Ukraine Import Data of Bushing Rail | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bushing Rail

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bushing rail collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bushing rail imports.

Bushing Rail Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bushing Rail

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber for cars, not forindustrial assembly transport over- sobiv: Pylnik rulovoy 6001547607-10sht rails. Buffer pace zzhatiya front suspension + 1118-2902812 -25sht.Komplekt guard for hinge promezhutochnoho drive shaft (ROSTECO ) 21238-2202066 / 68-10sht. Wilk clutch cover (ROSTECO) 2110-1601211 -10sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" business priorities "," Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTEKO) for T4-pieces in pack. 2101-2906040-200sht. Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTEK O) pair in pack. 2108-2906040-100sht. Cartridges jet bars (10pcs KT) in the pack. 2101-2919042 / 108-10 front stabilizer -25sht.Vtulky (ROSTECO) Kt 6 pc in pack. 2123- 2906040 / 46-100sht. Bushing front stabilizer (t-2 units) (ROSTECO) 2190-2906040 -10sht.Vtulka front stabilizer (t-2 pieces) 96191890 -40sht. perednohostabilizatora plug (Kt 2 pieces) 96380586 -40sht. Bushing front stabilizer (K- t2sht) 96434540/96839848 -40sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" VOLHATEHMASH "" Bushing front stabilizer (ROSTECO) vpak pair. 2110-2906040-100sht. Cover shock front suspension (ROSTECO) a corr. 2110-2905681-204sht. Cover shock front suspension (ROSTECO) a corr. SPORT2110-2905681-24sht. Set silencer pads (2 pieces) (ROSTECO) 21213-1203073 -100sht. Komplektpodushek muffler 2170 (t-4 children.) 2170 / 21213-1203073 -60sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Car Kit K "" Reliance display engine (ROSTECO) 2112-1008658-50sht. Cover sharnyra PPC (ROSTECO) 2108-1703182-20sht. KT covers steering 2108-2110 (ROSTECO) 2108-3401224 / 23/82 / 80-20sht. Cover rulovoy rails (ROSTECO) in the pack. 2108-3401224 -30sht. KT Chohlivrulovoho mechanism 2110-2112 (ROSTECO) 2110-3401224 / 25/23/80 / 82-10sht. Cover rulovoy rails (ROSTECO) in the pack. 2110-3401224 -20sht. Cover + ShRUSavnutrishniy lubrication with clamps (ROSTECO) 2121-2215068 / 34/90 / 84-12sht. Cover SHRUS internal lubrication (ROSTECO) 2123-2215068 / 34/36 -24sht. ChoholShRUSa + external lubrication (Kt) (ROSTECO) 1118-2215030 -24sht. ShRUSavnutrishnoho Cover + Seal Drive, lubrication (ROSTECO) 1118-2215068-24sht. Cover + SHRUS external lubrication with clamps (ROSTECO) 2110-2215030 / 34/36 / 84-24sht. Cover SHRUS seal + inner drive, lubrication, with homutamy2110-2215068 / 34/36/84 -24sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" FORMAKS "" Set silencer pads 1118 (t-4 children.) 1118 / 21213-1203073 -20sht. Cushion muffler mounting 96181437-100sht. Cushion muffler mounting 90352773-60sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" resources "," Pillow Muffler 5pcs ROSTECO 2108-1203073-20 -300sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" BELKOTRANS " "Cover shock rear suspension (ROSTECO) in pak.SPORT 2108-2915681-15sht. Choh "RUSSIA0UA807170376.72685.333266 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20174016995790"1. Parts of rubber to the a / m ing. Pos. From 8701 to 8705: Vtulkarulovoyi art.565211M001 rails, 1pc., Steering rack bushing art.577532G000, 1pc., Steering rack art.565213X000 plug, 2 pcs., Stabilizer bushing art.555132F000, 20pcs., stabilizer bushing art.555303E020, 6 pcs., stabilizer bushing art.555132Y000, 20pcs., stabilizer bushing art.555131H100, 20pcs., stabilizer bushing art.555132B200, 10pc., stabilizer bushing art.548132S000, 20pcs .; stabilizer bushing art.548133K100, 