Ukraine Import Data of Bath | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bath

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of bath collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of bath imports.

Bath Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Bath

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201763026000001. Cotton Bed, bath set -472sht. -750sht.Torhovelna towel brand: Hanibaba tekstilKrayina production: TR.TURKEY0UA125180387.441028.68005 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201739181090001.Pokryttya plastic floor, without an underlying nesamokleyni in rolls: - rugs for bathrooms Foamed PVC -3204kh / 3471m2Torhivelna brand: AQUA MAT.Vyrobnyk: GFA MOB. AKS. SAN. VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI.Krayina production: Turkey (TR). .TURKEY3471UA12518032046215.760019
29/Apr/201784818011001. Mixing Taps for plumbing bathrooms, kitchens and tualetnyhkimnat made of ferrous metals, Mixers, Kitchen: 40sht. Mixer-dlyakuhni: 40sht. Mixer-basin: 96sht. Mixer-basin: 376sht.Zmishuvachi, bath / shower, 48sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 320sht. Mixer-dlyadusha: 8 pieces. Mixers for shower-: 56sht. Mixers for bidet-: 8 pieces. Mixer-dlyamyyky: 104sht. Shower system with diverter: 28sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 16sht.Zmishuvachi, bath / shower, 12p. Mixers, bath / shower, 30sht. Mixer-dlyavanny / shower: 126sht. Faucets, Kitchen: 12p. Faucets, Kitchen, Kitchen-16sht.Zmishuvachi: 234sht. Faucets, Kitchen: 12p. Faucets, Kitchen, Kitchen-40sht.Zmishuvachi: 6 pcs. Mixer-basin: 18sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 24sht. Mixer-basin: 16sht.Zmishuvachi-basin: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 88sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 168sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 40sht. Mixers for in-myvalnyka: 24sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 32sht. Mixer-basin: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 16sht.Zmishuvachi-Shower: 16sht. Mixers for shower-: 40sht. Mixers for shower-: 8sht.Zmishuvachi-Shower: 96sht. Mixers for shower-: 24sht. Mixers for shower-: 88sht.Zmishuvachi-Bidet: 8 pieces. Mixers for bidet-: 16sht. Mixers for bidet-: 24sht.Zmishuvachi-Bidet: 16sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 16sht. Mixer-dlyavanny / shower: 16sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 6 pcs. Mixers, bath / shower, washbasin 12sht.Zmishuvachi, complete with hand shower, 40sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka complete with hand shower, 8sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Damixa, no danyhVyrobnyk - KAIPING EUOPEA PLUMBING APPARATUS CO., LTD.CHINA0UA500020443222164.62014
29/Apr/201784798100001.Avtomatychnyy motochnyy machine for winding chokes her blanket and transformatorivSS600 -1 unit, SS-TT01 Lead-free soldering pot Bezsvynts Eva zkontrollerom soldering bath temperature for soldering tours throttle and arable Transformer Terminal-1am.CHINA0UA12510042654.9999354
29/Apr/20178481801100"1.Armatura for pipelines. Mixing taps for baths, sinks and analohichnyhprystroyiv, manufacture of composite materials (metal, ceramic cartridge, plastic) for civil use complete with shower set (dushovoyuliykoyu, cranes and steady): 582kompl.Torhivelna brand" "GLOBUS LUX" ". Manufacturer: not zaznachenyy.Krayina production CN.."CHINA0UA10001019793581.990033
29/Apr/20178481801100"1.Armatura for pipelines. Mixing taps for baths, sinks and analohichnyhprystroyiv, manufacture of composite materials (metal, ceramic cartridge, plastic) for civil use, 7044sht.Torhivelna mark:" "GLOBUS LUX / DOMINO" ". Manufacturer: N .Krayina production of CN.. "CHINA0UA100010809114644.71003
29/Apr/20179405105000"1.Elektrychni lighting, yakipidvishuyutsya or are fixed on a wall or ceiling for home, office, lamps with glass shades processed designedto be used with halogen lamps rozzharyuvannyata, energy-efficient 35W-60W, operating voltage of 220V, (supplied without lamps complete with mount and instructions for installing Total = 127sht in t / h: Sculptured ice lampawiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.888-20; Fisherman lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.4301AB; Dragonfly lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.1289-16; Bijoux plafon 10 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.5541CC; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal Luce ra, glass, halogen, art.3408-8CC; Hanna plafon 4 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.3404-4CC; Waterfall lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.6134-4CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3chrom szklo chandelier glass, b / l art.3003-10CC; Blocs listwa 6 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9886CC; Blocs kinkiet 1 czarny chrom szklo lamps, glass, halogen, art.9881BC; Saturn listwa 3chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen art.8763CC; Bathroom lighting 2 chrom polweglan lamps, glass, b / l art.8293CC; Sigma kinkiet 2 chrom akryl lamps, glass, b / l art.6711-2CC; Flush plafon 2 patyna szklo 30cm chandelier, glass, b / l art.4370; Brahama plafon 3 patyna szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.6580AB; Sassari lampa wiszaca 5chrom krysztal krotka chandelier, crystal, halogen art.6555-5CC; LED bar lights lampa wiszaca 35 stal szklo mrozone chandeliers Glass, LED, art.3725-40SS; Cartwheel lampa wiszaca 5 czarny kute zelanj chandelier, glass, b / l art.2425-5BK; Trinity plafon 7 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.3017-7CC ; Orion plafon 9 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.4139-9CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2273CC; Indiana lampa kula wiszaca antyczny szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2020AM; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal 13kg chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9598-8CC; Downlighters oczko 1 mrozone szklo spot lamp, glass, halogen, art.8050R-1CC; "CHINA0UA209180321.216578.949182
