Ukraine Import Data of Battery Tray | Ukraine Import Statistics of Battery Tray

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of battery tray collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of battery tray imports.

Battery Tray Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Battery Tray

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of battery tray. Get Ukraine trade data of Battery Tray imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​mobile phones equipped with a transmitter or receiver, Osnovnaelektronna fee to the model SM-B105E kat.№GH82-10197A -7sht. Mobilnyhtelefoniv parts, not containing incorporates a transmitter or receiver, Window domodeli SM-A7100 kat.№GH64-05377A -26sht., Window to the model SM-G570Fkat.№GH64-05984A -4sht., Window to the model SM-G920 Cat .№GH64-04536B -2sht., Window to the model SM-G920 kat.№GH64-04536C -8sht., PCB zustanovlenymy elements of the model SM-J7108 kat.№GH96-09606A -13sht., Elektronnaplata the model SM-N915F , kat.№GH96-07533A -2sht., Keypad modeliSM-to-G950F kat.№GH98-40968F 10pc., cover the model GT-I9195 kat.№GH98-34166B -1sht., to cover modeliSM-J500, cat .№GH98-37820A -8sht., cover the model GT-S6312 kat.№GH98-25487B-1pc., cover the model SM-N9 00 kat.№GH98-29019B -1sht., To cover modeliSM-B350E kat.№GH98-37411A -3sht., Cover the model GT-I9070 kat.№GH98-24666A-1pc., Battery cover to the model GT-I9100 cat .№GH72-64898A -2sht., Tray dlyasim card to mo Delhi SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126A -8sht., Tray sim-cards domodeli SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126B -5sht., tray sim-cards to the model SM-G935Fkat.№GH98-39126C -5sht., tray sIM card to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH98-39126E -1sht., module assembly speaker to model GT-I8552kat.№GH59 -13172B -2sht., panel buttons to model SM-A310F kat.№GH64-05398C -5sht., panel buttons to model SM-J510FN kat.№GH64-05740A -1sht., panel buttons domodeli SM_A7100 kat.№GH96-09351B -5sht., Reason tor quartz to the model SM-A720kat.№2801-005154 -1sht. LCD module to model GT-I9195 kat.№GH97-16992A -1sht., RKpanel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -80sht . LCD panel assembly domodeli SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855B -87sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -128sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710 , kat.№GH97-18855B-74sht., speaker jack to train the model SM-G850 kat.№GH96-07463A -2sht., touch screen to model GT-S7390 kat.№GH96-06644C, 2 pcs., Part case the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37809A -7sht., Chastynakorpusa the model SM-N920F, kat.№GH98-37598A -3sht., part of the body to modeliSM-A310F kat.№GH98-38666B-11sht., Specific Part Su to model SM-A7100 kat.№GH98-38540B -2sht., Chastynakorpusu forward to the model SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587B -5sht. Part korpusuperednya assembly to the model SM-A320F kat.№GH97-19732C -15sht ., loops of rozye'mom 5Vdo model SM-G935F, kat.№GH97-18542A -6sht.CHINA0UA12511020.94910353.96306 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20174016995790"1.Chastyny ​​Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber for vehicles for civil use, 1118-1703182R COVER Protective Stoke -50sht., 1118-2906040R PILLOW rods -200sht., 2101-1302060R Radiator LOWER POLE -500sht., 2101-1601211R CLUTCH COVER PLUG OFF -500sht., 2101-1703096R COVER INSIDE Lever shifting -350sht., 2101-2904230R buffer Hogan -200sht front suspension compression., 2101-2905450R PILLOW UPPER MOUNT shock absorber rod -1000sht., 2101-2912622R buffer compression Hogan rear suspension -100sht., 2101-3703095R trays Accumulators BATTERY -300sht., 2101-8402070R buffer K Pot REAR -500sht., 2105-8402070R hood Adjustable buffers -1000sht., 2108-1003277-01R bush LIDS cylinder head -3000sht., Protective 2108-1703182R COVER DRIVE -200sht hinge traction.; 2108-2215030K COVER naruzhnej SHARNYRA -600sht. ; 2108-2215068K COVER INTERNAL hinge -200sht., 2108-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods -1000sht., 2108-2915681K Casing Shock rear suspension -300sht., 2108-3401224K COVER RAILS Protective steering -200sht., 2108-5112092-01R Silencers HOLES Paul -500sht., 2108-8402214-01R hood Adjustable buffers -500sht., 2110-2905681R telescopic rack housings -200sht., 2110-2906040R rods PER PILLOW DNOHO stabilizer -200sht., 2110-2915450R PILLOW MOUNTING upper end of the shock absorber -500sht., 2110-3401224R COVER RAILS steering -60sht., 