10pcs .; stabilizer bushing art.555132F100, 60sht .; art.213533C500 sealing ring, sealing ring 1pc .; art.264604A000, 2 pcs .; Overlay pedal art.3282536000, Dust 2 pcs .; Hovik art.921402M000, 1pc .; art.495952F060 Seal, Seal art.496092PA00 .; 1pc, 1pc .; art.568282H000 Seal, Seal art.0G47117485A .; 1pc, 1pc .; art.4731839300 Seal, Seal Art 5pcs .; .5823338000, 5pcs .; Seal caliper art.0K9A426255, 2 pcs .; Lining art.872562F500 spoiler, 4pcs .; Sayletblok lever front art.545843S000, 6 pcs .; Seal and rt.582321H300, 2 pcs .; Seal art.214432B020, 3pc .; Seal art.841424X000 wings, 1pc .; Seal glass door art.822101W001, 1pc .; Seal art.254332F000, 1pc .; Art.548133S110 stabilizer bushing, 7sht .; KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011015.909531.153705
27/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny-metal cuffs (metal-gu m), which are intended for them motornyhtransport means (for cars): Striker art. 54626-4D000-2sht. Striker art. 55348-3W000 -2sht. Striker art. 54626-1M000 -2sht.Vidbiynyk shock art. 55326-07100-2sht. Fenders Shock art. 54626-1C000 -2sht. Fenders amortyzatorazadniy art. 55326-1C000 -20sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-17000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-3K010 -2sht. Rear Vidbiynykamortyzatora art. 55348-3K010-4sht. Fenders front shock art. 54626-26000 -10sht. Vidbiynykzadnoho shock art. 55326-1E000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-27000 -2sht. Fenders zadnohoamortyzatora art. 55348-2H000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-2H000 -1sht. Fenders lane. (Ass.) Shock art. 54626-29100-10sht. Bushing shock art. 55315-07000 -20sht. Bushing bearing ass. Amor-raverhnya art. 55323-1C000 -20sht. Notched rails rulevoy art. 57753-3K000-2sht. IUT lka steering rack art. 57726-2E000 -20sht. Reliance zadnehoart shock. 55330-2S050 -20sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000-2sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000 -3sht. Chippers amortyzatoraart. 54626-2G000 -10sht. Chippers shock art. 54626-2G000 -12sht. Otboynykamortyzatora zadneho art. 55326-1M000 -1sht. Chippers shock peredneho art.54626-3X000 -2sht. Chippers shock peredneho Matrix art. 54626-17000 -8sht.Otboynyk rear pruzhynы art. 55326-0Q000 -2sht. Chippers rear pruzhynы art.55326-0Q000 -6sht. Chippers Lane. shock art. 54626-22000 -6sht. Otboynykper. shock art. 54626-27000 -2sht. Chippers Lane. art.54626-22000 -2sht shock. Engine pillow front art. 21810-1C220 -2sht. Lower Podushkaradyatora art. 25335-2E001 -2sht. Pillow Radiator Lower art.25335-2E001 -3sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -10sht. Pillow radiatoraart. 25336-2V000 -10sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -2sht. Podushkaradiatora lower art. 25336-2B000 -4sht. Silent blocks verhneho rыchaha art.54440-3F100 -2sht. Silent blocks the rear lever / pin / art. 52718-38000 -2sht.Salnyk art. 58232-28300 -60sht. Seal the generator art. 37343-42020 -2sht.Salnyk crankshaft Lane Art. 21335-27000-10sht. Salnik camshaft art. 22144-3B001 -20sht. Cup (inset) amortyzatorazadnoho art. 55311-25000-3sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525053.58266.1161758
26/Apr/20178708309198"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / g. RMK brake caliper (bolts, napravlyayuchivtulky, anther, metal caps) 3254832-17sht. 3455373-6sht. Halmivnohosuporta RMK (plugs, bolts, rails, caps, Pylnyk) 2924271-60sht. RMKhalmivnoho slide (anther, gaskets, rings layer, metal bushings) 2688734-4sht.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - "" SAF OE "" brand - "" SAF OE "". "TURKEY0UA100110240.8352162.95672
