Ukraine Import Data of Burner Cap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Burner Cap

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Burner Cap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Burner Cap

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178419310000"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA for agricultural products is new, with burners supernatural FUEL WITHOUT Systems of dust collecting, dismantled TRANSPORT-TYPE" "STRAHL" "18000FR / 14 -1sht. Constant 14 modular construction in stages forthe drying temperature, -180 tons PERFORMANCE / h ZZAVANTAZHUVALNYM OB "" EMOM -246 tons of installed capacity 275.5 kW engine power upper four fan-45.0 kW each, three fans LOWER POTUZHNISTDVYHUNA 30.0 kW each, VYVANTAZHUVALNOHOTRANSPORTERA Power 5.5 kW POSTAVLYAYET Be disassembled includes SEBEELEMENTY Technical Data: ALYUMOTSYNKOVI-panel INTERNAL, EXTERNAL PANEL -HALVANIZOVANI, -Internal MOBILE PANEL, VERTICAL cage part that comes SAFETY-profile U, C, L, Z- shaped, -OSNOVA taking with chain conveyor for unloading , -PNEVMATYCHNI flaps, -channels, -C burner -METYZY for assembly (bolts, screws, nuts staples) - insulation panels -VENTYLYATOR 30,0kVt-3pc. - FAN 45,0kVt-4 pieces. - PANELS P OLUM "" YAZAHYSTU, -DATCHYKY level, -DATCHYKY PRESSURE CONTROL -PULT, -UPAKOVKY With thermal insulation materials, -KOMPLEK TUVALNI AND WITH "" YEDNUVALNI details. manufacturer "" OFFICINE MINUTE srl "" ITALIYatorhova mark "" STRAHL "" Country of IT packed in n / ethylene film vkartonnyh unpacked boxes and 255 places for 8 cars zhidnovidvantazh.spetsyfikatsiy of 1,2,3,4, 5,6, 7.8 of 04/20/2017. "ITALY0UA125270102605362051.7536 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201773219000001.Chastyny ​​travel to gas burners for camping, cap in stock, 198kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: YIWU CURI IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD.Krayina production: China (CN).CHINA0UA500090198360.3599396
23/Apr/201764029991001.84621650 IFD 258-10 / 1W automatic burner control IFD -1 sht.pryznachenyy to control, ignition and control of gas burners in continuous mode. Modern electronic design allows you to respond quickly to changes in the process and makes it possible to work in pulsed mode. Can be used as direct incitement industrial burners of unlimited capacity, can operate in a smooth or stepped rehulyuvannya.Stan program of installation and amperage control of flame sensor can be read directly from the display. Immediate emergency shutdown due to loss of flame during burner control robotyAvtomat IFD 450-5 / 1 / 1T installed in the control cabinet oven light burning DLMEh600 / 100/325, manufactured by №11602 Mahler GmbH for firing Stainless steels taking in the production process of manufacturing stainless trub.Osnovni specifications: Type IFD Automatic burner control this dence 2 200 5 Initiation and control 8 immediate emergency shutdown or reset switch on after the disappearance of the flame can switch -10 safety time at startup Ku tSA: from 10/1 Time of safety in the process tSB: 1 of 1 Time of safety while working for tSB V1: 1 W Supply voltage of 220/240 V ~, -15 / + 10%, 50/60 HzCHINA3UA2050201.94643.38459245
20/Apr/20178419310000"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA MODEL L205CE -1 pieces. Dryer designed for continuous drying of soybean seeds to reduce moisture content of 5%, the performance of 30 tons per HODYNU.DO OF dryer includes: - drying tower TYPE L205CE, made of bent sheet steel, galvanized aluzinc -1 PCS - base with enhanced design and HORYACHEOTSYNKOVANOYU On the basis, equipped with a mechanism for unloading and bunker FOR ANY Assisted dried GRAIN fall on the lower -1 PCS conveyors - chain conveyors DIAMETER 250 mm and a length of 4.5 m -1 PCS - electro NO centrifugal fan, made of steel sheet and solid profiles, equipped with an engine capacity of 37 kW -2 PCS - leaf against dust FOR Electric -2 PCS - a pipeline to divert gases UTVOROYUTSYA during drying, a modular dashboard made of galvanized aluzinc - 1 pc; - intermediate TECHNICAL PLATFORM FOR tower with the base and side protective fencing made of galvanized MATERIAL -1 PCS - UPPER PLATFORM FOR TECHNICAL AND ELEAVATORA tower with the base and side protective fencing made of Galvanized MATERIAL -1 PCS - ladders OUT platform with side protective fencing made of galvanized steel -1 PCS - gas burners - 2 units - Electric control panels for the control and management of process of drying -1 PCS - electric compressors POWER 3 kW, with capacity for 200 liters of condensate at -1 SHT.OSNOVNI SPECIFICATIONS: - the necessary energy for work - 4034 kW - fuel - methane with the power of 8500 kcal / m3 at a pressure of 300 mbar - Electric power - 82, 1 kW - required to operate the air - 2h110 m3 / hour - number SECTIONS FOR DRYING - 27; - Number of sections for cooling - 9 - DIMENSIONS Dryer - 23000h6300h4000 MM.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled STANI.DATA PRODUCTION - 2017 RIK.SERIYNYY number - 052017. "ITALY0UA90104034397152712.691
