Ukraine Import Data of Base Jack | Ukraine Import Statistics of Base Jack

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of base jack collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of base jack imports.

Base Jack Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Base Jack

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of base jack. Get Ukraine trade data of Base Jack imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782060000001. Tools in sets for retail sale, of base metal: A set of tools for dismantling / assembling upholstery, panels, removal clip, art.: SEA RT6KIT-2 sht.Torhovelna mark SEALEYVyrobnyk JACK SEALEY LTD.Krayina production GB.UNITED KINGDOM0UA4000300.4822.27975998 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178517620000"1.Aparatura for transmitting / receiving audio / video signal to the wired network service called" "connection as part of a professional television studio, has a membership of receivers and transmitters, no signs of STZ: Art.1220100, RSP-2318 BASIC, 18 keys SmartPanel User Interface, 19 "" / 1RU Smartpanel Platform with 18 keys; 3 multi-colored, high resolution, multi-touch displays; integrated power supply; studio grade mic preamps; 2 headset connectors (exchangeable XLR connector on front); high quality loudspeaker; 3 GPI-In; 3 GPI-Out; 2 analog 4-Wire; Matrix link: AES67 / AVB; HDMI; SD-Card Slot; option slot; 2 USB with option RSP-2318-APP-BASIC (Intercom App for Smartpanel RSP-2318; Turns the RSP-2318 platform into an Intercom Panel; supports 12 keys for Intercom; individual volume control; AES67 / AVB and Ethernet connectivit y; Front Headset and USB port support), RSP-2318-UP-BASIC / 19 "" / 1RU smart cover internal called "" communication RSP-2318 is a versatile control panel for all systems service Volyn NGO called "" communication production RIEDEL , 18 keys with three multi-touch screen, built-in power supply, microphone peredposylyuvachem 2 inputs for set (roses '' cap XLR front), speaker, 3 GPI -vhody; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wire inputs; podklyuchennya matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for expansion cards; 2 USB ports with integrated software RSP-2318-APP-BASIC, RSP -2318-UP-BASIC - 6 sht.Art.1220100, RSP-2318 PRO, 18 key Smartpanel Userb Interfase, incl.UP-PRO / 19 " "/ 1RU panel internal smart called" "connection 18 keys, with three colored multisensor displays, integrated power supply, microphone peredposylyuvach 2 inputs for headsets, speaker, 3 GPI -vhoda; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wired inputs; connectivity matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for cards razshyrennya; 2 USB ports. Included software support established RSP-2318-APP-PRO, RSP-2318-UF-PRO - 1 sht.Art.1410002, C31 Split Box, The C31 split box distributes one digital partyline input signal on XLR 3 pin to three digital partyline outputs on XLR 3 pin. The C31 is powered by a C44, CR2, CR4 or an external PSU (C31 / PSU). / Divider input digital audio signal is applied to the connector XLR-3, 3 digital audio output connectors for XLR-3 - 2 sht.Art.1310100, Connect AVB X8, AVB network interface for up to 8 intercom control panels or 8 bidirectional AES signals. 8 xRJ45 sockets for AES and panel connections, 1x RJ45 socket for AES and connections, 1xRJ45 socket for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB.SR-12 housing for mounting up to two units in SmartRack SR-January 19 "" frames. / AVB network interface. 8 roz'yemov type RJ45 Connector for AES and panels, 1 RJ45 jack for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB, converts eight AES audio signals into signals AVB and vice versa - 1 sht.Art.1090011, XLR-Patch, XLR Patchbay 19 "" / 1RU for Artist, 19 "" / 1RU patchfield for converting 8 8 analog or AES ports from the Artist matrix to XLR c "GERMANY0UA12506016.33511601.77963
