Ukraine Import Data of Brass Button | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brass Button

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brass button collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brass button imports.

Brass Button Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brass Button

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20179606100000"1.Partners of buttons for clothes: Kholinothen art.Ref ZM51420color old gold size 22 mm-8300pcs; art.Ref ZM51420color old gold size 18mm-5700pcs; fixings for holtenin Art.Ref MS00065 color brass size 9mm-14000pcs; LOUROPEL brand LOUROPEL manufacturer -FABRICA DE BOTOES, LDAProduction PT. "PORTUGAL0UA125020761346.718455 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20179606100000"1. Buttons for boat awnings: -art 0.5050117 CAP 17mm BRASS NICKEL" "A". Button for tents part "" A "" -10000; -art.05050201 STUD BRASS NICKEL "" C ". Button for awning Part "" C "" - 10000; -art.05050301 SOCKET BRASS NICKEL "" B ". The button for the tents part" "B" "- 10,000; -art 0.5051117 CAP 17mm STAINLESS STEEL" "A." Button for Stainless steel awnings "A" "- 5000pcs; -art.05051201 STUD STAINLESS STEEL" "C" ". Stainless steel tent button" C "- 1000pcs; -art.05051301 SOCKET STAINLESS STEEL" "B" "Button for awnings made of stainless steel" "B" "- 5000pcs. Trademark - ARTECA. Manufacturer - IT. Producer - AR.TE.CA SRL."ITALY0UA125060531771.281719
21/Apr/201785169000001.Zapasni parts for warranty repairs that coffee TM DE'LONGHI: art.5513215491 PCBLCD (TSCREEN-16L) + GUID E LIGHT ESAM67 * Electric control board with a monochrome display and buttons for coffee, 2 pcs., Art.6013211671 CUPSSUPPORT (AISI430- BA THICK0,8) ECAM22-grill pan kavovar ing metal, 2 pcs., art.5332264500 KNOB CONTROL CHROME VELUR (ABS) (3E) MCSA * -nakladka rehulyatorukavovarky plastic-8 pieces., art.5313229731 RUBBERFOOT TRANSP (SIL 70 SH) ECAM26 -humova coffee-leg 9sht., art.5332113800TUBE INFERIOR FROTHER (POM) EC300 / BAR40-cap plastic coffee 3 pcs. art.5513213901 tUBE PTFE DI2-DE4 L = 320 + 2BUSHES ECAM-Teflon tube zlatunnym and washers for coffee -6sht., art.5332180500 NIPPLE90 NATURAL (PA) PIPESILICON MCSA-adapter-plastic 3pc. art.536199 SLIDE TANK WHITE (E) (PC) BARM1-lock plastic 2 pcs., art.5213212251 PCB POWER (DGT SW2.1) 230 (ST BY <1W) ESAM545-board power satellite, 230V, 1 pc., art. 5313214361 PIPE INTERNALFROTHER BLACK (POM) ECAM plastic nozzle kavovarky- 1 pcs. art.6213211521BUSH-BRASS (TUBE PTFE) E SAM-IFD-cone metal coffee-5pcs., art.7313230521ASSY GRINDER230 (VM) (3D-DL) + GEAR ECAM23 coffee grinder assembly with tazhornovamy Moto rum, 230V, 1 pc., art.5513296641 SET DLSC012CARAFE-LATTEC REMA DLECAM-plastic milk container with rubber gaskets 1 pcs. art.5513212801 DISPENSER HOT WATER + TUBE INOX ESAM66-plastic chrome trubkadlya water supply 1 pcs. art.5332239200 FITTING QUICK-B NATURAL (PPS) MCSA-plastic adapter 1 pc ., Art.5332249000 UNDERKNOB CONTROL BLACK (ABSUL) (2 & 3E) MCSA-lock plastic buttons Coffee-4 pieces. Art.5313218351DOUBLE CONNECTOR BLACK (PPA) EC850-plastic adapter for coffee-3pc., Art.5513212881 TUBE PTFE DI2- E4 L270 + 2B US EN7 / ESAM-Teflon tube latunnymyshaybamy for coffee, 2 pcs., contains radiobladnannya.Vyrobnyk DE'LONGHI APPLIANCES srlKrayina manufacturer ITTorhivelna mark DE'LONGHIITALY0UA8072102.863148.3454595
14/Apr/20178481801900"1. taps and valves designed for bathrooms sanitary pobutovohopryznachennya made of ABS plastic and chrome-plated brass. Crane, pryznachenyydlya regulation of the water supply system and air massage baths (mechanical): Crane air regulator" "Dune", "Model M -06A - 20pcs .; buttons forinclusion pump compressor system whirlpool bath (air): Pnevmovymykach "" Dune "," Model M-06-B - 40sht.Torhovelna brand: FOSHAN.Vyrobnyk: GUANGDONG FOSHAN CITY TONGHAI SANITARY WARE CO. , LTD.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA8071709206.5435837
