Ukraine Import Data of Bathtub | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bathtub

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bathtub collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bathtub imports.

Bathtub Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bathtub

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/201739221000001.Vyroby sanitary purpose acrylic bathtubs, article: WAEX.CMP17WB. .CHINA0UA209140801256.914658 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201790200000001.Vyroby plastic Toilet cattle for use with / d farm: bath for washing and processing hoofs of cattle, bathtub hoofs art.D101 FOOTBATH 2000h850h160-2sht.Vyrobnyk BUVETTETorh.marka SAS LA LA BUVETTE.POLAND0UA1251109.6537.1895478
24/Apr/201773202089901. Plastic sanitary supplies, acrylic bathtubs and trays without hydromassage system and electric: TARGA STYLE 170h70sm bath, shower TARGA STYLE 180h80sm, LOOP & FRIENDS bath 1750 * 1350mmTorhovelna brand Villeroy & Boch Brand Villeroy & Boch AG.ITALY0UA1001100.02512.78841931
24/Apr/201784149000001.Vyroby sanitary purpose acrylic bathtubs, article: WAEX.CMP17WB. .GERMANY0UA8071701480.115660.74535
24/Apr/201738123080001.Krany for mixing of hot and cold water, pobutovohosanitarno industrial purposes, faucets for sinks, baths, bidets, (made of composite materials body - alloys (brass) steel internal components - plastic / ceramic) BATH MIXER WITH SHOWER SET MIXERS DLYAVANNY with watering hand shower and hose with holders art.KA720201065 - 1pc. SINKMIXER Mixer art.OB920602015 - 1pc. BATH MIXER WITH SHOWER FOR SETZMISHUVACH bath with hand shower watering cans and hoses holder art.OT760101065 -1sht. 3-HOLES WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE FOR washbasin 3OTVORY with bottom valve art.2901N404S - 1pc. BATH DECK MIXER MIXERS DLYAVANNY fastened on board art.2901N465S - 1pc. BIDET MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTEZMISHUVACH bidet with bottom valve art.2901N462SF - 1pc. BIDET MIXER WITHPOP-UP WASTE Mixers for bidet with bottom valve art.F3512CR.RU - 1pc. WALLSHOWER MIXER WITH SHOWER STAND, SHOWER HEAD, HAND SHOWER AND FLEX WITH MIXERS DLYADUSHU Tina C with shower racks, shower heads, hand shower funnel WITH SHLANHOMTA holder art.TE85330 / 60CR - 12p. FLOOR STANDING WASHBASIN MIXER MIXERS DLYAUMYVALNYKA from the floor art.7 MHOPRL 1 - 1pc. 4-HOLES BATH DECK FOR MIXERZMISHUVACH Bathroom 4 holes, mounted on board art.7 MODV 4 0 1 - 1sht.BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWER faucets for bathtubs art.IT7503CCEAZZ -1sht. WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE Washbasin With DONNYMKLAPANOM art.PB5610CCQQZZ - 1pc. WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE MIXERS DLYAUMYVALNYKA with bottom valve art.PB7510CCEAZZ - 1pc. WASHBASIN MIXER WITHPOP-UP WASTE washbasin with bottom valve art.PB5610CCQQZZ - 1sht.WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE washbasin with ground KLAPANOMart.BTVERCLA02 - 5pcs. SHOWER MIXER Shower Mixer art.BTICECDO01 - 2sht.SHOWER MIXER shower faucet art.BTICECDO02 - 2 pcs. BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWERZMISHUVACH FOR bathtubs art.BTICECVA04 - 1pc. BIDET MIXER WITH POP-UPWASTE Mixers for bidet with bottom valve art.BTITRCBI01 - 3pc. SHOWER SHOWER MIXERZMISHUVACH