Ukraine Import Data of Barium | Ukraine Import Statistics of Barium

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of barium collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of barium imports.

Barium Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Barium

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201732061900001. Preparations containing less than 80 wt.% Titanium dioxide, hranulovana concentrated dispersion in mineral dye polietylenineorhanichnoho titanium dioxide, synthetic organic dyes adding inorganic filler - barium sulfate HP3AA0427ORANGE - 500 kg. The content of the mineral component - 32.5 +/- 0,1mas.%. Titanium dioxide content does not exceed vmistmineralnoyi component. Used to farbuvannyapolimernoho material in mass production for kryshokPET bottles and PET preforms, the method of packaging nedlya retailers and not in aerosol packaging art. 00995797 - 500 kg. .HUNGARY0UA1101105008488.029638 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201732064970901. Granulated product containing incorporates inorganic titanium dioxide dye least 80 wt.%, Green dye concentrate MAXITHEN HP 617417GREEN, art. 282713 - 150 kg. Identified as granules, consisting of inorganic dispersion mineralnohobarvnyku - titanium dioxide (total 7.66%) mineralnohonapovnyuvacha - barium sulfate and organic synthetic ftalotsyanovoho dye in the polymer (polyethylene). Used to farbuvannyapolimernyh materials in mass production for kryshokPET bottles. By way of packaging not retailtrade not in aerosol packaging. .HUNGARY0UA1101101503537.125445
27/Apr/201735069900901. Two-component polyurethane adhesive adhesives without solvents, not packaged for retail trade, not in sealed packaging: Two-component glue (A22 + B3) in a package of 25 kg (component A 22kg + component B 3kg) - POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE - 32 pcs . - 800 kg Material: polyetherpolyol - CAS No 8001-79-4 (concentration 25-40%), calcine - CAS No 1317-65-3 (concentration 55-50%), barium sulfate - CAS No 7727-43-7 (concentration 10-25%), additive (concentration 2-5%), polymeric diphenylmethane - CAS No 101-68-8 (concentration 20-35%) Does not contain narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Packed in metal cans. Net weight 800 Kg. Trademark - KENNCOAT Producer - PEHLIVAN KIMYA INSAAT SANAYI VE TICARET AS Production system - TR.TURKEY0UA125220800992.0000997
26/Apr/201735069100901.Kleyilni tools ready to use, not aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting substances and controlled, melt adhesives based on polymers Eva (etylvinilatsetat) granulated DECOLLO 550.282 L WHITE -1000kh (in 25kg sacks in) him.sklad: Ethylene -vinilatsetat copolymer 20-30% hydrocarbon substance to increase stickiness 0-5% rosin esters 5-15%, 5-15% aromatic resins, inorganic filler (calcium carbonate, barium sulfate) 50-60%, distillates (petroleum ) polymerized steam cracking of 5-15%, 0-5% titanium oxide. It is used for wrapping zDSP Profile, MDF and veneer or solid polypropylene film. .ITALY0UA1251301010.421659.723972
25/Apr/20173403199090"1.Pidshypnykove grease based on mineral oil and barium soap to reduce friction bearings, metal aerosol packaging is not: bearing lubricant 2587769-102-00 - 2 kg."AUSTRIA0UA1021802148.1073284
25/Apr/201730064000001.Vyroby medical devices. Cement for reconstruction (recovery) bones -hirurhichnyy bone cement Simplex P X-ray (based on methyl methacrylate-styrene copolymer - 75% polimetyl methacrylate - 15% barium sulfate - 10%) 10 packages packaging - Packing 111. .IRELAND0UA408150205.560182.31856
