Ukraine Import Data of Barriers | Ukraine Import Statistics of Barriers

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of barriers collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of barriers imports.

Barriers Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Barriers

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201717019990001.Shlyahove equipment elektromehnichne: barriers SCHEIDT & BACHMANN included (for parking lots) -4sht: -PL40018 barrier-AS32 NCS S 1565-B-1 piece, complex -PL40105 rail barrier 3,5m-1pc, total 4komplekta designed to provide security and traffic control to parking areas avtomobiliv.Ne is pryznachennya.Krayina of military origin: EU.UNITED STATES0UA1251100.00141.82917003 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201740169997901.Shlyahove equipment elektromehnichne: barriers SCHEIDT & BACHMANN included (for parking lots) -4sht: -PL40018 barrier-AS32 NCS S 1565-B-1 piece, complex -PL40105 rail barrier 3,5m-1pc, total 2komplekta designed to provide security and traffic control to parking areas avtomobiliv.Ne is pryznachennya.Krayina of military origin: EU.UNITED STATES0UA5001400.19643.14814995
11/Apr/20178428909000"1. AUTOMATIC STORAGE STRUCTURE OF GLASS, unassembled From COMPONENT VTANOVLENNYA: Automated storage warehouse designed to store glass sheet glass dimensions of 4500 ... 6000 * 3210mm (3210 ... 2250 * 2550mm location in the center) thickness of 4-19mm ., upright and efficient provision for supplying the sharp desired type of glass - 1komplekt.Ne for military pryznachennya.Novyy. Year of production - 2017.Typ - CL / GL60-33 / I / 2800 / AU.Seriynyy number - SCH1104-1 , SCH1104-2.Dovzhyna - 7860mm., width - 19000mm.Zahalna capacity of - 318ton.Elektrozhyvlennya - 400V, 50Hz, 3fa zy.Vstanovlena power 2,0kVt. Net weight - 17250kh.Sklad consists of 2 identical blocks, each consisting of 19 elements: 1 fixed element supporting legs length 400mm, capacity 5 packs / 15 tons, 1 fixed element length of support legs 240mm, capacity 3 packs / 9 tons and 2 movable element, the length of the supporting legs 320mm, capacity 4 packs / 12 tonnes, 4 mobile element, the length of the supporting legs 240mm, capacity 3 packs / 9 tons, 10 mobile element length supporting legs 180mm 2 packs / capacity of 6 tons, 1 motorized element supporting legs length 400mm, yemnis b 5 packs / 15 tonn.Kozhen unit has two on the ground, two rails of a length corresponding to the length of the composition and 7860mm.Elektrychna case each unit placed on a stationary elementi.Kozhen element consists of a load bearing foundation for inclined by 5 degrees, and two towers the amount of which depends on the capacity of the element. Supports mounted on two carriages, each with two supporting rollers and two rollers rollover on the front inside of the horizontal section of the guide profile. The unit can be extended at the end, in naslidku.Kozhen element is painted in color RAL5015. Felt is applied over the entire surface, which is in contact with glass and plywood 24mm with 9mm rubber coating is applied to the horizontal surface of each opori.Avtomatychna system enables fully automated control of the machine control panel. Broadcaster, running the classifier selects items to be discovered. Thus, the operator simply selects the item that will be open bar and all operations are controlled automatically by the PLC. Classification is safe because it is equipped with a protective fence and photoelectric barriers dostup.Vyrobnyk: Officine Mistrello srlTorhovelna mark - Mistrello.Krayina production - IT. "ITALY0UA5000101725082496.89037
06/Apr/20173923100000"1.Vyroby plastic for transport without barriers: Kolorboks - 7sht, Country of origin - EGTorhovelna mark - KAPCIVyrobnyk - Mansoura EG International Trade Point."EGYPT0UA100050165.5417.05992
05/Apr/20178302411000"1.Furnitura and mounting base metal, for doors (does not contain inits warehouse receiving and transmitting devices) Trademark - Gretsch-Unitas GmbH. Art.6-24609-00-0-7 - Handle odnostoronnyaz cylinder - 3pc. Art .6-32343-07-0-1 - Transfer of lock mZ, D = 30mm, 2121-2370- 5pcs. art.9-39330-45-0-1 - Rip P1659, 10 mm - 1 pc. art.9- 40859-16-0-1 -Shtanha from "" yednuvalna AK-8 shtulp pryvid- 5pcs. art.9-48553-03-0-6 - Cap the relevant part - 300sht. art.A-7027650 - Profile St. barriers EM / CS G30- 51M 5,1m. art.A-7117930 - reference tire CM / HM 6m - 6m. art.K-12920-00-R-4 - Handle PSKmZ sided, bronze - 1pc. art. K-147 13-00-R-8 - Computer lekt scissors GU 968 / 150m Z, right - 2 pcs. art.K-15277-20-0-7 - Ko mplekt profiles PSK GU-966/150 - t.K-15277-25-0-5 - Set profiles PSK GU-966/150, 720-11 - - Set profiles PSK GU-966/150, 7 20-1600 - 2 pcs. art.K-15655-30- 0-1 -Komp lekt profiles 15/144, 1 EV - 1pc. art.K- 16859-00-0-8 - Handle stainless steel. HSo dnostoron tion without PZ, 90 - 1pc. art.K-18016-15-0-1- tire Rehau Geneo Scheme A - 6 pieces. art.K- 18016-20-0-1 - Bus Rehau Geneo, SchemaA - 1am. art.K-18017-00-0-1 - Accessories R ehau Geneo Scheme A - - Bus GU934, Rehau Geneo - 1am. t.K al-18065-28-0-1 - Set HS vent.zaz Ouro Geneo 2067-2353 - 1am. art.K-18076-0 0-0-1 - Extras. HS kit vent.zazoru Ge neo - 1am. art.K-18338-00-0-1 - Cover d otyskacha OTS 73x, silver -5sht. art.K-18 986-88-0-8 - Set of plugs GU 923, 88 mm - 1sht.Krayina production - DE.Vyrobnyk - Gretsch-Unitas GmbH. "GERMANY0UA100010109.1151910.746702
04/Apr/20178537109990"1. ADAM-4117-AE module 8-channel analog input hovoho high reliability zpidtrymkoyu Modbus. 8 differential and independent channels that nastroyutsya, wide operating temperature range, protection barriers in ID 1 kV jumping liniyizhyvle ting 3 kV and impulse noise 8 kV hundred cal level, wide voltage diapazonvhidnoyi +10 +48 VDC. current Svitlodi one indication for kontrolyutsilisnosti antsyuha liters, maximum common-mode voltage of 200 VDC. current Pidtrymkaodnopolyarnoho and bipolar inputs, input range n apruhy +/- 15 V, Self phi l tr 50 Hz / 60 Hz update surf vanoho software cherezmerezhu - 8 pieces ADAM-5056S-AE module digital output 16 channels. Kilkistkanaliv 16; You claim output, open collector, switched voltage to 40 V; Strumnavantazhennya 2 00 mA; Voltage isolation 2500 VDC. Uma page, Liv Signe Svitlodiodniindykatory state of the outputs. -1shtVyrobnyk Advantech Co., Ltd.Torhova mark AdvantechKrayina origin TW. "TAIWAN0UA1251002.071154.991932
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Barriers Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Barriers Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЛСІ"" ЛТД"
Importer Address
Шовкуненка, 8/20, к.51, Київ-03049, Україна
Exporter Name ICS Logistik (Deutschland) GmbH
Product Description
1.Shlyahove equipment elektromehnichne: barriers S.........
HS Code 1701999000Value 41.82917003
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 0.001
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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