Ukraine Import Data of Brown Ink | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brown Ink

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brown ink collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brown ink imports.

Brown Ink Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brown Ink

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176907908000Unglazed ceramic 1.Plytka from rough first (ordinary ceramics) for oblytsyuvannyastin and floors in stock: CLOUD ROS A KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2, CLOUD ROSASTOPNICA PROSTA 30X30 G1 -2,7m2, CLOUD R OSA KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2 , SEMIRBEI GE PODSTOPNICA 14,8X30 G1 -89m2, CLOUD B ROWN KLINKIER DURO 30X30 G1-3,96m2, SEM IR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -8sht, SEMIR BROWNKAPINOS STOPNICA PR OSTA 30X33 G1 -88sht, CLOUD BROWN PARAPET 30X14,8 G1 -198sht, NATURAL BROWN PODSTOP NICA DURO 14,8X30 G1 -3,56m2, NATURAL BR OWN KLINKIER DURO30X30 G1 -31,68m2, NAT URAL BROWN STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1-3,6m2, CLOUD ROSA STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1 - 8,1m2, SEMIR BEIGE KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -10sht, SEMIR BEIG E KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1-90sht.POLAND18286UA2091804616.422226.106044 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20176908905100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed wall and floor, curbs, VSTAVKA1 SORT, coated on the front surface, the surface is not more than 90 cm2, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,5 PENCIL WHITE; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,5 PENCIL dark green; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,5 PENCIL beige matte -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,5 PENCIL light yellow; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,5 PENCIL braids brown; -KERAMICHNA BOX 4,9H4,9 Vicenza beige, -KERAMICHNA BOX BROWN 4,9H4,9 Vicenza, Vicenza 4,9H4,9 -KERAMICHNA BOX BROWN dark; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20X3 Lazio, -KERAMICHNYY BOR DYUR 20H3,6 Marciano silver -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H3,6 Marciano gold -KERAMICHNYY curb 15H3 BAHET Gragnano red, -KERAMICHNYY curb BAHET Vicenza beige 15H3, 15H3 -KERAMICHNYY curb BAHET Vicenza brown; -KERAMICHNYY curb 15H3 BAHET Murano pink; -KERAMICHNYY 15H3 curb BAHET Murano blue; -KERAMICHNYY curb BAHET Murano GRAY 15H3, 15H3 -KERAMICHNYY curb BAHET Murano white; -KERAMICHNYY B ORDYUR 25H2 PENCIL PLATINUM matte -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H2 PENCIL GOLDEN BEACH dark beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20X2 PENCIL cells; -KERAMICHNYY PENCIL Lin curb 20X2 YANO WHITE, 20X2 -KERAMICHNYY curb curbs gold -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H0,6 PENCIL beads transparent; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20X0,6 Beads RED PENCIL, PENCIL -KERAMICHNYY curb 20X0,6 beaded pink; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H0,6 PENCIL beads platinum; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,4 PENCIL WHITE beads silver -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,4 PENCIL BLACK beads silver beads -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,4 beige matte beads -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H1,4 GRAY matte -KERAMICHNYY curb 30X2,5 VIRDZHYLIANO GRAY boards, -KERAMICHNYY curb 9,9H3 KAPRI maiolica; -KERAMICHNA BOX 4,9H4,9 Golden Beach Light beige, -KERAMICHNA 4,9H4,9 BOX GOLD BEACH dark beige, -KERAMICHNA BOX 8x8 triumph. "RUSSIA60765UA408150107.6841278.677668
