Ukraine Import Data of Battery For Ups | Ukraine Import Statistics of Battery For Ups

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of battery for ups collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of battery for ups imports.

Battery For Ups Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Battery For Ups

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20178504403000"1.Dzherela uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for home computers, voltage 220V, single-phase, 12V 3A-60sht, trademark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk MERLION BATTERY CO., LTDKrayina production of CN."CHINA60UA10001016.65619.8000975 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20174016910000"1.Dzherela uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for home computers, voltage 220V, single-phase, 12V 3A-60sht, trademark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk MERLION BATTERY CO., LTDKrayina production of CN."POLAND0UA125190423.38589552
24/Apr/20179202903000"1. Rechargeable batteries, electric, new, lead, working on non-rareelectrolyte, sealed, leakproof, not having openings for maintenance (distilled water drainage), type of electrolyte-acid, rectangular, intended for uninterruptible power supply for drainage for Power of electric motors in children's bicycles and machines manufactured by AGM technology (using a soaked electrolyte porous (adsorbent) of fiberglass) and GEL-type technology (with the use of as an electrolyte thickener Solution of sulfuric acid in the form of gel): AGM multimode batteries for UPS (type AGM-technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 7 (A * h), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.0- 300pcs, capacity 7.2 ( A * year), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.2- 200pcs, capacity 7.5 (A * h), Mod .: LP-MG12-7.5- 200pcs, capacity 9 (A * h), Mod .: LP- MG12-9.0- 400pcs; capacity 20 (A * h); Mod .: LP-MG12-20- 100pcs; capacity 80 (A * h); Mod .: LP-MG12-80- 30pcs; capacity 100 (A * h ), Mod .: LP-MG12-100-50pcs; capacity 120 (A * year), Mod .: LP-MG12-120-50pcs;Capacity 150 (A * h), mod .: LP-MG12-150- 10pcs; Gel batteries for UPS (GEL-type technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 7 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.0- 300pcs; Capacity 7.2 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.2- 150pcs; Capacity 7.5 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-7.5- 150pcs; Capacity 9 (A * h), Mod .: LP-GL12-9.0- 200pcs;AGM traction battery (type AGM technology), for voltage 12V: capacity 12 (A * h), Mod .: LP6-DZM-12- 200pcs;Capacity 20 (A * h), Mod .: LP6-DZM-20- 100pcs; The total number is 2440pcs. The trademark is LOGICPOWER.Manufacturer - MINGHONG TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, China. The production line is CN. "CHINA2UA1251001.653.99999551
20/Apr/201785044090001.Peretvoryuvachi static for industrial use th: EC1103.02 DzhereloBezperebiynoho feed rate (UPS), online 3000VA / 2700W Tower-1am. with vmontovanymy3-mabatareyamy. Serial number: 83321701100039. ECR1106SC ting BezperebiynohoZhyvle Source (UPS) online rack / tower, 2 pcs., Uni versalnyy 6000VA / 5400W bezbatarey with increased battery charger. Serial number 83621701100043-83621701100046 ECR1110 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on-laynstiyka / tower, 2 pcs., Universal avail 10000VA / 9000W without batarey.Seriyni number: 83921505100130- 83921505100136.Torhovelna Brand: LeverKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Lever Srl.CHINA0UA1001102003795.677708
20/Apr/201785072080901.Akumulyatory for uninterruptible power neobsluhovuyemi lead acid, sealed (not can vatysya uses for starting piston engines): Battery UPS (includes -1sht BP8397.) Art.BP240V10RT3U -2sht.Torhovelna mark: TRIPP LITEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: TRIPP LITE.CHINA2UA10013091.081589.933163
20/Apr/20178504403000"1.Dzherelo uninterruptible power supply (includes BP240V10RT3U Battery power blokabezperebiynoho -1sht; SUPDMB710IEC panel IO -1sht; SU10000RT3UPM UPS -1sht.) Art. SU10000RT3UG -1sht. Source bezperebiynohozhyvlennya (SM8756 contains -1sht.) Art. SMX1000RT2U -2sht. Panelvvedennya-output (MD6926 contains a power supply for UPS -1sht.) art. SU20KPM-1sht.Torhovelna mark: TRIPP LITEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: TRIPP LITE. "CHINA4UA100130320.75458.627409
