Ukraine Import Data of Brake Shoe | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brake Shoe

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brake shoe collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brake shoe imports.

Brake Shoe Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brake Shoe

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of brake shoe. Get Ukraine trade data of Brake Shoe imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201787083099981. Spare brake parts to forklifts, cable vymykannyazcheplennya 8 series art. 471102661071ALT-1am. sided brake shoe art. 474031281071ALT -2sht. right halmivnakolodka art. 474041281071ALT-1am. left brake shoe art. 474051281071ALT -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: TVHKrayina production: JPVyrobnyk: TVH PARTS NV.JAPAN0UA1250203.26258.08331274 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201787083099981.HALMIVNYY CYLINDER drum ZADNIYA / M art.F026003070-1sht.HALMIVNYYBARABAN art.0986477152-2sht for cars. art.0986477152-2sht. art.0986477149-2sht.HALMIVNYY TSILINDRBARABANNYY CAR art.F026002578-1sht. art.F026002578-2sht.HALMIVNYY cylinder drum HALMIVNOYISYSTEMY CAR art.F026009143-2sht. art.F026009143-3sht.HALMIVNYY TSYLINDRBARABANNYY CAR art.F026009482-2sht. art.F026009433-2sht. art.F026009433-2sht. art.0986475795-2sht. art.0986475795-2sht. art.0986475795-3sht. art.F026009260-5sht. art.F026009433-10sht. art.0986475032-22sht. art.0986475032-28sht.HALMIVNYY CYLINDER drum ZADNIYA / M art.0986475836-1sht. art.F026009039-2sht. art.F026009039-2sht. art.F026002580-2sht. art.F026009039-4sht. art.0986475836-3sht. art.0986475836-3sht. art.0986475836-5sht. art.0986475836-6sht.ZMONTOVANI drum brake shoes DLYAAVTOMOBILYA art.0986487883-1sht IN THE BOX. art.0986487815-1sht. art.0986487263-1sht. .0986487263-1sht art. art.0986487572-1sht. art.0986487892-1sht. art.0986487892-1sht. art.0986487885-1sht. art.0986487885-1sht. art.0986487893-1sht. art.0986487667-1sht. art.0986487599-2sht. art.0986487892-2sht. art.0986487892-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487892-4sht.ROBOChYY the brake cylinder rear drum VEHICLE art.F026002480-2sht. art.F026002480-5sht.ROBOChYY brake cylinder drum REAR A / M art.F026009234-1sht. art.0986475889-4sht. art.0986475889-6sht. art.0986475889-8sht.TROSOVA MECHANICS drum brake system 1235MM art.1987477869-1sht.TROSOVA MECHANICS ON THE BRAKE DRUM A / M art.1987477047-2sht.TROSOVA MECHANIC BRAKE DRUM DRIVE VEHICLE art.1987477260-1sht. art.1987477634-1sht. art.1987477635-1sht. art.1987477114-1sht. art.1987482024-3sht. art.1987477046-2sht. art.1987477250-1sht. art.1987477920-2sht. ROBERT BOSCH art.1987477920-3sht.Vyrobnyk GMBHTorhovelna mark BOSCHKrayina production ITITALY0UA125110171.354997.0000236
27/Apr/201787083091981. Part of the disc brakes to cars, new, art.7701205759 - the controller slip-2pcs. Art.440608061R - brakes. (To-t) -1 pieces. Art.7700314107 - Brake disc-2pcs. Art.402066813R - BASKET DISK-2pcs. Art.7701207823 - bracket bracket (set) -2pcs. Art.7701207823 - brake shoe (kit) -1 - BRAKE DISK 1 st. Art.432000367R - BRAKING DISK-1 - BRAKING DISK-1pc. Art.402060010R - BRAKING DISK-2pcs. 402061200R - BASKET DISK-2pcs. Origin of origin - FranceCraina of production - FRTrade brand - RenaultProducer - Renault SAS.FRANCE0UA125190157.26754.1443271
27/Apr/201787083091981.Chastyny ​​and devices of motor transport vehicles are: parts for disk halmlehkovyh cars: plug guide carriage to art. 58164-1H000 -10sht.Vtulka front caliper guide art. 58164-4D500-30sht. The guide bushing front calipers art. 58164-33000 -10sht. Vtulkanapryamnoyi front calipers art. 58168-M2000 -2sht. The guide bushing suportaperednoho art. 58164-4D500-40sht. Bushing caliper guide (to top) Art. 58168-4D500 -20sht. Vtulkasupporta guide (to top) Art. 58168-4D500 -20sht. Brake kolodkyzadni art. 58302-2EA31 -10sht. Rear ABS sensor levыy art. 95681-3E300 -1sht.Datchyk ABS rear left art. 95680-2E400-2sht. ABS sensor rear left art. 95680-2E400 -2sht. ABS sensor front left art.95670-2F000 -1sht. ABS sensor front left art. 95670-2F000 -4sht. ABS sensor peredpravыy art. 95670-2F100 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 95671-3E300 -3sht.Datchyk ABS front levыy art. 95620-4A350 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art.95620-4A350 -2sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 95671-3E300 -2sht. Kolodkyhalmivni back art. 58305-2PA00 -2sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA10-2sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA00-6sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA10 -10sht. Brake pads peredniart. 