Ukraine Import Data of Cab 381 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cab 381

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of cab 381 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of cab 381 imports.

Cab 381 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Cab 381

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178536901000"1.Z'yednuvachi and contact elements for wires and cables for cars: AH-736 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections led sech.16mm2latun, M6 + M6 -10sht. AH-738 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections pidprovod sech.16mm2 brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. AH-740 Terminal Accumulators summer '' - '' bolted connections led sech.25mm2, brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. 735 AH-Klemaakkumulyatorna summer "" + "" bolted connections led sech.16mm2 brass, M6 + m6-10sht. AH 737 Terminal Accumulators summer "" + "" bolted connections under provodsech. 16mm2 brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. AH-739 Terminal Accumulators summer "" + "" Boltovez'yednannya led sech.25mm2, brass, M6 + M8 -10sht. 381 AH-contact hnezdovoyseriyi 2.8 (with fiksatsiyey) -400sht. AH-383 Series Contact hnezdovoy 6.3-400sht. AH-385 Series Contact hnezdovoy 6.3 (with fiksatsiyey) -500sht. 388 AH-Kontaktkoltsevoy diameter. 5.2 mm, 100 pieces. AH-390 Contact koltsevoy diameter. 8.2 mm-300sht. AH-389 Contact koltsevoy diameter. 6.2 mm, 100 pieces. AH Contact shtyrovoy -384 series 6.3-500sht. AX-386 series shtyrovoy Co. ntakt 6.3 (with fiksatsiyey) -300sht.Torhovelna Brand: CARGENKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" axiom "" "RUSSIA0UA8071709.35171.7257003 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201787083099981. Spare brake parts to forklifts, cable akseletalora1.5 TX92 art. 10999381 -1sht. Clutch Cable 1.5TX 92 art. 10999493 -1sht. trosakseleratora art. 7455421 -1sht. Clutch Cable Art. 8188182 -1sht. trosakseleratora art. 266202664171ALT -1sht. brake drum art. 424311360071ALT-2 pcs. removing the cable from the parking brake art. 461052666071ALT -1sht. ACP cable art.471102333171ALT -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: TVHKrayina production: TWVyrobnyk: TVH PARTS NV.TAIWAN0UA12502017.674403.7978138
28/Apr/20173917320090Remains of processing that have not been used during processing. 1. flexible tubes to isolate wires, reinforced, not combined with other materials, without fittings, plastic, designed for the production of automotive cable networks, .: 491102350-958sht art, 491105940-258sht, P00125725-42000sht, P00133819-40000sht, P00148947-238sht . .ROMANIA0UA20912012.49346.9734782
28/Apr/20179018199000"1. Equipment for clinical ESEARCH according to protocol AC-058B301.Systema for research and external breathing function: - Ref. 141061 - 114005 spiro system Flo w Screen CT included formeasurement, zapysuta preliminary assessment of the curve '' sweat for ob capacity "," curve "" volume-time "" and their response options inspiratornoh determination of lung volume taekspiratornoho - 2 s ystem. each kit includes: - bazovyyprystr first FlowScreen, adapter, handle with pn otahohrafom, cards memory -2sht., Kaba l power cable modem, serial numbers: 38323815; 38322768.Vyrob ik - Eresearch Technology GmbH. trademark - FlowScreen.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA1002006.943907.442535