13/Apr/20179603909900"1.Hotovi products for cleaning aquariums in stock: Puhoderka dog with balls wooden handle 10h18 cm, 2300, art.002300-144sht; Puhoderka dog with balls sided wooden handle 10h18 cm, 2305, art.002305 -144sht; Puhoderka samoochyschuyucha with the button is small, 23,081, art.0023081-24sht; Puhoderka dog plastic handle 10? 16 cm, 2310, art.002310-144sht; Puhoderka dog plastic handle 10h19 cm, 2311, art.002311-48sht ; Puhoderka cat, 7 * 16 cm, with soft plastic balls, 23125, art.0023125-48sht, brush cats, 7 * 16 cm, soft plastics, 23126, art.0023126-48sht, for Puhoderka dogs plastic handle bilateral 7h16 cm, 23161, art.0023161-72sht, dog brush, plastic, nylon / brass bristles 6? 12 cm, 2319, art.002319-24sht; Comb-brush for dogs sided oval wooden 6h23 cm, 2321, art .002321-48sht; Comb-brush for cats wood with natural bristles 5h18 cm, 2326, art.002326-48sht; Comb brush dog wood with natural bristles 5? 21 cm, 2327, art.002327 -48sht ; Brush for Dogs rubber soft, gray 9h13 cm, 2333, art.002333-144sht; Puhoderka + dog comb plastic handle 11? 16 cm, 23463, art.0023463-48sht; Puhoderka comb + dog wooden handle 9? 13 cm, 2354, art.002354-72sht; Puhoderka cat o "CHINA0UA807170152.856276.1460356
10/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Set of door handles WC 8 stainless steel matte LED Mounting Ring 2020 tsamak, nickel silver 66,5mm, Console White Coated Load. 300 kg steamed, steel 300x205mm, cooling profile LED strips, aluminum 1000 mm, handle-bracket aluminum color: silver 400 mm stopper door, floor stainless steel mat 24mm D45mm, Furniture stopper-lock door clearance of 50 mm, 40 kg Reliance tube with base inside stainless steel 25 / 850mm , decorative caps for tubes brass chrome D25mm Ana polished 36mm D83mm, color aluminum Flush Handle Stainless Steel 110 mm Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 13h18h2500mm lower mounting ml; Profile strips for LED 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 19h21h2500mm corner matte retractable basket, color: silver 564x475x156 mm Furniture handle tsamak color: white matt 180x28mm;; Profile strips for LED 2029/37/43/45 3013/1 5 aluminum color: silver anodized 8,5h18h2500mm Flush; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 19h21h2500mm corner; Metalboks 350mm H 86mm steel color: white RAL9010; Wardrobe Hook tsamak color: 13x177mm stainless steel; Handle Relingi-D10 / 168x35 mm stainless steel, matte; ; Handle double-arch 126h28 mm tsamak black. Matov .; Handle-button D12h20 mm stainless. steel, matt; Set LDH 2176 PC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; WC Set of door handles 8 stainless steel, polished brass color, coating PVD, model PDH4179; Set LDH 2176 WC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; Handle-button D15h22 mm aluminum. anodov. silvery; Double roller backstop, steel, dark brown; Flush Handle 99h38 mm, steel, matte Cerna; Handle polished brass mortise 38h99h14mm; Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, right; Double roller backstop, steel, galvanized; Dual ball screws 14h60 mm brass polirov; Console prykruchuv. 180 mm, 55 kg, white aluminum; Polytsetrymach screw for fastening 90 mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 14h28h2500mm corner; Elbow external doors for STARTEC 30 IF galvanized steel; Mounting plate stainless steel (to Item 833.74.812); Polytsetrymacha ring d = 7 mm (nickel) under zapresovku; Polytsetrymach for fastening 100mm, galvanized steel; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" size is 4-23mm zinc, color: white aluminum RAL 9006; Console 200h150h36 mm, load 50 kg / pair Ćorić .; Console 250h200h42 mm, load 50 kg / pair korycheva; "CHINA0UA209140262.711973.485574
