Ukraine Import Data of Boat Rope | Ukraine Import Statistics of Boat Rope

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of boat rope collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of boat rope imports.

Boat Rope Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Boat Rope

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of boat rope. Get Ukraine trade data of Boat Rope imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20178716393090"1.Prychepy and trailers, and other self-propelled vehicles, their parts: trailers for transportation: Trailer for boats, tryosovyy: new: a partially unassembled for easy transport brand 'EZ Loader' model # KHGAHTZ3215500 17-TIEZ102B 29-31 15500 ELE-HYD D3X - 1am: serial number: 1ZEAHT5Z8HA010591. 7030kh Load length 10,5m. Year of 2017. lineup 2017. complete with mounting LDGD ASM 12 'BUNK HD art. # 300-024592-10 - 1am, spare wheel LT235 / 85R16G G614 art. # 300-031923-10 - 1am, spare wheel ASM 3X6 "" 8H art. # 300-035117-10 - 1pc. trade mark 'EZ Loader'. Producer 'EZ LOADER Adjustable Boat Trailers Sales Corporation, Inc. ', the US. Country of origin US.. "UNITED STATES1UA110160215017186.05029 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/201784871090001. propellers for suden. art.655-45947-01-screw boat motors (3X9X5-3 / 4 -C) -1sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN1UA1251801.18649.17273434
26/Apr/201739263000901. Fasteners and hardware from plastmas. art.90386-15M73 plug-plastic-2sht.-art.90386-30M60 plastic sleeve, boat motors -1sht.-art.90386-30M78 plastic sleeve, boat motors -1sht. art .90386-30M77 plastic sleeve, boat motors -2sht. art.6H1-45215-00-foot outboard cover, plastic cover art.6H1-45214-00 -1sht.-foot outboard motors, plastic, without carving -1sht.- art.90430-08003 plastic lining, boat motors -20sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN0UA1251800.07535.50450453
19/Apr/201784879090001. Parts of the ship obladnannya.-art.YMM-24001-00-BK steering wheel 335mm black, plastic, motor-boating 1sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.ITALY0UA1251800.5868.823258028
19/Apr/201739263000901. Fasteners and hardware from plastmas.-art.90430-08003 plastic lining, boat motors -20sht.-art.682-82556-00 Checa emergency, plastic, outboard motors -4sht.-art.682-82556-00 Checa emergency, plastic, outboard motors -1sht. art.90386-12M72 plug-plastic-1sht.-art.648-15741-01 limiter ratchet starter -1sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN0UA1251800.18838.02799624
19/Apr/201773129000001. Cables with steel tips of fixing devices mehanichnohokeruvannya boat motoramy. art.68T-gas-26301-01 cable assemblies outboard -2sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.CHINA0UA1251800.0614.63440492
19/Apr/201784871090001. propellers for suden. art.664-45952-00-screw boat motors (3X9-7 / 8 X14 -F) -1sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN1UA1251800.9953.83729586
19/Apr/201784139100901. Part-nasosiv. art.6H3-44352-00 water pump impeller outboard -1sht.-art.63V-44352-01 impeller water pump boat motors -2sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN0UA1251800.04927.84805892
19/Apr/201773129000001. Cables made of ferrous metals with fastening tips for mechanical devices for steering boat motors.-art.YMM-21017-00 Cables DK Y32 17ft, boat motors, in protective casing with insulation -3 parts. Production line - ITTrading Brand - Yamaha Producer - Yamaha Motor Europe NV .ITALY0UA1251802.80834.86613632