28/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​equipment bodies and cabs to the a / m" "BMW" ": Doors, art.41517386737-2sht, wing, art.51657418956 -1sht; Lychkuvannya Inside, art.51417292077-1sht; Lychkuvannya Inside, art .51417292078 -1sht; Lychkuvannya door art.51417381891 -1sht; Overlay door art.51417345191 -1sht, Framing skladverey, art.51317465921 -1sht, Framing glass door art.51357465925 -1sht, Framing glass door art.51357465926- 1pc, Framing glass body art.51377465920 -1sht, Framing glass art.51377465919 -1sht; Pidkrylnyk, art.51717333524 -1sht, panel doors, art.51427370083 -1sht, panel doors, art.51427370084 -1sht, underbody panel , art.51757158 386 -1sht, bottom panel body art.51757308676 -1sht; dnyschakuzova panel, art.51757325392-1sht, engine compartment panel, art.51717169419 -20sht, engine compartment panel, art.51717169420 -20sht, sliding the engine compartment art.51717309206 -4sht, sliding the engine compartment art.51757290657 -1sht, Poster-insert threshold art.51777319866-1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "UNITED STATES0UA10021095.024620.285669
28/Apr/20178418999010"1.Zapasni parts for refrigerators" "AT Lunt" ": cabinets code 290791000000-1 units, shkafkod 381731000008-6 units, cabinets code 381731000010-1 units, cabinets code 381731000014-6 units, cabinets code 381731000047-1 units, cabinets 730144405445-1 code units, termoobmezhuvach kod904211900001-10 pieces. Whirlpool. JSC "" Atlanta "" Bilorus.Torhovelna mark "" Atlas "." Country of BY.. "BELARUS0UA100070486.95973.8525421
27/Apr/201785444290911.Elektrokabel with details to z`yednuvalnymy loader zhhut cable 80V (45353811000) -1 sht.Vyrobnyk: STILL GmbHTorhivelna Brand: STILLKrayina production: IT.ITALY0UA1250200.22653.46446386
26/Apr/201770071110901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new, safe glass, reinforced, used in vehicles: SKLO art. 0002363810 -5шт.СКЛО CABINES Art. 0013034081 -7pcs. Trademark: ClaasCraina of production: DE Manufacturer: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH.GERMANY0UA12525056.3051378.314868
26/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / g. Fenders humometalevyy 3202241-2sht. 3202241-2sht.Vtulka humometaleva (c / unit) 2903817-1sht. Humometaleva plug kabiny2663435-4sht. 3202375-4sht. 3214579-2sht. 3280712-6sht. Bushing humometaleva kabinykuzova 2870431-3sht. 3412992-2sht. humomet Butin spring bushing body 2883511-2sht.Vtulka humometaleva stabilizer body 4-8sht 290,381. 3261835-4sht. Podushkahumometaleva 3262076-10sht. 3280756-2sht. 3431214-8sht. Pillow humometalevapnevmat 3264418-2sht . 3268549-2sht. 3274896-2sht. 3280634-4sht. 3431357-2sht.Prokladka humometaleva uschil nyuyucha 3275053-15sht. RMK cab body (vtulkymetalevi, plugs, bolts, rings stop arable, gaskets) 3232822-1sht. resorykuzova RMK (elements-metal cuffs) 32 80670-6sht. RMK seat legs (parts-metal cuffs) 3264453-1sht. Washer humometaleva 3268583-11sht.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - "" SAMPA "" Brand - " "Sampa Otomotiv San.e Tic. Ltd.Sti" "."TURKEY0UA100110114.46957.4467126
25/Apr/201783011000001. Lock the hinged STANDERS U-165H245MM art.11154486-6sht Similarly, STANDERS code Castle hinged 20mm ALUMINUM art.11154304-6sht, Cable Bicycle Lock the hinged STANDERS N50SM D10MM art.11154290-10sht, STANDERS code Castle hinged 20mm ALUMINUM art.11154304- 6 pieces, Castle hinged 20mm BRASS STANDERS 4pcs art.11154381-6sht, Castle hinged 50mm ALUMINUM STANDERS art.11154465-6sht, Castle hinged code STANDERS Cable 180cm art.11154500-10sht,.CHINA0UA12513011.28119.8589007
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Cab 381 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Cab 381 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Авто Тренд"""
Importer Address
61052,Харківська обл,м.Харків,пров. Сімферопольський,б.6 Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""АвтоДеВиЗ"""
Product Description
"1.Z'yednuvachi and contact elements for wires and.........
HS Code 8536901000Value 171.7257003
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 9.35
Origin Country RUSSIA

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