Ukraine Import Data of Ball Joint Upper | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ball Joint Upper

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ball joint upper collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ball joint upper imports.

Ball Joint Upper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ball Joint Upper

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ball joint upper. Get Ukraine trade data of Ball Joint Upper imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
10/Apr/20178708803598"1. Parts and appliances to vehicles with asobiv purpose. Chastynypidvisky to the a / m load pidyomnistyu less than 75 tons, not for industrial ovohoskladannya motor vehicles for sobiv: 2101-2904095-01 perednoyipidvisky upper right arm (in the package) Trial (RVPS14648 ) -2sht; MK01-29.04.110 (2101-2904082-04-1 pcs.) finger front suspension lower ball pack (zflantsevym anther without fasteners) Trial-1200sht; MK01-29.04.120 (2101-2904192-04- 1 pc.) finger front suspension upper ball pack (with flantsevympylnykom without fasteners) Trial-1200sht; MK01-29.04.200 (2101-2904082-04- 2 units, 2101-29 04192-04- 2 pcs.) Kit Paltsev ball front suspension pack (with flange anther without attachment) Trial-800kompl; MK21-29.04.100 (2101-2904192-04) finger ball front suspension package in Trial-80sht, MK1102 -23.04.101 ball joint front suspension rack in upakovtsiTRYAL-80kompl; MK23-29.04.100 finger in the front suspension ball-upakovtsiTRYAL 300sht; MK01-29.04.150 -01 (2101-2904082-04-1 pcs.) Ball thumb perednoyipidvisky bottom pack (with bezflantsevym anther, mount) Trial-Sport-20pcs; MK01-29.04.160-01 (2101-2904192-04-1 pcs.) Finger kulovyyperednoyi upper suspension pack (with bezflantsevym vigilant "RUSSIA0UA8072004162.621815.61797 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
07/Apr/20174016995290"1. Rubber products to the a / m nezatverdiloyi, nonporous vulcanized rubber zmetalom /-metal cuffs /: 2101-2904040 lower arm bushing re dnoyi pidvisky2101 960 pieces 2101-2904180 upper link bushing lane suspension ednoyi 2101 960 shtVyrobnyk: BPЭO" "Spare parts" " Trademark: no data 2108-2915446 rear shock bushing 50 and sht2108-2904040 lever bushing 50. Bushing 2101-2905448 shock front oyipidvisky 2101 4000 2108-2906050 rack unit stabilizer 2108 2 50 shtVyrobnyk: IP Yavtushenko O.M.Torhivelna brand: no 2108-2904046 data Cartridges 2108/2110/1118/2170/2190 lever (4 pcs) 80 kt 2108-2906050 Stabilizer 2108 (2 pcs) 30 kt2110-2906050 stabilizer 2110/2 111/2112 (2 pcs) 10 kt 2108-2915446Vtulky 2108/1118/2170/2190 and rear shock absorbers (2 pcs) 100 kt lower link 210 2108-2904040Vtulky 8 (2 units) 100 kt 13-2912028 bushes Spring 24 (12 pcs) 20 kt RK20R mount muffler 2101/07 (3 pieces) 100 kt 2108-2914054-10 Vtulkazadnoyi beams 210 8/14 50. Bushing 211 0-2914054 back 2110/1118/2170/2190 beams 60 pieces 2108-2904050 sleeve stretching 2,108 20 pcs 2108-3414070 Vtulkarulovoyi rails 2108 200 pcs 2110-3414070 steering rack bushing 100 2110/1118/2170/2190 shtVyrobnyk: OOO "" RTYAVTO "" Trademark : no data 2101-2904043 / 83 Cartridges A front vazhe 2107 (8 pieces) P The enhanced 95 kt 2121-2904040 / 2101-2904040 bushes in front of him vazhelya2121 (8 pieces) Power 36 kt 2108-2906050 stabilizer bushings 2108/2 115 (2 pieces) 2110-2906050 5kt stabilizer bushings 2110/2 112 (2 pcs) 10 kt 