58101-3SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58302-3JA00-1sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58302-3SA20 -1sht. Brake-t Zadniki art. 58302-3SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58101-2BA00-2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58101-3SA26 -2sht. Connector halmoviperedni Kt art. 58101-2BA00 -2sht. Brake pads. zadnye (CD) art.58302-3XA30 -2sht. Brake pads. perednye art. 58101-3XA00 -5sht. Kolodkytormoznыe zadnye (CD) art. 58302-1RA30-4sht. Tormoznыe zadnye pads (disc) art. 58302-1RA30 -1sht. Connector kit tormoznыeperednye art. 58101-3XA20 -6sht. Connector tormoznыe perednye komplektart. 58101-3XA20 -6sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 58161-2F300 -20sht. Napravlyuchasuporta art. 58162-32300 -6sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 58161-2F300-5sht. Rip lower front calipers art. 58162-2F300 -10sht. Napravlyayuchaperednoho slide lower art. 58162-4H000 -2sht. Rip front suportanyzhnya art. 58162-2F300 -40sht. Rip Front Caliper lower art.58162-4H000 -2sht. Rip upper slide art. 58221-4D500 -20sht. Napravlyayuchasuporta upper art. 58221-4D500 -20sht. Rip slide lower art.58222-4D500 -10sht. Rip slide lower art. 58222-4D500 -10sht. Napravlyayuchasupporta art. 58162-33000 -4sht. Rip caliper art. 58162-33000 -4sht.Napravlyayuschaya zadneho caliper Lower art. 58222-37000 -4sht. Upper caliper Napravlyayuschayaperedneho art. 58161-2E000 -2sht. Rip rear suportaverhnya art. 58221-37000 -14sht. Guide caliper front / LO. / Art.58162-2E000 -10sht. The piston calipers art. 58235-37000 -4sht. Piston suportahalmovoho art. 58112-2E000 -4sht. The piston brake calipers art. 58112-2E000-2sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 58112-24000 -4sht. piston supportaperedneKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250111.11701.2571724
27/Apr/201787083099981.Zapasni brake parts for vehicles (vantazhnyhavtomobi Live): The brake drum art.4110000978 - 2 pcs, -2 units, brake shoe, art.4110001903100-4sht, brake cylinder art.411000190310 3 - 2sht.Torhivelna brand: SDLG.Vyrobnyk: SHANDONG LINGONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1000101281431.263586
27/Apr/201787083091981.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport vehicles: brakes and brake system zpidsylyuvachamy and parts for disc brakes Car: Vtulkanapravlyayuchoyi slide to art. 581641H000 -20sht. Bushing caliper guide (to top) Art. 581684D500 -20sht. ABS sensor rear left art. 956802E400-2sht. ABS sensor front left art. 956702F000 -4sht. ABS sensor front pravыy art.956702F100 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 956204A350 -2sht. Sensor ABSperednyy levыy art. 956713E300 -2sht. Disc Brake rear Art. 584113S000-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517123K160-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517121R000 -2sht. Disc brake peredniyart. 517122D310 -2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517122H000-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517123K160 -2sht. Rear Disc tormoznoy art.584113A300 -2sht. Tormoznoy front disc art. 517123X000 -2sht. Connector halmivniperedni art. 581013SA20 -1sht. Brake pads handbrake art. 583504DA00-1sht. Brake shoes art. 583023C A20 -1sht. Brake shoes to-Tartu. 583023SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 581012BA00-1sht. Brake hand brake art. 583503JA00 -2sht. Connector ruchnohohalma art. 583502EA00 -1sht. Brake pads. zadnye (drum) art. 5830517A00-1sht. Brake pads. perednye art. 581013XA00 -2sht. Tormoznыebarabannыe Pads, kit art. 583053SA30-2sht. Tormoznыe zadnye pads (disc) art. 583021RA30 -1sht. Connector kit tormoznыeperednye art. 581013XA20 -3sht. Connector tormoznыe hand AUTOPARTS art.583501DA00 -1sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 581612F300 -5sht. Rip lower perednohosuporta art. 581622F300 -40sht. Rip Front Caliper lower art.581624H000 -2sht. Rip upper slide art. 582214D500 -20sht. Napravlyayuchasuporta lower art. 582224D500 -9sht. Rip caliper art. 5816233000 -4sht.Napravlyayuschaya zadneho caliper Lower art. 5822237000-4sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 5811224000 -4sht. Piston supportaperedneho art. 5811233000 -4sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 5811237500 -5sht.Rem. complex. Trans. caliper (on 2supp.) Art. 5810225A00 -2sht. Rem. complex. per.supporta (on 2supp.) Art. 581022EA00-2sht. Rem. complex. Trans. caliper (on 2supp.) Art. 58102M3A10 -2sht. Suporthalmivnyy art. 581901GA00 -1sht. Tormoznыy disc art. 584111H300 -2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250222.37838.3347984
