Ukraine Import Data of Ball Screw | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ball Screw

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ball screw collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ball screw imports.

Ball Screw Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ball Screw

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ball screw. Get Ukraine trade data of Ball Screw imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782034000001. Hand Punches for punching holes in sheet metal or plastic ScrewHole Punch 16.5 mm (Ref. 109165) -1sht., Screw Hole Punch 20.4 mm (Ref. 109204) -1sht., With ball Punches Screw hole punch 25.4 with ball bearing ( art.109254K) -2sht., Screw hole punch 28.3 with ball bearing (art. 109283K) -1sht.Krayina production - CZTorhovelna mark - RukoVyrobnyk - Ruko GmbH.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1002800.759101.8870794 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201782054000001. Hand tools, screwdrivers, of base metal contains precious and semiprecious stones. Art.071536 15 Screw steel / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-TX15X58 - number - 2 sht.Art.0613480025 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-PREC-SL-0,40X2,5X75 - number - 1 sht.Art.06134870 Screw steel / Marking : SCRDR-VDE-PH0X60 - number - 1 sht.Art.071540 03 Screw steel 6 Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-BALLHD-WS3 - number - 10 sht.Art.071540 04 Screw steel 6- Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY- INHEX-BALLHD-WS4 - number - 20 sht.Art.071531 29 Screw steel / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-LONG-14X280 - number - 2 sht.Art.071531 110 Screw steel 6 Kutno, complete - 10 pcs. / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-SET- (1,5-12) -10PCS - number - 4 sht.Art.061396325 Screw steel, complete - 5. / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-SET-PH / SL-5PCS - number - 5 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000104.73110.0847588
27/Apr/201773181590901.Hvynty ferrous metals (steel) and with threaded heads: MACHINE filling vials ALF4080, serial number 706150/706142: 90308109513993 ball-screw 30sht. / For own production needs as used in the pharmaceutical industry /. .GERMANY0UA1251000.016616.9718253
25/Apr/201784821090001.Pidshypnyky ball with an outside diameter of more than 30mm, 24mm bearing screw d, art.408625M1-4 pieces, trademarks, AGCO.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-AGCO International GmbH. .ITALY0UA1101901.524103.1641771
25/Apr/201784798997901.Liniynyy mechanical cylinder (ball-screw) - a device creating reciprocating movement of actuators in obladnanni.ESBF Technologically-BS-32-100-5P 1am. .GERMANY0UA1251001.179165.6853191
25/Apr/201784798997901.Liniynyy mechanical cylinder (ball-screw) - a device creating reciprocating movement of actuators in obladnanni.ESBF Technologically-BS-32-100-5P 1am. .GERMANY0UA1251001.179166.7076746
24/Apr/201773181569901.Pidshypnyky ball with an outside diameter of more than 30mm, 24mm bearing screw d, art.408625M1-4 pieces, trademarks, AGCO.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-AGCO International GmbH. .GERMANY0UA1252000.0041.51910875
24/Apr/201784759000001.Liney mechanical cylinder (ball-screw) - device for the creation of a reverse-gradual movement of the actuating mechanism in the technological equipment. ESBF-BS-32-100-5P 1pc. .BULGARIA0UA204080201006.681684
24/Apr/201784135069001. An anker and a bearing in assembly. It consists of a shaft of mounting of a screw, a ball bearing, a bearing of a bearing, transfers a torque to a transport screw. Art.10111441, a quantity of 1 pc. It is supplied for own needs. .GERMANY4UA1001100.82845.01664249
24/Apr/201787085099981. Production of ferrous metals. Made of steel combined method. Designed for the assembly of agricultural machinery-73-12.O JAG99-0075 head gasket 36812548 - 1pc-73-12 JAG99-0075 Gaskets-1pc-637771.01 JAG08-0263 sleeve rear beam - 5pcs-637779.00 JAG02-0184 reducer bushing finger braids - 25sht-637714.0 637714.0 Vtulka- 10pc-649431.01 JAG08-0270 steering bushing (50 * 53 * 40) - 10pc-655143.01 JAG08-0264 plug - 5pcs-683371.01 JAG08-0232 plug - 50sht-522181.31 JAG01-0039 Rip spit - 50sht- 617227-G JAG05-0002 Overlay pneumatic bitters JAG PREMIUM - 6 pcs-629046.01 JAG03-0072 Conical steel Ring - 10pc-629047.01 JAG03-0090 Conical steel Ring - 7sht-643660.00 JAG02-0033 gearbox housing about spit harvesters - 1sh -650900.00 JAG04-0170 Planck avtokontura selection - 10pc-Z32690.01 JAG21-0044 press a spit - 250sht-1307280C3.01 1307280C3 press a spit - 100 pieces-H127801.01 JAG21-0094 press a spit reaper H127801 - 84sht-644019.01 JAG03-0080 Bushing Cone - 5pcs-239339.0 239339.01 Rings - 10pc-600049.00 JAG05-0148 protection of wooden bearing - 1pc plug-614979.01 JAG02-0158 stars - 2 pcs Rip-626748.01 JAG01-0044 spit harvesters - 50sht-650903.00 JAG02-0264 Planck fasteners - 10sht- 754324.01 JAG05-0322 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-752874.00 JAG05-0324 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-754325.01 JAG05-0323 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-500053.01 JAG01-0042 press a knife - 50sht-608548-G JAG05-0011 of Overlay iynoho bitters - 16sht-608549-G JAG05-0006 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 16sht-663157.00 JAG05-0096 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 1pc-630748.00 JAG01-0164 Planck braid reinforcement - 10pc-756620.00 JAG05-0391 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-756621.00 JAG05- 0392 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-736688.00 JAG05-0319 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-752879.00 JAG05-0320 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-736689.00 JAG05-0321 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-643659.00 JAG02-0032 gearbox housing - 2 pcs-661712.01 JAG05-0183 support springs - 604981.0 604981.4 100 pieces, sealing plate - 2pcs cover-643658.00 JAG02-0083 gear - 1pc wire-176523.1 JAG05-0121 support for zhalyuzevoho pen sieve combine 1000mm - 50sht-180627.00 JAG06-0031 Rip dotysku sleeve - 2 pcs Stopper-712660.00 JAG02-0191 of povitryavidvodom - 5pcs-670142-G JAG01-0015 Planck mounting head spit JAG PREMIUM - 2 pcs Rip-610491.00 JAG02-0002 with thumb screw two-piece ball and plastmacovoyu - 50sht-602561-G JAG03-0009 hydraulic tip - 5pcs-039389.00 JAG03-0087 tip speed hydraulic - 10pcBELARUS0UA20509049228501.478709
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Ball Screw Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ball Screw Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Ващенко Віталій Григорович СК742865,в.Бров.МВ ГУ МВС,19.12.97
Importer Address
07400, Київська область, м. Бровари вул. Грушевського, 9, кв.18
Exporter Name Ruko GmbH
Product Description
1. Hand Punches for punching holes in sheet metal .........
HS Code 8203400000Value 101.8870794
Quantity 0Unit UA100280
Net Weight 0.759

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