26/Apr/20178716909090"Parts 1 and floor trailers for trailers. Repair kits for trailers and chassis floor trailers (bushings, metal parts, gaskets, fasteners, individually packed): art.12014 Remkomplekt- 10 Remkomplekt- 12 12020 Remkomplekt- Remkomplekt- 12 96 36 Remkomplekt- Remkomplekt- 17 Remkomplekt- 8 Remkomplekt- 20 Clutch - 12 Remkomplekt- 7 Remkomplekt- 5 Remkomplekt- 2 Remkomplekt- 8 Clutch resory- 24 Remkomplekt- 6 w .art.10077 Remkomplekt- 8 sht.Torhovelna mark "" SEM "" Manufacturer: SEM RUBBER-METAL PARTS Co.Krayina manufacturer: TR. "TURKEY0UA807170803.444686.860446
26/Apr/20178708309198"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / g. RMK brake caliper (bolts, napravlyayuchivtulky, anther, ring layer, clamp) 3282134-2sht. RMK brake caliper (guides, bushings, anther, gaskets) 3273962-2sht. Halmivnohosuporta RMK (anther, seals, metal rings, W ulky metal, bolts, rails) 32821 37-2sht. 3282137-4sht.Krayina production - ESTorhovelna mark - "" Onyarbi "" brand - "" ONYARBY Indasrias "". "SPAIN0UA10011025.241226.417394
25/Apr/20174016995790"1.Inshi of Vulcanite not porous nezatverdiloyi, nemetalovmistnoyi rubber (for cars) were for industrial assembly of motor vehicles: 1118-1703182R protective CHEHOL stock - 50 pcs. In 1 bag; 1118-2215030R CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA - 100 pieces . 1 box. d / f; 2101-1601211R CHEHOL PLUG POWER OFF STSEPLENYYA - 300 pcs. of 3 bags; 2101-1703096R CHEHOL RЫCHAHA PEREKLYUCHENYYA inner GEAR - 700 pcs. 2 sacks; 2101-1703101R CHEHOL RЫCHAHA PEREKLYUCHENYYA transmission - 200 pieces . 2 box. d / f; 2101-2905450R PILLOW KREPLENYYA VERHNEHO shock absorber rod - 4000 pcs. 8 sacks; 2101-3703095R PODDON Rechargeable battery - 200 pcs. 2 sacks; 2101-8402070R buffer rear hood - 500 pcs. In 1 bag, apron 2101-8404310-30R ZADNEHO wheels - 50 pcs. In one bag, apron 2101-8404311-30R ZADNEHO wheel - 100 pcs. 2 sacks; 2105-8402070R buffer REHULYRUEMЫY hood - 500 pcs. in 1 bag; 2108-1003277-01R bush KRЫSHKY TSYLYNDROV HEAD - 3000 pcs. 6 sacks; 2108-1302060R POLE PODVESKY Radiator - 600 pcs. 3 bags; 2108-1703182R CHEHOL protective SHARNYRA traction drive - 200 pcs. 1 sack; 2108-1703200R CHEHOL protective thrust DRIVE CONTROLLER - 50 pcs. 1 sack; 2108-2215030K CHEHOL naruzhnej SHARNYRA - 1500 pcs. 15 box. g / t; 2108-2215068K CHEHOL VNUTRENNEHO SHARNYRA - 700 pcs. 7 box. g / t; 2108-2906040R PILLOW PEREDNEHO stabilizer rods - 800 pieces. 4 bags; 2108-2906078R stabilizer bushing Rack PEREDNEHO - 200 pcs. 1 sack; 2108-2915681K housings rear shock absorber PODVESKY - 500 pcs. 10 box. g / t; 2108-3401223-10R protective cap mechanism RULEVOHO RAILS - 200 pcs. 2 bags; 2108-3414077R protective cap layer finger - 1000 pcs. 2 bags; 2108-3501019R CHEHOL protective NAPRAVLYAYUSCHEHO fingers - 500 pcs. 1 sack; 2108-5112092-01R stub OTVERSTYY Paul - 500 pcs. 1 sack; 2108-8402214-01R buffer REHULYRUEMЫY hood - 500 pcs. 1 sack; 2110-2215030-01R CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA - 100 pieces. 1 box. g / t; 2110-2905681R housings Rack TELESKOPYCHESKOY - 100 pieces. 2 box. g / t; 2110-2906040R PILLOW PEREDNEHO stabilizer rods - 400 pieces. 2 bags; 2110-2915450R PILLOW KREPLENYYA VERHNEHO end AMORTYZ - 500 pcs. 1 bag, apron 2110-8403512R PEREDNEHO wing PRAVЫY - 30 pcs. 1 bag, apron 2110-8404412R ZADNEHO wing PRAVЫY - 40. 1 box. g / t; 2114-8404412R apron ZADNEHO wing - 50 pcs. 1 bag, apron 2114-8404413R ZADNEHO wing - 50 pcs. 1 sack; 2121-2215030-01K CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA - 180 pcs. 2 box. g / t; 2121-2215068-01K CHEHOL VNUTRENNEHO SHARNYRA - 180 pcs. 2 box. g / t; 2121-2906040R PILLOW stabilizer rods PEREDNEHO BOL'SHAIa - 200 pcs. 1 sack; 21213-1203073R PILLOW SYSTEM PODVESKY issue of gas - 150 pcs. 1 sack; 2123-2906040R bushing stabilizer rods PEREDNEHO - 200 pcs. 1 sack; 24-2915432R rear shock absorber bushings PROUSHYNЫ PODVESKY GAZ-24 (Volga) - 1500 pcs. 3 sacks, 90334 270RY shock absorber bushings ZADNEHO DAEWOO NEXIA / LANOS / ESPERO - 100 pieces. 1 box. g / t; 106RP repair kits for vases sleeves pendulum 2101-2107 - 250 pcs. 1 sack; REMKOMPLE "RUSSIA0UA8060202840.7621937.47826
