Ukraine Import Data of Brush Comb Set | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brush Comb Set

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brush comb set collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brush comb set imports.

Brush Comb Set Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brush Comb Set

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of brush comb set. Get Ukraine trade data of Brush Comb Set imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201785129090901. Humanitarian aid, the sale is prohibited: - hygiene kits (hand towels, towel / washcloth, comb, nail file dlyanihtiv, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, patches), 560 locations, 13,440 sets. .BELGIUM0UA12511038.517933.5501209 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178525803000"1.Kvadrokopter trademark DJI Mavic Pro models with GPS-receiver, a radio equipment (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n), complete with radio remote control model GL200A and charger models F1C50; is a radio-controlled flying device with four brushless electric motors, and camera-equipped Mavic Gimbal camera, which makes recording videos and pictures on the memory card, micro-SD up to 64 GB and is intended for video and fotoz'yomky; Components Mavic Pro FLY MORE COMBO, serial numbers towers kvadrokopteriv S / N: 08QDDB7A1201WC; 08QDDBWA1201YU; 08QDE4C012017P; 08QD E4D012008V; 08QDE4D0120274; 08QDE4E012004N; 08QDE4E01200ME; 08QDE4E01201RV; 08QDE4E01201XG; 08QDE4E01201XT; 08QDE4E012029J; 08QDE4E01202DE; 08QDE4E01202GT; 08QDE4E01202L8; 08QDE4E01202P3; 08QDE4E01202QR; 08QDE4E01202Z7; 08QDE4E01202ZV; 08QDE4E012031S; 08QDE4E012035F; 08QDE4F012039J; 08QDE4F012039R; 08QDE4F01203B3; 08QDE4F01203B5; 08QDE4F01203BH; 08QUE3G00108DW; 08QUE4700102CD; 08QUE4800102 5X ; 08QUE4800102RB; 08QUE4800102Y9; 08QUE4900100EF; 08QUE4900100G7; 08QUE4900100P3; 08QUE4900101FV; 08QUE4900101NY; 08QUE490010350; 08QUE490010395; 08QUE4900105LC; 08QUE4A00100KR; 08QUE4A00102DP; 08QUE4A00102P9; 08QUE4A001033X; 08QUE4A00103HV; 08QUE4B0010HZC; 08QUE4B0010JB2; 08QUE4B0010JGZ; 08QUE4B0010JT3; 08QUE4B0010JZ6; 08QUE4B0010KUL; 08QUE4B0010L4B, Total - 50 pcs., In komplekttsiyu Mavic Pro FLY MORE COMBO additionally include two sets of propellers, two battery charger hub, car charger adapter for connecting mobile devices to the battery Mavic and chehol; Specifications: civil purposes, controlled by radio from the ground with radio equipment (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n); weight (including battery and propellers) - 734 g (without hood suspension) 743 g (with cover suspension); Maximum take-off speed - 5 m / s maximum speed landing - 3 m / s; maximum speed - 65 km / h, the maximum altitude - 300 m; maks.chas flight - about 27 minutes, the maximum range - up to 4000 m; Operating Temperature - 0 ° C to 40 ° C; GPS Receiver, working frequency of 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz; Broadband Radio Access the maximum transmitter power - 15.85 MW (12.00 dBm) Antenna Type - Integrated, camera Mavic Gimbal Camera, size 5 x 5 x 10 cm; Video Formats: UHD: 4096h2160 (4K) 24 / 25p 3840h2160 (4K) 24/25 / 30p2704h1520 (2,7K) 24/25 / 30p; FHD: 1920x1080 24/25/30/48/50/60 / 120pHD: 1280x720 24/25/30/48/50 / 60pshvydkist shutter - 8s - 1 / 8000s; Maximum resolution pictures - 4000 x 3000, the maximum data transfer rate - 60 MbpsISO range: 100-3200 (video) 100-1600 (photo); Sensor 1 / 2,3 "" Effective pixels: 12 M; lenses FOV (Field Of View) 94hrad. 20mm (35mm format equivalent) f / 2,8 focus; Card SD - Micro SD, Max capacity: 64GB, Class 10 UHS-1 or rating requiredTorhivelna mark DJIVyrobnyk SZ DJI Technology Co.LtdKrayina production CN "CHINA50UA10020013050752.37508
