Ukraine Import Data of Beta Alanine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Beta Alanine

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of beta alanine collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of beta alanine imports.

Beta Alanine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Beta Alanine

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20172922498500"1. Amino acids comprising oxygen function without lysine, glutamic acid is not without anthranilic acid and not talidyn without beta-alanine: - AMINO ACID (AGRIFLEX AMINO) - 7t; - AMINO ACID (AGRIFLEX AMINO Zn ) - 2m.. "CHINA0UA500030900029360.00002 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20173004900000"1.Foods for people packaged for retail trade: Series 16664: ABUFFEN 400 mg tablets, 15 tablets in a blister, 2 blisters in a cardboard box -2000 units (active ingredient - Beta-alanine) Manufacturer: BASHARA RECONSTRUCTION LABORATORIES , FR. "FRANCE0UA125030728027.756033
20/Apr/20172106909200"1.Produkt not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch, not containing ethyl alcohol, is: a daily dietary supplement AM Essentials - UA-001 UA- art.AM1-001 (Lot 0453L6) - 450up; Composition" "AM Essentials" ": each capsule contains: soya lecithin - 52 mg extract of borage seed - 17.9 mg leaves Bacopa extract - 35 mg extract of blue-green algae - 37.5 mg L-glutamine - 25 mg; leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba - 25 mg spirulina extract - 25 mg fatty acids Omega 3 - 15 mg primrose oil - 15 mg L-taurine - 12,7mh, L-phenylalanine - 12.5 mg L-tyrosine - 12.5 mg DMAE -12.5 mg ekstrak t barley - 12.5 mg chlorella - 12.5 mg proprietary blend of enzymes DIGEZYME - 12,5mh; fucoxantin -12.5 mg turmeric extract - 12.5 mg extract of green tea leaves - 10.2 mg; extract of blueberries - 10.0 mg kvartsetynu dihidrat - 7.5 mg of N-acetylcysteine ​​- 6.25 mg kayenskyy pepper - 5.0; tsantela Asian - 5.0 mg alpha-lipoic acid - 5.0 mg ; L-karnitin- 5.0 mg Astragalus extract co Rinne - 5.0 mg; Guarana Seed Extract - 4.5 mg; Royal Jelly - 4.3 mg; carnitine - 2.5 mg; Coenzyme Q10 - 2,5 mg; Purslane extract - 2.5 mg; fizetyn - 2.0 mg; betaine - 2.0 mg; Polygonum extract sahalynskoho - 2.0 mg; metylsulfonilmetan -1.9 mg; pterostylben - 1.01 mg; nori seaweed extract - 1.0 mg; Cordyceps extract - 0.9 mg; Atlantic kelp - 0.1 mg; vynohradu- peel extract 0.1 mg; Glucosamine - 0.05 mg Dietary supplement night union Essentials - UA-001 art.RM1-UA-001 (Lot 0523J6) - 450up; Composition "" union Essentials "": each capsule contains: L-arhonin - 103.1 mg; L-ornityn- 77.2 mg; soy lecithin - 43,5mh; Bacopa extract seeds - 35.0 mg; an extract of blue-green algae; extract of borage - 20.5 mg; a mixture of extracts of Brassica oleracea var. italica, Brassica oleracea var. acephala, Raphanus sativus - 20 mg; fatty acids Omega 3 - 18.1 mg; -18.1 mg primrose oil; Valerian root - 15.0; chlorella -12.5 mg; turmeric extract - 12.5 mg; fucoxantin - 12.5 mg; fenugreek extract -10.0 mg; L-tyrosine - 10.0 mg; vynohradu- peel extract 10.0 mg; L-Taurine - 8,48mh; patented blend of enzymes DIGEZYME - 8,35mh; kvartsetynu dihidrat - 7.5 mg; spirulina extract - 7,5mh; kayenskyy pepper - 5.0; extract of barley - 5.0 mg; Alpha Lipoic-ta - 5.0 mg; L-karnitin- 5.0 mg; Tomato extract LYCOBEADS - 5,0; N-atsetyltsestyyin - 4.0 mg; Royal Jelly - 3.86 mg; zapatentova mixture of probiotic: lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum - 3,75 mg; Purslane Extract - 2.52 mg; vodorostey- brown extract 1.0 mg; acetyl-L carnitine - 2.5 mg; Calendula extract - 2.1 mg; Polygonum extract sahalynskoho - 2.0 mg; fizetyn - 2.0 mg; betaine - 1.76 mg; Coenzyme Q10 - 1,75 mg; Rosemary Extract - 1.67 mg; metylsulfonilmetan -1.5 mg; pterostylben - 1.01 mg; fitinova-ta - 1.0 mg; Pycnogenol - 0.83 mg; Cordyceps Extract - 0.59 mg; Melatonin - 0.25 mg; Atlantic kelp - 0.1 mg; Glucosamine - 0.08 mhForma you "UNITED STATES0UA1251001194419.000173