25/Apr/201773269098901. Products made of ferrous metals, not stamped, not for industrial assembly, to agricultural machinery: J R335492 Compensatory ring-4pcs .J R335491 Compensation ring-3pcs .J R128179 Trailer cushioning sleeve (dispersing sleeve) -4pcs .J H2204B Bushing- 24pcs .J A62180 Bushing -54pcs .J R302459 Steel ring-5pcs .J R227479 Bushing-2pcs .J B30967 Bushing -20pcs .J H150218 Rivet-50pcs .J AH141393 Steel ring-15pcs .J R302460 Steel ring-3pcs. Packed and packed For retail and wholesale. Producer John Deere John Deere brand produced by the US.UNITED STATES0UA5041706.3541005.517908
25/Apr/20174016995790"1.Chastyny ​​rubber (rubber not porystavulkaniz.) For vehicles, new rubber sleeve stabilizer: art.7L0411313H-8 pieces, the bushing stabilizer: art.1K0411303AM-1am; vidbiynykamortyzatora: art.1T0511359-2sht;: art.1T0511359-2sht , protection, art.1K0825001B-1pc, ring gear profiles, rubber, art.06A141730A-2 pcs, O-ring: art.059131358B-1am;: art.059131358B-1am;: art.059131358B-2 pcs, support, stabilizer: art. 2D0411041B-2 pcs; Pylnyk SHRKSH with mounting details: art.6Q0498203D-1am;: art.1K0498203-1sht;: art.6C0498203-1sht;: art.1K0498201G-1am;: art.1K0498201-1sht;: art.7H0498202A-1pc ;: art.1K0498201G-2 pcs;: art.1K0498201D-2 pcs; Pylnyk amortyzatorahumovyy: art.6N0413 175A-1am;: art.6N0413175A-3pc;: art.6N0413175A-3pc;: art.6N0413175A-5pcs;: art.6N0413175A-5pcs;: 10pcs art.6N0413175A-; Pylnyk elektroprovodkyhofrovanyy: art.1K0959843C-1am; Pylnyk steering rails: art.7H0422831-2sht; padding: art.03C145757A-1am;: art.03C145757A-1am;: art.03C145757D-1am;: art.06A133227D-4 pieces, foam rubber gasket samokliyucha: art.8D0853419F-1am; silent block rubber: art.191511437A-2 pcs;: art.191505383B-4 pieces; saylentblokhumovyy: art.6Q0411314P-2 pcs;: art.6Q0411314P-2 pcs;: art.6Q0411314P-4 pieces;: art.6Q0411314P-8 pieces;: art. 6Q0411314P-10pc; emphasis: art.8K0199339D-1am; uporamortyzatora: art.1K0511353P-2 pcs; emphasis shock absorber boot lid: art.6Q6827499E-1am; emphasis rubber hood: art.3C8823730A-1pc, seal doors: art.7H0837565A-1am; : art.3C8839701B 5AP-1am;: art.5NA837702A 5AP-1am;: art.5M0837701B9B9-1sht, seal wings: art.4G0823731-1sht, glass sealant: art.5N0837475E3Q7-1sht, flange cooling system: art.06H121131C-1pc ;: art.06H121131C-1am; Producer: Volkswagen AG; trade mark: Volkswagen, Country of origin: DE; "GERMANY0UA30520013.95703.621624
24/Apr/20176210109800"1.Inshi ferrous metal products for vehicles, cover flap KOROBKYPEREMYKANNYA GEAR VO EAR shaft bushings 48.5 / 40 EAR shaft bushings 49.0 / 40RINGFEDER" "2" "Protection of the bearing retainer hub ass backstage 16S151 / 181/221 (223198.7) Clamps 168 NM retainer scenes RING SHTOPORNE 16S109 Gearbox PROM.VALA3.0 MM retainer 145 NM 235 NM retainer bushing G ALMIVNOHO shaft 40 COVER SAFMOS.FI46X50X trailer wheel hub SMB. bushings 8 X 1 ".CHINA0UA12511012.25127.595035
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Bushing Rail Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Bushing Rail Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЗІРКА АВЕРС"""
Importer Address
61052, м.Харків,пров.Мало-Панасівсь- кий,б.4/7 Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ЕВРОЦЕНТР-ГАРАНТ"""
Product Description
"1.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized r.........
HS Code 4016995790Value 2685.333266
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 376.7
Origin Country RUSSIA

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