Ukraine Import Data of Brilliant | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brilliant

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brilliant collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brilliant imports.

Brilliant Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brilliant

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, borders, inserts, decor, panels, baseboards, degree PIDSTUPENOKPLYTKA CERAMIC coated, 1 Quality: -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL boards; -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte boards, -KERAMICHNA GRAY TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23, 1 beige Vicenza, Vicenza -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23,1 brown Tions; -KERAMICHNA TILE 40,2H40,2 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope brilliant white; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H50 SAIL brilliant white; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 40,2H40,2 dark marble DVORETS LAPPATOVANYY; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 30H60 Foods beige BRIGHT boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 50,2H50,2 Trivandrum beige, -KERAMICHNYY GRAY GRANITE VIKING 60x60 boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 25H8 Deir flowers; -KERAMICHNA BOX 9,9H9 9 PYATSETTA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 30X89,5 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H7, 2 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb mosaic mosaic 30H4,8 Alexandria GRAY ; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Golden Beach structured light beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 RESIDENCE beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE WHITE structured; -KERAMICHNYY curbs 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE BLACK structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 BRIGHT structured Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GRAY structured; -KERAMICHNA BOX BHILAYI 10x10, 10x10 CHESTNUT BOX -KERAMICHNA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 ENGLISH Delft fortress - Kera Nomic curb 20H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 30H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 20H5,7 Alexandria GRAY; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 GRAY Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNE panels 40X60 light, a panel of 4 parts 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI PART) - Alexandria ceramic panels 40X60 gray panels IZ 4 of 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI parts; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 phone booth, guard -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20, 20x20 -KERAMICHNYY DECOR suite; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20H50 Lazio, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 15X40 Whitehall ; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 tradition -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 TR ADYTSIYA; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 tradition -KERAMICHNYY TRADITION DECOR 20x30 cells; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNE panels 60x50 Lignano FLOWERS, PART 3 20H50 (SIZE OF KAZHDNOYI) - ceramic curb 50H6,3 Lignano, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 beige dark golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 Golden Beach Light beige; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 25H40 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNYY curb 60H7,2 VIRDZHYLIANO boards; -KE AMICHNYY curbs 30X12 DANIEL BLACK boards; -KERAMI "RUSSIA11274031UA40815018850.77613328.25477 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "amber tone rusyy 115ml Art. 8823 -90sht.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "burning tons of chocolate 115ml Art. 8824 -4050sht.Krem, hair color tone Faberlic Champagne 115ml art. 8825 -150sht. farbadlya hair cream Faberlic tone agate cherny 115ml art. 8826 -120sht. Cream Faberlic tone paint dlyavolossya spelaya cherry 115ml art. 8827 -960sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" Scandinavian tone blond 115ml art. 8828-360sht. Cream hair color tone mocha Faberlic 115ml art. 8832 -420sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" natural blond tone 115ml art. 8833-240sht. Cream hair color "" faberlic "" mahogany tone 115ml art. 8834-270sht. Cream hair color tone Faberlic brandy 115ml Art. 8835 -210sht.Krem-rinse