28/Apr/20176911100000"1.Posud dining room, kitchen with porcelain: - art. 33370 - Plate deep 26cm-156sht. - art.33369 -Tarilka level -156sht.- art.33004 -Tarilka 24cm 24cm flat -648sht.- art.00863 -Tarilka 29sm flat -456sht.- art.32985 -Tarilka deep 28cm-240sht.- art.33373 - Bowl 16cm deep -72sht.- art.00696 - Plate flat 24cm -48sht.- art.00851 - Plate deep 30cm-24sht.- art.33331 - Plate flat 24cm, purple -1sht. art. 33332 -Tarilka flat 24cm, brown -1sht. art. 33333 -Tarilka 24cm flat, gray -1sht.- art.33334 -Tarilka flat 24cm, blue -1sht .- art. 33335 - Plate flat 33cm, black / gold -1sht.- art. 00859 - Golden Plate deep 26cm -1sht.- at art. 33337 - Plate 25cm square, black / silver -1sht.- art. 33274 -Tarilka flat 24cm white -1sht.- art. 33275 - Plate flat 24cm, green -1sht.- art. 33276 - Plate flat 24cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33277 - Plate flat 24cm, pink -1sht.- art. 33278 - 200 ml cup of coffee, white -1sht.- art. 33279 - 200 ml cup of coffee, green -1sht.- art. 33280 - 200 ml cup of coffee, blue -1sht.- art. 33281 - 200 ml cup of coffee, pink -1sht.- art. 33282 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, white -1sht. Art. 33,283 Saucer coffee pidchashku 15cm, green -1sht.- art. 33284 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33285 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, pink -1sht.- art. 33286 - Plate flat 24cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33287 - Plate flat 24cm, green -1sht.- art. 33288 - Plate flat 24cm, red -1sht.- art. 33289 - Plate flat 24cm orange -1sht.- art. 33290 - Plate flat 24cm, yellow -1sht.- art. 33291 - 200 ml cup of coffee, blue -1sht.- art. 33292 - 200 ml cup of coffee, lime -1sht.- art. 33293 - 200 ml cup of coffee, red -1sht.- art. 33294 - 200 ml cup of coffee, orange -1sht.- art. 33295 - 200 ml cup of coffee, yellow -1sht.- art. 33296 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33297 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, green -1sht.- art. 33298 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, red -1sht.- art. 33299 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, orange -1sht.- art. 33300 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, yellow -1sht.Torhovelna mark: RAK PORCELAINKrayina production: AEVyrobnyk: RAK PORCELAIN EUROPE SA "UNITED ARAB EMIRATES0UA1251801183.032419.53011
28/Apr/20173208209090"1. The products on the basis of acrylic polymers in non-aqueous medium rozchyneni, notin aerosol packaging contain no drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursory listed determined by the CMU 770 from 06.05.2010r N .: Emalbazova VK-8000 (structure, type of polymer - acrylic copolymer, 63%-solvents (toluene 0.1%), pigment - 1%, fillers - no): chёrnaya VK-8000 (3,5l) - 72 pieces; korychnevaya VK-8010 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Krasnodon korychnevaya VK-8011 (1 liter) - 12 pieces; kashtanovaya VK-8012 (1 liter) - 12 pieces, belaya VK-8020 (3,5l) - 12 pcs, crystal-belayaVK 8021 (1 liter) - 18 pcs, Krasnaya VK-8030 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; dark Krasnaya VK-8031 (1L) -6 pieces; Zé lёnaya VK-8051 (1 liter) - 12 units; Silver-melkoe Average grain VK-8104 (1 liter) - 18 pieces; zernystaya Silver light-VK-8106 (1 liter) - 18 pieces; serebryanayastandartnaya light-VK-8107 (3,5l ) - 12 pieces, golden Silver VK-8108 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Silver odnorodnaya VK-8109 (3,5l) - 6 pieces; blue pearl VK-8206 (1L) - 18sht; zelёnыy pearl VK-8207 (1L) - 6 pieces; fyoletovыy pearl VK-821 1 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Red platinum ottenka VK-8301 (1L) - pcs 6; Enamel Acrylic VK-7000 (structure, type of polymer -akrylovyy copolymer, -67% solvents (toluene 0.1%) 1% pigments, fillers -vidsutni): brown-zhёltaya VK-7010 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Belaya VK-7020 (3,5l) - 12 pieces; Krasnaya VK-7030 