Ukraine Import Data of Bullet | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bullet

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bullet collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bullet imports.

Bullet Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bullet

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201787088099981.Zapasni parts for cars (suspension system): Lever suspension, Art.: FZ5021 - 4 shtrychah suspension, Art.: FZ5019 - 19 shtrychah suspension, Art.: FZ6604 - 3 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7179 - 9 shtkronshteyn stabilizer, art.: FZ7180 - 2 shtTyaha stabilizer art.: FZ7232 - 24 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7233 - 3 shtpalets Lever (ball bearing), art.: FZ3076 - 2 shtrychah suspension, art.: FZ5018 - 16 shtpalets Lever (bullet support), art.: FZ3042 - 3 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7535 - 1 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7202 - 3 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7234 - 2 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7203 - 1 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7722 - 1 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7228 - 13 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7059 - 3 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7764 - 7 shtpalets Lever (ball bearing), art.: FZ3295 - 2 shtrychah suspension, art.: FZ5577 - 1 shtkronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7055 - 4 shttyaha (Lever suspension), art.: FZ4536 - 2 shtTorhovelna brand FORTUNA LINEVyrobny for INTER CARS SAKrayina production TRTURKEY0UA400030117.67668.03764 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785299065001.Electronic modules for TVs and LCD monitors: Blocking to model LS26KIEEFV / XSF Cat. #BN44-00181B-2pcs., Unbodied power supply (power board) to UE46F5000AKXUA model, Cat. №BN44-00610B-1pcs., Unblocking ( Power supply board) to UE32D4000NWXBT model Cat. №BN44-00552A-3pcs., Power supply without housing (power board) to UE32F5000AKXUAkat.№BN44-00622B model-2pcs., Printed circuit board with installed elements to modelHT-F5500W Cat.№АH40- 00172B -1 pieces., Electronic module to model LH40DMEPLGCatalog. №BN94-09005N-1, Electronic module to model LS24E65UPLXcatalogue. BN44-00842A-3pcs., Electronic Bullet to model GS17VSSS Cat. №BN96-39675A-2pcs., Electronic module to model LA32B650T1RXXT Cat. №BN44-00261B-1, Electronic module to model LS20CFVKF Cat. №BN44-00458A-1, Electronic module to model UE32EH4000WXUA Cat. №BN95-00580C-1, Electronic module of the model HG49AE680DJ Cat. №BN95-02673A-1 pc. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1251107.321406.1442838
27/Apr/20178708809998"1. Elements of the suspension bracket steel, cast, to the car - lever, articles: 3690201-16; 3546301-8 items. Suspension elements steel, cast, to passenger car - traction of the stabilizer, articles: 2951402-14; 3053602-10; 3700801-6pcs Elements of the suspension bracket steel, cast, to the car - bulletsharp, parts: 1215205-46pcs; 1761902-20pcs; 1762002-18pcs; 1016202-4pcs; 1016107-4pcs. Packaged for wholesale and retail trade. The production line is CN.Travel brand - LEMFOERDER Manufacturer of the company - ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Origin of origin - CN. "CHINA0UA10011083.7995.0292746
27/Apr/20177323930000"1.Vyroby kitchen and other household stainless steel products for use in catering establishments, not for medical purposes: hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/6 65 art.116060-30sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/4 65 Art. 114060-36sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 100 art.111100-44sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 65 art.111060-54sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 40 art.111040-42sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 200 art.111200-12sht 1/1, 1/1 cap metal.GN art.111000-70sht, polished metal bowl d 240 mm 3 liters art.082240-12sht, polished metal bowl d 280 mm 4,8 liters art.082280 -5sht, polished metal bowl with a side 40 d 0 mm 8 liters art.082400-4sht, polished metal bowl with a side of 600 mm d 27 liters art.082600-4sht, metal pan 320 d mm art.014323-3sht, metal pan art.014363-3sht d 360 mm; Metal Colander d with handles 360 mm art.071360-2sht; metal Stand for 6 art.349060-6sht bulletin; ".CHINA0UA209120288.532076.079485