Faberlic tone lesnoy oreh115ml art. 8836 -270sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" tone cappuccino 115ml art. 8837 -360sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" Royal tons of mango 115ml art. 8839-180sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" tone amethyst 115ml art. 8841-120sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 8.0Svetlyy blonde 145,64ml art. 8921-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine 8.8Svetlyy tone beige blonde 145,64ml art. 8927 -96sht. Stand SS cream paint dlyavolossya KRASA butter amly arginine and 3.0 tons of dark chestnut 119,44ml art. 8938-384sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly arginine and golden tone 4.3Kashtan 119,44ml art. 8941-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 4.5Kashtan mahahonovyy 145,64ml art. 8942-24sht. (Tubes of paint, a bottle of milk, a package with balm, a pair of gloves) Gel for hair modeling series EXPERT 100ml art. 8974 -770sht.Ekspres Conditioning, schr indelible "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8966-768sht. Elixir Hair Oils with AMLY EVERSTRONG series "" Expert "" 52ml art.8970 -400sht. Nutritive Serum for all hair types 30ml series SALONCARE art.8215 -336sht. Balm-conditioner shampoo with ekstraktomzhuravlyny-series sorceress "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8471 -84sht.Balzam-conditioner capacity for thin and weakened hair with poppy ekstraktompolyarnoho series "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8477 -84sht. Mask for hair light iblondyruvanoho "" TOTAL BLONDE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8956 -360sht.Maska for intensive moisturizing hair "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" art.8965 -144sht 200ml. Air conditioning for perfect smoothness "" SHINE & GLOSS "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8972 -45sht. Mask for hair age "" BRILLIANT AGE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8963 -504sht. Balm and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS series EXPERT 200ml art. 8361 -180sht. Mask for hair obobhortannya SekretKleopatry series SPA 200ml art. 2417 -429sht.Torhovelna Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" Not in aerosol packaging "RUSSIA0UA1001102057.6269595.380336
28/Apr/20179616200000"1.Dental and cosmetic tools: Dolce & Gabbana Make Up BrushAngled 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana BrushKouth) Art.30200000452-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush BigBlending 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush). Art. Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Blusher 1psc (Dolce & Gabbana Penzel / Rose) Art.30200000454-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Eyes Blending 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush) .30200000455-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Eyes Shading 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brilliant Dye / Shadow) Art.30200000456-1; Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Brush Foundation 1 psc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush Base / Foundation) Art.30200000457-1; Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Lipliner Rect 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush D / Foil) art.30200000458-1 Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Brush Pencil 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush Pencil / Powder Coating) Art.30200000459-1; Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Brush Powder 1 pc (Dolce & Gabbana Brush D / Powder) Art.302000 00460- 1 piece; Brand Dolce & Gabbana Producer Beaute Prestige International "CHINA0UA1000700.29577.8334052
27/Apr/201733051000001.Zasoby hair care (not aerosol packing): - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders Apple freshness 400ml (81,631,374) - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care 400ml (81,574,312) - dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders primary care 400ml (81574249) - shampoo Pantene Pro-V brilliant and silky 250ml (81,601,100) - Anti-dandruff Head & Shoulders Citrus fresh 400ml (81,631,380) - shampoo and balsam conditioner for dandruff Head & Shoulders Menthol 2 in 1 600ml (81,631,377) - shampoo and balsam conditioner Pantene Pro-V Power and gloss 2in1 400ml (81,601,061) - balsam shampoo and conditioner for dandruff Head & Shoulders Menthol 2 in 1 400ml (81,631,376) - Balsam shampoo and conditioner Pantene Pro-V brilliant and silky 2in1 400ml (81601104).ROMANIA0UA20914016510.5352810.04739