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; red-oranzhevayaVK-1L 7031) - 18 pieces; Krasnaya pink-VK-7033 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Krasnaya nasыschennayaVK-7034 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; zheltaya bright-VK-7045 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; zelenaya VK-7051 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; red-purple VK-7072 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Acrylic Enamel nyzkokontsentrovanaVK 9000 (composition: copolymer -akrylovyy type polymer, solvents -57.5% (toluol0,2%) -1.5% pigments, fillers -vidsutni): Belaya VK-9003 (1 liter) - 6 pcs. Trademark: VIKAVyrobnyk: Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBAKrayina production: BE "BELGIUM0UA1001306153599.335223
28/Apr/20173923301000"1.Vyroby plastic products for packaging capacity of not more than 2 liters: 250 ml korpusflakona. K / B 250 / 78.40-9021 brown - 20250 pcs. Body bottle ml.K 500 / B 500 / 133.40-01 White - 20400 pieces. 300 ml bottle body. K / B 300 / 92.2-01 bilyy- 20,345 pcs. 400 ml bottle body. K / B 400 / 125-2018 gray - 20020 pcs. Beznapysiv with smooth corrugated surface. not for medical or farmatsevtychnohopryznachennya. Figurative trademark posluh- available. not intended for usage ting food industry chyproduktsiyi agriculture. Non-alcoholic drinks. for use in lasnomu production for packaging cosmetic and hygienic produktsiyi.Torhovelna mark "" Hromyn "". Country of origin: BY.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Hromyn ".". "BELARUS81015UA10102021938730.883391
28/Apr/20173207100000"1.Sumishevi products which include inorganic pigments (spolukykobaltu, zinc, iron, chromium, zirconium) dispersed in non-aqueous medium (carboxylic acid ester) with the addition of other inorganic compounds. Masovachastka volatile substances is 89,9-97,4 % wt., film-forming (bonding) no matter: -Produkt KX bLUE 9286 (blue ink) -220kh, -Produkt KX REDBROWN 9288 (red-ink Neve Ćorić) -680kh.-Produkt KX yELLOW 9287 (yellow ink) - 400kg, -Produkt KX bLACK 9303 (black ink) - 340kh used to dekoruvannyakeramichnoyi plytky.Vyrobnyk - "" Zschimmer & S chwarz Espana, SA "", IspaniyaTorhivelna Brand: ZSChKrayina production: ES. "SPAIN0UA807170164018680.27599
28/Apr/20173304200000"1.Hel eyebrow / Eyebrow styling gel Art. 5080 (brown tone) 5,6ml art. 5080-600sht. PALLET eyeshadow #Amazingeyes / Eyeshadow palette # Amazingeyesart. 5151 10g art. 5151-162sht. Tricolor eyeshadow Masterly trio / trio eyeshadows Masterfultrio tone "" Nochnaya haze "" 3g art. 5480 -108sht. povikVirtuozne tricolor shadow trio / trio eyeshadows Masterful trio tone "" Golden sand "" 3g art. 5481-72sht. tricolor eyeshadow trio virtuoso / trio eyeshadows Masterfultrio tone "" Syrenevyy horizon "" 3g art. 5482 -72sht. povikVirtuozne tricolor shadow trio / trio eyeshadows Masterful trio tone Morskoy breeze 3g art. 5483-72sht. Liquid Eyeshadow Halaktych for travel / Liquid eyeshadows Galactic tripart 5450, a mysterious planet 5,4ml art. 5450 -192sht. Liquid eye povikHalaktychna tour / Liquid eyeshadows Galactic trip Art 5451, blinking Venery5,4ml art. 5451-384sht. Liquid Eyeshadow Galactic journey / Liquid eyeshadows Galactictrip art 5452, weightlessness 5,4ml art. 5452 -192sht. Liquid eye povikHalaktychna tour / Liquid eyeshadows Galactic trip Art 5453, Star Rain 5,4mlart. 5453 -192sht. Liquid Eyeshadow Galactic tour / Liquid eyeshadowsGalactic trip 5454 Art, Space horizon 5,4ml art. 5454-192sht. Sometimes "RUSSIA0UA10011058.52299.283583
