Ukraine Import Data of Bearing Crank Pin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bearing Crank Pin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bearing crank pin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bearing crank pin imports.

Bearing Crank Pin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bearing Crank Pin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of bearing crank pin. Get Ukraine trade data of Bearing Crank Pin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny-metal cuffs (metal-gu m), which are intended for them motornyhtransport means (for cars): Striker art. 54626-4D000-2sht. Striker art. 55348-3W000 -2sht. Striker art. 54626-1M000 -2sht.Vidbiynyk shock art. 55326-07100-2sht. Fenders Shock art. 54626-1C000 -2sht. Fenders amortyzatorazadniy art. 55326-1C000 -20sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-17000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-3K010 -2sht. Rear Vidbiynykamortyzatora art. 55348-3K010-4sht. Fenders front shock art. 54626-26000 -10sht. Vidbiynykzadnoho shock art. 55326-1E000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-27000 -2sht. Fenders zadnohoamortyzatora art. 55348-2H000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-2H000 -1sht. Fenders lane. (Ass.) Shock art. 54626-29100-10sht. Bushing shock art. 55315-07000 -20sht. Bushing bearing ass. Amor-raverhnya art. 55323-1C000 -20sht. Notched rails rulevoy art. 57753-3K000-2sht. IUT lka steering rack art. 57726-2E000 -20sht. Reliance zadnehoart shock. 55330-2S050 -20sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000-2sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000 -3sht. Chippers amortyzatoraart. 54626-2G000 -10sht. Chippers shock art. 54626-2G000 -12sht. Otboynykamortyzatora zadneho art. 55326-1M000 -1sht. Chippers shock peredneho art.54626-3X000 -2sht. Chippers shock peredneho Matrix art. 54626-17000 -8sht.Otboynyk rear pruzhynы art. 55326-0Q000 -2sht. Chippers rear pruzhynы art.55326-0Q000 -6sht. Chippers Lane. shock art. 54626-22000 -6sht. Otboynykper. shock art. 54626-27000 -2sht. Chippers Lane. art.54626-22000 -2sht shock. Engine pillow front art. 21810-1C220 -2sht. Lower Podushkaradyatora art. 25335-2E001 -2sht. Pillow Radiator Lower art.25335-2E001 -3sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -10sht. Pillow radiatoraart. 25336-2V000 -10sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -2sht. Podushkaradiatora lower art. 25336-2B000 -4sht. Silent blocks verhneho rыchaha art.54440-3F100 -2sht. Silent blocks the rear lever / pin / art. 52718-38000 -2sht.Salnyk art. 58232-28300 -60sht. Seal the generator art. 37343-42020 -2sht.Salnyk crankshaft Lane Art. 21335-27000-10sht. Salnik camshaft art. 22144-3B001 -20sht. Cup (inset) amortyzatorazadnoho art. 55311-25000-3sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525053.58266.1161758 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178409990000"1.Chastyny ​​reciprocating engine with a compression compression ignition diesel generators: Exhaust valve / exhaust valve 186F (k005) product code: 8602004 -30 pc.; Intake valve / inlet valve 186F (k005) product code: 8602003 -30 pc .; Connecting rod bearing / Insert crank the engine for 186 F (k015) product code: 8406206 -150 pcs., Rem set (Exhaust valve rocker Arm / exhaust rocker composition. Phone.: 8602103A, Intake valve rocker Arm / Vpusknoy rocker composition. Phone.: Rocker Arm Support / caliper rocker composition. Phone.: 8602102A Valve