20/Apr/20179603909100"1.Schitky for the care of horses, brush with synthetic bristles for plastic osnovi- 49sht .: (26004 - 1 pc., 26030 - 14sht., 26056 - 1pc., 26129- 19sht., 26200 - 14sht.) Brush with natural pile on a wooden base -11sht .: (26035 - 1 pc., 26036 - 5pcs., 26038 - 1 pc., 26039 - 3pc., 26041- 1pc.) Brush-currycomb plastic - 37sht .: (26080 - 35 pcs., 26115 - 2 pcs.) brush-currycomb of nonporous vulcanized rubber, not medical -23sht .: (26063 - 22sht., 26162 - 1pc.) a set of brushes with synthetic bristles naplastmasoviy basis (6 pcs. in the set) -5naboriv (30sht .): (26,245 - 4nabory, 26250 - 1nabir). Total -150sht.Torhova Horze.Vyrobnyk grade: F INN-TACK LTD, Netherlands NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA40303021.41140.7865179
19/Apr/20179508900000"1.Rekvizyty / decoration of preparation and holding of the international song contest" "Eurovision" contest "in 2017 in Ukraine (the product is not for sale): - Royal fake, material MDF Qty: 1 pcs .; - Podium, MDF material, Qty: 1 pcs .; - Spiral staircase material MDF Qty: 1 pcs .; - pedestal, material MDF Qty: 1 pcs .; - microphone stand, material aluminum Qty: 1 piece . - pedestal roller (MDF, steel) Amount: 1 pcs .; - inflatable PVC ball (complete with wiring, plastic tube for inflation, repair kits for the balloon, bag storage, rope, ant PE6 and combustible liquids, electric blower PB-20N to inflate balls) Qty: 1 pcs .; - inflatable PVC ball (complete with wiring, plastic tube for inflation, repair kits for the balloon, bag storage, PE6 anti flammable liquid ) Qty: 1 pc., trademark StagingVyrobnyk Blackfriars Blackfriars Staging Ltd - rope (with nylon thread) for inflatable balls length 200m, diameter 11mm, Qty: 1 pc. ; Trademark TechnoraVyrobnyk Technora - MDF frames decor props on stage 4000x900x25mm, Qty: 4 pcs .; - Felt 10 m. Roll gray 60% viskoza40% wool (size - 1000x100x100mm), Qty: 1 pcs .; - MDF chair with a soft seat to the fake piano, Qty: 1 pcs .; - Set for coloring paints, fire resistant mortar and devices for applying: 1 x 2.5 liter Emulsion water-based paints (color -yellow), 1 x 1 liter water-based paints (color -rozhevyy), 1 x 5 liters of flammable liquid anti PE6 (aqueous solution of organic and inorganic fireproof material (salt of phosphorus and halogens)), 1 x brush, paint roller 1 x 1 x tray of paint Qty: 1 pc., trademark Blackfriars Blackfriars StagingVyrobnyk Staging LtdKrayina production GB "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1001107285501.593055
19/Apr/20178510200000"1.Elektrychni machine new: Set dlyapidstryhannya hair: dlyapidstryhannya machine with accessories (attachments, comb, scissors, brush, oil) HAIRCLIPPER MAGIO art. MG-589 - 300sht, Country of origin: CN; The manufacturer: Premier Pacific HK Ltd ; trade mark: MAGIO.. "CHINA300UA125230120719.9999821
18/Apr/20178433510000"1-propelled harvesting combines. Harvesters: CLAAS Lexion 670- 1pc, New. Year 2017. Machine number: C7400679 number of engine: PK3S0005N00531CTehnichni data Engine PERKINS 2206D K, power 308/419 kW / hp. (By ECE R120). Amnesty grain tank 11000l., reinforced. two-stage reduktoroborotiv beater, extraction of dust from the inclined camera podribnyuvachsolomy STANDART CUT, tilt the camera - AUTOCONTOUR, electric rehulyuvannyadeflektoriv solomorozkydacha. Versatile set of tools. Tehnichnadokumentatsiya. parts catalog, instruction manual. Tires ne edni800 / 70R32 175A8, tires rear 500 / 70R24 IMP 8LX275. Set conversion naobmolot corn. Drive console standard capacity of 80 kW., farkopavtomatychnyy, TELEMATICS Basic, supplies if perevynnya permissible shyrynybilshe 3 m brush line radiator kvantymetr constant zamiromvolohosti , inklynometr - sensor angle to kvantymetra. In chastkovorozibranomu state (wheel-4pcs.) for transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Selbstfanrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH.Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY1UA12528015067.292209173.9534
14/Apr/20176804225000"1.Instrumenty removable for machine tools for processing holes in the repair of internal combustion engines with working part of materials that avoid the use of natural or synthetic diamond for civil bar promyslovostiHoninhuvalnyy art.RY24J49-50 sht.Honinhuvalnyy bar art.CR12-10 pieces. set honing bars, set of 4 pieces art.M27J45-10 sht.Shlifuvalnyy art.BSW002-2 circle pc. grinding wheel art.GV-280-10 sht.Honinhuvalni brush, set of 4 pieces art.514-9-14H- 1shtvyrobnyk Sunnen, Rottler Manufacturing LLC, Goodson; trademark Sunnen, Rottler, Goodson; Kra yina production US.. "UNITED STATES0UA12525023.3643077.899669
12/Apr/20179605000000"1.Nabory road usedfor personal hygiene: Set of roads (hair brush, comb, zubnaschitka, scissors, nail file, pliers) -plastmasa / metal art.D2100 (kod754798) -126up, Mothercare Brand, Trademark Mothercare;."CHINA0UA10011037.8523.1137975
11/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky sets of children's toys in stock: 3881741 games. N-p-potter 6 pcs. (Plastic with metal) 4,529,980 n, the dinosaur-3pc. (PLASTMASA100%) 4,529,982 games. N, the wild animals -11sht . (100% plastic) 4,705,192 games. rfruktiv H-8 pieces. (plastic + paper); 4,715,327 games. H was to play in the yard, 4 pieces. (100% plastic) 5732846 ihr.n Mr. ducks bathing-3pc. (GUM 100%) 5733309ihr. sword with soapy water for throwing bubbles, 6 pcs. (plastics) 5733310 games. sword with soapy water for throwing bubbles, 16sht. (plastics) 5733311 games. sword with soapy water for throwing mylnyhbulbashok -16sht. (Plastics) 5763400 games. H, the machine-trailer tahvyntokryl 10pc. (100% plastic) 5,766,920 n, the creativity-4 pieces. (Paper 60% Plastics 40%), 5775421 games. H p Kitchen 2 pcs. (plastic 100%), 5887345 games. H rposudu, 2 pcs. (plastic) 5,891,497 n p creativity, 2 pcs. (Paper 60% PLASTMASA40%) 5,938,305 games. H, the machines 4 pieces-6 pcs. (METAL: 90% plastic, 10%); 5945352ihr. N-p ri drill and okulya -24sht. (Products: 100%); 5963500 games. H rbahatorivneva parking, 12p. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 5963590 games. H-6 pieces rbahatorivneva parking. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 6009661 ihr.Kantselyarskyy n-district 4 pieces. (Paper 60% Plastics 40%); 6009677 games. Kantselyarskyyn-district 4 pieces. (Paper 80% Plastics 20%); 6009693 games. n, the creativity-4 pieces. (Plastics 70% Paper: 30%); 6009696 games. Stationery and-district 4 pieces. (Paper 60% Plastics 40%); 6009708 games. Mirror, comb, brush 12pcs. (Products: 100%); 6009719 games. n, the creativity-4 pieces. (Plastics 60% Paper: 40%); 6009744 games. N-p-hairstyles 4 pieces. (Products: 100%) Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - SMIKIVyrobnyk - SMYK SA "CHINA0UA10001095.3840.3678562
