Ukraine Import Data of Buckets | Ukraine Import Statistics of Buckets

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of buckets collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of buckets imports.

Buckets Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Buckets

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214900090"1 Mortars for surface preparation for facades, interior walls of buildings, floors, ceilings, putty" "Scialbatura" "in buckets of 25 kg., Is the pasty cement and limestone mixture with the addition of acrylic polymer binder - 36 gallons; putty "" Stucco Malta 6 "" in buckets of 25 kg., is the pastobodibnu cement-limestone mix - vider.Vsoho 28 - 64 buckets.. "ITALY0UA30506016001120.797043 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173214109090"1.Shpaklivky for painting operations, construction, packaged in bags of 25 kg, based adhesive composition: cement 20% mineral admixture, chemical admixture 5% Êðîøêà 75% chloride content-max: 0.01 % absorptsiya water max 0.5 kg (m2 min.0,5), penetration ratio vodyanohoho couple: 15/35, durability, frost: -FM.T piaskowa 25 kg Zaprawa murarska, art.43729, kilk.-48 bags 25kh.-FX600 Flex 25 kg Zaprawa klejowa, art.-45443, kilk.-192 bags of 25 kg.; - VM.T biala 25 kg Zaprawa murarska, art.-43841, kilk.-192 bags of 25 kg .; - VM.T stalowa 25 kg Zaprawa murarska, art.-43855, kilk.-192 bags of 25 kg.; - FM.T szara 25 kg Zaprawa murarska, art.43724, kilk.-96 bags of 25 kg .; -FDS2K 32 kg Zaprawa uszcz elniajaca, art.-45490, kilk.-24 bags of 25kg.; - FX900 Super flex 25 kg zaprawa klejowa, art.-45444, kilk.-96 bags of 25 kg .; -BD2K 30 kg zaprawa uszczelniajaca, art.-85786 , kilk.-16 bags of 30kg.; - UG 5 l gruntowka, art.-48044, kilk.-40 buckets of 5 l., Manufacturer Quick-mix Sp.z oo; Trademark Quick-mix; Country of PL; "POLAND0UA205020218485898.960031
28/Apr/20178429521000"1.Mini tracked excavator designed for civilian use zobertannyam top of 360 *, the new, complete with 3 buckets and odnymshvydkoz'yemnym coupling connection (node ​​boom excavator for fast zaminynavisnoho equipment) JCB 8026 CTS-1am; ser.N: JCB08026KH2501373.Krayina production: GB.Torhovelna brand: JCB.Vyrobnyk: JCB COMPACT PRODUCTS LIMITED.. "UNITED KINGDOM1UA100010283328315.13439
28/Apr/201784313900001.Chastyny ​​designed exclusively donavantazhuvacha front, hanging on with rozroblenohodlya / g tractor for use in agriculture: E art.OL.WV Forks Roll 2 2.0E-buckets capture 2.0 M-1 2.2 E bucket for sypuchyhmaterialiv 2,2m 2 2.0 E bucket for sypuchyhmaterialiv 2.0 M-1 unit. .POLAND0UA20918011402202.000772
28/Apr/20176031980901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -Alchemilla robustica / 60 cm cuff 50sht.-Alstro nadya / 80 cm Alstroemeria -10sht.-Alstro primadonna / 80 cm Alstroemeria 10sht.-Alstro virginia / 80 cm Alstroemeria 10sht.-Amaranthus Green Cord / amaranth 65 cm 120sht.-amaryllis hippeastrum mixed / Amarilis 60 cm -30sht. Small-Ananas / pineapple decorative 50 cm 10sht.-ANTH MARYSIA / cm Anthurium -10sht.- Anth A Tropic Night / Anthurium 90 cm 16sht.-Astil Erika / 75 cm astilbe -20sht.-ASTIL WHASINGTHON / astilbe 060 cm 30sht.-Bouvardia dbl Diamond Darkpink / buvardiya 70 cm -10sht.-Bouvardia dbl mixed in * BUCKETS * / buvardiya 70 cm -50sht.-Bouvardia dbl mixed in * BUCKETS * / buvardiya 60 cm -180sht.-Bouvardia dubb. Diamond Sparkles / buvardiya 70 cm -10sht.-BRUN LAEVIS KAAPS BRUNIA SILVER YOUNG / cm bruniya -20sht.-Brunia Laevis / bruniya 55 cm -20sht.-Brunia laevis bunch / bruniya 50 cm -20sht.-Brunia laevis bunch / 50 bruniya cm -20sht.-Brunia laevis bunch / bruniya 40 cm -60sht.-Brunia laevis bunch / bruniya 35 cm -60sht.- calla zantedeschia Call Gold / 70 cm -200sht. calla-calla zantedeschia Cantor / Kalla 80 cm 80sht.- calla zantedeschia Innocence / 75 cm -150sht. calla-calla zantedeschia Red Alert / Kalla 65 cm -10sht.-Chame Un Eden / hamelautsium 60 cm -50sht.-Chame Un Eden / hamelautsium 50 cm -25sht.