screw / Bolt composition. Phone.: 7002105 nut M6 / M6 nut warehouse. Phone.: 9901060) product code: 8602103A -10 com ments; Piston F186 / Porshen186 FA (k002) Product Code: 8604103A -50 pc.; Piston pin / Piston pin 186F (k002) product code: 8604104 -50 pc.; Nozzle / Nozzle 186 FA (k006) Product Code: SU186F- 13000 -15 pc.; Connecting rod / rod 186F (k005) product code: -50 pc.; valve rod assembly / plunger rod 186F (k005) A co product: 8606100 -100 pc.; valve tappet / plunger 186F ( k006) product code: 8606003 -30 pc.; Cylinder Block / Block tsilindra186F product code: 8601001 -5 pcs.; Cylinder head bonnet / valve cover 186F (k015) product code: 8603001A -10 pcs., no trademark danyhVyrobnyk FUJIAN HUA MIN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTDKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA12518096.7651192.712592
20/Apr/20178483908990"1.Chastyny ​​elements to transfer forklifts. Disc Brake / Disc art.D141112 CPR / J7335-22sht. Plate, Clutch / Disc art.3153641K00 CPR / J2361-24sht. Sepalator Plate / Disc Gearbox art.31536-L1500 / J1258-24sht . Sepalator Plate / disc art.134G3-82121 CPR / J1344-24sht. Sepalator Plate / disc art.A213070 CPR / J2061-16sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.1469301 CPR / J7814-168sht. Clutch Plate / disc Gearbox art.346796 / J0228-50sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.D180320 CPR / J6026-6sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.A213071 CPR / J5268-16sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.382263 CPR / J5773-36sht. Clutch Plate / disc art CPR .324252 333071 / J4341-24sht. Clutch Plate / disc Gearbox art.3243123 33071 / J5407-24sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.D180339 CPR / J4321-7sht. Clutch Plate / disc art.330619 CPR / J7915-5sht. Clutch Plate / CD art.3153241K00 PPC (150,842) / J3772-12 pcs. Clutch Plate / Disc art.A213498 CPR / J6600-8sht. Clutch Plate / Disc art.40587-40120-71 CPR / J4415-20sht. Gear / Sprocket art. / 135217812171 / BS1752-2sht. Gear / Sprocket art. / 135237600171 / M7739-2sht. Cam Gear / gear art.32A23 01100 / M4228-2sht. Gear; Crankshaft S4S, S6S Z = 23 / gears art.32A2300100 / M0722-2sht. Sprocket, Hydrauaic Pump Drive / gear art.13519UC010 / M4554-2sht. Gear / gear art.135227812071 / M2952-2sht. Gear / gear art. / 136137812171 / M1781-2sht. Gear / gear art.12353-FU400 / M8650-1sht. Gear Ring, Flywheel / Scalloped crown Starters art.Z9123336051 / M7850-2sht. Gear Ring; Flywheel S4Q, S4Q2, D04Cj Z = 113 / Scalloped crown Starters art.3062161300 / M6947-2sht. Flywheel Gear / Gear Starters Crown art.12312L1802 / M9050-2sht. Timing Belt / Timing Belt Halter art.901577816 / M6229-11sht. Bushing / Shkvoren art.3EB2451272 / M1376-4sht. Bearing Kit, King Pin / Shkvoren, P / K art.3EB2405100 / M6787-7sht. Kingpin / Shkvoren, P / K art.22N5432201 / M8004-8sht. Seal Kit, King Pin Lh / Shkvoren, P / K art.3EB2405130 / M4432-3sht. King Pin Kit / Shkvoren, P / K art.24234-39803 / M0330-4sht. Repair Kit / Shkvoren, P / K art.215E439801 / M1409-4sht.Torhivelna mark Kingsin MachineVyrobnyk Kingsin Machine production LimitedKrayina CN "CHINA0UA5002001003230.269725
