horizontal ladder DN 40/50, with " "Dry" "siphon - 5pcs; HL71.1 / 50 - Gangway for basements DN 50 mm horizontal 170h240 / 155h225 mm Plastic - 1pc; HL62.1 / 1 - Roof funnel DN 110 heating - 20pcs; HL62.1 / 5 - Roof funnel DN 160 heating - 5pcs; HL62.1H / 1 - Roof funnel DN 110 with heating Yves - 20pcs; HL64 - Roof funnel DN 75/110 with horizontal clamping elements - 10pc; HL9 / 1 - Adapter PP / PVC DN110 on iron / steel - 300sht; HL90Pr - horizontal ladder DN 40/50, with the "" dry "" siphon - 20pcs; HL98 - Cleaning hatch-DN110 - 60sht; HL155 - insulation with integrated self-regulating cable HL5100T - 2 pcs; HL5100TH - Ladders for balconies and terraces with DN 75 horyzont.vypuskom of polimer.polotnom - 2 pcs; HL138 - integrated siphon DN32 relief drainage from air conditioners - 300sht; HL310NPr-3020 - Gangway with vertcal "" dry "" syfonoms September vыpuskomDN50 \ 75 \ 110s over эlemenn 132 * 132 \ 1 - 4 pieces; HL136N - siphon DN40 to clear drains Ajoux of air conditioners - 20sht.Vyrobnyk: "" HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH "". Trademark: "" HL "". Country of origin: AT. "AUSTRIA0UA10011051317381.46267 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
05/Apr/20177309009000"1 of galvanized steel silos with aeration system, loading and unloading, which are used in agriculture to ensure reliable long-term storage of grain or certified temporary storage of wet grain, silage strengthened with internal ribs model M22h16 - 3 pieces supplied with accessories in disassembled form for ease of transportation, namely internal staircase - 3 pcs., external staircase - 3 pcs., roof ladder components - 3 pieces. nadsylosnoyi reference frame gallery - 3 pcs., temperature cables - 3 w ., Level sensor - 6 pcs., Screw stripping - 3 pcs., Aeration system - 3 sht.Posylenyy silo model M22h16 Behlen is a cylindrical container having dah.Diametr - 22 m., The roof height - 16 m. total height - 21.98 m., volume (at the corner filling 28 deg.) - 6846 m3. maximum capacity: wheat - 5804 t., corn - 5224 t.Torhovelna mark - "" Behlen "". Producer - "" BEHLEN MFG.CO. "", SShA.Krayina manufacture - USA.. "UNITED STATES0UA102210159659440334
03/Apr/20177326909890"1.Vyroby ferrous metals for the" "unity, hanging cable trays, Kryshkalotka art. PKP500 / 3F -192m. The cover art. PKR400 / 3 -360m. Cover the tray art.PKP200 / 3F -150m. Tray cover art. PKP150 / 3F -201m. T-ladders withdrawal art.TKDP500H50F -20sht. cover art wor tee. PTKDP500F-20pcs. T-ladders withdrawal art. TKDP400H50F -30sht. cover ladders triynykaart. PTKDP400F -30sht. T-ladders withdrawal art. TKDP150H50F- 210sht. cover art wor tee. PTKDP150F -210sht. horyzontalnyyart angle. KKPP400H50F -20sht. cover art corner. PKKPP400F -20sht. horyzontalnyyart angle. KKMPP400H50F -40sht. cover art corner. PKKMPP400F -40sht. angle horiz ntalnyyart. KKMPP200H50F -20sht. Cover art corner. PKKMPP200F -20sht. 45 art.LUMP500H50F -40sht Doug. Doug 45 Art. LUMP400H50F -40sht. Arc 45 Art. LUMP150H50F-215sht. With "" Connector tray art. LPPH50F -2000sht. Angle 45 art. KKMBJ100H50-18sht. cover art corner. PKKMJ100 -18sht. angle 50 art. KKBJ100H50 -4sht. kutaart cover. PKKJ100 -4sht. angle 45 art. KKMBJ200H50 -1sht. The cover art of 45. PKKMJ200-1sht. Rotating art. KKBJ200H50-1sht. The cover art. PKKJ200 -1sht. Razvetvlennyy from "" Connector Art. LRBJH50-4sht. With "" Connector Art. LGJH50 -8sht. Tee art. TRSJ200H50 -1sht. Horyzontalnyyobhod art. OPZBJ200H50-4sht. Angle 90 art. KKPJ150H42 -1sht. Angle 90 art. KKPJ100H42 -5sht. Triynykprystavnyy art. TKDJ100H42 -1sht. Left reduction art. RKLL150 / 100H42 -1sht. Doug 90art. LUPJ150H42 -1sht. Bracket art. WW150 -70sht. With "" Connector Art. USSN / USSOE-100 pieces. Bracket art. WWKS100E -20sht. Holder triangular art. UTM / UTMO -100sht.Konsol art. WSS100 -200sht. Console art. WSS200 -100sht. Arc 90 art. LUJ50H50-3sht. Bracket art. WW200 -400sht. Bracket art. WFC / WFCO100 -30sht. Kronshteynart. WFC / WFCO200 -30sht. Bracket art. WFC / WFCO300 -60sht. Bracket art.WFC / WFCO400 -30sht. Hook art. ZPDH50 -1000sht. Hook art. ZPDH100-100sht. Hook art. ZPDH80 -400sht. Cover art tee. PKKJ50 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: BAKSKrayina production: PLVyrobnyk: "" BAKS Kazimierz Sielski "" "POLAND0UA100070627621696.69131