2114-8403513R apron front left -50sht., 2121-2215030-01K COVER naruzhnej hinge -180sht. ; 2121-2215068-01K COVER INTERNAL hinge -180sht., 2123-2906040R bushing front stabilizer rods -200sht., 33.5205906R TAPE brushes (VAZ-2108) -500sht., 90334 270RY rear shock absorber bushings DAEWOO NEXIA / LANOS / ESPERO - 200sht., repair kits for vases 106RP sleeves pendulum 2101-2107 (2101-3003095R RING seal bushing OSI pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized; 2101-3003094 bush pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized;) -250sht., Repair kits for vases 10R rear suspension (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods Rear suspension 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber; 2101-2919108-10R bushings transverse and longitudinal rods UPPER 6 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -400sht., repair kits for vases 10RA rear suspension in 2121 (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods rear suspension 10 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -300sht., 11r repair kits for vases MOUNTING rear shock 2101- 2107 (2101-2906231R PILLOW KREPLENNYA Shock rear suspension 8 PCS With volcanism ANOYI rubber;) -2000sht., 14R repair kits for vases stabilizer 2101-2107 (2101-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -500sht., Repair kits for vases 152RU COVER INTERNAL 2170,2108,2109 hinge ( 2108-2215068K cOVER INTERNAL hinge 1 piece of vulcanized rubber, 2108-2215036 clamp MOUNTING covers 1 pc .; 2108-2215034 Metal clamps MOUNTING cover 1 piece Metal .; 2121-2215084 RING locking 2 pieces metal;) -90sht., Repair kits for vases 153RU COVER naruzhnej 2170,2108,2109 hinge (21 "RUSSIA0UA1101101378.1810985.7871
18/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​smart watches, which are equipped with a transmitter or receiver, Osnovnaelektronna fee to the model SM-R732, kat.№GH82-10773A -2sht. Mobilnyhtelefoniv parts, not containing incorporates a transmitter or receiver, Window domodeli SM-A7100 kat.№GH64-05377A -12sht., Printed circuit boards ustanovlenymyaktyvnymy and passive elements to the model SM-J7108 kat.№GH96-09606A -6sht., Electronic board to the model SM-N915F, kat.№GH96-07533A-1pc., collection microphone from the model train SM_A510F kat.№GH59-14572A -3sht., button sensor assembly with the model SM-N920F, kat.№GH96 -08853B -2sht., Knopkovapanel the model SM-J510F kat.№GH96-09675A -2sht., cover the model GT-I9070kat.№GH98-22021A -1sht., cover the model GT-C3752 kat.№GH98-32016B- 3pc., cover the model SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37384C -3sht ., The battery cover domodeli GT-I9100 kat.№GH72-64898A-1 pc., Rear cover to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH82-11510A -17sht., Dlyasim card tray to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98- -2sht 39126C., panel buttons to modeliSM-A5100 kat.№GH96-094 97A -1sht., panel buttons to model SM-A5100kat.№GH96-09497B -4sht., panel buttons to model SM-G6100 kat.№GH96- -1sht 10281C., panel buttons to model SM-A310F kat.№GH64-05398C -1sht., to frame model SM-A500kat.№GH61-08010B -1sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-G850 kat.№GH97 -16386D-1pc., touch screen assembly to the model SM-G360H kat.№GH96-07767C -3sht. Part of the case to the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37809A, 6 pcs., part of the body to the model SM-J500F k t.№GH98-37820C -10sht., Chastynakorpusa the model SM-J200H, kat.№GH98-37990A -2sht., part of the body to modeliSM-A310F kat.№GH97-18074B-5pcs., part of the body to the model SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37900C -6sht., Chastynakorpusu forward to the model SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587A -2sht., Plume zroz'yemom button to collect the model SM-J510FN kat.№GH96-09944A -13sht.CHINA0UA1251101.145760.0237177
14/Apr/20177326904000"1. Steel Trays usedfor replacement battery elektroshtabelerivLINDE R20HD: Roller stand dlyazaminy -2sht battery, manufacturer Linde Material Handling GmbH; trademark Linde, Country of CZ;."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100120280794.0289193