27/Apr/20173405300090"1.Avtomobilna chemistry. Cleans and protects plastic body panels. Efficient product for easy care matt surface with subsequent long-term preservation. Keeps well-groomed appearance for a long period of time after drying is not contaminated and does not leave oily stains, does not attract dust. Dries 1-2 min. free of drugs, psychotropic substances, precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (500 mL) .Art.: XT PC500 / plastic cleaner / - 5 sht.v composition comprising: Propane - 1,2-diol - 20% (CAS: 57-55-6); (alpha- (2-propilheptil) -omeha hydroxy) - poly (oxy-1,2-o ndiol) (CAS: 160875-66-1) - 1% anionic surfactants - 5% Polishing for dashboard and interior plastics (with fresh scent). Covering the treated surface brilliant thin antistatic layer that prevents dust to settle on the surface for 3 -4 weeks. Without content narcotics, psychotropic substances, precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (500 mL). Ref.: XT CSF500 / cleaner dashboard / - 5 pcs, Art.: XT CSF500 / cleaner etc. ybornoyi panel / - 10 pcs. As part contains: glycerol - 10% (CAS: 56-81-5); Sodium laureth sulfate - 0,2% (CAS: 68585-34-2); (Alpha- (2-propilheptil) -omeha hydroxy) - poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediol) (CAS: 160875-66-1) 0,5%; Isobutane - 20% (CAS: 75-28-5); Propane - 10% (CAS: 74-98-6); Trademark XT. Country of CZ. Producer firm DEN BRAVEN AEROSOLS GmbH & Co.KG. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001101030.19345383
27/Apr/20173209100000"1. Products FS 10-634 SD PERLGLANZ FOLCO-AQUASCREEN FS 10 is designed for decorating the wallpaper in the form HOMOGENEOUS LIQUID opaque yellowish white with a pearly sheen. Composition is an aqueous dispersion VINILATSETATNOHO copolymers (film-forming pigments) AND finely ground mica, titanium dioxide (pearlescent pigments) dispersed in water using surface-active substances 584KH.PRODUKT FT 6070/1 GOLDGLIMMER FOLCO AQUAFLEX FT - INTENDED FOR DECORATION wallpaper, as a semi-transparent HOMOGENEOUS "" YAZKOYI LIQUID brilliantly golden color. composition M is an aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer (polymethacrylate) -10-60%, WHICH CONTAINS polyethylene glycol, cellulose ethers, special additives (defoamers, waxes, thickeners) -240KH. The product contains pearlescent pigments (titanium dioxide) .TORHIVELNA MARK "" FOLCO "" .FIRMA PRODUCER "" FOLLMANN GMBH & CO.KG "". Country of origin, Germany (DE).. "GERMANY0UA2060708345314.58795
27/Apr/20173304100000"1.Zasoby makeup lips (not aerosol package it in plastic containers): Lipstick series AVON True Colou Matte ideal, SPLEND FUCHSIAL, 3,6 g art.F2534700-540sht. (2 Cor.) Lipstick series AVON True Colou Matte ideal, MAUVE MATTERS, 3,6 g art.F2534900-270sht. (1 Cor.) lipstick series AVON TrueColou Matte ideal, ADORING LOVE, 3,6 g art.F2535800-810sht. (3kor. ) Hubnapomada series AVON True Colou Matte ideal, iDEAL LILAC, 3,6 g art.F2547800-270sht. (1 Cor.) lipstick series AVON True Colou Matte ideal, BERRY BLAST, 3,6 g art.F2572600- 1080sht. (4kor.) lipstick series AVON TrueColou Matte ideal, AU NATURALE, 3,6 g art.F2731500-270sht. (1 Cor.) Hubnapomada Kiss N Go, series Color Trend, Doll Pink, 3,6 g art.F2888000-240sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick Kiss N Go, a series of Color Trend, Pink Holid, 3,6 g art.F3266600-240sht. (1 Cor.) ; lipstick 3D Extent, Stolen Kisses, 0.6 g art.F3721200-700sht. (1 Cor.) lip gloss Read My lips, series ColorTrend, Lucid, 6 ml art.F3987400-600sht. (1 Cor.) Lip gloss vinyl potsilunokseriyi AVON Color Trend, Mauve, 15ml, art.F4920300-165sht. (1 Cor.), Lipstick Balm Gentle Care color, REFRESHING RASPBERRY, 3,6 g art.F4943400-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick Balm-care Gentle color, RESTORINGRUBY, 3,6 g art.F5000400-200sht. (1 Cor.) Ultra Lipstick AVON True Colour, SPARKLING NUDE, 3,6 g art.F6352600-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick Maksymumkoloru AVON Mark, delicate Peony, 3.6 g art.F6876500-224sht. (1 Cor.) Hubnapomada maximum color series AVON Mark, Purple mousse, 3.6 g art.F6877800-224sht. (1 Cor.) Maximum Color Lipstick AVON Mark, Sokovytyynektar, 3.6 g art.F6954600-224sht. (1 Cor.) Moisturizing lipstick LUXE, High Style Coral, 3,6 g art.F7189100-168sht. (1 Cor.) Bright lip hubAVON Mark, sweet sugar, 15 ml art.F8934900-330sht. (2 Cor.) Bright lips blyskdlya AVON Mark, Brilliant Berry, 15 ml art.F8981400-165sht. (1 