art.BTITRCDO01 - 1pc. WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTEZMISHUVACH faucet with pop-up waste art.BTITRCLA02 - 7sht. WASHBASIN MIXERWITH POP-UP WASTE washbasin with bottom valve art.BTITRCLA11 -3sht. BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWER faucets for bathtubs art.BTITRCVA02- 1am. BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWER bath mixer with hand DUShEMart.BTITRCVA04 - 1pc. BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWER Bath faucet with RUCHNYMDUSHEM art.BTITRCVR02 - 1pc. WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE MIXERS DLYAUMYVALNYKA with bottom valve art.BTSTIOLAP1 - 1pc. BIDET MIXER WITH POP-UPWASTE Mixers for bidet with bottom valve art.BTSTICBIP1 - 1pc. SHOWER SHOWER MIXERZMISHUVACH art.BTSTICDOP1 - 1pc. SHOWER MIXER Mixer for DUShUart.BTSTICDOP2 - 2 pcs. WASHBASIN MIXER WITH POP-UP WASTE mixer for UMYVALNYKAZ Bottom valve art.BTSTICLAP1 - 7sht. BATH MIXER WITH HANDSHOWER MIXERS DLYAVANNY with hand shower art.ITALY0UA20603025326.2889232
24/Apr/201772149971001.Santehnichni plastic products, household, complete, bezhidromasazhu without electric, sets for retail trade: BATHTUB WITHOUT VANNAAKRYLOVA hydro 170H80 the frame, complete with siphon, overflow-panel TAZLYVOM art.2DUA1N2- 1am. SHOWER TRAY trays for the soul AKRILOVYJ 130H100 art.5FRC9N0 - 1sht.WASHBASIN washbasin AKRILOVYJ art.INFINITY402 65H38 - 1sht.Torhovelna mark - HAFROVyrobnyk - GRUPPO GEROMIN SRL.RUSSIA0UA1101503528019988.82795
19/Apr/201733073000001. Preparations for making bathtubs, not in aerosol packaging: - Foam vannyLavanda 500 ml art.15BA500L16A 150sht.- Sugar cube-bath 33h, art.98BBSU033TO0-400sht.Krayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - L'OCCITANEVyrobnyk - L ' OCCITANE sa.FRANCE0UA100120101.951164.401853
14/Apr/20173214101090"1.Zamazky compaction. One-component silicone waterproof hermetykzastosovuyetsya tion tion for sealed seams and the" "connections to sanitary facilities (toilets, baths, kitchen, laundry.-Filled silicone resin napovnyuvachitriacetoxyethylsilane 1-5%, pasty (seam thickness 6 mm) were in aerozolniyupakovtsi. 60091182 SANISIL WHITE PL / RU / UA / D (Katridzh 300 mL) art.555 -1152sht, 60093324 SANISIL TRANSPARENT PL / RU / UA / D (Katridzh 300 mL) art.556 -2304sht, elastic silicone sealant for their domestic and pryostiklenni exterior windows and window frames, installation tional valve systems, bathtubs, dushevyhkabin etc. (seam thickness 6 mm), 5% fillers, pasty, not aerozolniyupakovtsi 60091265 SIKASIL C WHITE PL / RU / UA / D (Katridzh 300 mL) art.73985 -1152sht.Vyrobnyk WACKER CHEMIE AGKrayina production - DE.Torhivelna brand Sika. "GERMANY0UA1001301372.0324886.058249
13/Apr/201768109900001.Vyroby sanitary artificial stone, reinforced with fastening elements takomplektom drain: composition: a mixture of granite TPP-78%, 20% acrylic, organic pihment2%, packed in cardboard boxes and they derev.obreshitku: tion complete with legs: (729.175.022.010) AMOS BATHTUB LIGHT-2 pcs, (566.173.022.210) FAMA WHITE / BLACK -1sht, (599.170.020.010) ISAR BATHUB-1pc, (565.165.022.014) LA DONNA BATHTUB WHITE -1sht, (720.163.020.010) LORENBATHTUB DUROCOAT -1sht, (635.155.920.014) MISA BATHTUB WHITE-1pc, (588.160.020.010) PIA BATHTUB WHITE-1pc, (515.170.020.010) WEGA BATHTUBWHITE -2sht, -umyvalnyky included: (640.156.021.011) LIRA REGULATED BASIN MM -1sht 1560, (560.040.020.010) NOEMI WITHOUT TH WHITE -1sht, ( REA S 400-1sht, (530.550.020.011) TEBE 550 WHITE 1 HOL E-1pc, ( CETO 600 WHITE -1sht, ( CETO 1300D 2TAPHOLES-1pc, (726.080.020.010) ISAR 800 WHITE -1sht, (300.120.022.011) LARISA 1200 1HOLEWHITE -1sht (633.040 .020.010) MISA BASIN -1sht, (580.080.020.011) N OEL 800 WHITE1TH-2 pcs, (582.120.020.011) NOEL 1200 MM 1TH WHITE-1pc, (583.120.220.012) NOEL 1200D WHITE -1sht, (360.040.020.010) PERLA 400 WHITE-1pc, (520.044.020.010) TALLASA 466 WHITE-2 pcs, (641.080.022.011) TEO 80 1TH 800WHITE-1pc, (641.090.022.011) TEO 900 WHITE -1sht, (641.120.022.012) TEO 1200 2TH SASWHITE -1sht - kitchen sink: (120.533.002) BARIO 1,5B 1DR BLACK -1sht, (120.533.012) BARIO1,5B 1DR BLACK METALIC -1sht, (120.513.002) BARIO 1,5B 1DR BLACK -1sht (240.113. 007) DATO 1B 1DR SAND -2sht, (515.103.016) EVIT 1B WHITE ALABASTER-1pc, (426.100.002) FADO 1B 460/460 BLACK-2 pcs, (426.100.016) FADO 1B 460 / 460WHITE ALABAS -1sht ( 428.100.002) FADO 1B 460/560 BLACK-2 pcs, (428.100.003) FADO1B GREY -1sht (428.100 .012) FADO 1B BL.MET 460 / 560-2sht, (435.113.006) IGNIS 1B 1DR WHITE -1sht, (250.803.001) KOVA SAFARI -2sht, (250.803.006) KOVA WHITE -2sht (250.803.011 ) KOVA ROUND ECRU -1sht, (250.803.012) KOVA BLACK METALIC -1sht, (160.113.003) PROFIR 1B 1 DR GRAY -1sht, (160.213.002) PROFIR 2B DR BLACK -1sht, (160.213.016) PROFIR 2B 1DR WHITEALABASTER -1sht, (270.803.011) TANAT ROUND ECRU -1sht, (220.613.002) TORRO TRAPEZ 980 MM AUTOGRAPHIT -1sht, (220.613.007) TORRO TRAPEZ 980 MM AUTO SAND -1sht, (220.613.012) TORRO TRAPEZIAL BLACK MET-2 pcs, (260.803.011) VASK 1B ECRU -1sht, (385.613.007) STEN TRAPEZIAL 970 MM SAND-1pc, (390.513.002) TAMA 780 MM 1,5B 1 DR AUTO GRAPHITE -2sht (380.513. 006) TELLUR 1,5B 1DR WHITE-1pc, (170.133.003) PESTA 1B 1DR GRAY -1sht, (180.613.007) OREN TRAPEZIAL SAND -3sht, (180.613.011) OREN TRAPEZ ECRU -1sht (180.613.012) OREN TRAPEZIAL BLACK METALIC -1sht. Total 69sht.POLAND0UA209180260011081.75829
11/Apr/201739229000001.Sanitarno rubber plastic, acrylic panels for cladding bathtubs and shower trays, including: - the panel bath, left white acrylic zkriplennyam KALIOPE 170 -52sht. panel bath, right / left white acrylic with VIRGO MAX mount 160 -15sht. panel bath, right / left white acrylic mount MEZA 160 -15sht. panel bath, right / left white acrylic mount MEZA 170 -15sht. panel bath white acrylic mount VENUS 150 -30sht. panel bath, white acrylic mount NIKE 160 -15sht. panel Bath, right / left white acrylic mount SICILIA 170-90sht.Zahalna number - 232sht.Vyrobnyk ROVESE SA \ PL \ Polscha.Torhivelna CERSANIT brand. Country of Poland. .POLAND0UA1010501162.67589.751638
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Bathtub Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Bathtub Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Торговий Дім Комплекс Трейд"""
Importer Address
79021 м.Львів, вул. Повітряна, буд.94, кв. 47
Exporter Name EXCELLENT Profile Grzybczek, Rogoda, Szczepocki, Ziebicki Spolka Jawna
Product Description
1.Vyroby sanitary purpose acrylic bathtubs, articl.........
HS Code 3922100000Value 1256.914658
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 80
Origin Country CHINA

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