28/Apr/201795030041001. Toys in the form of animals other than people m'yakonabyvni: Large pink - LapinRabbit / rabbit -2sht. Large taupe - Lapin Bonbon / rabbit -2sht. Blue 75 cm + giftbox - Lapin Bonbon / rabbit -1sht. Pink 75cm + Gift box - Lapin Bonbon / rabbit -1sht.Brown 75cm + Gift box - Lapin Bonbon / rabbit -1sht. Activity doll - PearlyMouse / mouse -2sht. Elephant XXL / elephant -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: DOUDOUKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Nanjing Yucheng Toy Co LTD Lamb Medium / -3sht sheep. BearSmall / -4sht bear. Bear Medium / -3sht bear. Bear Large / -2sht.Heather bear bear / bear -2sht. Heather bear / bear -3sht. Heather bear- beige 10cm / teddy bear -2sht. Heather rabbit - grey 10 cm / rabbit -2sht. Heather rabbit -grey17 cm / rabbit -2sht. Heather rabbit - grey 22 cm / rabbit -2sht. Heather rabbit- raw10 cm / rabbit -2sht. Heather rabbit -raw 17 cm -2sht. Heather rabbit - raw 22 cm / rabbit -2sht. LES P'TITS COMPAGNONS - beige bear / bear -2sht. LES P'TITSCOMPAGNONS - brown bear / bear -2sht.Torhovelna mark: Histoire d'OursKrayina consumption of production: CNVyrobnyk: Nanjing Yucheng Toy Co LTDCHINA0UA10001038194.5599738
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: EFFECT-COMPLEX for hair restoration (tuba cream mask and serum Royal Care) - 5pcs .; aroma balm against attack. Hair 200ml (tuba) new. - 90sht .; balm for normal hair 450ml olive - 90sht .; Balm PLYUSONDA hair 200ml (tuba) - 15sht .; hair balm egg yolk (450ml new. design) - 270sht .; hair balm TON mahogany shade 03 (tuba 100ml) - 100 pieces .; hair balm TON caramel shade 05 (100 ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm TON shade 06 brown (tubes 100 ml) - 80sht .; hair balm shade 08 TON chocolate milk (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON shade 13 dark chocolate (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON ripe cherry shade 14 (100 ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm shade 16 TON pearl pink (100ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm shade 17 TON Champagne (100ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm mo dtinku 18 TON silver-violet (100ml tube) - 200sht .; Balm for hair shade 19 TON silver (100ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm with Argan and Jojoba oils d / thin. and weakened. Vol. Zmits. and Restore. (450ml OIL) - 90sht .; Balm oils of olive and grape seed d / standards. Vol. Power and Protection (450ml OIL) - 54sht .; Balm-recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-conditioner for shine and elast. Perfect hair 400ml - 72sht .; Conditioning Balm Protective stabiliz. for Zabara. and poshk. hair (500 mL TL HC) - 30sht .; Chamomile balm-conditioner for all hair types 450ml - 18sht .; Balm-lamination for all types of hair (380ml smooth and groomed) - 270sht .; Balm-mask for colored hair (350ml Color Care) - 32sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 450ml) - 36sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 200ml tube) - 45sht .; Balm stimulator to Improve. Perfect hair growth 400ml - 36sht .; Balzam- strengthening sweet and golden mustache hair slope. before prolapse (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-care standards for Rye bran. and slope. to greasy hair (450ml In broth) - 126sht .; Balm-dandruff care for all type. Vol. Perfect 400ml - 36sht .; BEAUTY Balm BB-12 1 indelible for all types of hair (100ml tube smoothly and UHOZHENN) - 243sht .; Volsheb. Spray recovery d / hair indelible. with oil and black cumin extreme. moringa (100 mL Morocco) - 15sht .; Hair styling wax 75ml TL - 96sht .; Gel UKL. hair wet effect MEN (nov.) 100 ml (tube) - 40sht .; Live Conditioning Balm beer hops cones d / zmits. and shine (450ml Tsil.rish.) - 54sht .; The complex asset-dandruff indelible 100ml (tuba) new. - 75sht .; Conditioner Wall. rapid biphasic indelible brilliance 150ml new. - 144sht .; Easy-care spray for all hair types absolute moisture, UV protection (100 mL hydro) - 45sht .; Lightweight balm with lime juice for hair (350ml Cucumber-Lime) - 48sht .; Easy-conditioner with milk "BELARUS0UA1250101223.823850.367436
