Ukraine Import Data of Bumble | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bumble

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bumble collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bumble imports.

Bumble Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bumble

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of bumble. Get Ukraine trade data of Bumble imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20173402209000"1.Means, packaged for retail sale: Powder based detergent powder in retail packages: - Code 81625809: ARIEL LS COL 4X4KG DCB EE -294kor Liquid detergent for floor and wall cleaning: - Code 81505773: MR.PROPER REJ .LIM & MIN 20X500ML-EE / CAR ("Mister Proper Bumblebee Lime and Mint 500ml") - 120 code-code 81505782: MR.PROPER MOUNTSPRING 14X750ML-EE / CAR ("Mr. Proper Mining and Cooling 750ml") - 300kor. - code 81505785: MR.PROPER REJ.LIM & MIN 14X750ML-CAR / EE ("Mr. Proper Bumblebee Lime and Mint 750ml") - 180 corr. Code 81630413: MR.PROPER LEMON 20X500ML-EE / CAR / MN - 180 Cor. - code 81630417: MR.PROPER LAV.TRANQ 20X500ML-EE / CAR - 60 code 81630418: MR.PROPER MOUNT SPRING 20X500ML-EE / CAR - 17kor Liquid detergent for washing dishes in retail packages: - code 81518429: FAIRY LIQ DISH LEMON 3X5L PGP EE KZ (Fairy juice lemon 5 l) -240kor. Not aerosol packaging.RUSSIA0UA80508017205.211850.58974 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201785444290911 bumblebees living (Latin name Bombus terrestris), to pollinate plants in greenhouses, not wild, not for research purposes, hives supplied in cardboard / plastic boxes and boxes: -80101 Natupol standart Latin name Bombus t. terrestris hive (50 individuals in the hive) -80301 Natupol Smart Latin name Bombus t. terrestris hive (25 individuals in the hive) -79301 Tripol Latin name Bombus t. terrestris hive (150-200 individuals in the hive).CHINA0UA1251200.138.400547942
12/Apr/20179503004900"1.Ihrashky series" "Happy Mill" "" "MLP / Transformers 2017" ": art.12938-004" "OptimusPrime" "-" "Optimus Prime" "- 160kor. (1kor.-150sht.), Which are plastykovuihrashku as a fairy figurines transformer sword in hand, which ruhayetsyapry pressing the button. art.12938-099 "" Bumblebee "" - "" Bamblbi "" - 384kor. (1kor.-150sht.), which is a plastic toy as kazkovohotransformera figures with wings that can move over the surface to kolesi.Vyrobnyk - "" Ying De Best Top Toys Co., Ltd "" Kytay.Krayina production-CN.Torhivelna mark - "" Hasbro "".. "CHINA0UA1001203908.4840536.27148
03/Apr/20179503008100"1.Ihrashkova weapon" "Bumblebee", "MRP - 6 / 10.5 art.WG102613-528sht. Trademark: Mission-Target. Manufacturer: Maya Industrial Co., Limited. Country vyrobnytstva- CN.."CHINA0UA9020102201176.781144
03/Apr/2017301110000"1.Zhyva ornamental freshwater aquarium fish: BT-0004 code BETTA SPLENDENS (LONG FIN ASSORTED FIGHTING FISH) Siamese size XL - 2300 pcs, code CB-3002 HYPOSTOMUS PLECOSTOMUS (ASSORTED SUCKING CATS) plekastomus assorted size 5.0 cm - 80 pcs ; code SH-0122 BALANTIOCHEILOS MELANOPTERUS (sILVER sHARK) silver shark ball, size 4.0 cm - 300 pcs, code CB-2002 PANGASIUS SUTCHI (PANGASIUS) shark catfish, size 3.5 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0002 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED FANTAIL gOLDFISH) goldfish