Ukraine Import Data of Bevel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bevel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bevel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bevel imports.

Bevel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bevel

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784831095901. Transmission shafts without sharnirnohoz'yednannya for civil purposes, not for industrial assembly, to combine harvesters: 84,398,990 shaft bevel-gear-2sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA5041702.46168.8208928 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178483908100"1.Zubchasti wheels, presented separately, steel, designed to seeder machines Ferrari: -FER01036 Bevel gear M3 Z10, bevel gear - 7 units; -FER01276 Bevel gear M3 Z20, bevel gear - 7 units; -FER03957 Distribution gear, pinion Distribution - 5 units; -FER00039 Gear transmission distributor Z18 1/2 "", 5/16 "", the distributor gear transmission - 20 sht.Krayina origin: Italy. "ITALY0UA30516032.81520.075756
28/Apr/201744187200001.Parketni plate composite wood flooring, trohsharovi (tree-Woodshaving panels (HDF) - tree), lacquered, mounted with the grooves and by tongue dlyakriplennya (system-lock), with beveled. Class durability 31. Size: 164 * 1180 * 14mm. Noble Collection Exotism art. N1CYQ5Q Noble 5G Chene Manoir BR VerMAT - 204,357m2.Torhivelna mark - BERRYALLOC.Vyrobnyk - BERRYALLOC.Krayina production - FR. .FRANCE204357UA2050202214.965280.154348
27/Apr/201784834023001.Konichni transfer: MACHINE filling vials ALF4080, serial number 706150/706142: 90308109258879 bevel gears, 1pc (zistali) ./ for their production needs, when used in the pharmaceutical industry /. .GERMANY0UA1251000.07382.20613588
27/Apr/201722084039001.Alkoholni drinks with alcohol concentration of less than 80 vol.%, Rum, in vessels with a capacity of 2 liters or less: FLOR SANTA CRUZ ANEJO 37.5 vol.% VOL, 70CL -1518plyashok. (1062.6l.) FLOR SANTA CRUZ BLANCO 37.5 vol. % VOL, 70CL -1518plyashok. (1062.6l.) Products labeled AI excise tax stamps on bottles LHP 27.773hrn.Prokleyano 3036 pieces excise marok.Chysta weight 2125.20l. (796.50 liters of 100% alcohol) Manufacturer: Beveland SAKrayina production ES. .SPAIN79695UA1251802198.064181.965044
26/Apr/201784839089901. Gears and other elements peredach.-art.63V-45551-00 Gear vertical shaft bevel -1sht.-art.6E7-45571-00 outboard gear reducer -1sht.-art.6E7-45560-01 gear reducer outboard -1sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - YamahaVyrobnyk - Yamaha Motor Europe NV.JAPAN0UA1251800.379108.5287711
26/Apr/20178515900000"1.Komplektuyuchi to welding equipment: Nozzle 45A, FC-art.T 11845-50sht, cutting hendpiece 20-35mm art.A-1164-10sht, FC art.T-screen 12013-5sht; nozzle 200Aart.T-0372- 50sht; nozzle 40A art.T-3891-100sht, Protection 105A, mashynnyyart.T-11842-20sht; electrode 45A art.T-11236-200sht, cutting-hendpiece 40-60mmart.A 1237-5sht, head plasma PAC170 / 600 / 620 art.T-1393-1sht; Pidihrivayuchesoplo 3-100 mm art.A-1281-10sht, Manual screen 45/65 / 85A, S-art.EX 5-419-017-5sht; nozzle 85A art.T- 11405-100sht, cooling tube, 80 / 130A BEVEL art.T-10472-5sht; nozzle - screened art.T-11395-200sht; electrode 40A / 60A / 80A LONGLIFEart.T-4454-50sht; nozzle 105A art.T- 11840-100sht, nozzle-11840-100sht art.T 105A, 260A nozzle rt.T-9990-10sht, protective caps 40A / 60A / 80A art.T-12066-10sht; Soplo1,7 art.HG10.064-30sht mm, 1.0 mm art.HG10.151-50sht nozzle; Nozzle 1 7 mmart.HG10.154-30sht; art.HG10.150-50sht nozzle 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm nozzle 130Aart.HG11.131-20sht; art.HG10.060-20sht nozzle 0.8 mm; nozzle 1.0 mmart.HG11.130-50sht; art.T nozzle 80A-3890-200 pc; Electrode 260A, BEVELart.T-10307-50sht; Double Nozzle 2.0 mm art.HG11.304-10sht; 1.8 mmart.HG11.303-10sht dual nozzle; Double Nozzle 3.0 mm art.HG11.307-10sht; Nozzle 1.5 mm double HCP art.HG11.302 / C-10 pieces; Double Nozzle 1.2 mm