28/Apr/20173302104000"1.Produkt that is a mixture of aromatic compounds in a solvent used inproduction drinks (contains all yzuyuchi flavor ingredients that provide flavor chyar omat characterizing drink), flavorings for drinks lemon-lime" "QL34701Lemon Lime" "- 8 canister, 200kg, light-colored liquid, to using for the food industry, contains in its composition: propylene glycol, sodium citrate, flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party NA00293913 - 11/04/2017, consume up to 11/04 / 2018r. Aromatyzatordlya lemon drinks "" CT-344-573-5 Lemon "" - 40 -1000 kg canisters, liquid zhovtohokoloru, f use in the food industry, contains in its structure: water, propylene glycol, flavoring substance. Manufactured: Party NA00294790 -18 / 04/2017, consume up to 13/04 / 2018r. flavoring for drinks lemon "" VP-022-180-7Lemon " "- 20 500 kg canister, yellow liquid for use in the food industry, contains in its structure: water, propylene glycol, flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party NA00294950 - Jan. 8/04/2017, consume up to 13/04 / 2018r. aromatyzatordlya rum drinks "" NI-192-566-8 Rum "" - Canister 16 400 kg liquid from light brown to yellow, for use uharchoviy industry; contains in its composition: propylene glycol, aromatyzuyucharechovyna. Manufactured: Party NA00294932 - 19/04/2017, consume up to 14/04 / 2018r.aromatychna mix for beverages (slabokontsent Rowan flavors) Rosemary "" EF-753-715-6 Rosemary "" - 13-260kh canisters, liquid light color for browsing orystannya in the food industry, contains in its composition: propylene glycol, water, flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party NA00294952 - 19/04/2017, consume up to 18/07/2017. aromatychnasumish beverage (slabokontsent Rowan flavor) QL83718Grapefruit- 80kanistriv -2000kh grapefruits, yellow liquid for use uharchoviy industry; contains in its structure: water, ethers hli tseryna ismolyanyh acids Kohler sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate, pirosul fitkaliya, alpha-tocopherol, flavoring substance. Manufactured: Party NA00294839 -19 / 04/2017, consume up to 14/04 / 2018r. aromatic mixtures for beverages (slabokontsentrovanyy flavor) orange WL-177-561-8 Orange - 80 -2000 kg canisters, yellow liquid for Utilization in the food industry; contains inits Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, flavoring substance. Manufactured: partiyaNA00294933 - 19/04/2017, consume up to 16/10/2017. flavorings for beverages tonic "" OT-063-142-7 Tonic "" - 10 canisters, 250 kg, light-colored liquid, for use in the food industry, contains in its composition: propylene glycol, water, flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party NA00294928 - 19/04/2017, consume up to 16/10/2017. Aromatyzatordlya raspberry drinks "" 2Y46154 Raspberry "" - 40 canisters -1000kh vyhlyadisvitlo in red for use in the food industry; contains inits consisting of: propylene glycol, glycerol treatsetat, flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party NA00294914 - 19/04/2017, consume up to 19/04 / 2019r.Aromatychna mix for beverages (slabokontsent "NETHERLANDS0UA20918017620112404.9708
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Brown Ink Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brown Ink Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КЕРАМ-ДЕКОР"""
Importer Address
80383, Львівська обл., Жовківський р-н, с. Малехів, вул. Київська, 24
Exporter Name Ceramika Paradyz Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
Unglazed ceramic 1.Plytka from rough first (ordina.........
HS Code 6907908000Value 2226.106044
Quantity 18286Unit UA209180
Net Weight 4616.42
Origin Country POLAND

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