Ukraine Import Data of Button Knob | Ukraine Import Statistics of Button Knob

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of button knob collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of button knob imports.

Button Knob Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Button Knob

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/201785169000001.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs that coffee TM DE'LONGHI: art.5513215491 PCBLCD (TSCREEN-16L) + GUID E LIGHT ESAM67 * Electric control board with a monochrome display and buttons for coffee, 2 pcs., Art.6013211671 CUPSSUPPORT (AISI430- BA THICK0,8) ECAM22-grill pan kavovar ing metal, 2 pcs., art.5332264500 KNOB CONTROL CHROME VELUR (ABS) (3E) MCSA * -nakladka rehulyatorukavovarky plastic-8 pieces., art.5313229731 RUBBERFOOT TRANSP (SIL 70 SH) ECAM26 -humova coffee-leg 9sht., art.5332113800TUBE INFERIOR FROTHER (POM) EC300 / BAR40-cap plastic coffee 3 pcs. art.5513213901 tUBE PTFE DI2-DE4 L = 320 + 2BUSHES ECAM-Teflon tube zlatunnym and washers for coffee -6sht., art.5332180500 NIPPLE90 NATURAL (PA) PIPESILICON MCSA-adapter-plastic 3pc. art.536199 SLIDE TANK WHITE (E) (PC) BARM1-lock plastic 2 pcs., art.5213212251 PCB POWER (DGT SW2.1) 230 (ST BY <1W) ESAM545-board power satellite, 230V, 1 pc., art. 5313214361 PIPE INTERNALFROTHER BLACK (POM) ECAM plastic nozzle kavovarky- 1 pcs. art.6213211521BUSH-BRASS (TUBE PTFE) E SAM-IFD-cone metal coffee-5pcs., art.7313230521ASSY GRINDER230 (VM) (3D-DL) + GEAR ECAM23 coffee grinder assembly with tazhornovamy Moto rum, 230V, 1 pc., art.5513296641 SET DLSC012CARAFE-LATTEC REMA DLECAM-plastic milk container with rubber gaskets 1 pcs. art.5513212801 DISPENSER HOT WATER + TUBE INOX ESAM66-plastic chrome trubkadlya water supply 1 pcs. art.5332239200 FITTING QUICK-B NATURAL (PPS) MCSA-plastic adapter 1 pc ., Art.5332249000 UNDERKNOB CONTROL BLACK (ABSUL) (2 & 3E) MCSA-lock plastic buttons Coffee-4 pieces. Art.5313218351DOUBLE CONNECTOR BLACK (PPA) EC850-plastic adapter for coffee-3pc., Art.5513212881 TUBE PTFE DI2- E4 L270 + 2B US EN7 / ESAM-Teflon tube latunnymyshaybamy for coffee, 2 pcs., contains radiobladnannya.Vyrobnyk DE'LONGHI APPLIANCES srlKrayina manufacturer ITTorhivelna mark DE'LONGHIITALY0UA8072102.863148.3454595 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178536501190"1. Electric switches and toggle switches for 12 V voltage, used in" "HYUNDAI" "." Windowlift pick up control unit (block knobs) .N 954112B210 -2pcs; Windowlifters control unit (button block) Cat .N 935701R410S4-1; button for opening the trunk door kat.N 812602S000-1; button for the window lifters of the front right cat. N 935801E001 - 1; Sensors for the reverse lights: cat. N 9386039012FFF -2pcs; cat. N 9386039012FFF-50pcs ; Sensors for stopping the stop signal: Cat. N 938103S000-1; Kat.N 938103S000-1; Kat.N 938103S000 -5pcs. Hyundai brand name. Manufacturer: Hyundai Motor Company.For production: KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10012013.47407.8791851
10/Apr/20178302411000"1.Armature fittings, fittings and similar products made of non-precious metals, for doors made of aluminum and PVC profiles used in buildings: Presses for doors (steam), article 1021.00.310-1000p.; Push-button pushers for doors (steam) , Article 1021.00.312-100par.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1022.00.310-500p.; Knobs for pushing for doors (steam), article 1025.00.310-1000par.; Press knob for doors (steam), article 1025.00.312-500p.; Pushbutton knobs for doors (steam), article 1026.00.310-500p.; Knobs for pushing for doors (steam), article 1026.00.312-200p.; Press knobs for Doors (steam), article 1026.00.315-100par.; Press knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.310-550par.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.313-450par;; Press knobs for doors ( Pairs), article 1032.00.315-400p.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.350-100p.