18/Apr/20172933998000"1. Standard chemicals (powder) for quality control of medicinal zasobivta testing methods in the laboratory - heterocyclic compounds only zheteroatomamy nitrogen: art.Y0001303 Rizatriptan for system suitability (15mg) / Ryzatryptan for system suitability (15 mg powder) chemical name: 3- (2- (Dimethylamino) ethyl) -5- (1H-1,2,4-triazol-1- ylmethyl) indolemonobenzoate, CAS № 145202-66-0-2up. (30 mg net weight, the weight in primary packaging 20,03h ) art.Y0000033Carbamazepine impurity A (20mg) / Carbamazepine impurity A (20 mg powder) himichnanazva: 10,11-dihydro-5H- dibenz [b, f] azepine-5- carboxamide (10,11-dihydrocarbamazepine), CAS № 3564 -73-6-5up. (100 mg net weight, the weight of vpervynniy akovtsi 50,1h) art.P3350000 Proline (60mg) / Proline (60 mg powder) chemical name: 2- pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid, CAS № 147-85-3-3up. (vaha180mh net weight in primary packaging 30,18h); art.T2610000 Tryptophan (100mg) / Tryptophan (100 mg powder) chemical name: 1beta-3-Indolylalanine, CAS № 73-22-3-3up. (300 mg net weight, the weight in primary packaging 30,3h); art.E2205500 1,1'-Ethylidenebistryptophan (2vial (s) x0,002 mg) / 1,1'-Etylidenbistryptofan (powder 2flakona on 0,002mh) chemical name: (2S) -2-amino-3- [1- [ 1- [3 - [(2S) -2-amino-3-hydroxy-3-keto- propyl] indol-1-yl] ethyl] indol-3-yl] propionic acid, CAS №132685-02-0-1up . (Net weight 0,004mh weight in primary packaging 20,000004h) art.Y0001829 Enalapril impurity G (15mg) Enalapril impurity G (15 mg powder) chemical name: (2S) -2 - [[(1S) -3- cyclohexyl- 1- (ethoxycarbonyl) propyl] amino] propanoic acid, CAS no-2up. (30 mg net weight, weight pervynniyupakovtsi 20,03h); art.Y0001853 Enalapril impurity mixture A (0,06mg) / Enalapryldomishky A mixture (powder 0,06mh) No chemical name, CAS no-2up. (net weight 0,12mh weight in primary packaging 20,00012h). TOTAL 18up. (Chystavaha 660,120004mh weight in primary packaging 180.660120004 g). Not mistyatnarkotychnyh drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Rechovynyrozfasovano chemicals in glass bottles, 1 bottle weight is 10h.Vyrobnyk: Council of Europe, EDQM & HealthCare Secret. of Europ. PharmacopoeiaComission, FrantsiyaKrayina production: FRTorhivelna mark: EDQM. "FRANCE0UA1002000.1811559.271578
14/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for people without content, vitamins, hormones, alkaloids, antibiotics, put up for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: AB'YUFEN, tablets of 400 mg №30 (15h2) in a blister / beta-alanine, manufacturer laboratories Bouchard REKORDATI, Country of France; ".FRANCE0UA110030727875.554423
13/Apr/201729224920001. The amino compounds, which include oxygen function for use in the cosmetics and perfume industry notcontains narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, -beta-alanine (Beta Alanine), CAS№ 107-95-9, chemical formula C3H7NO2 - 50kh.Krayina production - CNVyrobnyk - Jiangsu Brother Vitamins Co., Ltd.Torhivelna mark - Brother.CHINA0UA10002050707.3977799
12/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for people to put up for retail sale. 16367 Series: AB'YUFEN 400 mg tablets, 15 tablets in a blister, 2 blisters in a carton box-2200up. (Active ingredient - Beta-alanine) Series 16616: HEKSASPREY spray oromukoznyy , 750mh / 30g, in 30 g of aerosol bottle, 1 bottle in a cardboard box, 12015up. (active ingredient - Biklotymol-750mh excipients, alcohol benzyl, disodium EDTA, ammonium hlitsyryzynat oil anise, sodium saccharin, microcrystalline cellulose, lecithin soy, glycerin, ethanol 95%, purified water, metylparahidroksybenzoat (E218). Gas Forming pressure nitrogen.) Does not contain ozone-depleting rechovyn.Vyrobnyk laboratories REKORDATI Bouchard, FR.. "FRANCE0UA1250301809.3643429.04727
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Beta Alanine Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Beta Alanine Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АГРІСОЛ"""
Importer Address
01103 м. Київ, вул. Професора Під- висоцького, буд. 6В
Product Description
"1. Amino acids comprising oxygen function without.........
HS Code 2922498500Value 29360.00002
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 9000
Origin Country CHINA

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