25/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura attachment to a / m general purpose. With base metals indus nedlya Volyn NGO assembly of motor vehicles: 21210510141000kronshteyn right rear jack assembly-64sht, receiving tube mount 21080120304000kronshteyn-20pcs, 11180100103200kronshteyn rear suspension-18sht, 21082370165200kronshteynheneratora bottom-6 pieces , 21210350605600kronshteyn intermediate shlanhivperednoho brake mounting right-10pc, bumper 21080280301800kronshteyn right-14sht, 21700532532400fiksator-hood fuse box 40sht, 21080280202200bryzhovykperedniy right (protection engine tray) -20sh t 21100280202001bryzhovyk engine (pallet protection) -7sht, Country of production - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". "RUSSIA0UA807200105.576402.6254778
24/Apr/20174016995790"1.Armatura attachment to a / m general purpose. With base metals indus nedlya Volyn NGO assembly of motor vehicles: 21210510141000kronshteyn right rear jack assembly-64sht, receiving tube mount 21080120304000kronshteyn-20pcs, 11180100103200kronshteyn rear suspension-18sht, 21082370165200kronshteynheneratora bottom-6 pieces , 21210350605600kronshteyn intermediate shlanhivperednoho brake mounting right-10pc, bumper 21080280301800kronshteyn right-14sht, 21700532532400fiksator-hood fuse box 40sht, 21080280202200bryzhovykperedniy right (protection engine tray) -20sh t 21100280202001bryzhovyk engine (pallet protection) -7sht, Country of production - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011018.301724.1940419
24/Apr/201784322100001.Produktsiya free of charge for marketing purposes: Paint based on polyester, for malyunkivhrafiti in aerosol packaging, the type of polymer - nitrotsellyuloza, solvent content 62.5%, content of fillers and pigments 37.5%: art.263453 Montana BLK1010 Easter yellow 400ml- 18shtart.263460 Montana BLK1025 striking yellow -18shtart.263477 Montana BLK1030 400ml 400ml yellow Topaz -24shtart.263491 Montana BLK1050 400ml- 12 shtart.263507 Montana BLK1060 hazel 400ml- 12shtart.263552 Montana BLK6000 Pistachio 400ml- 18shtart.263484 Montana BLK1045 melon yellow 400ml -12shtart.263569 Montana BLK6005 acid, 400ml -12shtart.263583 Montana BLK6015, green lemon, 40 0 ml -12shtart.263590 Montana BLK6045, Irish Green, 400 ml -24 shtart.263606 Montana BLK6055 Boston green 400ml -18shtart.263620 Montana BLK6070 green tag 400ml- 12shtart.263668 Montana BLK2070 mechanical orange 400ml -24shtart.263682 Montana BLK P2075 clean 400ml orange -24shtart.263705 Montana BLK2093, ny red signal, 400 ml- 36shtart.263736 Montana BLK3070, Cheryl, 400ml- 6 shtart.263767 Montana BLK3320 candy 400ml- 18shtart.263781 Montana BLK3100 Miss Pihhi 400ml- 12shtart.263798 Montana BLK3120 pink kadilak 400ml- 12shtart.263804 MontanaBLK3130 pink panthl 400ml - 12shtart.263828 MontanaBLK3145 punk pink 400ml- 12 shtart.263842 Montana BLK4000 Mrs. Jackson 400ml- 12 shtart.263859 Montana BLK4020 Monster 400ml -12shtart.263866 Montana BLK4040 purple pimp 400ml- 12shtart.263873 Montana BLK4060 Galaxy -12shtart.263880 Montana BLK4182 400ml 400ml universe -12shtart.263934 Montana BLK5092 dark indigo -6shtart.263941 Montana BLK5077, royal blue, 400 ml -12shtart. 