Cor.) Bright lip gloss AVON Mark, Nyudovyy 15 ml art.F8981900-330sht. (2 Cor.) Bright lip gloss AVON Mark, Red Apple, 15 ml art.F8982300-165sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick effect Extent of AVON Mark, melon, 3.6 g art.F9784100-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick With effect Extent AVON Mark, HaryacheKakao, 3.6 g art.F9784200-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick effect Extent of AVONMark, luxurious wine, 3.6 g art.F9784300-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick Zefektom Extent AVON Mark, purple orchid, 3.6 g art.F9784400-600sht. (3kor.) Lipstick with effect Extent AVON Mark, tea rose, 3.6 g art.F9784500-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick With effect Extent AVON Mark, Nasychenyychervonyy, 3.6 g art.F9784700-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick effect on Extent, sweet berries, 3.6 g art.F9789800-200sht. (1 Cor.) Lipstick With effect obyemuAVON Mark, Elegant Pink, 3.6 g art.F9789900-200sht. (1 Cor.) Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Avon Operations Polska Sp.zoo "POLAND0UA100210212.897089.76566
27/Apr/20173006400000"1.Vyroby medical devices. Dental material for stopping teeth, dental filling material for temporary Coltosol F, glass jar 38h -30 pieces, set masking agents Paint On Colors-3 pieces, dental materials Miris2 set of syringes 2 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe Dentin color 1 (S1) -5 4 g pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe Dentin color 2 (S2) 4 g -10 units, dental materials Miris2 syringe Dentin kolir3 (S3) 4 g 10 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe Dentin color 4 (S4) 4 g 10 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe dentine color 5 (S5) 4 g 10 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe Dentin color 7 (S7) 4 g 5 pc; dental materials Miris2 syringe enameled white bleached (WB) 4 g 10 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe enamel white standard (WR) 4 g 10 pieces, dental materials Miris2 syringe enamel color Neutral Standard (NR) 4 g 10 pieces; set of dental composites Brilliant NG- 30 pc; dental composite material Brilliant color Transparent NG 4 g, 20 pcs, dental composite material Brilliant NG color bleached 4 g -10 units, dental materials Synergy D6, syringe Dentin color A1 / B1 4g-20 units, dental materials Synergy D6, syringe, color Dentin A2 / B2 4 g -40 units, dental materials Synergy D6, syringe, color Dentin A3 / D3 4 g -40 units, dental materials Synergy D6 , syringes, color dentin A3,5 / B3 4g-10 units, dental composite material SwissTEC, dentin color A1 4 g, 40 pc; SwissTEC dental composite material, dentine color A2 4d-40 units, composite materials SwissTEC, enamel color A1 4 g -80 pieces; dental composite SwissTEC, enamel color A2 4 g -60 pieces, set of dental composite material SwissTEC -50 pc; dental composite Brilliant everglow tion material in the syringe, 4 g of -200 units, dental composite material Brilliant everglow set of 10 pieces; trademark ColteneVyrobnyk Coltene / Whaledent AGKrayina production CH "SWITZERLAND0UA1000203912560.28273
26/Apr/20179503002100"1. dolls that depict people: Princess Barbie doll in the ass. (3) Art. DHM49 - 60 pieces, doll" "Great Style" "in Assam. Art. DTF41 - 1152 pieces; Doll" "Prince Charmin '" Ever After High art. DVH78 - 60 pieces, doll '' brilliant '' in Assam. (4) art. T7580 - 120 pieces; Country of IDTorhovelna MATTELVyrobnyk brand Mattel, Inc.. "INDONESIA0UA100110327.22889.077252
26/Apr/20174802562000"1.Papir for uncoated writing and printing of sheets, bleached, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical means without watermarks, stamping and drawing, not steeped spets.rechovynamy without punching and fluting, single layer, class" "C" "mark "" BRILLIANT "", mas.80 (+/- 3) g / m2, A4 rozm.21h29,7sm. (7995pachok) invoysovanoyu ideal net weight - 19987,5kh.Vyrobnyk - "" Radece Papir Nova "" , Sloveniya.Krayina production - SI.Torhivelna mark - "" BRILLIANT "". "SLOVENIA0UA10012019987.515395.68251
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне акціонерне товариство ""Край Керама"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "ООО ""Керама Экспорт"""
Product Description
"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on t.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 13328.25477
Quantity 11274031Unit UA408150
Net Weight 18850.776
Origin Country RUSSIA

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