2110-2914054 Vtulkyzadnoyi beams 2110 (2 pcs) 10 kt lower arm bushings 2108-2904040 re dnoyipidvisky 2108 (2 pcs) 10 kt 2108-2904050 bushes stretching 2108/1118/2 190 (peredniybalky 2110/2170) (2 pcs) 4 c t 2101-2904043 / 83 A front bushings vazhe 2107 (8 pieces) 10 kt 2101-1203047 / 72 210 1-2107 mount muffler / 21073 (3pc) 10 kt2101-3003074 Piljaki tie rods 2101-21 07 (6 pc) 10 kt 2101-2904070 Pylyakykulovoyi support 2101- 07 (4 pcs) 10 kt 2108-2904070 Piljaki ball bearing 2108 (2 pcs) 10 CT 2101-1203047 / 72 210 1-2107 mount muffler / 21073 (3 pc) 20 ktVyrobnyk: Michelson Y.A.Torhivelna brand: CS-20 Clutch Kit 13 joints and a pillow okamortyzatora front suspension 50 kt 2110-2905681 Pylnyk front desk 900shtVyrobnyk : OOO "" Spetstehkomplekt "" Trademark: no danyhKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807170830.2384316.680176
07/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system, not words, industrial assembly of motor transportnyhzasobiv for a / m purpose: 544103F601 lever front livyyverhniy-1pc, 552502S000 bent rear suspension, 2 pcs, 552502S100 pull-pidviskyzadnya 2 pcs, 517602E000 ball-bearing 2 pcs, 517602G000 ball bearing -2sht, 517603K000 -2sht ball joints, stabilizer front-548302S200stiyka 2 pcs, 548402T000 stabilizer, 2 pcs, 555302G500 stabilizer, 2 pcs, 0K2A128300C wishbone rear suspension-1pc, 5520026550 suspension arm upper left-1pc, 5440047000 arm suspension verhniylivyy-2 pcs, 552302B000 l upper suspension arm vy-1pc, 552502P000 tyahapidvisky rear right, 4 pieces, 552502P010 thrust suspension rear left-2pcs, 552502S100tyaha suspension rear, 4 pieces, 545001C000 arm suspension front left, 2 pcs, 545001R000 arm suspension front left-1pc, 545002B000 lever pidviskyperedniy left-1pc, 545002E001 lever suspension front left-1pc, front left suspension 545002H000vazhil-2 pcs, 545011C000 arm suspension and peredniypravyy-1pc, 545011E000 front right suspension arm-1pc, 545011R000 vazhilpidvisky front right-1pc, 545012B500 front right suspension arm-1pc, ball bearing 545304A000 -2sht, 546612S650 front right shock absorber (under wax) -4sht, 552502B000 traction rear suspension, 4 pieces, 552502S000 pull-pidviskyzadnya 2 pcs, 624001G010-beam front suspension 2 pcs, 5441043005 lever verhniylivyy-1pc, 544103E100 suspension arm, upper left 2 pcs, 551002G000 vazhilpidvisky cross-2pcs rear, upper suspension arm 544203E002 right-1pc, 555103W000 rear anti-1pc, front left 546512T420 damper (suspension) -6sht, 552303E400 zadn.pidvisky lever, 2 pcs, 553002K100 amortyzatorzadniy (suspension) -2sht, 546614R010 damper (suspension) -4sht, 546512T230amortyzator (suspension) -6sht , 546612T230 front right shock absorber (suspension) -5sht, 546512T232 front shock absorber first left (suspension) -5sht, 553112S011amortyzator rear (suspension) -20sht, 553302S150 bearing shock absorber (metal, plastic) -20sht, 546501E200 damper (suspension) -2sht, 543005K001 damper (suspension) -2sht, 546514D001 damper (suspension) -1sht , 546614D001 damper (suspension) -1sht, 546601E200 damper (suspension) -1sht, 553101G110 damper (suspension) -1sht, 553512C250 damper (suspension) -1sht, Country of production - KRTorhovelna mark - HYUNDAIVyrobnyk - HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA807200391.7634121.043784