19/Apr/201787089997981.SHTOVHACH clutch. Kat.nomer 72101.Kil-Number-5. Engine assembly detail reduktorapuskovoho tractor T-10, T-170.Pryznachenyy for the introduction zcheplennyashestirni diesel motor with flywheel torque taperedachi ostannomuvid starting dvyhuna.PLANKA. Kat.nomer-50-21-162. Count 20 pcs. Steel mechanical assembly of the parts trolley tracks tractor T-10, T-170. Installed on the frame of the tractor trolley and serves for attaching wheels to the frame vizka.PLANKA. Kat.nomer-50-21-163. Count 10 pcs. Steel mechanical assembly of the parts trolley tracks tractor T-10, T-170. Installed on the frame of the tractor trolley and serves for attaching wheels to the frame of the trolley. BUSHING. Kat.nomer-21-19-3. Count 16-pc. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. The metal cylindrical sleeve is designed to seal holes in the mounting end bearing. BUSHING. Kat.nomer-18-19-19. Count-200 units. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. Designed to seal it internal space between the wheel and driving wheel pin lead. VISOR. Kat.nomer-15-19-15. Count 50 pcs. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. It is a plate with internal cross holes for fixing on board gear hub seal and serves to protect the seals from mechanical damage. The steering pushers. Kat.nomer-7213. Count 10 pcs. Assembly piece of gear starting engine tractor T-10, T-170. Designed to provide definite direction of the pusher sleeve. Fuel tanks. Kat.nomer-51-25-145SP. Count 3 pcs. Assembly units starting engine PD-23 tractor T-10, T-170. It is a cylindrical metal container with filler content liters for storage palnoho.NAPIVVIS. Kat.nomer-24-19-37-1. Count 7-pc. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. Represents axle designed to transmit torque from the gear on board koleso.PLANKA. Kat.nomer-50-21-265. Count 25-pc. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. It is the basis on which is mounted a final pidshypnyk.OPORA. Kat.nomer-80-52-118SP. Count 6-pc. Piece frame assembly trolley bulldozer. Designed to mount to the frame dump bulldozer B-10.VALYK. Kat.nomer-24-13-105SP. Count-5. Item management for assembly mechanism turns the tractor T-10, T-170. Peredayeobertalnyy point of the lever propulsion servo-mechanism keruvannya.LABIRYNT.Kat.nomer 50-19-156SP. Count 10 pcs. Board assembly piece of gear tractor T-10, T-170. Designed to seal the space between the driving wheel and gear housing board. CASING. Kat.nomer-50-51-12. Count 10 pcs. Assembly tractor T-10, T-170. Is a metal plate that attaches doramy tractor bottom to protect the crankcase from mechanical damage when working on the ground. FORK. Kat.nomer-17375. Count-5. Piece assembly mechanism controls transmission tractor T-10, T-170. Designed foRUSSIA0UA1121001776.714228.037251
18/Apr/20178483308090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m kovzannyadlya bearing shafts of iron or steel: VKLADYSHKOLINCHASTOHO shaft (green) art.13324-RBD-E01-5sht., Deposits crankshaft (pink) art.13346-RBD-E01-1sht .; art.13346-RBD-E01-1sht .; art.13346-RBD-E01-1sht .; art.13346-RBD-E01-1sht .; art.13346-RBD-E01-1sht., crank liner (yellow) art .13225-RBD-E01-1sht .; art.13225-RBD-E01-3sht., crank liner (green) art.13214-RBD-E01-4sht., crank liner (black) art.13212-RL6-G01- 4pcs., manufacturer Honda Europe NVTorhovelna brand Honda. "JAPAN0UA2050900.54117.2487394
12/Apr/201784099900001. Parts designed for internal combustion engines with compression ignition of (diesel): Repair great engine (ring antynaharne block cylinder internal combustion engines, cylinder liner block, pistons, rings, pins, fuel line for feeding fuel injectors, injector oil rings bearing crankshaft, ICE exhaust tappet, a set of gaskets cylinder heads, connecting rods and roots liners, connecting rod bolt, filtering fuel and oil) - 4 pcs. .NETHERLANDS0UA209180410.048705.119789