28/Apr/20176112419000"1. Lingerie knitted of synthetic or artificial fibers measuring 42 ormore: - bra bathing, art.47266-1sht .; art.47268-1sht .; art.47307-1sht., Art.47312-1sht art.47314 .; -3sht .; art.47316-2sht .; art.47317-6sht .; art.47320-1sht., art.47326-1sht .; art.47327-14sht .; art.47330-1sht art.47335- .; 15sht., art.47336-4sht .; art.47337-10sht.- swimsuit: art.40363-2sht .; art.40367-1sht .; art.40409-4sht.- shorts bathing suits: art.48264-1sht. ; art.48284-1sht .; art.48305-1sht., art.48312-3sht .; art.48313-1sht .; art.48316-1sht .; art.48319-1sht .; art.48323-13sht .; art.48324-2sht .; art.48325-10sht .; art.48327-10sht .; art.48328-5sht., art.48329-5sht .; art.48330-5sht .; art.48335-1sht. Total: 128 pcs. of firmovymupakuvannyam A retail prodazhu.Krayina production - BY.Torhovelna mark - Milavitsa.Vyrobnyk - the joint venture company "," Milavitsa ".". "BELARUS128UA1001108990.9762754
28/Apr/20177020008000"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting of acrylic tray, door glass, acrylic roof mounted loudspeaker lamp hood (fan), the rear wall of glass with built jets irozvodkoyu pipes to supply water from the normal water supply, dushovyhaksesuariv (drain tube siphon tray), decorative panels bill, el.panel management functions (the ability to connect the phone and CD) metalevyhnizhok floor standing, fasteners box, cardboard packaging, in rozibr nomu state): WH -263 (ZQ-263) (1000X1000X2150) CHROME TRIPLE STRIPEGLASS 3pc .; Cabs shower for bathing without hydromassage system without electric pump (consisting of acrylic tray with glass doors, shower accessories: zlyvnatrubka, siphon, pallet), metal legs for installation on the floor, kartonnepakuvannya in disassembled state): WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 200sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME GREY 129sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME TEA 130sht.; WH-August 16 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 82sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME GREY120sht. WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY ROOUND FLOWER 270sht.; WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY SQUARE FLOWER 270sht .; WH-913 (LP-913) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY 99sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 22sht.; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 65sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME TEA120sht .; WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROME PEAR 170sht. WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROMEGREY 130sht. WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 30sht .; WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME PEAR 199sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME GREY 145sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME TEA 139sht .; Plumbing glass. Parts dokabin and shower boxes: glass shower doors: WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR40sht .; WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME MAT 40sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR50sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME MAT 50sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME MAT44sht .; WKA-5002 (1000 * 1850) CHROMECLEAR 30sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR45sht..Vyrobnyk: HANGZHOU KINGSUN IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD.Krayina production CN.Torhivelna mark WATER HOUSE. "CHINA0UA12525080289151218
28/Apr/20179503002100"1.Lyalky depicting people from composite materials (partly zhyvlennyamvid batteries): - a doll in the set with 768 sets of dolls, doll, dolls in a set of 2 pieces of clothing and 576 sets aksesuaramy- Doll in a set of dolls in a stroller with accessories -576-doll sets in a set of clothing, footwear and accessories-576-doll sets in set doll, ponies and accessories-576-doll sets in a set of footwear and accessories, 360 sets, doll accessories, doll -480 units in a set of dog, stroller-480-doll sets in a set of 2 dolls, accessories, 576 sets doll The set of accessories in the bathroom -480 sets, doll accessories, doll-576 units from 480 units, accessories, doll accessories, 480 pcs Dolls 2 items with accessories-480-doll sets in a set of clothes and accessories-480 sets, doll accessories, 480 pcs doll "" School "" with accessories, 480 pcs dolls 2 items with accessories-540-doll sets in a set of shells, accessories -480 sets, doll accessories, 480 pcs doll " "doctor", "puppets ca with accessories and fittings -576 sets of dolls with accessories 2 units, 480 sets of dolls '' family '' of accessories and supplies 504-l-sets lka with dolls, accessories and accessory sets -624 -528 units Doll Doll '' doctor '', with accessories and supplies, dog-576 naborivTorhivelna mark - DEFAVyrobnyk- JIEYANG DEFA INDUSTRY CO., LTDKrayina production - CN in individual cardboard / polymer packing "CHINA0UA5000204345.1421812.64016
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІНСАЙД ТРАСТ"""
Importer Address
04119, м. Київ, вулиця Зоологічна, будинок 4-А
Product Description
1. Cotton Bed, bath set -472sht. -750sht.Torhovel.........
HS Code 6302600000Value 1028.68005
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 387.44
Origin Country TURKEY

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