03/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, Right, Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, left, of the Bar stopper smooth running 170 mm Art., nick., human Bar .; stopper with smooth running 170 mm, p. nick., left, Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 400mm; Handle relynh-D12 / 500h35 mm stainless. steel, matt, handle furniture zinc chrome polished 32mm 40h24h8mm drill, socket dull nickel matte Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 500 mm Rod dressing for tapes LED 2029/37/43/45 3013/15 alu It color: silver 2500mm, Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver lock 11h18h2500mm milk, stainless steel pipe Color: Chrome PVD 2500mm D25mm thickness of 1.3mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" f / size 8-10 mm tsamak color .; coupling rear wall 14h19.6mm galvanized steel, profile holder 833.74.835 stainless steel, color: silver, door handles kit PC 8 with stainless tal stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; WC Set of door handles stainless steel 8 stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; Handle-aluminum bracket Color: silver 400 mm; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 204h32 mm; Metalboks 350mm H 86mm steel color: white RAL9010; Holder glasses 100h400 mm stainless steel mat; Plugs for pipes tsamak color chrome 25 mm; Rip groove ball under 310mm (0.8mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 19h21h2500mm corner milk; Set LDH 2171 PC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; 8-12mm glass holder brass polished chrome rounded; Handle-button zinc polished chrome / plastic color green 40h28 mm; Leg corner for trym. folding wooden lid; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 215h30 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color .; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color stainless steel. steel; ; Console flap white 60 kg 430h410mm; Console without fastening 250mm white aluminum; Retractable swivel frame for shoes with steel shelves 800h1680h365mm color: gray; Bus perforated 1st row. 17x12x1495 mm steel, white aluminum; Handle-button D15h22 mm aluminum. anodov. silvery; Handle polished brass mortise 38h99h14mm; Rod dressing for tapes LED 2013/2015 aluminum color: silver 2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 lock aluminum color: silver 18h8.5h2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 14h28h2500mm corner; Polytsetrymach glass, steel, galvanized, d7 mm hole d = 5 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" size is 4-23mm zinc, color: white aluminum RAL 9006; Console 200h150h36 mm, load 50 kg / pair Ćorić .; Elbow external doors for STARTEC 30 IF galvanized steel; Rip groove ball under 182mm (1.0mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Mounting plate stainless steel (to Item 833.74.812); "CHINA0UA209140543.144196.710464
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Brass Button Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brass Button Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БОМАКС ПЛЮС"""
Importer Address
Product Description
"1.Partners of buttons for clothes: Kholinothen ar.........
HS Code 9606100000Value 1346.718455
Quantity 0Unit UA125020
Net Weight 76
Origin Country PORTUGAL

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