27/Apr/201795030081001.IHRASHKY CHILDREN'S PLASTIC - Toy weapons from the elements and batteries WITHOUT music and music device. Does not contain incorporates radio. NOT a toy imitation replica guns: water gun with water balloons battery 336shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 336shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 200shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 504shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 252shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 252shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 448shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 2592shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 3888shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on the battery eykah 12960shtTorhovelna mark - XHvodnыy gun 4032shtTorhovelna mark - Toysvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 72shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 112shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 112shtvodnyy gun with water balloons on batteries Kach 160shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 480shtvodnyy gun with water balloons battery 252shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 480shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 210shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 112shtvodnyy pi tolet with water balloons battery 384shtvodnyy water gun with bullets on batteries 480shtTorhovelna mark - XHVyrobnyk - YG Toys, Yuanguang Trading Co. LimitedKraina production - CN (China)CHINA0UA500060423117008.62007
27/Apr/201795030095001.IHRASHKY CHILDREN WITHOUT PLASTIC engine with elements and batteries music and without music PRYSTROYU.NE contains in its composition RADIOOBLADNANNYa.miny 420shtminy ping pong ping pong ping pong 420shtminy 360shtTorhovelna mark - Sportsmobylny phone battery 3360shtTorhovelna mark - Phone Musicrobot 252shtrobot transformer transformer 216shtTorhovelna mark - Transformerstraktor crown 12 pieces 2592shtTorhovelna mark - Farmermototsykl inertial 1680shtmototsykl battery 336shtTorhovelna mark - Toysmylni bubbles 48 pieces 8640shtTorhovelna mark - Bubblesvodni bullets for pistols 2400shtTorhovelna mark - XHvodnyy pinball 3240shtTorhovelna mark - Toysrobot transformer 2880shtTorhovelna mark - MVyrobnyk - YG Toys, Yuanguang Trading Co. LimitedKraina production - CN (China).CHINA0UA5000602596.810439.1359
27/Apr/20179306309090"1.Chastyny ​​to hunting ammunition: -art. 10-22408 Ball Berger Target .22 caliber (.224 diameter) 52 Grain Match GradeFB - 1000 pcs., -art. 10-24570 Ball Berger Hunting .243 caliber 6mm (.243 diameter) 95 Grain MatchGrade Classic Hunter - 500 pcs. - art. 10-28405 Ball Berger Target .284 caliber 7mm (.284 diameter) 180 Grain MatchGrade VLD - 1000 pcs. - art. 10-30413 Ball Berger Target .30 caliber (diameter .308) 185 Grain MatchGrade VLD - 3000 pcs. - art. 10-30424 Ball Berger Hybrid Target 30 caliber (diameter 308) 185 GrainHollow Point Boat Tail - 3000 pcs. - art. 10-30512 Ball Berger Hunting .30 caliber (diameter .308) 175 Grain MatchGrade VLD - 1000 pcs., -art. 10-33107 Ball Berger Match Hybrid OTM Tactical 338 caliber (diameter .338) 250 Grain - 5000 pcs., -art. 10-33792 Ball berger Tactical .338 caliber (.338 di meter) 250 Grain MatchHybrid OTM - 5000 pcs. - 10-30417 Ball Berger Target .30 caliber 200 20x Hybrid Target -2000 units. - Art. 10-33554 Ball Berger Hunting .338 caliber (diameter .338) 250 Grain MatchGrade El ite Hunter - 5000 pcs. ; Trade mark: BergerVyrobnyk: Berger Bullets "UNITED STATES0UA12510038310706.11748
27/Apr/201787089997981. parts and devices motornyhtransportnyh means, not for industrial assembly to C / X tractor: J MCXFA1384 bullet hanging 3-50sht.J R122794 tractor mounting Wedge (stabilizer) -1sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk John Mark DeereTorhovelna John DeereKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA50417034.95330.4033933
26/Apr/201787088099981.Zapasni parts for vehicles, suspension systems and parts, regulator bracket, art.: FZ7722 - 1 sht.kronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7204 - 1 sht.kronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7233 - 4 sht.palets Lever (bullet support), art.: FZ3076 - 1 sht.palets Lever (ball bearing), art.: FZ3299 - 1 sht.kronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7239 - 4 sht.palets Lever (ball bearing), art.: FZ3123 - 3 sht.palets Lever (ball bearing), art.: FZ3990 - 3 sht.rychah suspension, art.: FZ5028 - 1 sht.kronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7179 - 9 sht.kronshteyn stabilizer art.: FZ7764 - 10 pcs. Lever suspension, art.: FZ6604 - 2 sht.rychah suspension, art.: FZ5 039 - 8 sht.Torhovelna brand FORTUNA LINEVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA40003023.852171.1226625
26/Apr/201793063010001.Patrony for sporting guns: Cartridges cal. 9h19 mm bullet FMJ 124 grand (8.04 g) - 446 000 sht.Ne is a manufacturer of military pryznachennya.Firma: DPTU SUMBRO TRADE DOOEL. Country of origin: MK. Trademark: SUMBRO. .MACEDONIA,THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF0UA401010557564552.77542
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Bullet Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Bullet Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м.Хмельницький вул.Толстого 1/1
Exporter Name INTER CARS S.A.
Product Description
1.Zapasni parts for cars (suspension system): Leve.........
HS Code 8708809998Value 668.03764
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 117.67
Origin Country TURKEY

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