Ukraine Import Data of Cabinet Hanger | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cabinet Hanger

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cabinet hanger collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cabinet hanger imports.

Cabinet Hanger Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cabinet Hanger

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli MDF, chipboard laminated, unassembled (included zmontazhnymy accessories according instruktsiypo installation), with elements of glass, metal, plastic, for residential rooms: DOMENICA-REG1D1W2S showcase Sonoma oak black / white varnish / Oak truffle art .S190-REG1D1W2S-DSOC / BIP / DTRU-KPL01-1sht; SZF2DA WEKTRA KPL01 oak cabinet rank / Carpentry art.F30-SZF2DA-DSO / PLO-KPL01-1sht; STOCKHOLM SZF5D / 23/24 Andersen wardrobe white pine / oak Sonoma art.S239 dark-SZF5D / 23/24-APW / DSOC-KPL01-1sht, case WEKTRA KPL01 Lava / Carpentry art.F30-F1-LV / PLO-KPL01-2sht, wardrobe WEKTRA KPL01 White / oak rank art.F30- F2-BI / DSO-KPL01-2sht; ACADEMICA KOM4S / 80 Oak Chest Sonoma art.S324-KOM4S / 80-DSO-KPL01-1sht; ACADEMICA POL / 120 rack with Oak art.S324 the hold-POL / 120-DSO-KPL01-1sht; ACADEMICA REG1D2S Rack Oak Sonoma art.S324 closed-REG1D2S-DSO-KPL02-1sht; ACADEMICA REG1W2S Oak Sonoma Showcase art.S324-REG1W2S-DSO-KPL02-1sht; ACADEMICA RTV1S / RTI cabinet 120 Oak Sonoma art.S324-RTV1S / 120-DSO-KPL01-1sht; AGUSTYN KOM4D sonoma oak dresser art.S180-KOM4D-DSO-KPL01-2sht; ARO SA POL / 150 Baltic Shelf Oak / black gloss art.S346-POL / 150-DBC / CAP-KPL01-1sht; AUGUST - RTV2S cabinet under tv art.S83 wenge-RTV2S-WE-KPL01-1sht; AUGUST - REG1W2SL showcase - wenge / aluminum art.S83-REG1W2SL-WE / STSZ-KPL02-1sht; AZTECA dresser KOM2W1D3S / 10/15 san Remo oak / wenge magic illuminated art.S205-KOM2W1D3S / 10/15-DSA / WEM-KPL01-1sht; BARI POL / 153 rack white / oak Baltic art .S332-POL / 153-BI / DBC-KPL01-1sht; BARI REG1W1D / white 13 Showcase / A UB natural / white gloss art.S332-REG1W1D / 13-BI / DNA / BIP-KPL01-1sht; BARI REG1W1DL Showcase white / natural oak / white gloss art.S332-REG1W1DL-BI / DNA / BIP-KPL01-1sht; BARI RTV2S cabinet under tv white / natural oak / white gloss art.S332-RTV2S-BI / DNA / BIP-KPL01-1sht; CANNET KOM4S / Chest 110 white / oak monument / white matte art.S351-KOM4S / 110-BI / DAMO / BI-KPL01-1sht; ELPASSO KOM4S / 90 oak dresser San Remo clear / insert oak wenge bronze art.S314-KOM4S / 90-DSAJ / DWB-KPL01-5sht; ELPASSO SZF4D oak cabinet San Remo clear / insert oak wenge bronze art .S314-SZF4D-DSAJ / DWB-KPL01-2sht; ELPASSO POL / 150 Shelf gray tungsten art.S314-POL / 150-SZW-KPL01-2sht; ELPASSO KOM2W1D3S Chest gray tungsten / bronze insert oak wenge al t.S314-KOM2W1D3S-SZW / DWB-KPL01-1sht; ELPASSO KOM5S / 60 Chest gray tungsten / bronze insert oak wenge art.S314-KOM5S / 60-SZW / DWB-KPL01-1sht; KASPIAN KOM4S Chest white / white matte art .S128-KOM4S-BI / BIM-KPL01-1sht; KASPIAN WIE / 60 art.S128 white hangers-WIE / 60-BI-KPL01-1sht; LUCA KOM1S locker modrzew sibiu light / pine larico art.L30-KOM1S-MSJ / SOL-KPL01-6sht; LUCA KOM2D4S dresser modrzew sibiu light / pine larico art.L30-KOM2D4S-MSJ / SOL-KPL01-3sht; LUCA SZF5D case modrzew sibiu light / pine larico art.L30-SZF5D-MSJ / SOL-KPL01- 2 pcs; ACADEMICA KOM4S / 80 Oak Chest Sonoma art.S324-KOM4S / 80-DSO-KPL01-1sht; ACADEMICA POL / 120 Sonoma Oak Shelf art.S324-POL / 120-DSO-KPL01-1sht; ACADEMICA SZF2D2S Sonoma Oak Box art .S324-SZF2D2S-DSO-KPL02-1sht; BARI KOM5S Chest white / natural oak / white art.S332 and gloss-KOM5S-BI / DNA / BIP-KPL01-1sht; BARI LAW / 113 Coffee table white / natural oak art.S332-LAW / 113-BI "POLAND0UA1000105615.7910000.46173 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/20179018130000"1. The apparatus used inMedicine, elektrodiahnostychnyy apparatus (for diahnostychnyhdoslidzhen). Obladnannya.Mahnitno Medical MRI Achieva1,5T serial number 21967 - 1pc was uvykorystanni (a cosmetic defects), Year: 2007, unassembled , products supplied in sliduyuchomuvykonanni: Software Release; Magnet Model 43000-594 SN: 682535; CDAS, 6 channels; 281+ Gradient AmpsModel: cc05-01117-000; RF Amplifier S30-64; Cryocooler Sumitomo HC-8E, Heliumpipes ; Filter box, Phantoms set, Patient ventilation device; Heat Exchangercabinet, Patient table; Quad Head coil 452213139009; Syn Spine Coil452213219874; Sense Spine Coil 452213264362 SN: 000004; Sense Knee Coil452213231074 sn: 000649; Syn Body Coil 45221321985 SN: 300128584/000022; SenseFlex Medium 452213231174; Sense Head Coil 452213214163 SN: 000308; Sense FootAnkle 453530090152 SN: 047117.Vyrobnyk: Philips Medical Systems Nederland BV (The Netherlands).. "NETHERLANDS0UA100010631563629.99979