art.HG11.301-10sht; Art.HG11.132-20sht nozzle 1.5 mm; Art.HG10.380-10sht nozzle 1.5 mm; 1.5 mmart.HG11.302-10sht dual nozzle; Nozzle dual 2.5mm art.HG11.306-10sht; Double Nozzle 1,8mm HCP art.HG11.303 / C-10 pieces; Double Nozzle 2.0 mm HCP art.HG11.304 / C-10 pieces; Soplopodviyne 1.2 mm HCP art.HG11.301 / C-10 pieces; 2.3 mmart.HG11.305-10sht dual nozzle; Protective cap nozzle art.T-10409-3sht; Nozzle 130Aart.T-10934-30sht; Zavyhruvach-45-85A art.T 11861-10sht; 1.5 mmart.HG12.507-3sht nozzle; Art.HG12.507-10sht nozzle 1.5 mm; Zavyhruvach 45-85Aart.T-11861-10sht; Zavyhryuyuchyy cap 90-200A art.T-11372-50sht; Zavyhryuyuchyykovpak-90-200A art.T 11372-30sht; Protective cap-100A art.T 8902-20sht; Soplo1,0mm 90A-art.T 11355-100sht; Art.HG10.061-20sht nozzle 1.0 mm; Zavyhruvach 105Aart.T-11930-10sht; 1.2 mm nozzle 130A art.HG10.148-50sht, Country of origin - CZTorhovelna mark - THERMACUTVyrobnyk - Thermacut, sro "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA12502036.1544526.779832
26/Apr/201784834023001.Zubchati gear, bevel gear, bevel reducers molded alyuminevomukorpusi, industrial equipment and konveyoriv, ​​a model Brand: R19 3/1 -10sht., Manufacturer: SITI SPA.Torhivelna Brand: SITIKrayina production: IT.ITALY0UA100110451545.802031
25/Apr/201785371099901.Vyroby of natural cork, finished, size: -30h22 ch.col.lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork with beveled) -159200 sht.-30h22 ch.col.tratadas (leg during cognac cork with beveled) - 29900 sht.-27h22 ch.col.lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork with beveled) -205100 sht.-27h22.2 bol.col.lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork rounding) -109300-sht. 27h19 .5 ch.col.lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork with beveled) -551600 sht.-27h19 bol.col.lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork rounding) -57,800 sht.-27h17.5 bol.col .lav.tratadas (leg during cognac cork rounding) -126300 sht.Vyrobnyk: FIRINHOS PRODUTOS de CORTICA, Lda. Trademark: FIRINHOS. Country of-Portugal, PT. .THAILAND0UA80717083.310170.45754
25/Apr/201784332090001- Farming: - Reaping GRAIN CASE MODEL 2020 - 1 unit, serial number, YAZL52849, second hand 2006 model year. Working width 10.5 M. Reaper (35 feet) .POTRIBNO REPLACE HRABLYNU reel, segment braids, needs repair screw. TRADEMARK CASE.VYROBNYK: CNH AMERICA MANUFACTURING LLC.KRAYINA: US.- Reaper GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 630 - 1 unit, serial number: 709350, second hand 2005 model year. Working width Reaper 9.1 M. (30 feet) .POTRIBNO REPLACE finger screws, SEGMENTS braids. DEFORMATION right Header (required welding works) traces of corrosion around the hull. - Reaping GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 630 - 1 unit, serial number: 720985, second hand 2006 model year. Working width Reaper 9.1 M. (30 feet). NEED REPLACING plastic bottom Reaper, to repair shear MEHANIZMU.- Reaper GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 925 - 1 unit, serial number: 666757, second hand 1995 model year. Working width Reaper 7.6 M. (30 feet). Spit should be replaced in the collection, there are no Cardano drives, DRIVE NKSHZ. Traces of corrosion around CORPS requires full color. REQUIRED welding ROBOTY.NE contains in its composition transmitter or transmitter and PRYYMACHI.ZHNYVARKY designed for use with GRAIN harvesters, lawn cereals and subsequent FEEDS beveled masses inclined chamber harvesters to further OBMOLOTU.TORHOVELNA BRAND: JOHN DEERE.VYROBNYK : DEERE & COMPANY.KRAYINA PRODUCTION: US.UNITED STATES4UA9010101051029345.93918
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Bevel Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name CNHI AMERICA
Product Description
1. Transmission shafts without sharnirnohoz'yednan.........
HS Code 8483109590Value 168.8208928
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 2.46
Origin Country ITALY

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