-Chamel Knop Rood Super / hamelautsium 75 cm -50sht.-Chamelaucium barbara wilson / hamelautsium 45 cm -75sht.-Corylus avellana Contorta / kortateriya 100 cm -10sht.-Craspedia / kraspediya 70 cm -50sht.-Craspedia / kraspediya 70 cm -50sht.-DELPH AJ BLAUW L OV lavendercolor / delphinium 080 cm -50sht.-Delph donna / delphinium 90 cm -40sht.-Delph el du dewi spijker / delphinium 80 cm -40sht.-Delph en bel volkerfri / delphinium 60 cm 50sht.-Eryngium Orion / erinhium 60 cm -20sht.-Eryngium Orion / erinhium 60 cm -10sht.-Eryngium Orion / erinhium 60 cm -20sht.-Eryngium Sirius Questar / erinhium 50 cm 30sht.-Eus G Rosi Blue / eustoma 70 cm -40sht.-EUST E FIORET LAVEND / cm eustoma -50sht.-Eust G Cor Apricot / eustoma 30 cm -20sht.-Eust G Excal Blue Pi / eustoma 70 cm 30sht.-Eust G Excal Blue Pi / eustoma 60 cm 40sht.-Eust G Excal Blue Pi / eustoma 55 cm 40sht.-EUST G ROSI HOT LIPS / eustoma 075 cm 80sht.-EUST G ROSITA BLUE / eustoma 075 cm 20sht.-Eust G Rosita Blue / eustoma 55 cm -30sht.-Eust G Rosita Blue / eustoma 55 cm -40sht.-Eust G Rosita Blue / eustoma 60 cm -20sht.-Eust G Rosita Blue / eustoma 55 cm -10sht.-EUST G ROSITA ROSE P / eustoma 075 cm 20sht.-Eust G Rosita Rose P / eustoma 40 cm 80sht.-EUST G ROSITA WHITE / eustoma 075 cm 80sht.-EUST G ROSITA WHITE / eustoma 075 cm 160sht.-EUST G ROSITA WHITE / eustoma 070 cm 100sht.-Eust G Rosita White / eustoma 45 cm 30sht.-Eust G Rosita White / eustoma 38 cm 160sht.-Eust G Rosita White / eustoma 50 cm 10sht.-Fr Du Soleil / cm freesia -50sht.-Fr Du Versailles / Freesia 50 cm -50sht.-FR EN AMBIANCE / 050 cm freesia -50sht.-Freesia dbl Riga / 40 cm freesia -450sht .-Freesia dbl Virginia / Freesia 52 cm 200sht.-Freesia en Ambiance / 52 cm freesia 100sht.-Freesia en Ambiance / 52 cm freesia 100sht.-Freesia en Ambiance / 54 cm freesia -50sht.-Freesia en Ambiance / Freesia 52 cm 150sht.-Freesia en mix ANETHERLANDS0UA10001022442189.695231
28/Apr/20173816000000"1.Vohnetryvka weight: SINDOMIX M 11301 - 8 to 25kg bags, SINDOMIX C 11 309 - 180 packages to 25 kg, SINDOMIX M 11 302 - 8 to 25kg bags, Sindo-Plast 409- 40 Kuskov on 12,5kh, Sindo Ram 409 - 176 buckets to 25kg, Sinmamix M 12321- 2 met.korobky on 0,9kh, Sinmamix M 12321- 2 met.korobky on 0,15kh, Refractory mass is used for lining the converter vapnyakovoperyklazovymy (dolomite) vohnetryvamy.Vohnetryvkyy mortar used in the installation of the converter lance .Vmist: -for SINDOMIX M 11301: MgO-38.5%, CaO-59.4%, SiO2-0.9%, Al2O3-0.5%, Fe2O3-0.5%, Mn3O4-0.1%; - for SINDOMIX C 11309: MgO-38.9%, CaO-59.0%, SiO2-0.9%, Al2O3-0.5%, Fe2O3-0.6%, Mn3O4-0.1%; -for SINDOMIX M 11302: MgO-36.2%, CaO-56.0%, SiO2-4.9%, Al2O3-1.2% , Fe2O3-1.0%, Mn3O4-0.1 %, CO2-17.4%; - for Sindo-Plast 409: CaO-58.2%, MgO-38.0%, SiO2-2.6%, Al2O3-0.5%, Fe2O3-0.5%, Mn3O4-0.1%, TiO2 <0.1%; - for Sindo Ram 409: CaO-58.5%, MgO-39.0%, SiO2-1.3%, Al2O3-0.5%, Fe2O3-0.5%, Mn3O4-0.1%, TiO2 <0.1%; - for Sinmamix M 12321: SiO2-0.7% , Fe2O3-6.0%, CaO-2.5%, MgO-90.0% temperature browsing orystannya (fire resistance) - 1600-1650 grams. by Tselsiyem.Vyrobnyk: Magnesita Refractories GmbH, DETorhivelna Brand: No data. "GERMANY0UA1120709802.17972.775351
28/Apr/201784221900001.Obladnannya for catering, dish-washing machines, front loading machine -kotlomyyochna, electronic programming basket 570h570mm, performance 15 - 30 baskets / hour useful height kamera640mm, double boiler, built-in clinic opoliskuyuchyh means. In komplektikorzyna stainless steel racks buckets, 380V, 3 + N, 9000Vt, 750h685h1720mm, art.ALP 43 -1sht.Krayina production - IT.Torhovelna mark - ATAVyrobnyk - ATA SRL.ITALY1UA1000201352067.022095