18/Apr/201795030035001.Ihrashky plastic that are based designers kolorovyhblokiv, wheels, figures of people, animals, birds and other parts which are connected between themselves on thorns, and can help you make all things: 70324Biblioteka Merloka 2.0 LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6135800 -6sht. 60106 Pozhezhnaohorona: LEGO CITY starter set Art. 6135745 -8sht. 60107 Fire truck zdrabynoyu LEGO CITY Art. 6135747 -6sht. 60129 Police patrol boat LEGOCITY art. 6137129 -9sht. 60,135 arrests in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174374 -20sht.60138 High Speed ​​Pursuit LEGO CITY Art. 6174388 -6sht. 60139Mobilnyy Command Center LEGO CITY Art. 6174394 -12sht. 60146 Truck LEGO CITY dlyatryukiv art. 6174469 -12sht. 60147 Fishing boat LEGO CITY art.6174473 -6sht. 60148 racing team in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174482 -9sht.60152 Cleaner LEGO CITY excavator and art. 6174560 -8sht. 7281 LEGO CITY PlastynaPovorot art. 6108600 -10sht. 31056 Green Convertible LEGO CREATOR art.6175235 -16sht. March 1057 Air Warrior LEGO CREATOR art. 6175240 -8sht. 70364 Aaron battle suit LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6175166 -12sht. Chasing nanindzyatsyklah 70,600 LEGO NINJAGO art. 6135746 -16sht. 70621 Attack Vermilyona LEGONINJAGO art. 6174530 -12sht. 70623 Shadow fate LEGO NINJAGO art. 6174534 -6sht.21119 Dungeons LEGO MINECRAFT art. 6102218 -6sht. 21123 Iron Golem LEGOMINECRAFT art. 6135559 -6sht. 10699 Base plate sand-colored LEGOCLASSIC art. 6102275 -12sht. 10700 Base plate green LEGO CLASSICart. 6102277 -12sht. 10701 Base plate gray LEGO CLASSIC art.6102279 -12sht. 60,135 arrests in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174374 -10sht. 60136Politsiya: LEGO CITY starter set Art. 6174380 -8sht. LEGO CITY 60138 Vysokoshvydkisneperesliduvannya art. 6174388 -12sht. 60,140 Penetration of buldozeriLEGO CITY Art. 6174433 -3sht. Buggy LEGO CITY 60145 art. 6174448-12sht. 60146 Truck tricks LEGO CITY Art. 6174469 -6sht. 60147Rybolovetskyy boat LEGO CITY Art. 6174473 -6sht. 60152 Cleaner LEGO CITY taekskavator art. 6174560 -4sht. 60122 Volcano: LEGO CITYart tracked vehicle. 6137119 -3sht. 31047 propeller aircraft LEGO CREATOR art. 6135636 -6sht. 31048Budynochok near Lake LEGO CREATOR art. 6135623 -3sht. 31059 Street mototsyklLEGO CREATOR art. 6175245 -6sht. 70318 Hlobostril LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6135859-8sht. 70348 double-soldier Lance LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174832 -6sht. 70349Klitka on wheels ruins LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174899 -6sht. 70621 AtakaVermilyona LEGO NINJAGO art. 6174530 -6sht. 21119 Dungeons LEGO MINECRAFT art.6102218 -6sht. 75879 Car Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS art.6175265 -6sht. 60,135 arrests in a jeep LEGO CITY Art. 6174374 -10sht. LEGO CITY 60138Vysokoshvydkisne persecution art. 6174388 -3sht. 70339 NadzvychaynaFlama LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6137002 -6sht. 70347 Royal Artillery ohoronyLEGO NEXO KNIGHTS art. 6174811 -8sht. 70600 nindzyatsyklah quest for LEGO NINJAGOart. 6135746 -8sht. 70601 Sky Shark LEGO NINJAGO art.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA125190560.10617864.74578
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Boat Rope Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Boat Rope Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
49000, Дніпропетровська обл., місто Дніпропетровськ, ЗАПОРІЗЬКЕ ШОСЕ, будинок 37
Product Description
"1.Prychepy and trailers, and other self-propelled.........
HS Code 8716393090Value 17186.05029
Quantity 1Unit UA110160
Net Weight 2150
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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