03/Apr/20179503003900"1. Sets parts (parts for constructing model car" "ZIS-110" ") consisting of: - inserting the front lonzheronov with poperechynoy, screw FM-5pcs. Set is intended for acquisition periodical magazine" "ZIS-110 '' number 22. Qty: 85 kompl.- front stabilizer, poperechnaya rulevaya thrust lion poperechnaya rulevaya thrust builds, the pendulum rulevoho control, pull the wheel fry, fry rudder shaft rulevoho wheel (Lower part) rulevoho holder shaft wheel, screw GM-6 pieces , screw FM-3 units, screw CM-8 units, screw CP-3 pc. set intended for acquisition I periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №24. Quantity: 16 kompl.- zadneho rod stabilizer, buffer rear ressorы levыy buffer ressorы pravыy the back, pull zadneho cross stabilizer, sump gearbox zadneho bridge screw DM-10 pieces, BM-screw 11sht. The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №25. Quantity: 24 kompl.- ressorы front levыy bracket, bracket ressor y pravыy front, rear-mount ressorы 2 pcs, cheek serhy rear ressorы lion-2 pcs, cheek serhy ressorы builds rear-2sh t IM-5pcs screw, screw JM-3pc. The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №26. Quantity: 1 kompl.- ressora lion lining ressorы lion Rack zadneho shock absorber rear ladders ressorы-2 pcs, Rack zadneho stabilizer, JM-2 pcs screw, screw-Em 3pc. The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №27. Number 35 kompl.- ressora builds, builds ressorы cover, rack zadneho shock absorber rear ladders ressorы-2 pcs, Rack zadneho stabilizer, JM-4 pieces screw, screw IM-3pc, BP-2 pcs screw, screw-Em 3pc, screw LM- 4 pieces. The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №28. Number 45 kompl.- kardannыy shaft with vylkoy and shlitsevoj bush, promezhutochnыy shaft, drive shaft flange rear flange front promezhutochnoho shaft flange front propeller shaft bearing promezhutochnoho shaft flange shaft gearbox EM-8 pieces screw, screw FM-2 pcs . The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №29. Quantity: 5 kompl.- kosыnka raskosov Lower, cable AUTOPARTS hand drive bracket tormoznoy tube 4pcs plug cable peredneho AUTOPARTS hand drive, front drive cable AUTOPARTS hand, the rear crossbar podvesky engine, muffler pipe vыpusknaya (zadnyaya part) pipe muffler vыpusknaya (perednyaya part), housing muffler (Upper part), housing muffler (Lower part) pipe muffler pryemnaya, BP-6 pieces screw, screw EM-7sht, DM-4 pieces screw, screw AP-3pc. The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №30. Number 44 kompl.- half body screw 2,3 ° -4 (AM) - 4 pcs screw 2,0 ° -5 (EM) - 4 pcs screw 1,7 ° -4 (BP) -4 units , screw 2,0-6 (FM). The set is designed for acquisition periodical magazine "" ZIS-110 "" №31. Quantity: 200 kompl.- floor insert body in "CHINA0UA12525072.499879.6126971
03/Apr/20177326909890"1. Articles of iron metaliv. art.CLP1CW-150-1-Wall brackets osn.150 mm. -60sht. art.CLP1CW-500-1-Wall brackets osn.500 mm. -40sht.-art.CLP1K-300 -1 tray cover DOS. 300 mm. -222m.-art.LLK1-100-300 tray Ladder 100h300h3000 1.2 mm -90m.-art.CLN10-035-050-070-3 tray punch 35h50h3000, 0, 7mm -30m.-art.CLN10-050-200-3 tray 50h200h3000 IEK -36m. punch-punch tray art.CLN10-050-050-3 50h50h3000 -426m. IEK-perforated tray art.CLP10-050-300-3 IEK-50h300h3000 -96m. art.CLP2P-100-300 Turn 90 oz. 100h300 -4sht.-art.CLP2P-080-100 Turn 90 oz. 80h100 -10sht.-art.CLP1V-100-300 Turn 90 g. vertical inside 100h300 -2sht.-GE-art.CLW10 M-SK-400 Rack cable K1150 -40sht. art.CLW10-VC200, VC200 console -120sht.-art.CLW10-CP Connector perforated CP-80sht.Krayina production - RUTorhovelna mark - IEKVyrobnyk - the company "" IEK metal-layer "," OOO company Proyzvodstvennaya leader, company "" TSRK "". "RUSSIA0UA1251801622.0762533.448154
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Cable Ladder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cable Ladder Importer Sample

Date 12/Apr/2017
Importer Address
03061, м.Київ, Проспект Відрадний, 95-Г, оф.428
Exporter Name HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH
Product Description
"1. Sanitary-technical plastic: HL9 / 50 - Adapter.........
HS Code 3922900000Value 17381.46267
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 513
Origin Country AUSTRIA

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