12/Apr/201784833080901.Chastyny ​​combine harvesters, bearings for shaft, insert the crankshaft stopping indigenous 0.552, art.RE534184-1 units, polupidshypnyk, art.N239315-1 units, trademark-John Deere .Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA1101903.097112.1102887
07/Apr/201740169952901.Vyroby of humy.Z nezatverdiloyi volcanic ovannoyi nonporous rubber to a / o mzahalnoh destination of-metal cuffs, no e la skladannyamotornyh industrial trans Portnoy means: 218100Q000 engine support right-1pc, front-engine 219102F050opora 2 pcs, 545843F100 lever -7sht silent blocks, 546101D000 oporaamortyzatora front-2pcs, 546101G505 damper support front-1pc, 546101M000 damper support front-2pcs, 546102E200 support amortyzatoraperednoho-2 pcs, 546102T000 damper support front-2pcs, 546201D000 oporaamortyzatora front-2pcs, 553202F000 bearing rear shock absorber th-2 pcs, 0K01127623 seal promvala-1pc, 218302F010 prop engine, 2 pcs, 218302F310 oporadvyhuna-2 pcs, 218125H001 prop engine, 2 pcs, 219102D000 prop engine front, 2 pcs, 219102D050 prop engine front, 2 pcs, 219301C130 prop engine rear-1pc, 219503X000 support engine-1pc, 218102S200 engine support right-5pcs, 218112B100opora engine, 2 pcs, 218151C220-prop engine 3pc, 218300B800-prop engine 1pc, 218301C800-prop engine 1pc, 2183038010 engine bracket, 2 pcs, 218303K800 oporadvyhuna-4 pieces, 219301C250 prop engine zadnya- 1pc, 219301E200 support dvyhunazadnya-1pc, 219301G160 prop engine rear-1pc, 219302B000 support dvyhunazadnya-2 pcs, 2193038900 prop engine rear-1pc, 2 19303L800 support dvyhunazadnya-1pc, 219501C900-prop engine 1pc, 219502S000-prop engine 5pcs, 5271838000 Silentblocks lever rear cross-18sht, 5183045200 salnykperedniy hub-30sht, 541485L000 sleeve peredn.resory-6 pieces, salnykbalansyra-25sht 2132142021, 2132142031 crankshaft seal -25sht , 2133527000 seal kolenvalaperedniy-6 pieces, 2142122020 seal crankshaft front, 4 pieces, front-2142123020 salnykkolenvala 5pcs, 2142133114 seal crankshaft front-5pcs, 10pcs 2142133134salnyk-rocker, 218101C220 right-prop engine 6 pieces, 218101E000 oporadvyhuna right-3pc, 218101G100 prop engine prava- 1pc, 3pc 218101R100 oporadvyhuna-21 81026500 prop engine right-2pcs, 218103L300 prop engine, 4 pieces, 219102H150 prop engine front-1pc, 219102H150 prop engine front, 2 pcs, 2191038602 Engine bracket front-1pc, 219103L900 prop engine-1pc, 2214439001salnyk camshaft, 10 pieces, 221443B001 seal camshaft -20sht, 5281045000 seal rear hub-30sht, 5414745000 spring-sleeve 24sht, 218303K000-prop engine 2 pcs, 218102T000 right-prop engine 4 pieces, 528105K000salnyk hub, 2 pcs, 218125H001-prop engine 1pc, 0K01134820A saylentblokvazhelya -2sht, 555433K000 silent blocks the rear longitudinal arm -5sht, 0K20133047salnyk hub, 4 pieces, 551303F000 rear silent blocks pin-1pc, 0K01128840saylentblok reactive power back-1pc, Country of production - KRTorhovelna mark - HYUNDAIVyrobnyk - HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA807200170.5782436.046341