red, size 4.0 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0822 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED & wHITE oRANDA) goldfish red and white oranda, size 7.5 cm - 40 pcs, code GG-0036 BETTA SPLENDENS ( bLACK MOOR) black wall, size 4.0 cm - 70 pcs, code CB-0023 KRYPTOPTERUS BICIRRHIS (THAILAND GLASS CATFISH) ayilandskyy glass catfish, size ML / 1.75 "" - 120 pieces; code OO-0641 GYRINOCHEILOS AYMONIERI (ALBINO GOLDEN ALGAE EATER- (SEA)) herinoherius (vodorostiyid) size SM / 1.7 "" - 500 pieces; code LK-0081 ACANTHOPTHALMUS MYSERI (THAI GIANT KUHLI LOACH) acanthus ftalmus minuscule size XL - 60 pieces; OO-code 1038 COLOSSOMA MACROPOMUM (PACU) pacu brown, size 4.5 cm - 90 pieces; code BR-0340 CARINOTETRAODON LORTERI (YELLOW PUFFER) karlikovyy tetradon yellow, size M - 600 pieces; LK-0718 code MYXOCYPRINUS ASIATICUS (HI FIN LOACH-SEASONAL) sailboat (miksotsypryn, catostomus Chinese), size 5.6 cm - 38 pieces; code BR-0004 TETRAODON NICROVIRIDIS (GREEN PUFFER) tetradon spotted green, size ML / 1.75-2 "" - 80 pc; Code SF-0585 PHRACTOCEPHALUS HEMILIOPTERUS (RED TAIL CATFISH) fraktotsefalus (chervonohvostyy catfish), size 3.5-4 cm - 50 pieces; Code CC-3630 CICHLA OCELLARIS (EMPEROR CICHLA OCELLARIS) cichlid strichechna otselyaris size SM - 13 pieces; RA-0390 code RASBORA ESPEI rasbora espeyi - 150 pieces; code SH-0062 EPALZEORHYNCHOS FRENATUS (ASSORTED RAINBOW SHARK) epaltseorhinchos frenatus (Rainbow assorted shark), measuring 4 cm - 100 pieces; OO-code 0704 CHANA MICROPELTES (RED SNAKE HEAD) zmiyiholov chervonoholovyy black with yellow stripes, size L / 7.5 "" - 40 pc; OO-code 1007 IRIATHERINA WERNERI (THREAD / LONG FIN CELEBE RAINBOW) iriaterina Werner, size M - 80 pieces; code BR-0052 MONODACTYLUS ARGENTEUS (SEA ANGEL / MONO) angelfish (silver swallow), size 4.0 cm - 60 pieces; Code AA-0629 PTEROPHYLLUM SCALARE (MIXED ANGEL) skalyariya normal size L - 25 pieces; OO-code 0181 BRACHYGOBIUS DORIAE (BUMBLE BEE GOBY) brahihobius (bull bee), the size SM - 400 pieces; OO-code 2122 CHANDA RANGA (COLOUR GLASS ANGEL (ASSORTED)) fabrovanyy glass perch, size L - 60 pieces; LK-0187 code BOTIA MODESTA (RED TAIL BOTIA) side Modest size M - 35 pieces; OO-code 1171 OSTEOGLOSSUM BICIRRHOSUM (SILVER AROWANA) Arovana black, size 7.5 cm - 15 pieces; Code SF-3026 POLYPTERUS SENEGALUS Senegalese polipterus size 2 '' - 90 units; OO-code 0310 DERMOGENYS PUSILLUS (ALBINO HALF BREAK) dermohenis Albino poluryl size M - 200 pieces; LK-0143 code ACANTHOPSIS CHOIRORHYNCHUS (LONG NOSE LOACH) Akantopsis loshadeholovyy size ML / 6.5 cm - 50 pieces; OO-code 0980 ATYOPSIS MOLUCCENSIS (MOUNTAIN SHRIMP / ROCK SHRIMP) Akantopsis lo "THAILAND0UA1251001.67833.1441955
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Bumble Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Bumble Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Проктер енд Гембл Україна"""
Importer Address
04070, м. Київ, вул.Ігоревська/ Набережно-Хрещатицька, б.13/5, літера А, Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""Проктер энд Гэмбл - Новомосковск"""
Product Description
"1.Means, packaged for retail sale: Powder based d.........
HS Code 3402209000Value 11850.58974
Quantity 0Unit UA805080
Net Weight 17205.2
Origin Country RUSSIA

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