03/Apr/20174016995290"1.Vyroby of humy.Z nezatverdiloyi volcanic ovannoyi nonporous rubber to a / o mzahalnoh destination of-metal cuffs, no e la skladannyamotornyh industrial trans Portnoy means: Repair 76R to the WHA uschilnyuvachporoha (rubber-to-metal seal) -10sht; 2110-2904070R Case protective layer paltsyapered.pidvisky-200sht; 2101-1005034-02R seal crankshaft peredn.-500sht; 2101-1005034-02RЭ seal crankshaft -500sht; 2101-1005160-02R salnykkolinchatoho shaft rear-300sht; 2101-2401034R seal semi-axis-500sht ; 2108-1005034R seal crankshaft front-500sht; 2108-1005034RЭ salnykkoli frequent shaft-500sht; 2110-1701043R primary shaft seal korobkyperedach-500sht; 1118-2902821RU support peredn.pidvisky (fixture) -20sht; 2101-2905448Rvtulka shock absorber mount upper rod assembly, 100 pieces; 2108-2902820RUopora front suspension, 294sht, 2108- 2904040R bottom hinge. rychahaperedn.pidvisky-500sht; 2108-2904050R silent block bracket roztyazhkyperedn.pidvisky-150sht; 2108-2914054-10R joint Cree-prisoners rychahazadn.pidvisky 100 pieces; 2108-2915446-01R bush rear shock absorber. suspension-200sht; 2110-2902820RU support peredn.pidvisky upper rack assembly-180sht; 2110-2914054R hinge mount Lever zad.pidvisky-300sht; 2170-2902821RU oporaperednoyi suspension (fixture) -60sht; 3110-2904172R saylenblok verhnohorychaha, 100 pieces; 3302-2902027R hinge rubber-metal spring-peredn.pidvisky 100 pieces, repair kits 151RU silent blocks to spring peredn.pidvisky GAZELLE (sharnirhumometalevyy spring) -9sht; Repair kits 9RU-01 vases Lever front pidvisky2101 (joints, suspension arms) -100sht; Repair kits 9RU-21 vases rychahperedn.pidvisky 2121 (joints, suspension arms) -90sht; Repair kits 9RU01V Vazvazhil peredn.pidvisky (hinge arm) -20sht; Repair kits 9RU01N Vaz vazhilperedn.pidvisky (hinge arm) -80sht; 1118-1001033RU-bearing suspension dvyhunazadnya 20pcs; 1118-1703190RU mount ball-bearing 10pc; 2101-1001000RU podushkaperedn.opory engine in gathering, 360sht; 2101-1001045R pillow-zadn.pidviskydvyhuna 50sht; 2101-2202120R elastic coupling shaft peredn.kardanoho-290sht; 2101-2202120RU elastic coupling shaft peredn.kardanoho-20pcs; 2107-1001045R podushkazadn.pidvisky engine-50sht; 2108-3414070R inner hinge rods kermovoyitrapetsiyi, 100 pieces; 2110-1001242LRU-prop engine 16sht; 2110-1001242PRU oporadvyhuna-32sht; 2110-1001286RU-prop engine 35 pcs; 2110-1703190RU pillow 72sht; 2112-1001300RU rod engine mount with a pillow-120sht; 2121-1001020RU podushkaperedn.opory engine assembly, 100 pieces; 2123-1801010R support razdatochnoyikorobky-50sht; 2123-2202120R elastic coupling shaft peredn.kardanoho-20pcs, 2190-1001089RU prop engine mount right-10pc; 24-1001050-BR podushkaperedn.opory -150sht engine; 3102-1001020R cushion front-oporydvyhuna 1100sht; Producer: JSC "" Balakovohumotehnika "" trademark-BRT-Laden, krayinavyrobnytstva-RU "RUSSIA0UA8072002378.27316786.62055
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Ball Joint Upper Importer Sample

Date 10/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""ТПК ""Омега-Автопоставка"""
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл.,Харк.р-н, с.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ЗАТ ""КЕДР"""
Product Description
"1. Parts and appliances to vehicles with asobiv p.........
HS Code 8708803598Value 21815.61797
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 4162.6
Origin Country RUSSIA

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