07/Apr/201787085099981.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for general purposes. Chastynyveduchyh bridges to the a / m total des ennya.Ne skladannyamotor them for industrial vehicles: 002000240205195 bearing cover (zadnohomosta) -5sht, 006900240102500 appendage sleeve hub-20pcs, 045200230401001kulak swiveling front axle-1pc, 045200230401101 fist povorotnyyperednoho bridge-9sht, 045200230401200 support ball steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230405400 ring wall appendage (steering knuckle) -20sht, 045200230410010 lever steering knuckle, 2 pcs, 045200230411201 kovzayuchaveducha coupling flange hub peredn.dyska-65sht, 046900240207700 ring rehulirovochneT.1,73-20 pcs 055200240010401 zadn.mosta crankcase casing with semi-axis tapidshypnykom -3sht, 056900240202000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -1sht, 315,120,230,406,000 joint steering knuckle-13sht, 316,000,230,205,097 kiltsemaslovidbyvalne (metallic) -20sht, 316,000,240,101,895 crankcase cover holovnoyiperedachi (rear axle) -5 units, 374,100,240,202,000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -7sht, 374,100,240,307,001 napivis rear axle right-3pc, 374,100,240,307,101 semi-axis of the rear axle left-2 pcs, 374,100,310,301,510 matochynaperednoho wheel-32sht, 001200240309100 adjusting gasket (metal) -50sht, 002000240205195 cover bearing (rear axle) -5sht, 045200230401001 front axle kulakpovorotnyy-1pc, 045200230401101 fist turning perednohomosta-6 pieces, 045200230401200 ball bearing steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230405400 ring wall appendage (steering knuckle) -60sht, 045200230410010 lever steering knuckle-1pc, 045200230411201 kovzayuchaveducha coupling flange hub peredn.dyska- 68sht, ring rehulirovochneT.1,88-20sht 046900240207900, 055200240010401 crankcase housing and differential bearing-1pc, 315,120,230,406,000 joint steering knuckle-10pc, 316,000,240,101,895 cover karteraholovnoyi transmission (rear axle) -6sht, 316,050,240,307,001 napivis zadn.mostaprava-1sh , 374100240202000 leading and well-known gear (zad.mosta) -8sht, 374,100,240,203,300 gasket (adjusting, metal) -50sht, 374100240307001napivis rear axle right-7sht, 374,100,240,307,101 semi-axis of the rear-mostaliva 3pc, 374,100,310,301,510 hub of the front wheel (to the a / m UAZ without ABS , Spicer And so-21sht, 046900240307100 semi-axis of the rear axle (reduktornyymost) -2sht, 315,100,230,709,100 leading hub flange-8 pieces, 315100230709100flanets leading hub-6 pieces, 006900230408300 sleeve pin-80sht, 045200230401001 fist-turning front axle 8 pieces, 045200230401101 kulakpovorotnyy front axle, 2 pcs , 045200230410010 lever for turning varnish-1pc, 045200230411201 slip clutch driving flange hub peredn.dyska-49sht, 046900230403600 adjusting gasket thickness of 0.40 mm (metal) -100sht, 315,100,230,709,100 leading hub flange-6 pieces, cover 316000240101895 karteraholovnoyi transmission (rear axle) -3sht, hinge 316050230406000 povorotnohokulaka right-1pc, 006900230408300 sleeve pin-120sht, fist 045200230401001RUSSIA0UA8072001187.047834.279558
04/Apr/201784833080901.Pidshypnyky sliding with steel shafts to IVECO trucks: KT (5pcs) bearings f = 87h90mm indigenous art. 500086095-1sht. bearing crankshaft stopping f = 89h97mm art. 2996590-5sht. connecting rod bearing f = 87h90mm art. 2997957-4sht. The manufacturer IVECO MAGIRUS AGKrayina production DETorhovelna brand IVECO.GERMANY0UA1250201.768126.1707881
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Bearing Crank Pin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Bearing Crank Pin Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НВЦ ПІВНІЧ"""
Importer Address
07300, Київська обл., м. Вишгород вул. Шолуденка, буд.19Д
Product Description
1.Chastyny-metal cuffs (metal-gu m), which are int.........
HS Code 4016995290Value 266.1161758
Quantity 0Unit UA125250
Net Weight 53.58

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