Ukraine Import Data of Bottle Lid | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bottle Lid

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bottle lid collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bottle lid imports.

Bottle Lid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bottle Lid

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of bottle lid. Get Ukraine trade data of Bottle Lid imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739233010001.Vyroby plastic packaging for transportation and goods containing not more than 2 liters, cylindrical bottle with lid (250ml capacity) - 6000sht.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhVyrobnyk: NINGBO DUNHUANG IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production: China / CN.CHINA6000UA500060266577.2200113 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177096099001.OVOCHI fresh ISTIVNI Perez slides Capsicum IS ICE and containers (bottles) With coolant, primary package NO NO PACKING POLIATELENOVOYI -120,00KH, trademarks SANDOVyrobnyk production SANDOKrayina MA.MOROCCO0UA125010120177.6000733
28/Apr/20173923509000"1.Vyroby plastic for sealing (caps, lids and so on. Al.): Kryshkaflakona KRB 43-6058 zelenyy- 20400 pcs. Bottle cap KRB 43-91 black - 20250 pcs. KRB30-140 bottle cap blue", "B" "- 3000 pcs. cover green bottle KRB 30-6099 - 20000 pcs. jar lid KRC16.1-9000 pearl white - 20160 pcs. without labels, with a smooth neryflenoyupoverhneyu. Batcher not. not for medical or pharmaceutical pryznachennya.Zobrazhuvalnyy sign for goods and posluh- available. not intended for use by the food industry salt sky chyproduktsiyi economy. not for al oholnyh drinks. For use uvlasnomu consumption of production for packaging cosmetic, hygiene chnoyi produktsiyi.Torhovelna mark "" Hromyn "". Country of origin: BY.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Hromyn ".". "BELARUS0UA1010207874210.850156
28/Apr/201730049000001.Nezareyestrovani drugs for people who are exclusively for clinical trial, clinical trial protocols AB12005: Gemcitabine Accord 2g (2000mg), powder for injections lot number PT00750 Valid until 11 / 2018- 40 upakovok.Za clinical trial protocol AB12008: Gemcitabine Accord 2g (2000mg), powder for injections lot number PT00750 Valid until 11 / 2018- 30 upakovok.Ne contain material of human origin, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, alkaloids or their derivatives, narcotic and psychotropic substances, precursors and iodine compounds iodine. For clinical trials, not for sale. Packaging - plastic bottle in a cardboard box. Not in aerosol packaging. .INDIA0UA1251003.543.84694126
28/Apr/201784185019001.Holodylne and freezing equipment for catering, refrigerated cabinets of not more than 900l contains no electronic means tavyprominyuvalnyh device contains no ozone-depleting substances: -barnyy refrigerator for beverages with 3 sliding doors, 382l + 2 / + 8C, 4 polytsi405h320mm, 2 shelves 445h320mm, Capacity 380 cans or 266 bottles 0,33l 0,33l, lock, lights, black, 220, 1 + N, 315Vt, 1350h535h925mm, art.BC3PS-1sht.Krayina production - ITVyrobnyk - FORCAR srlTorhivelna mark : FORCAR.ITALY1UA10002091365.1977163
28/Apr/20178418999010"1.Chastyny ​​exclusively for use in household tavstanovlennya tehnikuVESTFROST, parts of refrigerators: Dveriholodylnoho 20744364-1sht love art, display panel 32028286-1sht art, art 32028972-1sht management fee, fee / Power 910WH- art 32029386-1sht, fee / Power 243 32029655-3sht art, fee management / 243 32029656-1sht art; Paraboloyidnyy reflector (VF GRAY) art42015346-20sht, flap / 391 42023869-5sht art; Overlay drawer refrigerator middle / 405 42039663-8sht art, temperature control knob / 370 art 42068390-1sht, Door shelf SW350M 42079277-15sht art, art 42079282-5sht Door shelf, drawer cover morozylnoh department / 405 had 42079291-15sht art, freezer box lid love / art 405 42079292-57sht; Ice tray / 405 42079294-10sht art, glass shelf lining on front / 405 42111881-150sht art, overlays on the glass shelf back / 405 Art 42111882-150sht, box refrigeration love / art 42111885-3sht 405, box refrigeration love / art 405 42111891-3sht, Container / art 823 42127817-2sht, Cree shka vegetable basket / 540T 42128225-1sht art; Bottle Rack Door / 566CUBE 42128397-1sht art; Container cooler / 640 42143873-1sht art; Trademark VESTFROST Producer VESTEL TICARET AS "TURKEY0UA12522071.88652.6098591