11/Apr/201739263000901. Spare parts made of plastic, decorative to passenger cars, new, art.009331221A - PLASTIC MILLING-1 pc. Art 0128101371 - CLIPSPPLASTIC-1 pc. Art.0155305233 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs. Art. 0155305933 - KLIPSAPPLASTIKOVA-16 pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-14pcs.Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIENT-4pcs. Art.0155305933-CLIPS PLASTICOVA-2pcs. Art 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-10pcs. Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs.Art.0155309611 - PLASTIC CLIPS-5pcs.Art.0155309611-PLASTIC CLIPS-3pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-7pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS-10pcs.Art.0155330001 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs.Art.165544BE0A -PRODUCTION PLASTIC-1 pc. Art.165544BE0D - AIR-PLASTIC-1 str. ART.175715L30A - PLASTIC PLATES-8pcs. Art.175748H300 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 2.14401LA0A - RADIATOR-PLASTIC-1pc. Art.214401LA0A - ZAGLUSHKARADIATOR-1 pc. Ar t.243824BA0D - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE COMBINING UNIT-1pc. 2443824BA1B - CHAIN ​​OF STOPPING UNIT-1 pc. Art.243824BE0A - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE STOPPING UNIT-1pc.Art.2438351E00 - PLASTIC CORROSION BLOCAREL-1 pc. Art.27276JN20A - PLASTIC CORPUS FILTER-1pc.Art.286584CD4A -FEATER MASTER PHAR-1 pc. Art.321031MG0B - PLASTIC CUTTING-1pcs. Art.331414N20A- SETTING UP ROOF-1 pc. Art.403431CJ4A - PLASTIC KOVPACKOLESA-4pcs.Art.62319AU000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.628223UC0A - PLASTIC MANAGER AIR-1pc. Art.638241CJ0A - SET OF PLASTIC BRUSHERS-1pc. Arth. 638424CB0A - FRONT RIDGE BUTTON-1pc. Art.63843EL05B - ​​PIRTS-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.6384835F00 - PLASTIC CLIPS - 2pcs. Art.638544CE0A - FRONT PLASTIC BROKEN K-T-1sht. Art.638601CB0B -TLEARING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc.Art.638601CB0B- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.638604CE0A - ACCESSORIES OF THE FRONT PATTERN-1 6.38604CE0A - Lining of the front wing-1pc. Art.638614CE0A - Arkaiklya-1 str.Art.638614CE0A- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.684114BA1A - PLASTIC LABELING-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs. Art.727511LA0A - MOLDING-1 st.arts.727524CC0B - MOLDING OF LOB SHOW-1pc. Art.739104CD5A - CARD STELI-1 - BALL (PLAS) -8pcs. Art.76848JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.76848JG00B - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.768501CJ5A - WRAP CLEANING-1pcs. 7.768501CJ5A - 1-piece paste.Art.76881JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS-12p. Art.768820M000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-8pcs.Art.768820M060 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 7.788124CE0A - PLASTIC BACK-1 PLASTIC BLOCK. Art.788601CB0B - PLASTIC IMOLINDINGS-1pc.Art.788604CE0A - LINING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.788611CB0B - MOLDINGS WHEELS-1 pc.Art.788614CE0A - MOLDING ARKY WHEEL-1 st. Art.808701CJ1A- PLASTIC MOLDINGS-1pcs. Art.828764CE0A - MOLDING OF REAR DOORS-1 - PLASTIC LABEL-1 pc.Art.88989JG00C - Lining on top of 1 pc.Art.84920JN20A - PLASTIC LABEL-1pc.Art.84966JN90JAPAN0UA12519016.9891425.835086
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Brush Comb Set Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brush Comb Set Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РОБЕРТ БОШ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
02660, М. КИЇВ, ВУЛ. КРАЙНЯ, 1
Product Description
1. Humanitarian aid, the sale is prohibited: - hyg.........
HS Code 8512909090Value 933.5501209
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 38.517
Origin Country BELGIUM

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