13/Apr/20178302300090"1. Fittings and other fasteners, metal etc. to / from: Clip art.577732G000, 1pc., Art.816511P000 hatch lever, 1pc., Art.816521P000 hatch lever, 1pc., Insert the key art.819963R001, 1pc .; pacifier chain art.243862A000, 1pc., pacifier chain art.233674A030, 1pc., engine protection art.29110C5000, 1pc., Protection of the engine compartment art.291201R400, 1pc., Protection of the engine compartment art.291202S500, 1pc., ABS sensor ring art.4959029011, 1pc .; art.8581837000 clip, 10pcs .; art.0K01137184B bracket, bracket art.865662K500 .; 1pc, 1pc battery bracket .; art.371601M000, 1pc .; bumper art.865732K500 bracket, bracket 1pc .; rear bumper art.86613A2000, Cro 2 pcs .; nshteyn rear bumper art.866141H200, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.866992M000, 2 pcs .; art.866532K000 Bracket rear bumper, 1pc .; art.866143U000 Bracket rear bumper, 1pc .; art.64525D9000 wing bracket, bracket 2 pcs .; art.663274Y000 wing mounting, mounting bracket 1pc .; art.663174Y000 wings, 1pc .; bracket before it art.865542K500 bumper, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865532K500, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865542K000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.86614A2000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865134Y000, 20pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865170Z010, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865132P500, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865522K500, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865532K000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865141M300, 1pc .; Bracket rail stops art.565222L000, 1pc .; Towing hook art.091472B000, 1pc .; Art.812302J000 trunk opening mechanism, 1pc .; Overlay wing art.84169D9000, 2 pcs .; Guide art.83510D9000, 1pc .; Art.793803U000 door limiter, 1pc .; Art.84121D9001 protective panel, 2 pcs .; Art.793101G000 door hinge, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791101M000, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791103W000, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791203W000, 1pc .; Art.552332G000 plate, 1pc .; Cork tray art.2151223001 engine, 40sht .; Art.812543S000 handle, 6 pcs .; Cup art.0K65A12116A valve springs, 8 pieces .; Shplintart.1430003257BQQK, 9sht .; Shtift art.819262L000, 10pcs .; Shtift art.1430108181, 1pc .; The union art.0SE0110730A, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.244102A000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.243702A000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.2441025001, 2 pcs .; Spanners tsepi art.244102F001, 1pc .; The base plate art.981602K000, 1pc .; Towing hook art.091470X000, 1pc., KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011020.414644.5513491
12/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​mobile phones contain some kind of transmitter abopryymach: Window to the model SM-G930F, kat.№GH64-05480A -14sht., PCB zvstanovlenymy active and passive elements to the model GT-I9200kat.№GH59-13295A - 1 pc., electronic modules to model GT-I9105 kat.№GH59-12969A-3pc., Collection: audioroz`yemom Speaker of the model SM-G531, kat.№GH96-08726A-9sht., to model Keypad SM-J510F kat.№GH96-09675A -2sht., Knopkovapanel the model GT-E1200 kat.№GH64-00369A-3pc., cover the model SGH-C270 kat.№GH98-22275A -2sht., to cover modeliGT-C3752 kat.№ GH98-32016B -2sht., cover the model SM-G900F kat.№GH98-32016D-1sh t., cover the model SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37384C -3sht., to cover modeliSM-B350E kat.№GH98-37411A -1sht., cover the model SM-G5700-kat.№GH63-13393C 3pc., cover the model SM-J500, kat.№GH61-09775A -2sht., to cover modeliGT-I9070 kat.№GH98-24666A -1sht., battery cover to the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37820B -8sht., Tray sim-card to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39 126A-4 pieces., Tray sim-card to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126B -3sht., dlyasim card tray to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126C -3sht., vibrodzvonyka tahuchnomovtsya module assembly to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH96-09513A -6sht., Nakladkadekoratyvna the model SM-G935FD kat.№GH98-39126F -2sht., to panel buttons modeliS M-A5100 kat.№GH96-09497B -3sht. LCD module assembly to the model SM-G850F, kat.№GH97-16386A -2sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J200G kat.№GH97-17940C-100sht . LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J200G kat.№GH97-17940C -89sht. LCD assembly panelv the model SM-G531 kat.№GH96-08860A-22sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-G850 cat. №GH97-16386D -1sht., Chastynakorpusa the model GT-C3322 kat.№GH98-34165B -2sht., part of the body to modeliSM-J500H, kat.№GH98-37809C-11sht. Part of the case to the model SM-J500F cat. №GH98-37820C -12sht., Chastynakorpusa forward to the model SM-A320F kat.