263958 Montana BLK5070 horizon 400ml -18shtart.263965 Montana BLK5030 light blue 400ml- 24shtart.263972 Montana BLK5020 blue 400ml -30shtart.263989 Montana BLK5200 ice blue 24shtart.264030 400ml-400ml Montana BLK6170 Neptune -24shtart.264054 Montana BLK6150, Mermaid, 400 ml -24shtart.264061 Montana BLK6130, cool Cologne, 400 ml- 24shtart.264085 Montana BLK6210 E2E green 400ml -6shtart.264092 Montana BLK6220 revolutionary green 400ml- 18shtart.26 4122 Montana BLK8020 beige 400ml -18shtart.264153 Montana BLK8030, skin 400ml -18shtart.264160 Montana BLK8040 400ml flint -12shtart.264177 Montana BLK8050 FRAPER 400ml -12 shtart.264184 Montana BLK8060 chocolate 400ml- 18shtart.264191 Montana BLK8070 java 400ml - 12shtart.264313 Montana BLK7070 rhino, 400ml -12shtart.264320 Montana BLK7050, shark, 400ml -12shtart.264337 Montana BLK7030 gray 400ml -12 shtart.264344 Montana BLK7010 jaw 400ml- 12shtart.264351 Montana BLK9105 white 400ml -60 shtart.264368 Montana BLK9001 black 400ml - 120shtart.264375 Montana BLK TR5000, saturated blue, 400ml -18 shtart.264382 Montana BLK TR4000, rich purple, 400 ml- 12shtart.264399 Montana BLK TR1000, saturated yellow, 400 ml- 18 shtart.264764 Montana BLK silver Mt. Om 400ml - 42shtart.289941 Montana BLK1005 potatoes Smash137 400ml -12shtart.289965 MonUNITED STATES1UA205020658720973.55045
18/Apr/20179004109100"1.Okulyary sunglasses with lenses plastic: BO'JMIR I / E47-Black / ShinySilver- Lens: G-101-CR-6-ZI-1am; BO'JMIR II / E47-TokyoTortoise / Shiny Black- Lens: G -301-CR-6-ZI-3pc; BO'JMIR II / E47-Crystal / GoldPlated- Lens: M-306-CR-6-IN ML GreenMirror CR-39 6 Inui Base-1am; BO'JMIR II / E47 -Black / Gold Plated- Lens: G-101-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; VAJAZZLE / E54-Shiny Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-100-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BLADE HUMMER I / E66- Matte Black- Camo G10- Lens: M-301-NY-8-ZI; -1sht; JACKADDICT / E62-Gold Plated / Matte Black-Black Plastic- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-1am; JACKADDICT / E62-Brushed Silver-Black-Plastic- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; JACKADDICT / E62-Matte Silver / Matte Gold Plated-White Ebony Piano Varnish-Lens: MG-100-CR-6-ZI -1sht; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Black / Gold Plated- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Black / Shiny Silver- Lens: MG-100-CR-6 -ZI-1am; KLOSTERFUCK (57) / E57-Matte Butterscotch Tortoise / Matte Black- Lens: G-100-CR-6-ZI-1am; MOIST / E52-B lack-Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-5pcs; MOIST / E52-Black-S hiny Silver- Lens: MG-100-CR-6-ZI-5pcs; MOIST / E52-Crystal-Gold Plated- Lens: M-216-CR-6-ZI ML Rose Gold Mirror 6Base-4 pieces; ORALGAMI / E50-Brushed Silver- Lens: MG-400-NY-2-ZI Blue Gradient SilverFlash Mirror Nylon Base-2 4 pieces; ORALGAMI / E50-Brushed Silver-White Ebony Wood Piano Varnish- Lens: MG-100-NY-2-ZI Dark Gray Gradient Silver Flash Mirror 2 Base-2 pcs; ORALGAMI / E50-Matte Black- Lens: M-116-NY-2 -ZI Super Ivory Mirror Nylon 2Base-3pc; ORALGAMI / E50-Matte Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-NY-2-ZI Mahogany FadeGold Flash Mirror Nylon Base-2 3pc; SLURPSTICK / E60-Matte Black / Gold Plated - Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; SLURPSTICK / E60-Shiny Silver- Lens: G-401-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; SLURPSTICK / E60-Shiny Silver / Gold Plated- Lens: M- 116-CR-6-ZI Super IvoryMirror 6 Base-9sht; BELLA / E45-Black / Gold Plated- Lens: M-213-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BELLA / E45-Desert Rose / Gold Plated- Lens: G -500-CR-6-ZI-2 pcs; BELLA / E45-Juicy Fruit / Antique Silver- Lens: M-116-CR-6-ZI Super IvoryMirror 6 Base-1am; BELLA / E45-White Pearl / Rose Gold Plat- Lens: M-216-CR-6-ZI ML Rose GoldMirror 6-2sht; OVARYEASY / E53 -Black - Plastic- Lens: M-116-CR-6-ZI Super Ivory Mirror 6Base-5pcs, included In: case, cleaning cloth for passport producer. "JAPAN67UA125100923178.92308
