Ukraine Import Data of Brb | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brb

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Brb Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brb

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20173811900000"1. PETROLAD 3550 - 1000 kg, 1 plastic cube / 1000 kg on metal pallets Non-colored liquid is a mixture of chemical substances: potassium 2-ethylhexanoate, potassium tollytriazole, potassium hydroxide, used as an additive to lubricating and cooling liquids, and lubricating and cooling liquids. The addition of PETROLAD 3550 has the quality of protection against corrosion, frost, calcium, good compatibility with detergents, stable in hard water, low foaming. PETROLAD 3550 does not contain nitrites, phosphates, borates, silicates, amines, ethanol and methanol. The miner Molybdenum disulfide Density at 15 deg. With 1.1g / cc. Brand PETROLAD Manufacturer "BRB Central Eastern Euroup Sp. Z oo". "NETHERLANDS0UA11019010002646.91205 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20173214900090"1.Koleso aluminum top for art demo. BRH766P - 6 pcs., Aluminum wheel bottom demo for art. BRB766P - 6 pcs., Represent gear wheel set axle Paternoster. They are used to transfer torque on the shaft and actuation through a chain transfer traffic (demonstration) of paternostera.Torhovelna brand: No data Manufacturer: ODLEWNICTOW KULEJ; Country of origin: PL;. "ITALY0UA1001100.41555.84155483
24/Apr/20178511800098"1. Additives for oils containing oil or oil obtained from bituminous mineralivPETROLAD 6779 - 20160kh 21 plastic cube on 960kh on metal pallets are 400 TBN calcium sulfonate detergent nadmirnoluzhnym inhybytorom and corrosion. Normal doses of 0.5 to 5 in the finished lubricant . Vykorystovuyetsya a cleaner, neytralyzator acid corrosion inhybytor in developing highly efficient vidiv oils for all engines. The content of oil obtained from bituminous minerals - 40-50%. Density at 15hrad. C - 1,195-1,205h / ml.Torhovelna mark PETROLAD . Brand "" BRB Central Eastern Euroup Sp. Z oo "". "TAIWAN0UA1250200.2449.12508164
24/Apr/20178421230090"1. PETROLAD 3550 - 1000kg, 1 plastic cube / 1000kg on metal trays. Colorless liquid. Hymychnyh is a mixture of substances 2 etylheksanoat potassium toliltryazola potassium hydroxide of potassium. It is used as an additive to lubricating fluids. Coolant from adding PETROLAD 3550 with quality protection from corrosion, frost, from limescale, good sovmisny of uschylnyuvachamy, stable in hard water have a number vspinyuvannya. PETROLAD 3550 contains nytrytiv, phosphates, borates, silicate minerals, amines, yetylovoho alcohol and methanol. not Mist Minera lnyh oils dysulfyd molybdenum. Density at 15hrad. C 1.1h / kub.smTorhovelna PETROLAD brand. Brand "" BRB Central Eastern Euroup Sp. Z oo "". "CHINA0UA4000308.525115.3363025
05/Apr/201739019090901. Viscotech 6540 in boxes of 22,7kh - 450sht.Yavlyaye a polymer in primary forms containing ethylene and propylene monomer units without fillers, dyes. Used for the production of motor masel.Vmist ethylene - 50.1% Batch number corresponding to the number of certificate analizu.Krayina production: BrazyliyaVyrobnyk: BRB Internationale BV.BRAZIL0UA1120801021546348.78529
05/Apr/201749111090001. Printed promotional items, brochures QUICK-STEPQSLBRB2C-UA-Z4A-16 (40PC) BR L QS UA Z4A Art. QSLBRB2C-UA-Z4A-16 - 1250sht., Cardboard poster Pergo PGSAMF-PANC01-EN1-16 PG SAMF PAN 01 EN1 Art.PGSAMF-PANC01-EN1-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster PergoPGSAMF-PANC02-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 02001 Art. PGSAMF-PANC02-001-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster Pergo PGSAMF-PANC03-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 03001 Art.PGSAMF-PANC03-001-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster PergoPGSAMF-PANC04-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 04001 Art. PGSAMF-PANC04-001-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster Pergo PGSAMF-PANC05-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 05001 Art.PGSAMF-PANC05-001-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster PergoPGSAMF-PANC06-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 06001 Art. PGSAMF-PANC06-001-16 - 3pc., Cardboard poster Pergo PGSAMF-PANC07-001-16 PG SAMF PAN 07001 Art.PGSAMF-PANC07-001-16 - 3pc., Brochures Pergo PGEN-SAMPOS-WU03-EU -15SAMPPOS WU03 EU Art. PGEN-SAMPOS-WU03-EU-15 - 3pc., Brochure QUICK-STEPQSL BRB2C-UA-Z4A-16 (40PC) BR L QS UA Z4A Art. QSLBRB2C-UA-Z4A-16 - 775sht., Brochure QUICK-STEP LIVYN QSV-SW-INSPBOOKZ1-16 QS INSP BOOK V Z1 Art.QSV-SW-INSPBOOKZ1-16 - 70sht.BELGIUM0UA2091409291.80322139.97863
04/Apr/20177318220090"1.Vyroby of steel, without thread: Washer BRB 5,3x10 RFR (metal) art.315105-0146-6sht, steel washer, art. 315105-0156-2sht; washer (steel) art.315105- 0165-5sht, washer BRB 5,3x10 RFR (metal), art. 315105-0146-2sht; Purpose: Spare parts for technological equipment liniydlya's automated bottling and packaging viscous food Tetra Pak.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - PakVyrobnyk Tetra - Tetra Pak. "GERMANY0UA1002000.5932.88073524
03/Apr/20173910000010"1.Sylikony in primary forms - silicone oil (in liquid form):" "BRB 1834". "Is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and household chemical means. Not in aerosol packaging. Party №№ B033325, B033448.Torhivelna Brand:" " BRB "" Manufacturer: "" BRB "" vyrobnyytva Country: NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA10011023409005.408422
03/Apr/20173910000010"1. Silicones in primary forms - silicone oil (in liquid form):" "BRB 1834". "Is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and household chemical means. Not in aerosol packaging. The party number B034820.Torhivelna mark:" "BRB" " Producer: "" BRB "" vyrobnyytva Country: NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA1001107803001.802807
03/Apr/20173910000010"1. Silicones in primary forms - silicone oil (in liquid form):" "BRB PTM 20". "Is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and household chemical means. Not in aerosol packaging. The party number B032851.Torhivelna mark:" "BRB" "Producer:" "BRB" "vyrobnyytva Country: CN."CHINA0UA1001104005580.543744
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Brb Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brb Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РУ НВП Агрінол"""
Importer Address
71100, Запорізька обл., м. Бердянськ, вул. Будівельна, буд. 3а.
Exporter Name BRB International BV
Product Description
"1. PETROLAD 3550 - 1000 kg, 1 plastic cube / 1000.........
HS Code 3811900000Value 2646.91205
Quantity 0Unit UA110190
Net Weight 1000
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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