18/Apr/201739235010001. HANDLING CARDS WITH WARRANTY MEMBRANE, BATTERY FROM PLASTICS FOR PETROLEUM CLEANING WITH OLIVE, TWO COMPONENT, ON YEMNITION 1 LITER. (HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE TOP, LOWER POLYETHYLENE LOWER DENSITY): - EV 21/20 yellow 1011 / white 1086 caps (6 yard) -1185600 sheets (NO LOGO) -EV 21/20 blue 1033 (ths. Premium) / yellow 1011 cups (6 yard) -91200 pcs.-EV 21/20 blue 1467 / white 1086 Shreddy Gift (6 tiers) -364800 pcs. POWER PLATES (POLYETHYLENE OF HIGH DENSITY) FOR PURCHASE OF PET FIBER WITH OLIVE, COMPONENT FOR YMNIS OF 5 LITERS: -3442 yellow 1011collections (6 tiers) -122400ШТ.-3442 blue 1467 caps (6 yard) -81600ШТ., (WITHOUT LOGO).RUSSIA0UA806020739020265.96765
11/Apr/20178504403000"1.Peretvoryuvachi static: - power supply to the PC: Power Supply ATX-SM400BL (400W) -3056 units. (Supplied separately) Power Supply ATX-SM450 (480Vt) -585sht., (Of which 500 units . supplied separately, 85 pcs. vmontovanymyv supplied komp`yute rni housing) power supply ATX-S490 (440Vt) - 238sht. (postachayutsyavmontovanymy in computer cases) .- bezperebiynoho power source (UPS) to personal computers : UPS: 500VA300W with 1 x 4.5Ah battery, model U-500MA -150sht., UPS: 650VA 390W with 7Ah x 1batareey model U-650SA -200sht., UPS: 800VA 480W with 9Ah x 1 battery, modelU-800SA - 200sht., UPS: 1200VA 720W 1 1 x 2Ah battery model U-1200SB -100sht., UPS: 1500VA 900W with 9Ah x 2 batteries, model U-1500SB -50sht.Torhovelna mark: FrimeCom, Golden Fiel d. Prospect for: Dongguan Golden FieldIndustri al Co. LTD , Kytay.Krayina production-CN.. "CHINA4579UA8071707854.920773.90018
07/Apr/20178509400000"1.Mashyny zumontovanym electromechanical motor home, new vkomplekti that is a set dlyarozdribnoyi trade: blender with a cup Russell Hobbs 22260-56PERFORMANCE PRO art.-22260-56, -2sht. Blender, plastic bowl 1.5l, 500VtRussell Hobbs 22250- Explore art. 56-22250-56, -4sht. Blender, glass bowl 1.5l Russell Hobbs 18996-56 DESIRE RED 750W art.-18996-56, -12sht. Blender, glass bowl 1.5l, 750Vt Russell Hobbs 18995-56 AURA 750W art.-18995-56, -6sht. Blender, glass bowl 1.5l, 850Vt Russell Hobbs 20230-56 Illumina 850W art.-20230-56, -12sht. Blender chopper, two bowls on 1.2l, 350Vt Russell Hobbs 21510 -56 Aura 350W art.-21510-56, -8sht. 140Vt Coffee Grinder Russell Hobbs 23120-56, 23120-56 art., -40sht. Kukho Combine nniy 750Vt, bowl 1.5l Russell Hobbs 19006-56, 19006-56 art., -4sht. Food processor, 1000W, metal bowl 5l, 1.5l blender, hooks for zamishuvannyatista Russell Hobbs 23480-56 Desire art.-23480-56 , -2sht. Food Processor Russell Hobbs 22270-56 PERFORMANCE PRO art.-22270-56, -4sht. kser MI 300W with a bowl 3.5l stainless steel Russell Hobbs 21200-56 Aura 300W art.-21200-56, -6sht. Russell Hobbs Mixer art.-18966-56, -6sht. Mixer with a cup 3.5l 400W Russell Hobbs 22900-56, 22900-56 art., -4sht. Mill salt and pepper (4 pieces AA battery - not included) RussellHobbs 23460-56, 23460-56 art., -6sht. Vegetable cutter Russell Hobbs 22280-56 200W art.-22280-56, -6sht. Vegetable cutter Russell Hobbs 22281-56 250W art.-22281-56, -4sht. Used Gorenje S 400 EA (E100CC) art. 400W-116602, -6sht. Chopper 700W, 3pcs x 700ml cups, 350ml x 2 pcs small cup Russell Hobbs23180-56 art.-23180-56, -48sht. Wood, 70Vt, bowl capacity of 0.5 liters. Plastic Russell Hobbs 22220-56, 22220-56 art., -6sht. Juicer 800W Russell Hobbs 22700-56, 22700-56 art., -2sht. Juicer Citrus Russell Hobbs 22890-56, 22890-56 art., -12sht. Citrus juicer, 60W Russell Hobbs 22760-56, 22760-56 art., -8sht. Sokovыzhymalka 550Vt Russell Hobbs 20366-56 Desire art.-20366-56, -6sht. Brand-Spectrum Brands, Inc., Gorenje dd; Trademark-Russell Hobbs, Gorenje; vyrobnytstva- Country CN; "CHINA214UA209200614.447469.473245
07/Apr/201794032080001.Metalevi racks to install batteries: Battery pack for UPS Friend 6-10K, Model: HT11BAT32-192VDC (without battery, battery cable, fuses and shelf) -3sht. Battery pack for UPS Friend RM 6-10K, Model: HR11BAT16-192VDC (without battery, battery cable, fuses and shelf) -3sht. Manufacturer INVT Power System (Shenzhen) Co., LtdKrayina production CNTorhovelna brand PULSAR Limited.CHINA0UA100080127877.3824344
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Battery For Ups Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Battery For Ups Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ТК ""ЮГТОРГ"""
Importer Address
68430, Одеська область, Арцизький район, с.Нова Іванівка, провулок Зарічний, будинок 8
Exporter Name Shenzhen Ritar Power Co. Ltd
Product Description
"1.Dzherela uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for.........
HS Code 8504403000Value 619.8000975
Quantity 60Unit UA100010
Net Weight 16.65
Origin Country CHINA

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