24/Apr/20173507909000"1. CPC 24-1 RAL 9005- 300,00KH (15 boxes IN EACH 20kg) ART.№43535502.YAVLYAYUT ITSELF powder paints based on complex saturated polyesters. Chem. Composition: polyester (70%), hardeners (HIDROKSYLALKILAMID ) - 3% fillers (barium sulfate) - (17%), additives (10%). Designed for painting in electrostatic field C followed by baking. (NOT in aerosol packaging, not for medical purposes) .VYROBNYK: "" HELIOS TOVARNA BARV, LAKOV IN UMETNIH SMOL KOLICEVO DOO "", Slovenia. TRADEMARK "" HELIOS "". Country of origin, SI.. "FRANCE0UA1251000.000287.18883708
24/Apr/201740093100001.Vyroby medical devices. Cement for reconstruction (recovery) bones -hirurhichnyy bone cement Simplex P X-ray (based on methyl methacrylate-styrene copolymer - 75% polimetyl methacrylate - 15% barium sulfate - 10%) 10 packages packaging - Packing 111. .FRANCE0UA1251900.9199.32038494
24/Apr/201790329000001. Nevodorozchynni paints and varnishes containing polyesters content rozchynnykivdo 50%: art.00675540010 ROSTEKS SUPER Gray, 1,0l -75sht. Plivkoutvoryuyuchyypolimer: 25% of alkyd resins. Solvent: Hard gasoline 49%. Tanapovnyuvachi pigments, titanium dioxide and the other 20%. Impurities 5%. art.20362010110 OTEKS AP, ADHEZ. Primers, 0,9l -300sht. art.20360030110 OTEKS C, ADHEZ., 0,9l-16sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin 35%. Solvent: 10% Naftahidroochyschena hard, hard oil hidrosulfitsydna 5% solvent-oil lehkyyaromatychnyy 10%. Pigments and fillers, dolomite, talc, vopnyak 25%. Impurities 15%. art.39073230130 TEMAPRAYM EE TCH-base 2,7l -20sht. art.39073230170TEMAPRAYM EE TCH-base 18,0l -11sht. art.39073260160 TEMAPRAYM EE TVH-base 9,0l-11sht. Film-forming polymer, epoxy resin complex 10% polyester smola10%. Solvent: xylene 20%, 10% ethylbenzene, solvent oil light aromatychna2,5%. Pigments and fillers, zinc phosphate, 17% titanium dioxide, talc, dolomite, pigment red 101 25%. Impurities: methyl ethyl ketoksym 0.5%, other 5% .art.46060010130 PANSSARYMAALY, BASIS A 2,7l -48sht. art.46060030110PANSSARYMAALY, basis C 0,9l -75sht. art.46060030130 PANSSARYMAALY, base C-2,7l 72sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin 25%. Solvent: heavy Naftahidroochyschena 49%. Pigments and fillers, zinc oxide, barium, talc, titanium dioxide 20%. art.55060010110 ЭMPYRE BASIS A 0,9l-300sht. art.55060030110 ЭMPYRE BASIS C, 0,9l-225sht. Film-forming polymer, Alcides 40%. Solvent: Oil hidroochyschena tyazhka25% xylene 5%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide, dolomite, talc, pihmenty30%. Impurities: None. art.55560010110 MYRANOL TICS. BASIS A 0,9l MYRANOL TICS. BASIS A 2,7l -72sht. art.55560030110 MYRANOL TYKS.BAZYS C, 0,9l -225sht. art.55560030130 MYRANOL TICS. BASIS C, 2,7l -48sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer, alkyd resin 25%. Solvent: Oil hidroochyschena tyazhka40%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide is 30%. Impurities 5%. art.00500900030MERYT YACHT 20 3,0l-30sht. art.00500900060 MERYT YACHT 20 10,0l-22sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin is 45%. Solvent: oil 49% .Pihmenty and fillers: none. Impurities 5%. art.00500910030 MERYT YaHTY80,3,0l-30sht. art.00500910060 MERYT YACHT 80 10,0l-11sht. art.00500910070 MERYT YACHT 80 20,0l-16sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin is 50%. Solvent: heavy benzyn42%. Pigments and fillers: none. Impurities: oktoat cobalt 1% ethyl metylketoksym 1% oksybenzon 1%, other 5%. art.16173230360 TEMAKOUT RM 40 TCH-base 7,2l -22sht. art.16173260330 TEMAKOUT 40 PM TVH-base 2,2l -30sht. art.16173260360TEMAKOUT RM 40 TVH-base 7,2l -11sht. Film-forming polymer, epoxy resin (mw700-1000) 25%, other 10% resin. Solvent: xylene 15%, 1-methoxy-2-propanol 5%, 5% ethylbenzene. Pigments and fillers: aluminum poroshokstabilizovanyy 5%, dolomite, talc, titanium dioxide 30%. Impurities: 5% .art.27060030130 BETOLYUKS, base C, 2,7l-60sht. Film-forming polymer, Alcides 15% izotsyanat mod.alkidu 20%. Solvent: Oil gUNITED STATES0UA5001400.412140.5854535
24/Apr/201795030049001. Paints and varnishes based on acrylic polymers dissolved in non-aqueous media (organic solvent content up to 50%) art.00556000360, TEMADUR KLYЭ, 4,5l-22sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer, polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 10%, 10% naftalehkoaromatychnyy solvent, solvent oil tyazhkoaromatychnyy 1%, 2.5% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 1.5%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide 25%, 5% alyuminiyevyyporoshok, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities 5%. art.11472230330 TEMADUR 20TCL-BASIS 2,25l -80sht. art.11472230360 TEMADUR 20 TCL-BASIS TEMADUR 7,5l TVL-20 BASIS 7,5l -11sht. Film-forming polymer, an acrylic resin is 20%. Solvent: xylene 15% 10% heavy gasoline, etylbenzol5% diatsetonovyy 5% alcohol, butyl acetate 5%. Pigments and fillers: dioksydtytanu 10%, 5% zinc phosphate, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities: 5% .art.11572210310 TEMADUR 90 TAL-BASIS 0,75l -30sht. art.11572210330 TEMADUR 90TAL-BASIS 2,25l -20sht. art.11572230310 TEMADUR 90 TCL-BASIS 0,75l 230,330 TEMADUR 90 TCL-BASIS 2,25l -30sht. art.11572300310 TEMADUR 90THL-BASE 209, 0,75l -20sht. art.11572400310 TEMADUR TML-90 BASE Silver, 0,75l -50sht. art.11572400360 TEMADUR TML-90 BASE Silver, 7,5l -11sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer: hydroxyl polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 15%, 10% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 5%, 5% diatsetonovyy alcohol, butyl acetate and 5% .Pihmenty fillers, titanium dioxide 10%, 5% zinc phosphate, talc, sulfatbariyu 20%. Impurities 5%. art.50672210310 TEMADUR 50 TAL-base 0,75l TEMADUR 50 TAL-base 2,25l -50sht. art.50672210360 TEMADUR 50TAL-base 7,5l -33sht. art.50672230310 TEMADUR 50 TCL-base 0,75l TEMADUR 50 TCL-base 2,25l -30sht. art.50672230360 TEMADUR 50TCL-base 7,5l -22sht. Film-forming polymer, polyacrylate 20%. Solvent: xylene 10% solvent lehkoaromatychnyy 10% oil, solvent oil tyazhkoaromatychnyy1%, 2.5% heavy gasoline, ethylbenzene 1.5%. Pigments and fillers: tytanu25 dioxide%, 5% aluminum powder, talc, barium sulfate 20%. Impurities 5%. Not vaerozolniy upakovtsi.Torhivelna mark - TIKKURILA.Vyrobnyk - TIKKURILA OYJ.Krayina production - FI.CHINA0UA11015073.63129.600064
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Barium Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Barium Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РЕТАЛ ДНІПРО"""
Importer Address
49057, Україна, м.Дніпропр. Богдана Хмельницького, 259
Exporter Name Gabriel-Chemie Hungaria Kft.
Product Description
1. Preparations containing less than 80 wt.% Titan.........
HS Code 3206190000Value 8488.029638
Quantity 0Unit UA110110
Net Weight 500
Origin Country HUNGARY

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