№GH82-13667C -12sht., part of the body domodeli SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37900A -6sht., part of the body to the model SM-J700Fk at.№GH98-37900C, 6 pcs., part of the body to the model SM-A310F kat.№GH98-38666C -2sht., Chastynakorpusu assembly to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH82-13388A -150sht., part of the body to model vzbori SM-G935F kat.№GH82-13390A -50sht., front part of the body domodeli SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587A -2sht., to the front of the chassis modeliSM-J500F kat.№GH98-37801A -1sht., middle part of the body the model SM-N920Kkat.№GH82-13240A -5sht., middle part of the body to the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664C -15sht., middle part of the body to the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664B -30sht., part of the body mean the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664D -10sht., cable assembly to the model SM-N910F kat.№GH 59-14256A-1am.CHINA0UA12511035.7927897.65108
12/Apr/20179503008100"1.Dytyacha toy weapon: Combat nerf blasters module Modulus series NERF art.B6321-32sht; Dysraptor Blaster Elite Series NERF art.B9837-150sht; Retaliator Elite Strike Blaster series NERF art.98696-20sht; blaster '' Elite Dzholt "" series NERF art.A0707-198sht; Rafkat blaster Elite series NERF art.A1691-120sht, a set of 10 arrows for blasters "" Mega "," NERF art.A4368-48sht series, a set of 30 arrows for blasters "" Zombie strike "," series NERF art.A4570-54sht, Water blaster Super Soker flurry series NERF art.A4839-198sht; blaster Zombie strike Slinhfayr series NERF art.A6563-48sht; Bihshot blaster series NERF art. A9314-60sht, Water Blaster Super Soker "" MikroBerst 2 "" NERF art.A9461-132sht series, set to embrace blasters "" Modulus set 1: thrifty soldier '', a series of NERF, a battery art.B1534-8sht; Set blasters "" Modulus set 2: Special agent "" NERF art.B1535-44sht series, set blasters "" Modulus set 4: marksman "," series NERF art.B1537-64sht; Lightsaber e series Star Wars, battery and mercury .B2919-36sht, Water blaster Super soker H2O series NERF art.B4443-20sht; soker H2O blaster Super Tornado series NERF art.B4444-40sht; Modulus blaster Recon series NERF art.B4616-100sht; blaster Modulus Yonfayr series NERF al t.B4618-120sht, Set "" Elite-10 dekos arrows "" to blaster NERF art.B5571-150sht series; Akkustyk Alfahok Blaster series NERF art.B7784-20sht; blaster Zombie Strike Autbreyker series NERF art.B9093- 40sht; blaster Spider-man, worn on the hand, a series of Spider-man art.B9702-24sht, Spider-man blasters that shoot plastic webs (in the platter.), Spider-man series art.B9766-24sht, mega blaster Dablbrych, NERF art.B9789-48sht series; AKKUSTRAYK Falkonfayr blaster series NERF art.B9839-140sht, Set for blasters "" Akkustrayk 12 arrows "," series Nerf art.C0162-550sht; blaster accessory Modulus series NERF art.C0389 -172sht.Torhov Elnya mark "" Hasbro "" company maker "" Hasbro SA "" Country of CN "CHINA0UA500010858.28424557.27857
12/Apr/20179503008100"1.Dytyacha toy guns, blasters Fayrstrayk Elite Series NERF, battery art.53378-148sht; blaster Zombie Strike SaydStrayk series NERF brand art.A6557-177sht.Torhovelna" "Hasbro" "company maker" "Hasbro SA" " Country of IN. "INDIA0UA500010117.0343205.020788
10/Apr/20173926300090"1.Vyroby plastic fastening: under the battery tray is made of plastic, black, without cover, cast dlyautrymannya battery when driving the boat art.9097-5-148sht.Vykorystovuyetsya as a component in the manufacture of inflatable boats for its production potreb.Vyrobnyk "" Brunger Export Inc "". Country of US.Torhovelna mark "" Brunger Export Inc "".. "UNITED STATES0UA11011083.921752.047481
08/Apr/20178504405500"1.Zaryadnyy device battery: - Set wireless charging Samsung Tray Design Black art., art. EP-NG930BWRGRU -160sht.."VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF289UA4081501127777.581716
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Battery Tray Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Battery Tray Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01032, м.Київ, вул.Льва Толстого, буд.57
Exporter Name "ООО ""Самсунг Электроникс Рус Компани"""
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​mobile phones equipped with a tra.........
HS Code 8517709000Value 10353.96306
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 20.949
Origin Country CHINA

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