13/Apr/201784195000001. Air cooler water. Designed for use as a heat exchanger in the cooling system injection caster for the production of PET preforms (using chilled water pump to cool tubkam in need of nodes). Does not contain refrigerant. It is a ribbed tubular heat exchange surface, which is located in a steel case and that the ambient air blown by fans (14 pcs. F0,9m.) Mounted on the outer surface of the housing. Model JGH2790.CD - 1am. Power: Electric - 50,4kVt. (400V.) Cooling - 1368kVt. Complete with electric control cabinet, postachaetsya disassembled state for the purpose of transportation. .ITALY0UA110110440013447.77624
10/Apr/20179403208000"1.Mebli total metal pryznachennyadlya prykraschennya interior stores articles: -Half POP frame for 4-Panel apparel wall - half frame for 4 wall panel (rack) Clothing - 24shtuky - 8-governmental cardboard boxes; - 2.4m wall panel column - a column intermediate wall panel (rack) height 2,4m - 99shtuk - 28 cardboard boxes; - 2.4m 4-panel apparel wall-1 - 4 wall panel (rack) clothing-1 height 2,4m - 71shtuka - 71 pasteboard; - 2.4m 4-panel apparel wall-2 - 4-panel wall (rack) clothing-2 height 2,4m - 71shtuka - 71 cardboard boxes; - 2.4m 2-panel apparel wall-1 - 2 -panelna wall (rack) clothing-1 height 2,4m - 7shtuk - 7 pasteboard; - 2.4m 2-Panel Apparel Wall-2 - 2-panel wall (rack) Clothing-2 height 2,4m - 7shtuk - 7 pasteboard; - H200 Wall panel category sign - side column - top of the wall panel (rack) - to sign categories lateral column - 99shtuk - 10 cardboard boxes - 4-panel horizontal column - column 4 horizontal wall panel (rack) - 420shtuk - 21 cardboard boxes - 2-panel horizontal column - horizontal column 2 panel wall (rack) - 58shtuk - 3 pasteboard; - POP frame sign - the upper part of the wall panel (rack) - Star sign - 1shtuka - 1 carton box; - A footwear wall half POP fra me - napivramky for panel wall (shelves) for shoes - 1shtuka - 1 cardboard box - in footwear wall half POP frame - napivramky for panel wall (shelves) for shoes - 1shtuka - 1 carton box; - Footwear wall POP frame A-H600 - frame panel wall (shelves) for shoes - 1shtuka - 1 carton box; - footwear wall POP frame C-H160 - frame panel wall (shelves) shoes - 2pieces - 1 carton box; - 600mm Mannequin Table - stand-stands for dummy - 26shtuk - 13 cardboard boxes; - 2.4m B footwear Wall - wall panel (rack) shoe height 2,4m - 2pieces - 2 pasteboard; - 1.2m display table - Demo iynyy table height 1,2m - 18shtuk - 18 cardboard boxes; - 500MM * 550MM Display platform - demonstration platform (cabinet) size 500 * 500mm - 36shtuk - 18 cardboard boxes; - Footwear wall POP frame B-H732 - upper part of the wall panel ( rack) - frame walls shoe - 1shtuka - 1 carton box; - category sign panel for 4-panel apparel wall-Running - the top part of the 4-panel wall (shelves) for clothes - the panel with the sign category - 8shtuk - 2 cardboard boxes ; - category sign panel for Closet Workhorse (600) - the upper part of the wall panel (rack) - the sign panel category for a framework for hangers - 90shtuk - 15 cardboard box ; - Category Sign Panel for 4-Panel Apparel Wall- Cross training - the upper part of the 4-panel wall (shelves) equipment - the sign panel category - 8shtuk - 2 pasteboard; - Category Sign Panel for 4-Panel Apparel Wall- LOGO - the top part of the 4-panel wall (shelves) equipment - the sign panel wall-Star logo - 57shtuk - 14 cardboard boxes; - category sign panel for 2-panel "CHINA0UA4010106591.713314.80005
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Cabinet Hanger Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cabinet Hanger Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне акціонерне товариство ""БРВ Київ"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name Black Red White S.A.
Product Description
"1.Mebli MDF, chipboard laminated, unassembled (in.........
HS Code 9403601000Value 10000.46173
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 5615.79
Origin Country POLAND

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