28/Apr/20173214101090"1.Komponenty polysulfide sealant for insulating two-component KATPLAST: Second Best A Comp Thiokol base component - Component" "A" "two-component polysulfide sealant for insulating glass" "KATPLAST 399" "(4 metal barrels, the number of products in a 190 liter barrel) - 760l; Second Best B Comp Thiokol Curing Component - Component "" B "" two-component polysulfide sealant for insulating glass "" KATPLAST 399 "" (4 buckets of metal, the number of products in a bucket of 19 liters) - 76l.First Best a Comp Thiokol base component - Component "" A "" two-component polysulfide sealant for insulating glass "" KATPLAST 400 "" (2 bocho k metal, the number of products in a barrel 190 liter) - 380l; First Best B Comp Thiokol Curing Component - Component "" B "" sealant polysulfide two-component for glass "" KATPLAST 400 "" (2 buckets of metal, the number of products in a bucket 19 liters) - 38l.Dvokomponentnyy polysulfide sealant KATPLAST, designed for secondary hemetyzatsiyi windows, made up of components A and B components spivivdnoshennya by volume 10: 1.Butylovyy sealant for insulating glass HOTMELT "" KATPLAST 350 "" - 21kh, the number - 3 to 7kg cardboard barrels, intended for secondary hemetyzatsiyi sklopak tiv.Butylovyy sealant for insulating glass BUTYL "" KATPLAST 300 '' - 30kg, the number - 4 in cardboard barrels 7,5kh designed for primary hemetyzatsiyi sklopaketiv.Ne in aerosol packaging does not contain rozchynnykiv.Vyrobnyk KATSAN KIMYA SANAYI VE TIC. AS, TurechchynaKrayina production TRTorhovelna mark KATPLAST "TURKEY0UA12511023873141.498132
28/Apr/20173824907000"1." "Syloterm EP-6" "in buckets to 15kg-3000kg produced according to TU 2257-002-33680530-03," "Syloterm EP-71" "in buckets to 15kg - 1500kh made by TU2257-003-33680530 -03. "" Syloterm EP-71 "" -250 katridzhej on 0,4kh - 100kg made by TU2257-003-33680530-03. "" Syloterm EP-6 "" in buckets in 1kg-100kg manufactured according to TU 2257- 002-33680530-03, intended for fire-proof coating and metal cables at nuclear power plants, thermal power plants. not for retailers. "" not in aerosol packaging "" Trademark "" Эloks-Prom "" Manufacturer: AO "" Эloks-Prom " ". Country of origin: RU."RUSSIA0UA8071702501997.690673
27/Apr/20173214900090"1.Shtukaturka mineral rents baranek transpo-TV15 1.5 mm 42sht in mishkahpo 25kg paper, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% derivatives and to voice applications (plasticizers) -30 .Shtukaturka% mineral kornik transparent 2,0mm-TK20 42sht in paper bags po25 kg, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% and required applications (plasticizers) -30%. Plasterer ka mineral kornik color TK20 E50 2.0 mm, 10 pieces in paper bags po25kh, which is a powder mixture with us tupnymy components: cement to fill 30% of vachamy (sand) and 40% should be added kami (plasticizers) -29% 1% dye. Plastering acrylic baranek: base, 20pcs TAV1.5mm C; A base TAB 2.0mm, 100 pieces in plastic buckets 25kg which is a pasty mixture of the following composition nicks: sand-filling 40% pisokmarmu ditches 10% Supplement ((in, plasticizers) - 50%. Shtukaturkasylikono wa ba ranek base C TXB-20pcs 1.5mm in reservoir mass 25kg buckets, whichrepresents the pasty mixture with the following complex kami, fillers (sand, 40% resin Seeley and Konova 25%), acrylic copolymer dispersion of new 15% Silicon applications vodovidshtov huyuchi 5% modifying applications ( 0.5%) - 15%. Powdered mixture while adding water is used for setting yakkleyucha substance to hone us and ceilings of buildings to vaty.Kley mineral wool KW-84sht in Pape rovyh bags of 25kg has nastupnisklad nicks: filler (cement 50% pisok- 30%) modifying applications (plasticizers) -20% Scope defined vyrobnykom- andconstruction repair. "POLAND0UA20920079504090.234954
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРТО ФРАНКО."""
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл. м.Ужгород, вул. 8-го Березня буд. 23 кв. 10
Exporter Name Vencolor S.A.S. di Huchela Nataliya & C.
Product Description
"1 Mortars for surface preparation for facades, in.........
HS Code 3214900090Value 1120.797043
Quantity 0Unit UA305060
Net Weight 1600
Origin Country ITALY

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