27/Apr/201787083091981.Chastyny ​​and devices of motor transport vehicles are: parts of disc brakes for motor vehicles yakipryznacheni SAG obiv (for cars): Vtulkanapravlyayuchoyi slide to art. 581641H000 -5sht. ABS sensor rear left art.956802E400 -2sht. ABS sensor front left art. 956702F000 -4sht. ABS sensor peredpravыy art. 956702F100 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 956204A350 -2sht.Datchyk ABS front levыy art. 956713E300 -2sht. Disc Brake rear art.584113S000 -2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517121R000-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517122D310 -2sht. Disc brake peredniyart. 517122H000 -2sht. Rear Disc tormoznoy art. 584113A300 -2sht. Drive tormoznoyperednyy art. 517123X000-2sht. Brake pads rear Art. 583052PA00 -2sht. Brake pads rear art.583052PA10 -4sht. Brake pads front art. 581013SA20 -1sht. Kolodkyhalmovi back art. 583023CA20 -1sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 583023SA20-2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 581012BA00 -1sht. Mr. brake pads almoviruchnoho art. 583503JA00 -2sht. Parking brake pads art. 583052WA00 -2sht.Kolodky handbrake art. 583502EA00 -1sht. Brake pads. zadnye (drum) art. 5830517A00 -1sht. Brake pads. perednye art. 581013XA20-2sht. Tormoznыe barabannыe Pads, kit art. 583053SA30 -2sht. Kolodkytormoznыe zadnye (CD) art. 583021RA30-1sht. Connector kit tormoznыe perednye art. 581013XA20 -3sht. Napravlyayuchaperednoho slide lower art. 581622F300 -22sht. Rip upper slide art.582214D500 -21sht. Rip slide lower art. 582224D500 -10sht. Napravlyayuchasupporta art. 5816233000 -4sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 5811224000 Brake -4sht.Suport art. 581901GA00 -1sht. Tormoznыy disc art. 584111H300 -4sht.Tros levыy parking brake (disc) art. 597602D350-DS -4sht. Levыy parking brake cable (CD) art. 597602H300-DS -2sht. Parking brake cable right (drive) art. 597703K000-DS-2 pcs. Pravыy parking brake cable (CD) art. 597702D350-DS -2sht. Pravыy parking brake cable (CD) art. 5977038305 -2sht-DS. tormoznoy cylinder Chief Art. 5851007000 -1sht.Tsylyndr tormoznoy Rear art. 0K30A26610-2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250137.42453.0812058
26/Apr/20178708309998"1. The parts to forklifts dohalmivnoyi systems: TVH / 8705198 ytormoznyy working cylinder WHEEL BRAKE CYLINDE R-2 pieces; TVH / 8705200 BRAKE SHOE-kolodkaBRAKE 2 pieces; TVH / 8705201 Brake pad BRAKE SHOE-1 unit; TVH / 8705202Halmivna pad BRAKE SHOE-1 unit.. "TAIWAN0UA1250207.05164.3405531
26/Apr/201787083091981. Spare parts for automobiles, parts for disc brakes: t-t brake pads (for example, brake pads), art .: QB113-1436X - 1 pc. T repair. Brake Shoe Brakes (Q-Brake Pads), Art .: QB113-1301X - 2 pcs. Of Brake Pads (to-brake pads), Art .: QB113-1361X - 2 pc. T repair Brake clamp (tenth guides), Art .: QB113-1346X - 18 pc. Trademark QUICK BRAKEBREAKING HOSE & COMPONENT SUPPLIES LTD. The manufacturer of DK.DENMARK0UA4000302.848132.2488817
26/Apr/201787083099981.Prystroyi for motor vehicles of brake systems: KIT BRAKE SHOES (4) / Set brake pads party number: 3836293 -1,00sht.Vykorystovuetsya avtonavanazhuvachah.Torhivelna brand of forklift production TVHVyrobnyk TVHKrayina TW.TAIWAN0UA125020366.04708751
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Brake Shoe Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brake Shoe Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""Бі Ті Україна"""
Importer Address
01103 м.Київ, Залізничне шосе, 57
Exporter Name TVH PARTS NV
Product Description
1. Spare brake parts to forklifts, cable vymykanny.........
HS Code 8708309998Value 58.08331274
Quantity 0Unit UA125020
Net Weight 3.262
Origin Country JAPAN

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