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1121.00.310-500p.; Push knobs for doors (steam) , Article at 1122.00.310-1000par.; Door loop, article 2004.00.310-1728p.; Door loop, article 2004.00.313-552p; Door loop, article 2004.00.315-984p; Door loop, article 2004.00.350 -144pcs .; door hinge, article 2006.00.310-2160p.; Door hinge, and Article 2006.00.313-1320p.; Door hinge, article 2006.00.315-1020p.; Door hinge, article 2006.00.350-60pcs .; Door lock, article 3020-200p;; Door hinge, article 2030.00.310-100pcs. ; Door hinge, article 2030.00.350-100; Door hinge, article 2031.00.310-50pcs; Fastener set for door hinge, article 2050,6-1000pcs .; Fastening set for door hinge, article 2050,95-1000pcs; ; Door hinge, article 2065.00.310-500p;; Door hinge, article 2065.00.313-600pc;; Door hinge, article 2065.00.315-400pc .; Door hinge, article 2065.00.350-100pc .; Door hinge, article 2067.00 .313-200 pieces; Door hinge, article 2104.00.310-48; Loop Is valid, the article is 2108.00.310-100pcs .; Door hinge, article 2108.00.313-120p;; Door hinge, article 2108.00.315-120p;; Door hinge, article 2108.00.350-120pcs .; Fitting set for door hinge, article 2150,6-100pcs; fastening set for door hinges, article 2150,95-60pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.3102pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.3132pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.315-100s;; Spindle for doors, article 3006.00.350-100;; Spindle for doors, article 3060.00.310-200; Spinel for doors, article 3060.00.313-150;; Spindle for doors, article 3060.00. 315-150pcs .; Spyware T for doors, article 3061.00.310-200; spindle for doors, article 3061.00.3132; 200; spinball for doors, article 3061.00.315-200; spindle for doors, article 3061.00.350-100;; spindle for Doors, article 3062.00.310-100;; spindle for doors, article 3062.00.313-100;; spindle for doors, article 3063.00.313-160p;; spindle for doors, article 3063.00.315-120p; Door handles ( Steam), article 1038.00.312-5p.; Handles for doors "SERBIA0UA3051608035.182620.42831
05/Apr/20178538909900"1. Parts of electrical equipment for switching circuits: art 020E10 Contact element normally broken - 500 pcs, art 020ET Contact element for checking lamps - 100 pcs, art 020LMB White indicator light - 15 pcs, art 020LTBIBW White indicator light , Metal - 10 pcs, art 020LTBIGW The mechanism of the indicator yellow, metal - 20 pcs, art 020LTBIRW The mechanism of the indicator red, metal - 15 pcs, art 020MT2T Mechanism of the manipulator 2 items, without fixed, IP 66 - 26 pcs; art 020PTAARK The mechanism of the red button-fungus - 10 pcs, the art 020PTAILBW The mechanism of the button with the backlight white - 10 pcs, the art 020PT AILGW Button with illumination yellow - 15 pcs, art 020PTAILRW The mechanism of the button with backlight red - 20 pcs, the art 020PTAILVW The mechanism of the button with backlighting green - 10 pcs, art 020PTAINK The mechanism of the button black, round - 10 pcs, art 020PTAINW The mechanism Black circular knobs - 15 pcs, art 020PTHCRK Red knob, circular knob - 1 pc, art 020STAMONKC Black switch mechanism, type O - 8 pcs;Art 020STAMONWC The mechanism of the switch is black, type O - 3 pcs; Art030PRNF1 The mechanism of the button is black, round - 12 pcs; Art060APFLRCS48 Emergency Stop Button Mechanism - 1 pc. Trademark NEW ELFIN Producer NEW ELFIN srl Production Line: IT "ITALY0UA12502013.6091495.206692
04/Apr/20178516900000"1.Zapchastyny ​​to household appliances: Form Bakeries: SS-185950-63sht; SS-186157-78sht; SS-995885-8sht sensor, button covers Multicookings SS-994580-1 pieces; button Multicookings SS-994532 Knob + spring-1 pieces; fasteners Multicookings SS-994409-3 pieces, cover Multicookings SS-993435 Reflector / cover-2 units, nozzle hair straighteners CS-00131087-1 pieces; Multicookings Panel SS-994530 Facia Panel + knob-1 unit, front of the case SS-994591-2 pieces; fee supply Multicookings SS-994467-4 unit, power Bakeries fee: SS-189366-1 pieces; SS-986643 Electronic Board / power-1 unit, tank Bakeries SS-986062-15 unit, sensor mutyvarky SS-994469-1 pieces; Multicookings Sticker SS-994592-1 unit, the lid Mul tyvarky: SS-994481-1 pieces; SS-994567-2 unit, part of the handle Multicookings SS-994581-1 pieces; Multicookings Bowl: SS-991486-30 pieces; SS-995510 Body Pot-1 unit; SS-996020 Body Pot Support + thermostat-1 unit, trade mark MOULINEXVyrobnyk MOULINEXKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA125060152.5712063.818133
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Button Knob Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Button Knob Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Казкова кава"""
Importer Address
61023, м.Харків, вул. Сумська, 73
Product Description
1.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs that coffee T.........
HS Code 8516900000Value 148.3454595
Quantity 0Unit UA807210
Net Weight 2.863
Origin Country ITALY

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