19/Apr/20178516605000"1.Elektroplytky household portable, desktop, cooking, new, model ST-EC1164 (2 electric heating elements with 2 hotplates capacity 1000/1000 W) - 396 66 sht.- kor.model ST-EC1165 (1 Electric element 1 burner power 1000 W) - 396 33 sht.- kor.Torhovelna mark - SATURN.Firma manufacturer - "" Saturn Home Appliances sro "", industrial facilities "" WINTIME IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION LTD.OF ZHONGSHAN " ".Krayina production - CN.."CHINA792UA50014010234752.00018
19/Apr/20177615109000"1.Nabir cooking from hard anodized aluminum. Composed who lifted the pot 985 ml containers, lids 470 ml for a large pot, pidstavkyz re hulyatorom flame" "I'm by open / rivet hole ryvannya oxygen fell nickname, windscreen and spyrtovoh burner (not containing electrical komponentivta devices). Kazanok a foldable handle. mod.CS985HA. pryhotuvannyayizhi set of hard anodized aluminum. It consists of one pot were 585 ml cover a large pot, stands flame regulator "" I'm by open / under kryvannya hole oxygen burner (not containing elektrychnyhkomponentiv and devices). Kazanok a foldable handle. mod.CS585HA set for preparation of food from hard anodized aluminum. It consists of lead kohokazanka 585 ml., with non-stick coating, cover a large pot, stands with flame regulator "" I'm on the way kryvannya / closing hole oxygen burner (which contains electrical components and devices). Kazanokmaye handle complex. mod.CS585NS. Kazanok cooking zhorstkohoanodovanoho of aluminum. The set includes opti imna handle, cover and stand. modPHE2350WN. Maker of hard anodized aluminum capacity 0,6 L, 1,4 L and composition withcovers tion handle. WK600HA, WK1400HA. Designed for use vkempinhah on picnics, in campaigns and trips. New. "CHINA0UA20914024.681011.591785
19/Apr/20177321111000"1. Household cookers, gas for cooking, having a 4-burner surface enamel oven capacity 58l, contain transmitting and receiving and transmitting devices: G 611 E04WKA / type P33A1-26VT - 22sht; Trademark - GORENJEVyrobnyk: Gorenje, ddna plant: Gorenje, ddKrayina production: SI. "SLOVENIA22UA10001010563793.381096
18/Apr/20177321900000"1.Vyroby ferrous metal parts for household gas surfaces: -468 4 eyes ignition / ignition unit (4) -20 pieces; -thermocouple / Hazkontrol 50 cm PL 640, PFG 320, PFA 640 inox -20 pieces; -connecting box / Terminal Block PL 302 -10 pieces; -burner cap / small divider mat turbokonforky PFG 640 black, PFA 640 inox luxe, PFE 642 -5 units; -Knob 22 / PFG control dial 647 White luxe -100 units; -auxiliary support / Stand on the grid surface at Turku PFE 641 -40 pieces; -auxiliary support / stand on the grid surface WOK (round) -30 pieces; -S320 pan support / grille emalovanna PFS 640, 320 SX-E -2 pcs; -PF640TG middle pan support / Grid surface PFG 640 black luxe (center) -5 units; -L640TA pan support / cast iron grate on top PFE 641 Ivory Rustico (right) -3 pc; -PF640 Pan support / cast iron grate surface PFA 640 inox luxe (center) -3 pc; Brand - "" without TM ""; Producer - "" ARDA (ZHEJIANG) ELECTRIC CO., LTD ""; Country of origin - "" CN "".. "CHINA0UA12525032.9461.2899614
14/Apr/20178416900000"1 - the gas burners," "Automatic control of the burner, IFS 110IM-5/1 / 1T; 84367020". "Specifications: Specifications: Supply voltage - 110 - 220 V.Spozhyvana capacity - 9 VA.Chas firing - 1 - 10 sek.Stupin protection - IP 40.Robocha temperature from -20 to +60 degrees S.Yavlyaye of a gas burner, is responsible for proportional spraying and compression of gas in gas stoves designed for heating gas furnace manufacturing a term used in the steel industry .. "GERMANY0UA7000101.5921.8335816
14/Apr/20177321900000"1. Enameled burner cover: - increased power, drawings 573082537000 - normal capacity, drawing 573082437000 - low power, drawing 573082337000.Yavlyayut a round shape products made by stamping of steel grade FeP13 (analogue quality carbon structural steel grade 08kp) have a coating of enamel in the color "" black gloss "." is part of the high power burners to gas household plates.. "TURKEY0UA7000106121.4422182.09998
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Burner Cap Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Burner Cap Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """OFFICINE MINUTE s.r.l"""
Product Description
"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA for agricultural products is new,.........
HS Code 8419310000Value 362051.7536
Quantity 0Unit UA125270
Net Weight 102605
Origin Country ITALY

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