27/Apr/20173004900000"1. Medicines for People therapeutic and prophylactic packaged dlyarozdribnoyi trade: -ALMAHEL (R) A, oral suspension in 170ml vial, 1 vial of kartonniypachtsi with dosing spoon (active ingredient: 5 ml suspension (odnadozuvalna teaspoon) contains : aluminum hydroxide gel 2,18h in calculation naalyuminiyu 218mh oxide, magnesium hydroxide paste in recalculation on 350 mg mahniyuoksyd 75 mg, benzocaine 109mh) series: 280317 -27002up-Almagel (R) NEO suspension for oral administration in upolietylenftalatnomu 170ml bottle, 1 bottle time m measuring spoons in kartonniypachtsi (active ingredient: 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) suspension contains: alyuminiyuhidroksydu gel in recalculation on 340mh aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hidroksydupasty in calculation to magnesium hydroxide 395mh, simethicone emulsion 30% upererahuvanni on polidymetylsyloksan 36mh) Series: 010317- 21683upVyrobnyk "" Balkanfarma Trojan-BP "," BolhariyaKrayina production: BGTorhovelna brand: Almagel, ACTAVIS. "BULGARIA0UA1250301131950444.98835
27/Apr/20173923301000"1.Butli, bottles, flasks and similar products containing no more than 2 liters., Zplastmas: Bottles for udder disinfection after milking (Form oblong-type bottle, capacity-300ml., With lid) art.830679180-40sht .Torhovelna brand: DeLaval.Vyrobnyk: DeLaval International AB.Krayina production: GB.. "UNITED KINGDOM40UA1250205224.3810532
27/Apr/201738210000101. cultural environments for cultivation of microorganisms, nutrient medium for general purpose: 10023 Chocolate agar (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.10025 Columbia agar (5% horse blood) (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.10031 Muller Hinton Agar (20 cups Petra) - 2 upak.10132 Mueller Hinton Agar for demanding flora (horse's blood is 5% + 20 mg / L B-NAD) (20 Petri dishes) - 1 upak.20158 Mycoplasma transport medium (20 bottles) - 1 upak.24115 Broth for Trichomonas (20 tubes) - 1 Vaginal upak.50020 test (10 slides) - 1 upak.50021 dermatological test (10 slides) - 1 upak.71679 Pathogenic sy EMA (20 tests) - 1 upak.74156 AF system Genital (20 tests) - 1 upak.80292 Cechovyna 40% supplement (10x5 ml) - 1 upak.500142 Uritest Penta (20 slides) - 1 upak.610023 Klihlera iron agar (500 g) - 1 upak.610107 Urinary main agar ( 500 g) - 1 upak.620146 maltose agar Saburo (100 g) - 1 upak.620159 CPLM selective medium with CAF (100 g) - 1 upak.620612 chromogenic nutrient eNVIRONMENT Chromatic (TM) Detection (100 g) - 1 packing .ITALY0UA12510010.27745.6257271
27/Apr/20173923501000"1.Kovpachky (cover) round plastic for sealing of PET bottles hazovanymabo no sodas, no capping bottles for medical containers nedlya collection, disposal and storage of solid waste and ridkyhradioaktyvnyh have an internal thread. No logos or log on otypamy .Vyrobnyk: OOO "" BERYKAP "" Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA125180858019549.3623
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
65012, Україна, м.Одеса, вулиця Отрадна, будинок 12, квартира 3
Product Description
1.Vyroby plastic packaging for transportation and .........
HS Code 3923301000Value 577.2200113
Quantity 6000Unit UA500060
Net Weight 266
Origin Country CHINA

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