14/Apr/201784715000001.Obladnannya for technological line for the production of electric power avtomobiliv.Terminal (thin client) art. II005438 - 2 sht.Kompaktnyy Client FUTRO S700 is used for computing and server solutions based on virtual workspace using terminal Windows.Moduli 1 GB of memory (1 GB 1), DDR3, 1066MHz, PC3-8500, SO DIMM2 GB (1 GB 2), DDR3, 1066MHz, PC3-8500, SO DIMMTyp mainboard: D3003-BProtsesor AMD G-Series G-T44R (1,2 GHz) Maximum number of processors 11 DIMM Sockets memory SO (DDR3, 1066 MHz) Supported capacity RAM (max.) 2 HBRoz'yemy 1 x audio jacks: line-in / mikrofon1 x audio jacks: line vhid1 x audio jacks: line vyhid1 x audio jacks: line-out / on ushnyky1 x front audio jack, line-in / front audio jack mikrofon1 x: x DC-navushnyky1 vhid8 x total number of USB ports 2.02 x USB connector on the front paneli4 x USB connector on the back paneli2 x internal connector USB1 additional x VGA1 x Ethernet (RJ-45) 1 x Support x Kensington1 castle card slot CF1 DVI-I, the second DVI-D (optional) x x DVI2 Mouse / keyboard (PS / 2) Built-in LAN connector 10 / 100/1000 Mbit / sFunktsiyi BIOS BIOS Flash EPROM: software update via zabezpechennyaTehnolohiya recovery BIOSYedynyy Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Type audioplaty VbudovanyyAudiokodek Realtek ALC262Firmova names graphics card AMD Radeon ™ HD graphics card 6250Hlybyna color 32-bit video memory kolirZahalna: 256 MBChastota update at 1024 x 768 (recommended / max.) 60 Hz / 85 HtsPostiyna voltage: 20 inbecause current 3.25 ATovar not intended for sale on the customs territory of Ukraine. Trade mark not danyh.Vyrobnyk KSA (KSAB) Country of origin DEGERMANY2UA2050903594.5360237
12/Apr/201783022000901.Rolyky with fittings of base metal for furniture, spare set kolesekiv -480sht diameter 6.5sm designed for sewing machine table Jack Class B. trade mark: JackVyrobnyk: JACK SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD.Krayina production: China CN.CHINA0UA806020212575.9999941
10/Apr/20178307900090"1.Truby flexible base metal, with fittings: Gas antyvibratsiynikompensatory the gas burner, steel, INOX D.2" "Art. 601015 -3sht. Hazoviantyvibratsiyni jacks to the gas burner, steel, INOX D.1" "1/2 Art .601014 -2sht.Torhovelna brand: Giuliani Anello (GA) Country of origin: ITVyrobnyk: Giuliani Anello srl. "ITALY0UA1001203.05239.4739823
06/Apr/20178452290000"1.Napivavtomatychni sewing machines" "JACK SEWING" "engine and equipped with sewing table new: Energy saving mod.RF4 Straight stitching ma bus (head + base and lid) mod.RF4-H Power saving serednihta Straight stitching machine for heavy fabrics (head + base and lid) mod.RF4-7 Enerhozberihayuchapryamostrochna machine for medium and heavy fabrics (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-5558WB Straight stitching machine to PR yamomu drive from the edge trimmer tissue (head + base and lid) modes. BRC-8558WD-1-H Dvohholkova ntsyuzhkovohostibka la machine (head + base and cr yshka) mod.BRC-6380BC-Q-12 Straight stitching machine dlyavazhkyh materials with double protyazh Coy (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-6380EHC-3Q ryamostrochna A heavy machine aterialiv double protyazh koyuta thread cutter (head + base and hood) mod.BRC-5214D-M03 / 333Supershvydkisnyy 4 spinning overlock (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-562DI-02BBx364 High interlock machine type (head + base takryshka) mod.BRC -562ADI- High 02BBx356 type interlock machine (head + base and cover); mod.BRC-562E-01GB * 356 / H / UT Vysokoshvydkis on typuinterlok machine with automatic thread trimmer and automatic lifting legs (head + base and cover); mod.BRC-664BDII-01G "CHINA368UA2091402102597472.95624
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Base Jack Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Base Jack Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м. Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1Україна.
Exporter Name INTER CARS S.A.
Product Description
1. Tools in sets for retail sale, of base metal: A.........
HS Code 8206000000Value 22.27975998
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 0.48

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